How Much Trust Can We Place In The Government?


We Can’t Trust Our Government Because The Elected Members Are Self-Serving.


If you Know anything About Organized Fighting-Sports (MMA, Boxing, Karate – Etc), you would Know that the Fight is Very Often Won or Lost before the First Real Blow is Landed, Depending on the Demeanor of the Two Combatants.

I Usually Knew Before The Fight . . . Whether I Was Going To Win Or Lose.

I Used To Fight In Karate Tournaments . . . And Before the Referee would Give us (The Two Combatants) the Go Ahead to Fight, we Would Stare into Each Other’s Eyes Looking for a Sign of Fear or Doubt, as we also Tried to use “The Stare” to Intimidate & Create Fear & Doubt in the Mind of the Opponent . . . In Boxing, While the Referee is Explaining the Rules at Center Ring to the Two Fighters, the Two Fighters Glare into Each Other’s Eyes . . . It’s Called The Stare-Down.

I Also Learned Through Fighting . . . That He Who Talks A Good Fight – Is Not The One To Worry About – Talk Is Cheap.


I Played a Lot of Group Sports (Hockey, Football, Baseball & Some Soccer), but what I Played Most & Excelled at Most, were Individual Sports (One-On-One) where, Whether I Won or Lost, It Was Only Up To Me.


Because I Have The Privilege Of Experience, I Can Tell you with some Serious Certainty, that the LEFT are Running Scared, Even Though they’re Marching, Chanting, Obstructing, Beating, Destroying, Intimidating, Looting, Burning – Etc, their Argument is So Specious (Baseless) . . . that the Only Route they Have to be Able to Express themselves – is through a Hollow & Violent Means Against a People Not Supported or Protected by their Elected Officials.

But What Happens When They’ve Punched, Screamed & Rioted Themselves-Out & It Becomes Our Turn?

As Grim as the Situation Looks Right Now Throughout the United States of America through the Media Prism of Antifa & Black Lives Matter Rioting, It Is Not.

The LEFT Want you to Believe that they are in the Ascendance of Society, that they are the Juggernaut of Socio/Political Change, and their “Movement” will Not & Can Not be Stopped.

That’s What The LEFT Want You To Believe – But That’s Not Even Close To Being True.

On September 30, 1938 . . . Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini (Italian Prime Minister), Neville Chamberlain (British  Prime Minister) & Edouard Daladier (French Prime Minister) Signed the Munich Agreement, Surrendering Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland to Germany . . . out of Fear that the German Military would Take it Anyway, Forcing a War Upon an Ill Prepared Europe to Defend Against the Massive German Military.


Neville Chamberlain Declared On His Return To England – On His Sell-Out Of Czechoslovakia – “Peace For Our Time”.

On September 1, 1939 – Less than One Year from the Sell-Out of Czechoslovakia, Germany Invaded Poland, and within Two Days, England & France had No Other Choice but to Declare War on Germany.

And as the War Waged-On, Right from the Beginning, France & all Non-Neutral European Countries Fell like Dominoes to the Nazi Juggernaut. And the Prospects for England to Survive a Nazi Invasion Looked so Bleak, that many “Brits” in and outside Government actually Considered Capitulation with the Nazis.

But . . . In What Seemed To Be All But A Certainty that No Nation on the Planet could ever Match-Up to the Nazi War Machine – Something Happened . . .

JUNE 6, 1944 TO MAY 8, 1945 – IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR . . . IT WAS OVER:

On June 6, 1944 . . . The Americans Led a Massive Invasion (D-Day) of Americans, Canadians, Brits & Others to Meet the Nazis in Normandy France, where the Nazis had European Homefield Advantage.

And In Less Than One Year . . . The Nazi War Machine Collapsed Like A House Of Cards.

How Did This Happen? When the Nazis Began their Assault on the European Continent, The Nazis Had Three Advantages . . .

1 – They Knew What They Wanted.

2 – Their Victim Countries Were Disbelieving & Ill Prepared.

3 – Europe at that Time was at Best Led by Incompetents & Appeasers . . . And Worse by Cowards.


Think About This . . . Britain, France, Czechoslovakia & Poland all had Substantial Armies; Perhaps Not as Modern and as Well Equipped as the German Army, but Considerable Nonetheless . . . Enough to have Stopped the Spread of the Nazi Horror if they had the Mindset . . . Yet – for Seven Long Years, from 1938 Until the End of the War in 1945, the Nazis Terrorized a Continent . . . Until The Americans Said Enough Is Enough!

And Because Of The Americans . . . In Less Than One Year – The Seemingly Indomitable Nazis Fell Like A Rock.

So Here We Are Today . . . In The Year 2020, and the LEFTIST States & Cities Aren’t Fighting Back. In Fact, the LEFTIST Governors, Mayors & Councilors have been Aiding & Abetting the Thugs, to the Point where their Compliance with the Thugs is Now Coming Back to Literally Bite all them in the Ass Across the Entire Political Spectrum.


When President Trump & His Cadre Of Supporters . . . Feel Sufficiently Positive, that the People have had Enough of their Experience with what America would be Like Under the Socialist (Communist) Rule of an Insane Person Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Trump Will Have His Domestic D-Day, and the LEFT with their Acolytes will Feel the Wrath of Freedom.

Trump’s D-Day Is Around The Corner – Those Who Talk Can’t . . . Those Who Can Don’t Talk.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I can feel a groundswell now – of people who are fed up with Democrats, liberal judges and “justices,” rioting, looting and burning in our streets, insolvent cities and states through mismanagement, threats of impeachment, outright lies, baseless accusations, temper tantrums, cherry-picked news items, Trump bashing every single day on TV and radio “news” programs, academic bias and social media censoring. We’ve HAD IT and it’s all going to start tuning around on Nov. 3! Power to WE the PEOPLE!

  2. I read or heard someone say once a politician can suffer a lot of ups and downs and survive but when people start laughing you are screwed.I thought about this when Trump said Biden will get a big shot in the ass to make him look act normal and the audience roared.

  3. A wise man was once asked, “What is the definition of corruption?” His reply: “Simple. A politician is corrupt if he is not constantly railing against the size and expense of government.” Think about it. We can assume that every politician is corrupt until he proves otherwise. With the help of their mainstream and social media enablers, the Demorrhoids are lying with abandon and using every trick in the book to deny Trump and the GOP the victory they deserve. The Dems are corrupt to the bone.

  4. Weapons sales are at an all-time high. I am 78 years of age and have to use a walker, but my weapon is ready for any onslaught. Let ’em come!

  5. My Son, a Fire Capt. in CA, came to Idaho to hunt with me. We went to 3 stores that sell ammo, all were out of a majority of pistol and rifle ammo, he said this was true in CA also. I believe the Libs have no idea of what they are pushing and who they will be facing if they choose to increase riots and burning. Honest people will be faced with the same issue of our Civil War to lay down their weapons or fight the unrest even if it is against neighbors or family. It must start in Washington…

    All of my Friends are Plenty Gunned-Up with Thousands of Rounds of Ammunition (each) if Need-Be. Even in Liberal Passive Canada, there are no Shortages of Crazy People. It Never hurts to be Prepared for the Worst, while always Hoping for the Best – HG.

  6. As a ‘fighter’ Howard you left out a few pertinent facts. WWII was a 15 round heavyweight match. The Yanks didn’t save the world in the last 11 months with a knockout. It took 14 rounds of slogging from 1939 until 1944 for the allies to resist and wear down the axis – blood sweat and tears – so give me a break, our American friends didn’t enter the battle until they had to either. Not with the japs or the jerries! I usually totally agree with your messages but this one was a bit too much.

  7. In he above article HG said, “Europe at that Time was at Best Led by Incompetents & Appeasers . . . And Worse by Cowards”. I’m sure Howard knows that Canada, is currently suffering through this same situation at this very moment in history. The leader of Canada is a communist intent on one party control, while the opposition leader acquiesces to all rants from the left, likes the Paris climate accord and on occasion parades in red high heel shoes to affirm his loyalty to the cause.

  8. The incredible docility of the public toward Covid19 proved me that it was easier than we thought to implement a totalitarian regime. Politicians ask for more measures, more repression, MSM asks for more, they don’t care about the population and they talk among each other and next thing you know, another Hitler, Stalin or Paul Pot is born enabled by all those useful idiots who just want to be in the picture to boast their careers.

  9. Although I think you are right, I believe that the Democrats, after losing, will fight the next 4 years, and if they lose the election after that, they will fight again. Never mind the integrity of the US, this is their bread and butter. Would you give up all the money, perks, and living in the US? They do not care about the greater good, only themselves. So why are we the only ones who see this?

  10. In response to Ben Eby: Like father, like son–Pierre Trudeau and his predecessor Lester Pearson were communists. I am of the belief that the Liberal Party of Canada is seriously infested with communists.

  11. Fred – do you just run head long into a fight or have the patience to prepare. The US prepared for the Axis powers, we fought on 3 fronts had 17 millions men and women in the Service and we took it to the bastards. Thank to the Canadians and the Brits is owed. We didn’t want the fight, it came for us. And we took it to all three. I’m pretty sure the look on their faces was that of someone fixing to get an asswhooping – and we did. No apologies.

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