Neuter The Cops – Not The Black Mobs?


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If Black Lives Do Indeed Matter . . . Why Are Thousands of Black People Committing Violence Against Black People All The Time?

How many Black Children Under the Age of Thirteen have Been Murdered by White Cops? How About Zero. Now ask yourself, how many Black Children Under the Age of Thirteen have Been Murdered by Black People? How About 100%.

If Black People Account for Slightly More than 13% of the Entire Population of the United States of America, which Totals Approximately 330-Million People Of All Races, Why are Black Men Incarcerated at a Rate of 5-Times More than White American Men, and Black Women are Incarcerated at a Rate of Two To One Over White American Women?

Do You Think It’s Racism? . . . I Don’t.

I think that Black People are Incarcerated Far More than White People, because they Create that much More Crime. I’m Not Blind. I see how Many Black Faces there are Looting after Riots & Natural Disasters, Compared to White Faces that are Virtually Non-Existent (Looters).

Knowing What we Know about Black On Black Violence, Especially in Large Democrat Controlled Cities like Chicago, Baltimore & New York . . . I’m Rather Shocked that the Numbers of Incarcerated Black People Aren’t even More Disproportionate to White People than they Already Are. Think I’m Making This Up . . . Click Here To See The Statistics Of The NAACP.


I’m Not Going To Go Through The Whole Phalanx . . . of Self-Caused Black Misery in Terms of an Uneducated Population, Extraordinarily Improper Use of the English Language, Failed Math & Reading Skills, Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Hero Worship of the Dregs of Society (Rappers & Scum-Based Millionaire Athletes), Unmarried Mothers, Fatherless Children – Etc . . . And Violence To The Extreme.

I Am Neither Blind Nor An Apologist – Nor Am I Frightened To Say & Write What I Believe Must Be Said & Written.

The Black Community of the Whole of the United States of America has an Extraordinary Problem of their Own Making. I Don’t Care who you Point a Finger at, Politicians who Closed (Close) their Eyes to Really Bad Behavior by Black People so they could Garner Votes, Black “Leaders” like Al Sharpton who Gets Rich off Black Misery, the Shakedown of White Cowards, Academia Riding-High on the Failure of Black Education, Hollywood, Rappers & Black Athletes – Who if they Weren’t Playing Professional Sports, would Otherwise be in the “Hood”.

White America Tried Everything To Give Black Americans A Leg-Up, Including Reverse Racism By Way Of Affirmative Action.

But Just Like You Can Bring A Horse to Water . . . And You Can’t Force Him or Her to Drink it, You Also Can’t Force Black People or Anyone Else to Become Educated, Socially Conscientious, Non-Violent, Parentally Responsible – Etc . . . If They Don’t Want To Be.

I Personally Know Black People . . . who just Like White People are Really Decent, Honest, Hardworking & Family Oriented – who I call my Friends. I Routinely Read and/or Listen to Black People who just like White People Make a Great Deal of Sense when Discussing a Myriad of Subjects.

And I Can’t Imagine That All Black People Have A Chip On Their Shoulders The Size Of A Douglas Fir.

IF BLACK LIVES MATTER . . . Why are Black People Burning Down & Looting Black Owned Businesses – Or Businesses which Support the Jobs and the Needs of the Black Community Where they Live?


Why Is Black Lives Matter . . . Desecrating Jewish Institutions such as Synagogues & Holocaust Memorials Throughout the United States of America as they March & Protest?

Why is Black Lives Matter . . . Passing-On the Anti-Semitic Trope that Jews Own all the Banks, all the Media and all the Government?

Why is Black Lives Matter . . . Accusing Jews of Being Anti-Black, since No Other Cultural (Religious) Group has ever done as much for, or risked as much for the Black Community than Jews, all the way Back to the 1950’s & 1960’s Civil Rights Protests, where Jews Died Fighting for Black Rights?

And Why Is Black Lives Matter . . . Supporting Vile Anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan & Supporting the Extreme Global Anti-Semitic Movement of BDS?

And When No One Was Willing To Help Black Ethiopians . . . During The Ethiopian Civil Disasters in the Early to Mid 1990’s . . . Israel Moved Heaven & Earth (Operation Solomon) to Save as Many Black Ethiopian Jews, as was Humanly Possible, for them to Get Out of Ethiopia . . . at Great Personal Risk to the “White” Israeli Jewish Saviors – For These Black Jews To Be Welcomed “Home” To Israel?


After Watching The District Attorney’s Synopsis Of What Happened . . . There is Little Doubt in my Mind that the Charged Police Officer (Garrett Rolfe) is very Much Guilty of Excess Force & Aggravated Murder – And Must Face Appropriate Punishment.

HOWEVER . . . Rayshard Brooks, the Murdered Victim in this Unfortunate Drama was Himself not a Choir-Boy, which Doesn’t Mean he Deserved to be Shot. But Rolfe and his Partner had Justified Cause to Question Brooks who was Legally Intoxicated & Perhaps Unbeknownst to Roltfe was Facing Parole Violation for the DUI.

Brooks Should Not Have Been Driving Drunk. He should Not have Fallen Asleep in his Car (Probably Because He Was Drunk) Blocking the Take-Out Line At The Wendy’s. He should Not have Resisted Arrest. He should Not have Hit the Police Officers. He should Not have Taken the Police Taser. He should Not have Fled the Scene. And He Should Not have Fired the Taser at the Pursuing Police.


Had Rayshard Brooks Not Done Any Of The Above . . . He Would Still Be Alive. The Wendy’s Wouldn’t Have Been Burnt To The Ground . . . And the American Black Community would Not have Yet Another Reason for Black Lives Matter to Add to the Hate for White Cops.

There’s Nothing I’ve Heard That Tells Me Rayshard Brooks Was Shot Dead Because He Was Black.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Boy do I agree with every word you said. There’s nothing that I can add but that you keep telling it like it is. When will the black community finally admit how badly they treat their very own. And as to the black children under three, most of them are usually harmed by their own black fathers. How sad is that!!!

  2. Just watched the joke session on FNC,the black overlords got what they wanted,never to have a police officer attempt to question a black suspect again for fear of losing his/her life or job.congrats democrats.

  3. Agreed The good news however ( here in Canada at least ) is that “Aunt Jemima” and “Uncle Ben’s” are done . After those Racist Rebel Flags these two had To Go . We all know what “they” really stood for . Umm Pancakes/ Syrup and Quick Cook rice. The world WILL BE a better place . Crepes / Maple Syrup and Poutine for us .

  4. Hey punks – ya wanna loot my store? Meet my friends Smith and Wesson. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Threat neutralized. My insurer is delighted: he only has to replace a broken window. The taxpayers are happy: They’re spared the expense of prosecution and incarceration. The 2nd Amerndment is a win-win all around. So why isn’t it used more often? As always, don’t forget to watch the best hour on tv: Tucker Carlson weeknights on FNC.

  5. NAACP fails to mention that 10% of the black population accounts for 50-70% of all violent crimes and that black on white murder is 5 times higher than the other way around. BLM will never admit that.

  6. I clicked on the donate button at the top of the page, when I clicked on the proceed to secure page button, I get an error!

  7. All I can say is what a sad mixed up world we all live in. Wondring how much longer it will take God to say to Himself enough is enough my patiece has run out with all of YOU. We have been given a beautiful planet to live on, with so much to enjoy to see and ALL of US screw it UP. Shame on all of US.!

  8. People have become so liberal and weak (in body and mind) that that they’ve reached the point of irrelevancy on these matters. What they say is a complete whitewash based on years of brainwashing and fear. Good has become bad and bad good. They only see things in altruistic, childish fantasies that have no bearing in reality. They have lost all sense. Its all only about them and their empty, distorted visions and narratives, and how they can “like” imagined, disjointed causes.

  9. Being from a “poor white family”, I lived in or near very low income areas for the first 10 years of my life. Law enforcement in these areas organized baseball, boxing, and other events that included all people who wished to be involved, no matter what our race was. They were treated with respect. No days, cops are treated with so much hate in some areas. Here in our community of mostly white “Rednecks” we have 2 officers that are of color. They have coffee with us, joke with us, and arrest bad

  10. I’m afraid I have to disagree with your stance on the Brooks shooting Howard. Although I have not been exposed to the District Attorney’s “synopsis,” I have viewed all the film available multiple times and read all the commentary from all sources. This was clearly NOT a case of murder, nor did I not any violation of standard police policy or procedure. In my view this entire affair is shaping up to be a railroad job aimed at appeasing the mob. Yes, I could say more, but why?

  11. Howard, you said that you watched the DA’s presentation, but did you watch the hour and twenty minutes of video? The DA is wrong. He didn’t win his primary, and he’s again throwing police officers under the bus for following the law and the GA peace officer procedures in an effort to win votes. The investigation by the GBI has not been completed. The DA is under investigation for absconding with 140,000 that was not his to take and several sexual misconduct accusations. This is’t about justice.

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