American Racism Over-The-Top


Two Points . . .

1 – What Kind Of Animals Bushwhack Innocent Cops & Then Chant For Their Death At The Emergency Entrance?

2 – Biden Will Not Debate President Trump – Biden’s Handlers Will Create An Excuse.

It Is Unconscionable . . . How LEFTIST State Governors & LEFTIST City Mayors throughout Liberal America have Surrendered the American Constitutional Dream, for their Socialist (Communist) Dream of a Non-Existent Utopia . . .

. . . And Are Using The Violence & Intimidation Of Antifa & Black Lives Matter To Try To Achieve It?

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . And I Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass How Many People this might Infuriate – But as I See It . . . Black Americans – Perhaps Not the Majority of all Black Americans, because I am Not Hearing or Seeing Enough Black Americans Making a Stand for Non-Racial Social Justice . . . Have To Be The Single Dumbest Socio/Racial Community On The Planet – Tied For Stupid & Ignorant With The Palestinians.

In 1973 – Famed Israeli Diplomat Abba Eben Said . . . The Arabs Never Miss An Opportunity To Miss An Opportunity.

Finally – The Arabs Have Learned and are Doing all they Can to Finally Make Peace with Israel . . . Thank You President Trump.

But Abba Eben Could have Easily been Referring to American Blacks in the Year 2020, who More than a Few Generations Ago, Reached the Dream of Martin Luther King, when Dr King so Famously Said . . .

“Judge A Man Not By The Color Of His Skin – But By The Content Of His Character”.


Blame Hollywood. Blame The Music Industry. Blame The Media. Blame The Politicians . . . But Don’t Blame Most White People.

How Can It Be So Lost On The Black Community . . . that the Majority of White American People Voted for a Black Man to Become President of the United States of America, Not Once – But Twice?

How Can The American Black Community Not See . . . How a Mostly “White” European World Celebrated America’s First Black President, Enough-So, as to Give him the Nobel Peace Prize, Not for Anything this Black-Man had ever Done or Achieved for World Peace, but Rather, for What this Black-Man “Might” Achieve in the Future?

I Used To Think The Palestinians Were The Most Stupid People In The World . . . But in my Humble Opinion . . . They Are Not – As Far as I’m Convinced, Far Too Many  Black Americans have Far Surpassed the Ignorance & Stupidity of the Palestinians, who Rioted & Killed, because they Felt they had Nothing to Lose, While Black Americans who Have Been Rioting, Looting, Beating, Burning & Killing Have Been Too Dumb To Realize . . . THEY HAVE EVERYTHING TO LOSE.


Stupid, White, Greedy American Business-people (Mostly Men) have Allowed Themselves to be “Cowed” by the Lunacy, Intimidation & Violence of Antifa & Black Lives Matter.

Black Americans Who Either Support Black Lives Matter . . . or are Silent as Black Lives Matter Destroys the American Dream – are No Less Culpable for the “WHITE-LASH” Coming from just Around the Corner, as Black Athletes will Realize that White People will Simply Stop Caring which Athlete . . . Black or White, who can Block, Tackle, Catch, Run, Score, Dunk a Basket – or Do Whatever in Sports, to the Point where they can Wipe their Behinds with their Overpriced Team Shirts, Over Priced Game-Day Tickets, Overpriced Hotdogs & Overpriced Everything Else.

And Who The Hell Would Even Want To Watch Them On Television? NOT ME.


If You Love Your Country . . . Don’t Love Those Who Disparage Your Anthem & Flag.

But It Goes Beyond The NFL, NBA, MLB – Etc . . . As far as I’m Concerned, I’m not Interested in What any Black Performer has to Say or Sing if he or she Doesn’t Make it Clear, that he or she is an American First & Foremost . . . And Color has Nothing to do with Quality & Reward.


TO ANTIFA & BLACK LIVES MATTER . . . Black American Lives Mean Squat, who are Murdering each Other as if they are Living in American War Zones, where Black-On-Black Beatings, Thefts, Drug Addition, Rapes, Prostitution, Fatherless Babies, Uneducated & Unskilled Young People, Black Americans who can Hardly Speak Identifiable English, Gang Bangers & Shootings . . . Don’t Even Merit A Word.

We Should Give a Damn . . . Because It’s Leaving Black Sordid Communities To Invade Mostly White Communities Of Civility.


If The Black American Community Wishes For A Renewal Of Segregation . . . It Won’t Be A One-Way Street. Let Me Say This With 100% Confidence . . .

White, Asian & Latino Americans Can Live Without Black Americans – Black Americans Cannot Live Without White Americans.


When White Folk Won’t Eat where there’s a Risk of Black or Antifa Violence . . . Kiss those Restaurants Goodbye. When White Folk Won’t Shop where Black Folk Just Hang-Out . . . Kiss Those Retailers Goodbye.

Where Black People Hang-Out In Numbers . . . You Won’t Find White Folk. Where Police won’t Serve because it Isn’t Worth the Racial & Physical Risk or Legal Aggravation . . . Crime Will Flourish.


These Black Activists Are So Stupid . . . that they Don’t Know Enough to Know that they’re on the Cusp of Losing It-All – Because of a White Socialist Agenda, where the Best Interests of American Black People Don’t Even Measure On Their Scale.


When It All Hits The Fan As It Will . . . Black People Will Be Alone & Have No One To Blame But Themselves.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have the feeling that though not a majority, that 40% of Blacks will vote Republican for Trump. It is said that for every open Trump supporter that there are two more who are in the SILENT MAJORITY and I feel that this is true in the BLACK community as well. Democraats, you will go down in November.

  2. Extremely well stated, Howard. I agree with you completely. Many American blacks are truly exceptional, such as Clarence Thomas, Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and many others. By and large, however, the black community in general needs to hear the truth, especially if it hurts, and the truth is that for too long they have voted for Democrats who promised everything and delivered nothing. Dare to leave the Democrat plantation and stop being so stupid!

  3. I’ve given up all sports over the last few years, they’re all too political and overly woke. I agree with you, the blacks in the USA are destroying their own nest and have no-one to blame but themselves. If that’s what they want, let them live with it.

  4. America offers equality of opportunity for all races, but the outcome is up to the individual–again without regard to race. Bad choices like having welfare babies at 12, not finishing high school, doing drugs and so on, will poison your future no matter what color your skin is. I put myself through school slinging hash at Waffle House and rode my bike to work until I could afford a car. Everything I have earned and achieved is because I was born in America–the land of opportunity.

  5. Thanks Howard, this is the most insightful, and factual article on this subject I’ve read in a very long time. I sincerely Hope & Pray the black community wakes up before they LOSE everything. The Deep State/BLM/Antifa are Using them for their goals – Then they will Discard them like garbage. Allowing yourself to be Labeled a Victim, and accepting this is a Losing proposition, Respect is Earned through your Character, NO one can Give you that.

  6. Well I’ve read this one twice Tried hard, but am unable to become “infuriated” Looks like some pretty astute analysis of the situations Who cares who gets offended when stating facts and though I agree , I rarely hear similar from anyone else Particularly in this country.

  7. A home run Howard. I have known and admired a number of black men and some of their families. (I have outlived all of them.) I go to church with some black families with whom we were close until the virus exploded. We are waiting to invite them to dinner until it is safe. I am suspect of blacks that I do not know because they might support BLM & Antifa.

  8. Howard, give the black folk a break! They are no more stupid than anyone who votes for Trudope in Canada, or Hiden in the US!

  9. Barry Jackson, you forgot Leo Terrell, a civil rights attorney who’s been a democrat all his life but now he’s turned into a very strong Republican voice for Donald Trump. He’s an angry ex-democrat and he ain’t afraid to say and even wears a MAGA on live TV when in an interview with Sean Hannity. I got a feeling that the opposite of the usual will happen. Usually, only about 4% of blacks vote Republican. Trump got 8% in 2016. 2020 close to 60% of the silent black majority will vote Trump.

  10. Howard, on your point #2. I believe Biden’ will have an excuse to skip a debate. My question is, what legally happens if Biden falls apart and is booted off the ticket or resigns BEFORE Nov. 3rd?. I also think Biden doesn’t care as long as he is the 46th president for however long, and that the Democrats have planned that if Biden wins, he will be out within a year, so we will have a “Woman of Color” as president., and God help us, she then picks a Vice President.! Who will that be?

  11. I wonder why all the liberal Governors, Attorney Generals, City Mayors, etc. have been allowed to shirk their sworn public duties by condoning this massive anti-social activity? I just hope that MAYBE a majority of the people in America will get a hint that if they continue to vote for the democratic candidates, all of our freedoms will become a memory. I would hope that anyone with a little common sense could figure this out. Leonard Liotta, Yankee Hill, California

  12. There is such a small population that are trying to destroy what has been built by good people. There will be an overwhelming wave of folks that fight back. Blood will flow in the streets before this is over. The idiots in Washington that do not back our President in stopping the destruction of this Great country need to be tarred and feathered and run out of town. These Lib Governors and Mayors are letting communities be destroyed will pay the price as no one will protect them, No Police no res

  13. The Left are imploding. They are lashing out like spoiled children who don’t get their way, and they themselves don’t even know what “their way” is. They are completely manipulated by Leftist media and govts that are using them as tools for political gain. It is crucial for the Right to stand their ground now more than ever. There are more people who see the garbage than we realize. After the election expect more riots from these violent puppets. It is all they know how to do.

  14. The good white, black and all the colours in between want justice, whatever that means. The rioting, looting and callous, cold blooded murder of police has gone too far. President Trump knows what has to be done to stop this carnage and will soon have to give the order, I think it will be the only way. No problems in Ontario, Ford is considering locking us down again. Madness, insane, everything is upside down. 1984 and Atlas Shrugged.

  15. There’s a very good reason WHY Biden is being SHELTERED. Whether Biden will debate Pres. Trump is DOUBTFUL! All Trump would need, however, is just ONE DEBATE to EXPOSE Biden for the USELESS CANDIDATE he truly is! Surely, the RADICAL LEFT has a VICIOUS PLAN in mind to ATTACK Trump even more PRIOR to the November election. However, while Biden “follows in Trump’s footsteps, he will never bypass him.” Many Blacks & Latinos will be voting for Trump! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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