For The Democrats To Win – America Needs To Fail


For President Donald Trump To Re-Win The White House . . . President Trump MUST Rebuild the Economy as Fast and as Big as President Trump Possibly Can.

For The Democrats To Win The White House, Nancy Pelosi and the LEFT Need to Keep the American Economy in a SHAMBLES for as Long as they Can, Right up to Election Day on November 3, 2020.

First The Government Stole Our Freedoms . . . Now They Want Us To Thank Them For Giving Some Of Our Freedoms Back.

Why Is It . . . When Harry Reid was the Senate Leader – The Democrats Rained Hellfire Onto the Nation of the United States of America? And Now that the Republicans Hold the Senate . . . The Democrats are Still Raining Hellfire on the United States of America?


Yesterday (Mother’s Day May 10, 2020), Anne & I went to the Cemetery in Montreal, which is About an Hour’s Drive from where we Live-in South-Eastern Ontario. I don’t even Know if Driving to Montreal for a Non-Essential Trip to Pay our Respects to my Late Mother & Father was even Legal . . . But I Don’t Care.

I Stood before their Graves & Briefly Thought about what Life was like when they were Alive. When Honor, Honesty, Dignity & Courage Really Meant Something.


I Thought about the Packed Suppers for all of our Jewish Holidays, like Rosh Hashana and Passover. But then Again, I also Thought about the Christian Holidays we Celebrated with our Christian Friends & Neighbors on Christmas & Easter, where our Tables, Regardless of whose Holiday we were Celebrating were so Packed Tightly with Friends & Relatives, that we Literally Touched Shoulders, as everyone Reached for the Food & Jabbered at each other.

I Want Those Days Back . . . Not Eventually – Not Soon – BUT NOW!

I Don’t Want Any more of this Bullshit Social Distancing, Masks & Lectures from our Politicians – who are . . . as We Say in Yiddish – UNGA-SHTUPED MIT GELT (Stuffed With Money).

In This Context Stuffed . . . With Other People’s Money (Taxpayers’ Money).

We Humans Are A Tactile Species . . . NEEDING To Touch. Needing to be Close. Needing to Shake Hands, Hug & Kiss. We Need to be in Large Tight Groups like Concerts, Sporting Events, Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet-Sixteens, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries & Funerals . . . Take That Away From Us And Who Are We?


The Human Face Tells Stories . . . The Eyes are Just a Part of the Overall Picture. We Need to See the Smile on a Person’s Face, the Parsing of a Person’s Lips, the Frown Around a Person’s Mouth to See the Whole Vision of the People Around Us.

By Whose God Given Authority Does The Government Have The Right To Deny Us The Preceding?

If I Have To Wear A Mask . . . to Get On an Airplane? I’m not Flying. If I have to Wear a Mask to Enter a Store? I’ll Shop Somewhere Else or I’ll Shop On-Line.

I’m Fed-Up With The Government Telling All Of Us What to Do.


While Everyone Who The Government Deems Essential or is on a Government Paycheck, whether they Go to their Government Jobs or Not . . . They’re Getting Paid, while the Rest of Society Can Only get Revenue, which the Government Considers to be Sufficient.

While Anne & I Were At The Cemetery . . . There was a Funeral in Progress. But, According to Government Rules, Depending on who’s Making the Government Rules for the Day, there can be No Gathering with More than a Predetermined Number of People.

How Sad Is This For The Survivors & Friends Of The Deceased?

In The Jewish Religion . . . In Order to Pray at Religious Events like Funerals, we Jews Need to have a Minion of at Least Ten Jewish Men over the Age of Bar Mitzvah (13-Years Old). There Weren’t 10-Jewish Men At That Funeral. The Reason Why there Weren’t 10-Adult Jewish Men was because of these Obnoxious Counter-Productive, Anti-Democratic Rules Against the Right To Assemble . . . Which Is A Fundamental Right For People To Come Together Without Restriction.

Trudeau – Canada’s Prime Minister Recently Invoked a Law Passed by an Order-In-Council, akin to a Presidential Edict, to Ban More than 1,500-Types Of Firearms, which Included things like Machine Guns, RPG’s, Bazookas, Mortars – Etc . . . None of which were Legal to Own before his Edict.


The Story Here Is This . . . Because of the Government’s Draconian Restriction on Freedom Of Assembly – I Can’t Even Stand In Numbers – On The Street – To Protest.


It’s Interesting. Yesterday Someone Made a Snarky Remark in the Comment Section, that I should Do Something In Canada, as if . . . Why Don’t You (Me) Shut-Up & Stop Telling Us What To do . . . When Canada Needs So Much Done?

Truth Is . . . I Don’t Stop Doing All That I Can, in Canada and the United States. I Know that many of you Realize how Hard & Time Consuming all this Writing is for me to Do, Literally Day-In & Day-Out . . . Which Is Just One Of The Ways I Contribute.

But In Answer To The Many People . . . Who Ask the Same Question – What Can I do to Make a Difference? . . . The Answer is in the Same Comment Section of the Snarky Remark, but this time Made by 86-Year Old Charles Matheson Sr, Who Said Exactly What You Should Do . . .

“I am 86, not rich but, I can share HG’s articles on FB and add my comment of support for what he has written . . . ”

There It Is . . . The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.

When Considering News . . . ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS & Fox News Combined, they have just Under 36-Million Total News Viewers, which might even be an Exaggerated Ratings Number. However – Accurate or Not . . . that’s Only About 10% of the Total American Population, Which Pales In Comparison to the Number of People who Read the Internet Every Day . . . Which Is Almost Everyone.

It Doesn’t Matter if you’re 86-Years Old like Charles Matheson Sr, or 12-Years Old with Civics Knowledge & Great Values . . . Your Voice Is Equal To Any And All.

All you have to Do is Read, Research & Pass Along the Truth to Others. And To Protect Your Credibility . . . Don’t Buy into the BS the Internet is Famous For & Pass BS as Fact.

I’m Inundated With BS – The other Day a Reader Sent me as FACT . . . That President Trump Cancelled all of Obama’s Future Post-Presidential Travel Plans, which were to Cost the American Taxpayers more than $1-Billion, and subsequently, President Trump Sent Obama a Bill to Recover what Obama had Already Spent Since Leaving the White House.

It Was Absolutely True The Sender Emphasized. And Even Snopes Said It Was True the Writer Added. But It Wasn’t True. Not Even Remotely True. All the Sender had to do was Check the Validity of his Claim On-Line, even on Snopes, where he Swore it was verified . . . Yet It Was Shown To Be A Hoax.

In One Unsubstantiated Claim . . .The Email Sender To Me – Screwed his Legitimacy as Someone I Can Trust with Information he Forwards. Everyone Reading This Blog Can Become An Information Warrior, Drowning Out The Fake News With Facts & Reality.

That Is Just One Very Important Thing Everyone Can Do To Make A Difference. It Costs Nothing & It’s Easy To Do.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I don’t write often, Howard, but HAD to – this TIME…! You are absolutely RIGHT about the above, and if something isn’t done about our Freedoms coming back to us here in America – it WILL turn into another REVOLUTION…! (Too bad you have to “contend” with a Freedom-Grabbing “Leader(?) up in Canada!).

  2. I send HGs articles to at least 20 other people! I print at least 50 and pass them around to anyone who will take one. So many people I run into say they don’t vote but will give their opinion!! If you don’t vote you don’t have a opinion!! Get out and vote if you want your country back! I sure as the heck will!! Thank You Howard for ALL your doing!

  3. I do share your editorial from time to time on facebook but since facebook won’t let you know how many followers saw that post if they don’t acknowledge with a like if they like it or read it at all makes it frustrating. So far I only get likes from 2 true fans of yours, JV and BT. I wish it was possible to see how many opened the link which would give some idea who reads it or not. I will share this one.

  4. A big thank you Mike. Your research and informative presentation is appreciated.

  5. Change comes when one person stands up and asks the question “why?” The first last person to stand is just as important as the first which is something that too many of us have forgotten. Support a belief by standing up and ask the question. It may be our last chance to do so without the need for a revolution.

  6. Howard, You sound pissed: SO AM I!! When the previous president (caps intentionally eliminated), was officiating I felt he was often dishonest: now he is proving my suspicions to be accurate. He is a lying, cheating, dishonest, smooth talking, dastardly behaving community organizer. How can one be so wrong in respecting the office of president when the occupant stooped to TREASON? He and his administration all need to serve hard time for MANY YEARS!!

  7. Howard, I don’t always read the comments all the time but always try to read your Editorials so maybe some have discussed this before. In 1968, while in my mid twenties, I was hospitalized for what the doctors said was the flu. I missed several days of work but I don’t recall any big news flashes but that pandemic ( H3N2 virus) is said to have taken over one million lives worldwide and over one hundred thousand lives in the US. We didn’t shut down then and with common sense we survived.

  8. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I was playing golf without a mask with my buds. We asked a single to join us when he caught up to our group, he did. I asked his name, and reached out to shake his hand, the dude totally freaked. after one hole, he left us saying we were crazy. None of his were sick, rude or unfriendly just being us. WE all think this is not much more than a FLU Bug that is effecting some badly, but more of a Political Hit Job and Intro to Socialism 101. They will not take my toys.

  9. In order for the Democrats to win, America has to fail. That is so true and is the reason I am convinced that they have their hand in this pandemic. Nothing is off limits to them when it comes to gaining power and control. They don’t care how many people die, as long as the result is their coming into power. That’s all they care about!!!

  10. The Dems always create agenda-driven chaos in Congress. In answer to your Reid-Pelosi – if Dems have majority in either, they bully to get their best compromise. They’ve been that way as long as I can remember, but more so than ever w/Trump. Their behavior w/Kavanaugh was shameful; they’ve only gotten worse since they got away with it; but they’re digging big hole for themselves in process which should come to end in Nov. Many are Fed-Up With The Government Telling Us What to Do.

  11. The BIG PROBLEM at this time is NOT COVID-19…it’s WHO is going to CONTROL the people so that THEY can BRAINWASH them! It’s the Liberals against the Conservatives! The Liberals want most EVERYTHING closed while the Conservatives wish to OPEN businesses, etc… The LIBERALS’ INTENT is to RUIN Pres. Trump & to PREVENT him from being RE-ELECTED. The LEFT FEARS HERD IMMUNITY! Re: Barack HUSSEIN Obama—he is a TRAITOR and should be PUNISHED for his PARTICIPATION in the COUP D’ETAT! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  12. Corona deaths, only number that counts ~5000, & ~80% in Canada Nursing Homes doesn’t justify locking people in homes & ruining the economy. Many are well aware of conspiracy to control populations, done so easily but we can’t protest openly on the street for fear of $800 fines, or even imprisonment. People can’t be charged for a crime they didn’t commit, but we are still locked in our homes. Diabloodybolical. We have survived worse virus without lockdowns. Time to assemble in #’s and protest

  13. Your editorials are so well written and so very true. I, also, send them to many of my friends via email They are so appreciated.

  14. Excellent editorial, Howard. Just so you know, no matter what the circumstances are, and no matter where I go or what I do, I will never wear a mask. The only way I will do that is if they’re looking for someone to play The Lone Ranger in an upcoming TV series. Best Regards, – Ronnie

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