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I Spend A Lot Of Time These Days, When I’m Not Researching & Writing . . . Watching On-Line Movies, Biographies & Listening to Songs Of The 50’s & 60’s, But Mostly Of The 1950’s, since I Really Don’t Want to Watch Much of the News or Regular TV.

I Almost Wrote Entertainment TV Instead Of Regular TV, but had I Done that, Entertainment TV would have Included Television News. And I Prefer to Try to Separate the Two as Best I Can, since News has Evolved More & More into the Realm Entertainment.

I Don’t Watch “Entertainment” TV, because it’s Morphed from Entertainment to Inanity. For Example, even with Comedy Shows, there Seemingly Cannot be an Episode without Pushing the Virtues in One Way or Another of Homosexuality, and how being a Pussy is Cute, Acceptable & Successful. Not that I have Anything Against Lesbians or Gays . . . But Our Societies Were Not Built By Pussies.

And it Also Seems, that in all Comedic Episodes . . . there Has to be Some Perfunctory LEFTIST Jab at Conservatives & Especially at President Trump, even if it is just Somewhat Subliminal.

And In-So-Far as Action-Thriller-Type Shows (Police, Rescue, Fire, Hospital, Military) . . . I Mean How Much Repetitive BS (Shoot-Em-Ups . . . Rambo-Style Hero Doctors – Etc) can One Absorb Before we Come to the Conclusion that we’ve Already Seen-It-All?

As For What Passes For The News . . . Most of all of it is One-Sided Opinion, Spun Into News Rehashed a Hundred Different Ways as “Breaking News”. Which is Not to Say there Really Isn’t Breaking News from Time to Time, which is Why I’m Always Scouring News Sources from Reliable News Agencies Worldwide.


And When I’m Not Reading, Researching, Writing, Cooking & Working Around the Property, I’m Cleaning my Motorcycle, which I Always Keep Looking New anyway, but because of this “Boredom”, My 11-Year Bike (Motorcycle), which I bought Brand New 11-Years Ago, looks as Showroom New as it did the Day I First Rode it Away from the Dealer.


For The Longest Time . . . If you’ve been Reading, I’ve been Writing, that with President Donald Trump, We’ll be Heading to a New World Order, but Not the New World Order First Envisioned in the United States of America by past President George HW Bush (41) after the First Iraq War.

And This Isn’t The New One World (Communist) Government, which the Europeans & “Socialist” Americans/Canadians (RINOS, Democrats & Liberals), have been Silently, but Stealthily Moving our Societies Towards . . . This Is The Trump New World Order – Where we are Going Back to a Time when Nationalism, Personal Freedom, Capitalism, Social Values & Merit (As In Meritocracy), will all be the Flavor of the New World Order.


What This China Virus Also Did . . . In Spite of the Misery it Caused – was to Establish A New Baseline . . . to a Time within our American/Canadian History which were the Glory-Days, when there were No Safe Spaces & Excellence in Whatever we Attempted to Accomplish was Rewarded with Earned Treasure.

Because of the China Virus, Canada and the United States, the Rest of the World too, better Start Working Again, Manufacturing Instead of just Buying from People (China) who have become Product Loan Sharks, Converting our Greed & Laziness Into Their Wealth.


Pelosi & Company Envisioned This Virus As Their Gravy-Train . . . to their One World Socialist Goal, which it Could have Been. But, Because of President Trump and the LEFT’S Ultra Poor National Showing at Governing, while they Hold Control of the House . . . The American LEFT Committed National Suicide. And just as Bad for the National LEFTLEFTIST Governors & Mayors Showed just how Inept they are at Responsible Government, Fiscal Management, Constitutional Adherence, and how Far Removed Most of Them were (are) . . . FROM THE PEOPLE THEY SWORE TO SERVE.

When Men & Women Show Up At State Capital Buildings Brandishing Signs & Firearms . . . The Message is Clear, Especially when the Few Represent the Many. Yet to Many of the Elitist (Democrat) Governors & Mayors, the Message of the People was Entirely Lost on them.

The Display Of Armed Civilians Protesting Against The Rulers (Elected Schmucks) Made Me think of the Scene in Les Misérables, Minutes Before the People were Manning the Barricades, as the Military Marched Foreword – As the Chorus Sang . . .

“Do You Hear The People Sing, Singing The Song Of Angry Men . . . ? It Is Music Of The People Who Will Not Be Slaves Again”.

Maybe It Would Be A Good Idea For All The Politicians To Hear The Message Of Les Misérables.


As Painful As This China Virus Is & Will Continue To Be For The Near Future . . . The Prospect of a Biden Presidency, Pelosi House & Schumer Senate is a Nightmare Scenario Beyond The Pale. And the Real Possibility that we Would all Become Slaves to a Communist One World Government & Communist China is a Nightmare Too Unthinkable to Imagine.

Couple The Devastated Economies Of The World, which all have to Literally be Rebuilt from Scratch by Robust Men & Women who Won’t Cower in Safe Spaces, with that of Attorney General Barr’s War on Corruption, and the Upcoming Durham Indictments; the American LEFT have far More to Worry About than just Winning an Election, as Will the Rest of the Socialist World (Canada Especially).

My Worry, Which Is Declining, But No Less A Worry . . . Is What Will The LEFT Do To Steal The November Election?


Please Let Me Remind You All . . . This is The Fifteenth of the Month, when I Ask those People who Can Afford to Help Support this BLOG . . . To Please Do So.

Last Month, in Spite of my Worries for Financial Relief, Because of the Enormous Costs had to Deal With (Switching Servers, Fixing Glitches – Etc), was Actually an Extremely Generous Month from Some of the Thousands of Registered Readers of In My Directory, which Represents only a Smattering of the People who Read my Near Daily Editorials.

Even Though Has Thousands Of Registered Readers In The Directory, it Seems to be Somewhat Unfair that I Always Have to Turn-To and Rely Upon the same 75-100 Readers For Support. But it is what it is.

This War Is Never Ending . . . Because the Enemies of Truth & Freedom, who Know that You & I are the Enemies of whatever Socialist Crap they Stand For – Will Never Stop Trying To Overthrow Our Values.

They have the Politicians, Academia, Media, Hollywood (Not So Much Now), Big Business, Big Labor & Social Media on their Side, Where You & I Only have Each Other & People like Us.

So Who Else Do I Have To Turn To?

If You Can Once Again Help Support, Please Click Here To Know How.

Thank You As Always . . .

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m starting to wonder if this whole flu thing is being extended to see how far they can go before we fight back.

  2. On they got the perfect mask. I tried to link it here but I am unable to do so. Anyhow, I am sure most folks on this site will agree…..the perfect mask for those people who don’t mind being controlled and are OK with a One World Government…..the perfect mask is…..A SHEEP’S HEAD !!! :>( sad isn’t it?)

  3. WOW !!! Editorial “spot on”, I have always been “out of step” with 80% of the people I know, because I THINK about what happens and LIFE in this country. Perhaps it is going to be necessary to have a “barricade” which we must choose to mount and defend,….or simply walk to the “gas chambers” obediently and quietly simply because “the GOVERNMENT said we should!! I am a second generation American, and I don’t want to have to tell my ancestors “……they said it was ok and we should trust them.”

  4. The Fascist leftists in power in Ottawa, Many provinces and in many states in the US have one thing in common – theirrhandling of Lock downs seems deliberately designed to provoke the public to violence – and so far they have been unsuccessful. How will the elimination of freedoms, and punishjment for expressing freedom get these people re-elected? But at the same – they don’t seem to care that re-election is an issue.

  5. I have dropped most tv and Netflix shows today because they have become less entertainment and more liberal propaganda. Don’t even start on media. That ship sank long ago. The modern leftist mindset ruined that entity forever.

  6. That’s the answer I am waiting for, how much longer before sheeples revolt like Hong Kong? A city of 8 Million that had demonstrations with 2 million, days on end, never giving up until the chinese military used so much force that the demonstrators where silenced but not for long as they are rising again. Imagine if sheeples in Canada had that much gut. Time to throw all present politicians, top bureaucrats in jail. We are their bosses, we pay their salaries with our taxes, PERIOD !!!!

  7. Ever since Obama was elected I have been suggesting the Republican PACs use that song from Les Miserables! One of my all time favorites, and it expresses perfectly what we are thinking now.

  8. This November vote “RED REMOVE EVERY DUMBACRAP” Thank God for President TRUMP. LET’S all do whatever it takes to go vote. Charles Williams Aransas Pass Texas

  9. Great article again and I agree 100%! Not many good movies and I am tired of watching my good old DVD’s, too. But I never tire of going to your blog! I am now reading books about the JFK assassination and think the media went BAAAAD back then….. This virus thingy has me about worn out as well, but we must continue on!

  10. As I see it we have to vote out many Repubs also, lots of talk and no follow up. Graham and McConnel have been in office too long along with the LiBs they protect each other. Term Limits has to come just like the President. This Virus has taught me that trust no Politician they are proven liars. Protects yours and your own by any means possible. The country needs to open and folks need to rely on Common Sense once again, thou it is much lacking in this world.

  11. I never thought i would see the day when I didn’t watch television any more,, so much BS , lies and liberal nonsense, ads., Every 6 minutes,, I have had enough, the TV is off

  12. I hope & pray you are right ref Trump’s new world order. Hope & pray the Liberal/Progressive Dems are TOTALLY done away with in politics. On another note, this Covid-19 shutdown has managed to make the wealthy 12.5% wealthier as multi-millions lost their jobs. Read yesterday where Jeff Bezos (Amazon) is set to be world’s 1st Trillionaire. Another Soros & Gates to use their $$ to try & control the world; yet another who thinks himself god. WE NEED TO REPENT &TURN BACK TO OUR CREATOR GOD.

  13. Yes, we are in “The Trump New World Order” and thank God for that because… “Within a socialist community there is no room left for freedom.” Pres. Trump MUST be RE-ELECTED because if not, our WORLD will be DOOMED! What he has PROMISED, he has FULFILLED! He MUST also CONTINUE his BATTLE regarding VOTER FRAUD. VOTER I. D. should be REQUIRED in ALL STATES in order to be able to VOTE! What is most ENCOURAGING is that Trump continues to be a WINNER! Pray for him in these TRYING times! AMEN!

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