Trump Rallies Daily Across America – Biden . . . Not-So-Much


Comparing Biden’s Staged Drive-In “Get-Togethers” . . . where a Dozen Select Cars and a Smattering of People Gather to Honk on Cue, to Something the Demented Biden Reads-Off his Teleprompter or Notes, to Trump Rallies, where TENS-OF-THOUSANDS of Cheering People, who are Responding to a Day or Two’s Rally Notice, with the type of Enthusiasm Seen on the Field of a Super Bowl for their Favorite Team – at Far Removed Airports . . . Is Like Comparing A Ripple In A Pond To A Tsunami Ravaging The Shores Of A Continent.


Every-Time I Read or Hear of the Competing Rallies in the Media, I Have to Ask Myself . . . How Stupid Does The Media Really Think The People Are? And then I Answer my Own Question.

Where President Trump Is Crisscrossing America Giving 2-3 Raucous (Almost Daily) Rallies – Biden Does Squat.

At this Stage of the Presidential Campaign . . . in a Normal World, with Normally Intelligent & Informed People, Biden, Harris & Company would have Already Thrown in the Towel and Asked for Mercy. Instead, Biden’s Handlers are Depending Upon Several Strategies of Skullduggery . . .


1 – Create A Systemic Racist (Anti-Black) Lie To Divide The People.

2 – Create The Lie Of “Trump’s” Pro-White Supremacy.

3 – LEFTISTS (Antifa & Black Lives Matter) Riot, Burn, Beat, Steal, Loot Cities & Blame It On “Trump”.

4 – Pretend That Hiding In A Basement – While Campaigning Is A Good Strategy.

5 – Lie Like Rugs About Biden’s Racist Past.

6 – Ignore Biden’s Part Played In The Russia Hoax.

7 – Depend On The Media To Campaign For Biden Like It Is Their Election To Lose.

8 – Accept Social Media’s Big Brother Censorship Of The Truth & Facts As Being Normal.

9 – Rig Debates & Town Halls Which Aren’t Really Town Halls.

10 – Cheat For All They’re Worth In Every Way They Can – Mass Bulk Mailings.

11 – Avoid All Positive Messages Of “Trump’s” Successes At Home & Abroad.

12 – Shill & Lie For Hunter, Biden’s Family & Joe Biden’s Collusion Vis-A-Vis Ukraine & China.

The List Of Anti-American Election Strategies (Lies) By The LEFT Is So Great . . .  The Preceding Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.


Der Stürmer Was Hitler’s Mainstream Print Media Combined With The Volksempfänger (Nazi Radio) – Biden & The Left Have Theirs Too.

Propaganda Is So Effective & Efficient, that the Nazis Created a Ministry with Special Powers & Authority (Joseph Goebbels) to Specifically Move 80-Million People in a Direction that Allowed Adolf Hitler to Declare War on the World while Murdering 6-Million Jews & 6-Million Others . . . Deemed to be Inferior Human Beings or Enemies of the State.


Ask Yourself How A Pro-Nazi American Woman (Margaret Sanger), who Believed in Eugenics (The Culling Of The Weak In Humanity), whose Philosophies were Actually Promoted & Lauded by Adolf Hitler, Became an American Hero (Icon) to Many Tens of Millions of American Women, whose Greatest Success was Murdering Black Babies Before They were Born, whose Legacy Today is Murdering ALL Unwanted Babies Before they’re Born. That’s How It Happened!

It Happened Because We’ve Become Lazy & Accepted Ignorance As Intelligence.

It Happened Because We Allowed Academia to Raise our Children. Hillary Clinton Didn’t Create this Fake-Fact . . . But Hillary Clinton has Used it Repeatedly & Enthusiastically – “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”.

NO IT DOESN’T . . . It Takes at Least One Loving Involved Parent to Raise a Child, & Even Better – It Works Best With Two Loving Parents. But it Does Not Take a Village to Raise a Child, which has been Happening Now for Generations . . . And See Where That’s Got Us.


But the United States of America Does Not have a Lock on Brain-Dead Citizens, because the Entire Western World, Canada Included . . . Has a Massive Number of Stupid, Ignorant & Uninformed Voters.

But That Said . . .

Even though there is a Plethora of Really Stupid Americans, who are Brain-Dead when it Comes to Understanding American Exceptionalism . . . There Are Far More Who Are Not, Who are Terrified at the Prospect of America Losing all that it has Fought, Bled & Sacrificed for Over More than 250-Years.

There Was Never A Time In My Life (70-Years) When A Politician, American or Otherwise was Glorified with Dozens of Boat Rallies, with Boats By The Thousands Sailing Throughout His or Her Nation for the Candidate. Or Car, Truck & Biker Rallies that Included Close to 5,000 Vehicles in a Line that Measured More than 41-Miles Long in Lubbock Texas, to Mention just One of the Many Car Trump Rallies. Or Bikers Thundering Across their Country for a Politician. Or a Horse-Drawn Amish Parade by People whose Socio/Political Philosophy is to Almost Always Avoid Politics. Or Police Officers and their Unions Nationwide, Most of Whom are Endorsing a Politician for their First Time Ever.

And Who Ever Imagined . . . That a Collective of MANY Hundreds of Thousands of People would Brave the Heat, the Cold, the Wind, the Rain & the China Virus to Rally Throughout America at Airport Hangers, in Out-Of-The-Way Places, many of Whom Wait for Hours, if Not More than a Day for their Chance to See and/or Hear their President Speak?


How Do I Know?

I Know For The Same Reason I Knew “Trump” Would Win 4-Years Ago . . . He Had The Big-Mo Then – But Even Bigger Now!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We are hoping to participate in a Trump Vehicle Parade starting in Hesperia, CALIFORNIA, on Saturday, 10/24. Yes, even in the good old People’s Republik of Kalifornication!

  2. THANKS HOWARD, Your Words, and Faith in the USA are Truly INSPIRING – Keep them coming. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS

  3. Biden bought himself a flip switch canned applause machine, instant clapping & cheering his Townhall speeches; it’s so obvious if you listen carefully. Trump has an incredible amount of energy criss crossing the country & must win in November. A Biden win would destroy Canada, already well on the way to socialism. The USA and Canada both need President Trump. The virus is really attacking now, the higher the numbers, the sooner it will be over. Lockdown and restrictions are preventing recovery.

    Agree! Agree! Agree! – HG.

  4. So, how did it happen, Mr. G? You answered the question yourself in your editorial… Just as it is happening all across America, today. Could we be just a little out of touch? Could there be more of them than there are of us? How many illegal ballots will be counted? How much nasty lawfare will there be? This could be a real”squeaker”… And so few days until it all unfolds… Nobody call me on election night… I do not want to miss even one minute.

  5. Thanks for nailing it Howard and positive support at the end. Love ya – stay the course and keep to the “good fight”.

  6. I just returned home to FL from a road trip to visit family in KS. I crossed 7 states and saw nothing but billboards and road signs for Trump-Pence 2020, even in the larger cities of Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Everywhere I stopped, small and large cities, there were more pro-Trump than pro-Biden supporters. Oh yes, Trump is going to win, in spite of the Democrats illegal actions to steal the election.

  7. And to prove our LEFTist Politicians are NUTS…..The Governor of Michigan (MY take) is asking for Trump’s Assassination. The LEFT does NOT want TRUMP 4 more years, but I DO!!! If people, VOTERS, do not realize the LEFT is spiriting a Revolution to Socialism, then I can only PRAY to GOD that we have enough REAL VOTERS to do the DEED for 4 More Years of TRUMP. And Fox News is now almost completely against Trump. What a travesty. MYPOV…..God Bless

  8. Read Biden campaign halted all this week until the final debate. Got to come up with believable lie regarding the info coming off Hunter’s laptop & disc that will keep the fools in line to vote for him. Social media is blocking any NYT’s reports in that regard or any repeat postings of same. We need to continue praying until Nov 3rd & beyond. God Bless America!!

  9. I haver been predicting a Trump landslide for months. But the only way that can happen is that every last mother’s son and daughter must get out and VOTE. I will march through the blistering Arizona heat and stand in line if it takes me hours and hours to vote in person for him. Nothing short of death will stop me. If we all do this, even if Democrap voter fraud is full swing, we will PREVAIL. Once more, I can hardly wait to see Rachel Madcow CRY. Let’s all send the socialists PACKING!

  10. Buckle up kids, this ride is going to be bumpy by order of the Queens of Mean, Nancy and Tamala. They are going to throw any thing they can at our President. And when Nov 5 hits look for the many more fires everywhere, they are not caused by Global Warming but mismanagement at many levels and started by many ways, many manmade. There will be Hot Lead flying in all directions as the anti everything libs start after the honest folks that have their bibles, guns and freedom.

  11. As always Howard, you are spot-on. I couldn’t be more proud of our fellow patriots here in Lubbock. TRUMP 2020 !!!!!

  12. Living in the Palm Beach area of Florida, we have been subjected to the wonderful FLOTILLAS honoring our President DONALD J. TRUMP. This is what the power of 1 person can do! Carlos Gavidia started with one and as of the 6th last weekend, was able to register over 250,000 new Republican voters. They are now called TRUMPTILLAS! FABULOUS!! PATRICIA MCCOY CARPIN

  13. Howard, there are two people that I trust. Two people who tell it like it is. Two people who have brains and intelligence I could count on. Two people. One of them happens to be the President of the United States while the other person happens to write editorials on the website “” . I believe the American people will not be fooled and Donald Trump will win on November 3rd. I also believe Howard Galganov will continue to inform us with his truthful insight. THANK YOU, HG – Brucester

  14. I just tried to post your editorial on my page on Face Book and was declined. REASON….IT STATED THAT IT CONTAINED HATE AS REPORTED BY ANOTHER. FB is censoring your blogs.

  15. The cooks in the White House must be feeding the President Wheaties Breakfast of Champions. Such energery he has it is wonderful to watch him. I like you hope he wins this election. God help us if Biden were to. If you took pictures on your travels would love to have you share them. Iam sure all would enjoy seeing them as I would. Have a great evening,thank you for doing your editorial for us. Rest up;i desever itBoth of you do. God bless

  16. Living in Arizona, watched the Trump rally’ in Prescott and made me feel more and more secure about Trump winning in our state. Everyone was shouting, ‘we love you, President Trump!” The crowd was great! I take my two mile walk every evening here in Arizona where I live, there are 6-1 signs for Trump! Thank you for your editorials and look forward to them and forward them on to many. Enjoy your winter!

  17. Howard like have told you before God is in control and he gave us a Trump Card. I know the left will cheat and they keep telling the polls are for Sleezy Joe but we the people know the truth. God is on our side and not the devil! President Trump & VP Pence will win big and then watch out God is going to take the devil down! George Soros & looters & haters will not know what hid them! GOD IS GREAT ALL OF THE TIME!!

  18. Pres. Trump WILL WIN by a landslide!This is being proven by the EXORBITANT amount of people who show up at his rallies, plus the SILENT MAJORITY’S expected votes!The STRATEGIES you have listed ARE some of the obvious SOCIALISTIC PLOYS! The LEFT has used the COVID-19 VIRUS to create FEAR in the PEOPLE where they can MORE EASILY CONTROL them.The Fake Media DOES think that the PEOPLE are Brain-Dead, but they WILL be SURPRISED in November. Why don’t the BLM Groups show up at the Trump rallies? AMEN!

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