An Oxymoron – A Contradiction In Terms


Either its Ice Cold or Burning Hot. It’s like Calling it a Civil War. A War Cannot be Civil. AND NEITHER CAN SOCIALISM BE DEMOCRATIC.

To our Way of Thinking, we have Grasped the Incorrect Idea that a Democracy Represents Freedom, where in Reality, Democracy only Represents the Voice of the Majority, Meaning, if the Majority Decides to Hate a Specific Group, Religion, Language, Gender Etc . . . That Would Be Democratic.


Adolf Hitler Was Democratically Elected. How Did That Work Out For Freedom?

BUT LET’S ASSUME FOR A MOMENT – Wrongly-So . . . That Democracy Really Does Represent Freedom – How is it Possible then to Have a Socialist Democracy as Ocasio-Cortez Promotes, when Socialism, by its Own Definition is to TAKE from the Rich to GIVE to the Poor.

Or More Appropriately . . . To Decide Who Should Get What At The Cost Of Others?

If the Government TAKES from some People who are Unwilling to Give – Where’s the Freedom, or as the Socialists want us to Believe . . . The Democracy? It’s A Gross Oxymoron.


I Won’t Go into a Civics Lesson to Describe the Fundamental Differences Between a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic, other than to Say, the United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, where the Majority Does Not have the Right to Dictate & Take Away from the Minority, which is Partially Guaranteed by the Electoral College, which the Democrats Hate so Much.

The People In A Constitutional Republic Are Protected From Mob Rule.

Imagine What America Would Be Like Today . . . if Two or Three States with the Largest Populations Got to Control all of America – Only Because Of Sheer Numbers, which is What would have Happened in the 2016 Presidential Election?


SO . . . Not Only Is Ocasio-Cortez Ignorant And/Or A LiarOr Most Probably Both, but Democratic Socialism is like Saying that a Stupid & Uninformed Person like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Qualified to Make Life-Decisions for the People, because Ocasio-Cortez Won a Seat in a District where very Few People Voted.

And Because of Ocasio-Cortez’s Bartending Experience . . . Do You Really Believe That Ocasio-Cortez Knows All She Needs To Know To Make National & International Consequential (Life & Death) Decisions – She Believes It.

Do You Want Another Oxymoron? . . . Joe Biden Is Mentally Fit, Sound & Ready.

A Friend of Mine & Reader/Supporter of, who Lives in Toronto Sent Me this Link (YouTube) about the Mental Worthiness of Joe Biden. Click Here To See Something Terribly Sad, Funny & Frightening All At The Same Time.

I Think What Is Most Frightening . . . Is That People Will Actually Vote For This Very Sad & Generationally Useless Man.

I Just Want To Remind All Of My Canadian Friends . . . Who Are Voting Members of the Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Convention, that they will soon have their Voting Kits in the Mail – If Not Already.

ANNE & I VOTED FOR DEREK SLOAN, the Only Real Conservative in the Leadership Race. Our Second Place Vote Went to Leslyn Lewis, only Because she has Some Acceptable Conservative Ideas & She is Not Yet in Government. Neither Anne Nor I have any Interest Whatsoever in Voting for the Other Two Fake Conservatives.

Just So People Should Understand . . .

In Canada – Our Federal Election is Uniform Right Across the Entire Country (10-Provinces – 3-Territories). Except for the Candidate Names in Different Ridings all the Ballots are Exactly Same Looking.

Also – In Canada, even though the Main Candidates will have a Party Affiliation beside their Name (Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Independent – Etc), Each Candidate is an Independent, which Means that the Candidate can be “Kicked” out of the Party, but Cannot be Kicked out of the Government.

I Recently Read In The Comment Section . . . That Canada Uses Electronic Voting – NOT TRUE.

While it is True that Canada has Specific (Limited) Absentee Voting, Each Ballot must be Personally Requested by the Voter, as in Advanced Voting, and be Cast at the Ballot Box by the Actual Voter, which Anne & I Usually Take Advantage of . . . the Vast Majority of Canadians Vote at the Ballot Box, by Hand Marking their Ballot on Voting Day. Computers are Used to keep Track of the People who Cast their Votes & Count the Votes Cast – but Have Nothing Whatsoever to do with the Actual Voting. All Canadian Votes Are Cast By Hand.

The Americans Should Also Know . . . That to Vote in a Canadian Election, The Voter Needs to be a Canadian Citizen (18-Years Old On Or Before Election Day). He or She Needs to Present a Voter ID Information Certificate to Prove His or Her Voter Registration. And One Personal Official Photo ID with Name & Address. And if the Voter Doesn’t have any of the Preceding, He or She Needs to Swear who He or She Is, and have a Valid Canadian Voter Vouch for that Person . . . Which Is The Way It Really Should Be.


When Black People who are Not Crazy, Radical, Racist or Anti-American are Asked about the Violence, Cop Hatred and the Insanity Happening Because of Black Lives Matter & Antifa, the Refrain I’ve Heard Too Often By Well-Meaning Black People . . . is that they are Opposed to all the Violence Etc-Etc-Etc – And Then Many Finish-Up By Saying . . . “BUT”.

And My Question Is “But” What?

This is the Same Crap I’ve Heard About the Trope of Sexism, Racism Against Hispanics & Racism Against Black Americans. And Unless a Black American Holds Dual Citizenship with the USA and an African Nation . . . There Is No Such Thing As An African/American – Any More Than There Are Euro/Americans.

Besides . . . The Oath Of Allegiance Swears An Absolute Loyalty To The United States Of America.


Are There Any Laws Or Restrictions Against Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, or Women Outside of Physical Gender-Caused Limitations?  Are There Laws Against Gays & Lesbians, Jews, Christians, Moslems Or Atheists?

Have There Been (and are there) Black Secretaries in the White House (Ministers)? Is There a Black Person in the Supreme Court? Are There Black Senators? Are There Black Congressional House Members? Are There High-Ranking Black Members of Congress? Are There Black Governors? Black Mayors? Black Military Generals? Black Secretaries of State? Black Attorney Generals, Black Cops, Black Police Chiefs . . . And Was There Recently A Black President?

Keep on Going . . . And the Racial Nightmare that will Befall America, will be Caused by the Black Community on the Black Community by the Black Community.

So What Is It – With The “But”? . . . “But” What? – Affirmative Action – Is That The “But”?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m the one that said computer voting but in the U.S.A. although the last time I lived in Ottawa, in municipal elections, machines were used to count the votes even if we marked them manually. They used these sheets like we used to have in school for provincial exams that you darken one little circle beside the letter you chose as a response, then it was fed in a machine to count the votes. The last provincial election to elect Doug Ford used those machines in Ottawa. Only federal use paper.

  2. How low is too low for the Left? I don’t know. How low does a snake slither? How low does the devil need to go? When you have nothing and are built on nothing except destruction and manipulation, then all you can do is cheat, deceive and lie.

  3. In my opinion, soon after Nov election, much of this nonsense will stop, why, because all of it is politically motivated to keep Donald Trump from winning. The Lib run cities will then be asking for money under the Disaster Programs to rebuild what their citizens have destroyed. If President Trump is not reelected, the Civil War will begin in earnest, as the Lib Left will try to take guns and property from hard working honest folks. Shame on them for this BS.

  4. Some democrat states run by democrats went so far above and beyond their call of duty for socialism-communism that they should be kicked out of the USA for not respecting the US constitution. And after all, isn’t that most people there want? Their own socialist utopia like the failed CHAZ experiment? Some socialists should be very careful what they wish for, they might as well get it.

  5. Here’s an OXYMORON– “The New Normal”.The “new normal” is having to WEAR masks, to distance oneself by 6 Ft., & close everything up!What is NORMAL about those DEMANDS?Meanwhile, the children have been deprived of their EDUCATION & BUSINESSES have suffered their own HARDSHIPS. HATRED & INSANITY are changing our world. SATAN is definitely among us, as proven by his ATTEMPTS to DESTROY CHRISTIANITY.God help us all! GO TRUMP GO! He MUST win! “The error of the past is the wisdom of the future!” AMEN!

  6. Howard that video of that moron Biden not only made my day BUT week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Awesome editorial and video.Thank you for sharing this gem. Biden is the new Manchurian Candidate, his head filled not just with nonsense but hatred for America. The traitorous CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post and social media fascists such as Google and Twitter are the Enemy Within. Too bad their audience of dumbed-down idiots will never get to see the real Biden. That is, until the DEBATES. Bring them on!!!

  8. A great blog Howard, as ALWAYS!!. I can’t add anything to it , haha You always hit the nail on the head. May God Bless You!!

  9. You have defined “democracy” correctly, my friend. It is not minority rule or the rights of the minority (any minority) being able to over-rule the majority – it is “rule of the majority for the good of the majority, without mistreating the minority”. Western Civilization is digging its own grave by allowing vocal, organized & publicly funded minorities to make a sham of the concept of “Democracy” & kudos to you for continuing to fight the good fight!!! Time for the Silent Majority to wake up

  10. You say above, “Imagine if 2 or 3 states with the largest population got to control all of America.” Well, all of us in Western Canada can tell you what it’s like, because that’s what happens to us. By the time Ontario and Quebec are done voting, the election has already been decided. I am tired of pandering to mostly Quebec. Our only hope for Western Canada is to form our own country. And the sooner the better. Wexit please!

  11. Howard, There is a Black Secretary in the cabinet. Dr. Ben Carson who is Secretary of the Department of housing and urban development. I think it is definitely only AMERICAN no other addon African, Black, etc.

  12. It’s been minority over majority in the USA for sometime. When one woman can fight in the courts & win to have prayer removed from schools; when someone can complain to have a cross removed from anywhere other than on church property, when a group of socialist/communist organizations (growing in number but still a small minority) have academia filled w/professors & gov’t positions, it is no longer a Constitutional Republic but the Loudest Screaming minority dictator. God help us be FREE again.

  13. Lord will there ever be peace on your planet among all we humans and animals I truly mean peace, kindness,happness, honesty, Thank you once again for a Shell deitorial Haward my best to Anne and all the little critters :))

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