Black America Is Destroying America


The Tragedy is What has Happened to the United States of America and other Places Worldwide – by Using the Death of a DESPICABLE BLACK THUG like George Floyd as an Excuse to Destroy American Capitalist Freedom.


If Anything . . . It seems from the Police, Arrest, Court & Prison Records of George Floyd, The American People are Better-Off with George Floyd Planted in the Ground, then Having this THUG Roaming America – Pushing Drugs, Threats, Theft, Violence & Intimidation . . . Wherever This Black THUG Went.

The Tragedy Isn’t the Death of George Floyd. The Real Tragedy is how the American LEFT has used the Death of this Despicable Black Thug as a Means to Destroy the Greatest Country in the World.

Black Lives Matter & the Antifa Brownshirts . . . with their LEFTIST Democrat Puppet Masters – Have Opened The Racial Pandora’s Box. And for Some Readers who Might Not be Familiar with The Legend of Pandora’s Box . . . Pandora’s Box Contained All The Evils Of The World – And Once Opened . . . The Contents Of The Box Would Unleash All Hell & Damnation.

I Feel Horrible For Black People . . . Who Understand that America has been the Greatest National Gift to Humanity . . . and Bless the Fact that America has Given all People, Regardless of Race, Religion, Gender, Age – Etc, the Unbelievable & Inconvertible Freedom to be as Free & Successful as Can be Imagined.

I Feel Horrible For Black People . . . Who, as Great Americans Count their Blessings for Being Americans, who too will Suffer the Consequences . . . Because of the Tragedy Caused by Falsely Aggrieved Black Americans Who will be Lumped-In, with with Stupid, Ignorant & Resentful Black Idiots who have been Influenced by White Idiots.


Thus Far The Border Between Canada & The USA Remains Closed, which Likely Means that Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I will be Spending this Winter in a Place Called Fort Langley BC (British Columbia), about 40-Minutes East of Vancouver BC, which is about a 3,000-Mile Drive from where we Live in South Eastern Ontario, Schlepping A 41-Foot RV.

Our Preference is to be in the United States of America, Certainly During the Election, since in the Last 6-Years, we’ve Left Canada on or around November 1st for Texas. This Year, our Plans were to go to North Central Florida in a Small Town Between Ocala & Gainesville, where we Were-At Last Year, when the China Virus Forced us Home, Back to Canada Early.

North Central Florida is a 3-Day Drive over Relatively Flat Terrain, Once we Clear the Pennsylvania Mountain Ranges. Fort Langley BC is about a 10-Day Drive through the Canadian (Ontario) Wilderness, then Around Lake Superior, Across the Prairie (Great Plains) Provinces, and Over the Highest Points of the Rocky Mountains.

Don’t Get Me Wrong, it Will be a Spectacular & Beautiful Drive, but Anne & I Would Rather be Driving Less & Getting to our Destination Faster.

Besides . . . We Love Being In The United States Of America For Six Months Out Of The Year.

But Even If The Border Was To Be Open . . . Knowing what we Know Today, Seeing the Black-Crap Mayhem (Violence) Being Played-Out Throughout America, and the Black Antipathy (Hatred) for White People – Do We Really Want To Be Caught-Up In That Mess?

‘Cause Let Me Tell You Straight-Out . . . If we were to Stop for Fuel, and the Gas Station was Populated Mostly with Black People, I would Drive to Another Gas Station. If we Needed a Bathroom, and the Bathroom was Primarily Populated with Black People, I would Either Hold-It-In or Pull over to the Side of the Road and Pull-Out the RV Slide to use our Own “Camper” Bathroom.

If We were Hungry & Wanted a Restaurant Meal, and the People in that Restaurant were Predominantly Black, we Wouldn’t Eat there. If we Needed to Shop, it Wouldn’t be at a Store where Black People Frequented.

And Who’s Fault Is All Of That? I’m Saying It, While Other People Are Thinking It.

If They Hate Us So Much Because We’re White & We Appear To Be Successful . . .  Why in a Million Years – Would I Want to Place Anne, Myself, Stryker, April the Cat and our Property in a Situation Where we Could be Harmed?

Think About This . . . What would be the Response of the Entire American & Global Media if there was a Movement in the United States of America that said White Lives Matter, which Destroyed, Looted & Burned Black Owned Properties & Businesses? Or Beat the Living Crap out of Black People who the Whites Didn’t Like? Or Worked Tirelessly to Defund the Police Because White Lives Matter? Or Demanded that there Should be White Only Congressional Organizations? White Only Academy, Music & Entertainment Awards? White Only Colleges? White Affirmative Action Squeezing out More Competent Blacks – Etc, Etc, Etc?

In Spite Of All Of This . . . If The Border Opens September 21st – Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & I Will Probably Head South.


Here Are Several Important Points . . . No One Can Force Me to Watch. No One Can Force Me To Pay.

The Athletes Taking A Knee . . . Are for the Most Part Earning Millions of Dollars from Almost Exclusively White Owned Teams – for Playing a Child’s Game.

The Millionaire Black Athletes . . . More or Less Got a Free Ride Through Most Likely White Managed Colleges & Universities on Scholarships, only because they could Play a Child’s Game.

Statistics Show . . . That a Huge Portion of Black Athletes who Graduate from these Colleges & Universities are Incompetent to do Anything Else but Play their Sport.


Statistics Also Show . . . that a Hugely Disproportionate Number of these Black Athletes are into Drugs, Drink Excessively, have Uncared-For Children through Multiple Women, are Female Abusers and are Most Likely to Commit Crimes.

And They’re The Moral Compass For The Rest Of Us To Follow?

Do You Know What’s Wrong With The Police In America? Do You Know What’s Wrong With Racism In America? Do You Know What’s Wrong With Social Issues In America . . .?

The LEFT Is What’s Wrong In America. Black Lives Matter Is What’s Wrong In America. Antifa Is What’s Wrong In America. The Media Is What’s Wrong In America. Academia Is What’s Wrong In America & Bad Politicians Are What’s Wrong In America Amongst a Slew of other Social LEFTIST Issues, which are All Wrong In America.


HOPEFULLY . . . You’ll Want To Support This Month. And if You Do by Credit Card, You’ll Notice a “Captcha”, which is an Icon just Above the Area where you Have to Include your Email Address to Support, which Says – I’m Not A Robot.

The Reason for this, is that when Anne, Stryker & I Took-Off for a Few Days to go Near Algonquin Park with our Smaller Travel-RV, and, while I was Writing the August 12th Editorial (It Gets Better & Better), I noticed a Flurry of Activity Relating to the Credit Card Page of


It Was Another Attempted Breach . . . Which I was Extremely Fortunate to Catch, Only Because I was Up Late Writing. It took Literally Minutes to Have the Credit Card Handling Company (Moneris) Shut-Down all Access to our Banking. And Through the Night, our IT Manager, who is Located Many-Many Hundreds of Miles Away, Created New Firewalls & Substantial Securities with The New Captcha Being Just One of The New Security Protocols.

The Last Time This Happened . . . It Cost Me Thousands Of Dollars.

This Time – I was Really Lucky, and the Cost will be Substantially Less, but it Certainly Won’t Be Free. There are a Lot of People in Canada & Especially in the United States who would Love to See amongst other Such Conservative Media Silenced . . . But As Long As I Can Afford To Fight These Goons – I’ll Keep Writing, Publishing & Fighting For All Of Our Freedoms Of Expression.

If You Can Afford To Help To Lighten My Load . . . Please Learn How To Support By Clicking Here.

As Always – Thank You In Advance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Listen to the words of Rev. Jesse Jackson, he is is famous for saying , “If I’m walking in a dark alley and there are people behind me, I hope they’re White.”

  2. Howard, I think that you are wise to go to the US if the border is open on Sept. 21. However, I thought that I heard that it won’t be, at least North Bound until the 21st. My daughter has business in Kamloops and has to travel there from Abbotsford. Her company allows her to fly in for the day in the Winter because of the Coquihalla, the most dangerous stretch of road in Canada. She said that as of September she will be flying into Kamloops. Good luck on your journey.

    If the border isn’t opened by September 21, Anne and I will Leave for Vancouver September 26th. The Plans and reservations are already made. Thank you for your wishes – HG.

  3. Well said Howard, and in spite if the many, many accomplished black people in our nations, there many more trapped and lost within a dismal world of criminallity, and social dysfunctionality. Organizations like BLM are not their to help them in the least, but to use them to front property destruction activities, riots and many other anarchist endeavors. Even though BLM is well know as a scam, Calgary’s mayor Nenshi has taken it upon himself to plaster the city with pro-BLM murals.

  4. I moved to the US from Canada over 20 years ago and have never looked back. We are proud Americans. I have found so many blacks who are going out of their way to be extra courteous and friendly as a way of showing not everyone is a hater. Bless them, there are many out there like them.

  5. Excellent editorial Howard. But I prefer to believe it is the Democrats who are destroying America and they are using BLM and Antifa to do it.

  6. You are absolutely correct, again. Loads of things to do besides watching unappreciative “jerks” insulting out country. I cannot believe anyone is still paying to watch them. Keep the editorials coming; stay safe; and enjoy your trip.

  7. The Democratic politicians of today remind me of an old saying I heard long time ago: Infants’ diapers and politicians should be replaced frequently… and for the same reason!!

  8. Wonderful commentary as usual. Thank you for continuing to speak/write the truth. May God continue to bless and keep you and your family safe.

  9. People are getting sick and tired of all this liberal, radicalized nonsense designed to pit us against each other. Nothing is just a thing anymore, and no one is responsible for themselves. Liberals make things up, then make it all political, and their go-to default is blame the system and the white man. Nothing ever gets solved because liberals blame the wrong people and give the perpetrators of insanity a free pass.

  10. Everything you said is correct. All of people matter not just black or white but ALL People. Yes the bad people are doing all they can to destroy this beautiful country we have been given. I am so sorry you cannot cross the boarders yet. But what a beautiful drive if you cannot . Wish I was there to see it all with you & Anne. Iwish I could send you honest good money but I I just cannot on my budget of living. Maybe next year will be better. I send you best wishes & safety God bless you each.

  11. Hey Howard. You said it all and this BLM mess annoys me mightily. I feel that implying that I am a supremacist or racist because of my colour is just as offensive and wrong as using the “N” word for a Black person. However, it’s an integral part of the BLM message and also in Trudeau’s Liberal proselytizing. Unfortunately the fact that Blacks in North America have the most opportunity and freedom of anywhere in the world is not part of that message. Hope you have a safe and warm winter.

  12. Interesting, above Calgary has Nenshi a Muslim BLM lover, it had to come here, inevitable. I’m appalled at the number of Canadians accepting & obeying orders from infamous Dr.Tam. Masks almost a fashion statement, 6ft apart, and don’t ask questions. For past 50+ days virus deaths in Canada have been mostly less than six (6) a day. No justification for any restrictions. VG editorial and the world needs Trump for four more years, he is the only hope to fight the Pandemocrats, Antifa BLM & Trudeau

  13. What is racism? Not doing business with another group of people for any reason? Not watching sports that are dominated by folks that are mostly of color and can run fast, catch a ball, or hit someone so hard they could kill them? No, Racism is from the heart, I have friends from all over the world. We do not dislike each other because of color or religion or sexual preference, but by the actions they choose. I will help anyone in need, but act like you are better than my wife, then goodbye

  14. I think the “Left-extremist” are destroying America (or Canada for that matter) For a reason or another, it seems like a whole generation doesn’t know that money doesn’t grow on trees and freedom isn’t free

  15. Hi Howard, just a personal note about your plans to winter in Fort Langley. It is no paradise, and hardly a great winter escape. Born in Winnipeg I have lived in Montreal, Calgary and now in Richmond BC so I know of what I speak. November through March it can be dreary grey for days, and often gets significant snowfall. I think you would be much happier on Vancouver Island if in fact you can’t go south. Just my 2 cents.

  16. On the kneeling, the NHL essentially celebrated BLM with a player kneeling in the reopening ceremony. It was an appalling display of empty and misguided virtue signalling. I have been an Ottawa Senators season ticketholder from the beginning. No more!

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