End Of Democracy? Too Late!


Let Me State This Again . . . The United States Of America Is A Constitutional Republic – America Is Not A Democracy.


There has Been a Great Deal of “Talk” (Commentary) Recently about How the Democracy of the United States of America is in Danger – Certainly from the LEFT . . . Ocasio-Cortez, Pelosi, Schumer & Fellow Socialist (Communist)Travelers.

They’re Right. But They’re Right For The Wrong Reason.

They’re Right . . . Because They’re the Purveyors for the End of What They Consider to be Democracy . . . We’re in Their World, Where the Absolute Right to Freedom of Expression is Not Absolute – And is Available ONLY Under Controlled Conditions, as we Have all Witnessed throughout the North American World of Academia from High School through University.

It Has To Be Terrifying To The Average Person With A Brain . . . that we are all Bearing Witness Today, at How Elected & Appointed “Public Servants” are CREATING Laws by Fiat (Mandate), WITHOUT the Approval of “Council” or the Electors Concerning the Excuse of the China Virus. The Politicians (Mayors & Governors -Premiers) Responsible for Governing (Ruled) By Decree, should at Least be Removed from Office, and at Most Imprisoned.

A Society Where The People Assume They Are Free – Is Not Free Where The People Live Under The Thumb Of Government.

Our So-Called Democracies, Specifically in Canada and the United States of America Stopped Being Free A Very Long Time Ago, when the Politicians Discovered Three Essential Realities . . .

1 – They Can Bribe The People With The People’s Own Money.

2 – Once Entitled – People Become Absolutely Compliant.

3 – Through Academia . . . Any Population Can Be Inculcated From Childhood To Accept & Do The Bidding Of Government.

But There’s Far More To It Than That . . .

Neither The Politicians Nor The Media Are Accountable, which Brings this Editorial to the Meat & Potatoes of why “Democracy” is Slated for Abject Failure.  If We . . . As-In . . . We The People – Can’t Hold our Media & Politicians Accountable for Incompetence & Dishonesty . . . What Chance Do We Have For Socio/Political Survivability?

I’m Going To Continue Writing On This. But Something Happened Today That I Really Want To Write About Now.


To Whomever It Concerns At Smoked Meat Pete

Ile Perrot – Quebec

Just West Off The Island Of Montreal.


And in Spite of all the BS we’re Subjected to in Canada from the American LEFTIST Media, there is No Endemic Racism in the United States of America Either. But, if White Socialists & Black Activists Keep Pushing the Envelope, that Reality Could & Will Change.

Let Me Introduce Myself To You . . . As This Letter Is Being Published To Thousands Of The People Who Read My BLOG.

My Name Is Howard Galganov. I’m an Ex-Quebecer (Montrealer). My Wife & I Currently Live-in North-Eastern Ontario, which is Quite a Drive for us To & From your Restaurant. We Have been Eating at Smoked Meat Pete from the Day Pete First Opened.

But Not Anymore.

This Afternoon (August 26, 2020) – My Wife & I Fulfilled a Promise to Meet a Dear Friend for a Smoked Meat Lunch at your Restaurant, which over the Years, has become a Tradition between Anne, Myself, Our Friend’s Late Husband & Herself.

To My Dismay . . . As I Walked to your Patio, I Noticed an Extremely Large Sign on your Fence that Said, According To Smoked Meat Pete – MY LIFE DOESN’T MATTER.

What It Actually Said Was“BLACK LIVES MATTER”.

So I Have to Assume, that if Black Lives Matter, My White Life Doesn’t, or you Would have been Clever Enough to have Created a Sign that Said ALL LIVES MATTER. But that’s Not What your Sign Said.

Through Your Sign You Let Me Know That ONLY Black Lives Matter.

When the Original (Founder) of Smoked Meat Pete, Whom I Assume is the Dad of the Current Manager, had Problems with the Quebec Separatist Language Police . . . Over Pete’s Illegal English Signs, Who do you think Pete Called to Champion his Linguistic Rights? It Wasn’t Some Black Person – It Was Me, A White, Bilingual (English/French) Jew From Montreal. . . Who Fought Out Of My Own Pocket for the Right of Freedom Of Expression for Everyone in Need, INCLUDING the Right of Pete, who to my Recollection is a White Greek from Greek Immigrant Parents, to Carry-On his Business in the Language of his Choice.

I Guess My White Life Mattered Then.

When The City Of Ile Perrot Went After Pete For Bylaw Grievances, Who Do You Think Pete Called . . . If You Guessed Me – You Guessed Right.

It Seems That My White Life Mattered Then Too.

If You Want To Propagandize Your Restaurant to Push An Ideology that is Fundamentally Socialist, which Hates White People, Hates the Police, Hates the Government, Hates Israel & Jewish People – That’s Your Business . . .

But Guess What? . . . My White Money Matters Too – And That’s My Business.

I Have Never Been A Racist – EVER. And I Am Still Not . . . But I’m Also Not a Schmuck. I Spent $70-Today (Before A Tip) at your Restaurant – on Two Small Platters, One Sandwich & Three Fountain Soft Drinks. That’s A Lot Of Money For What We Got.

That Will Be The Last Money You Will Ever See From Me, And Almost Certainly from my Friends & the Many Thousands of People who Read My Blog Daily – Galganov.com,

Because As I See It . . . All Lives Matter.

Here’s Something For You To Consider. I Speak My Mind. Most People Don’t. Do You Think I’m The Only Guy Pissed-Off? Do you think I’m the Only Person who will Tell his or her Friends (French & English) about Smoked Meat Pete’s Black Lives Matter?

Politicizing Your Business, Especially Racially, Has To Be The Dumbest Thing I Could Think Of.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I like the way you rephrased the sign at the restaurant…”My life doesn’t matter”. I’ll remember that for future use!

  2. Excellent ! and 70$ is reason enough . BLM is the Icing on the Gouging Cake . The mistake you made was not writing the letter ( on a napkin )after you saw the sign and BEFORE you left without ordering . Besides today was NOT patio weather . AND by the way , there was an Era when helping out as you did TWUCE would have earned you a FREE meal for as long as the place was open !

  3. One I will never eat at Pete’s. What you spent there for lunch is out rageous. But to go on I in my own thoughts think that God made us all MATTER and no one is above the next person. He made is all differemt so we could use our good common sense. But, he did not make us that one is better than the other one. We are all to Him that MATTERS. There is to much evil going on in our world today. Hopefully one day people will wake up. If not, well hopefully I am going to where my Lord and God are.

  4. I think many businesses are putting up the BLM signs so that their businesses won’t get attacked. So much like nazi germany! Business people living in fear knowing their property can be destroyed and there is no recourse! a tragedy it really is.

  5. YES !!! … ALL LIVES MATTER !!! I Too am Finished with the Insanity. There are thousands of words I could add. But for now … Howard Galganov has the Podium … I support everything said. As for SMOKED MEAT PETE … Close your doors now … Save what you have left …

  6. Good for you Howard. I will never support a business, including sporting events, who put up a Black Lives Matter sign. All Lives Matter. Black on Black crime is on the rise in the US. I assume the Dumbocrats will blame this on the white people, and also on Trump! I have honestly never seen such despicable morons as the current Democratic Marxists. US is doomed if Trump doesn’t get back in.

  7. Screw Pete. His restaurant is about 15 minutes from where I live. I’ll gladly drive twice as far to eat at one of his competitors.

  8. I completely agree, Howard. I would never patronize any business that had a BLM sign. The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is a Marxist organization whose goal is to destroy America.

  9. Howard, if I had even entered the restaurant, I think i would have placed my order then walked out, leaving an appropriate note.

  10. BLM virtue signaling did not impede Nike, CNN, Amazon etc. from getting attacked by the leftist woke mob.

  11. I live in the West Island and stopped eating at Pete’s when his prices went up and stopped hand slicing the brisket. He has a brother Phil that ages his meat and hand cuts In Pointe-Claire. You should try it!

  12. Great editorial Howard. I will never shop, eat at a restaurant or do business with any establishment that displays BLM, period!!

  13. I applaud your decision on 2 counts – the BLM sign & the outrageous price. As for riots and destruction, the reason citizens have not stepped up to organize and stop it is because it’s happening in Democrat dominated states/cities. It’s rather interesting that so far it’s staying in the north-central and western states. The demonstration(s) in Baltimore remained peaceful for the most part. Not so sure tho about NYC; feel that has more to do with cutting police force, regular damage, looting.

  14. Wow! $70 before tip Howard you were ripped off. We don’t need BLM’s in Canada and I guess you could say your report might just make Pete smoked meat (:>) Congratulations and thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  15. Bad business decision! This will cost them in the long run–Don’t politicize your service or promote views that offend anyone or you will kill your customer base!

  16. GREAT Howard I have done the same. Must be other good restaurants in the area. What i saw in video of Kenosha WI restaurant where the “crud” entered the restaurant and wanted the people who were eating to raise their fists and shouted at them too bad the police didn’t come. That is IF there were any police working.

  17. Good on ‘ya Howard! Although isolated racists do exist the idea that it is systemic/endemic is preposterous. The only example I can think of is American education where teachers unions prevent school choice and churn out generations of uneducated and/or miseducated youth; often by zip code. Activists make up stories to find racism where there is none. Sorry about Pete’s; I think I remember you writing about them in the past.

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