Whose Guidelines – Yours Or The Government’s?


19-Canadians. . . Maybe Even More (we don’t know the final number yet) – Were Murdered Over The Weekend In The Province of Nova Scotia, by a 51-Year Old man, who from all Appearances seemed to be Financially Well-Off & Career-Successful.

Trudeau and the LEFT will try to use this Tragedy as yet another Reason for them to Take Away Guns from Honest Law-Abiding Canadians who have Jumped through Government Regulatory Hoops to own Guns in Canada.


The Man who Murdered so many People at Random, for what seems to be no Known Reason was Crazy – PERIOD! Had he Not Murdered all these People with a Gun; he probably would have Murdered People with a Vehicle.

Crazy People Live Amongst Us . . . Regardless of how much Psychologists and Psychiatrists think they know about Insanity – No One can Read or Know what’s Going-On in Someone’s Mind. For all we Know . . . our Really Nice Next-Door Neighbor could be Crazy, but just Doesn’t show it.

But this Fact, which I just Wrote will not Come into the Canadian LEFTIST Debate as a Reason Not to Touch our Canadian Rights to own Guns. And that in itself is Sobering, Knowing How Much Power The People We Elect Have Over Us.


But I Also Believe Without Equivocation . . . that we are Either the Masters of our own Universe, or we are Slaves to those who Will in One Way or another Shackle-Us through Dependence

I Detest . . . Being Pigeonholed.

I Am Not Far Right. I Am Not A Racist. Nor Am I A Misogynist. Nor Am I A Homophobe. I Believe In Helping Those Who Genuinely Need Help. I Believe In The Need For Paying Taxes. And I Believe In Necessary Government Services.

But I’m Also Not An Idiot . . . And Nor Am I Subservient To Government . . . The People I Elect & Employ to Manage Our Nation . . . How do we Know that None of them Are or Are Not Crazy?

Don’t Be Grateful To The Government For Small Mercies . . . We The People Owe The Government Nothing!

We have Either Forgotten, or in the Case of Millennials Never Learned, that the Government Works for the People & Not the People who Work for the Government.

Remember These Incredible Few Words . . . Spoken by President Abraham Lincoln at his Famous Gettysburg Address during the Height of the Carnage of Civil War, Defining The Government . . .  “Of The People, By The People & For The People”.

What’s So Hard To Understand In Those Few Words?

If How The Government Is Handling The China Virus – Tells Us Anything . . . It Tells me that the Government, given Half the Chance will Take Away the Freedoms we Believe we Have, in exchange for the Infamous . . . FOR THE BETTER-GOOD Of The Majority, which means Step Aside – ‘Cause Big Brother Is Here & Big Brother Knows Best.

It Seems To Me . . . That even the Lowliest Bureaucrat Feels a New Empowerment, Best Expressed by the Likes of Governor Andrew Cuomo of the Failing State of New York, where before the China Virus, under Cuomo’s Dismal LEFTIST Leadership, New Yorkers from the Cities to the Countryside, were already Leaving New York State in Droves to Live a Better & Less Controlled Life Elsewhere.

Yet . . . Here’s Cuomo – DAILY . . . Lecturing the People in his Monotone Voice, Repeating the Same Crap – Day-In & Day-Out, as if his Words were from On-High, like Moses from Mount Sinai with the Tablets from God, Letting People know that in his Hands . . . All Will Be Better. But it was in Cuomo’s Hands that New York State was so Fundamentally Ill Prepared for this or any other Tragedy, because Cuomo was Too Busy telling New Yorkers how to Live, that Cuomo Didn’t Pay Attention to What he was Actually Elected to Do.


Over The Last Few Days . . . I’ve Received an Enormous amount of Flak & Derision, Accused of Being some Ultra-Right-Wing Neanderthal, because of my Criticism of the Media & the Government, who in the Opinion of those Accusing me of Being Nothing Short of being an Anarchist, Claim that the Media and the Government are Doing all they Can to Make Things Better.

It’s Hard For Me To Envision . . . how Easily the People have Succumbed to Obama’s Proclamation – that “Business Didn’t Build That”. That somehow, the Government Built all that we Have, which Includes Everything – our Roads, Bridges, Buildings, Products, Meals, Restaurants, Offices, High-Tech, Movies, Theater, Airports, Rail Lines, Hospitals . . . You Name It – According to Obama and the LEFT, we the People Didn’t Build any of it . . . Terrifyingly – This Is What The Millennials Believe.


BUT WORSE . . . This is What the Government also Believes. That some Bureaucrat, Member of Parliament (Canada), Member of Congress, Speaker of the House, Past Presidents and their Followers, which Includes Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, the Mainstreet Media and a Raft or Others – Who Actually Believe They’re The Masters Of Our Universe.

Even Many of the Police, Not all, but Many Nonetheless –“Whose Badges Seem To Hang Heavy” . . . have Taken their Authority where it Should Never Be, as People are Scolded, Fined, and even Arrested by our Civil Servants in Uniform for Exercising their Constitutional Rights while Endangering No-One.

Until Germany Reunified (October 3, 1990) . . . East Germany – The World’s Most Despotic, Failed & Tyrannical Regime – before North Korea took that Title, had a National Policy which Encouraged People to Snitch to the Government on Family, Friends & Neighbors . . . WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT NEW YORK CITY MAYOR, BILL DE BLASIO WANTS NEW YORKERS TO DO.


People Today – Have Been Indoctrinated with Hollywood & Television Violence, where Men & Women (Actors) do Horrible Physical things to each other on the Big & Small Screens. And, We’re Constantly Bombarded with Plots that Pit Evil Government Insiders (Always Conservatives) & Big Business (Goliath – also always Conservative), Against the People (Liberal – David), Whose Most Unlikely Hero Always Saves the Day.

In The Meantime . . . There Are Horrific Global Monster-Nations – who Arrest, Torture & Murder with Impunity, who Treat Women like Chattel (Islamic Nations) where Our People Don’t Give these Monster-Nations a Second’s Glance or Care, because we’re Keen to do Business with these Horror-Nations to Save a Few Bucks.

Where Are The Women’s Rights Groups . . . Etc – Etc – Etc?

ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION . . . If we were to Roll Back the Clock some 80-Years . . . KNOWING what we know Today about the Holocaust, and the Horrors that were Inflicted upon Europe’s Jews, Would You Buy Nazi Made Products Knowing How They Were Made . . . Because They Were Cheaper . . . ?

YOU WOULD . . . Because Isn’t that what we’re Doing Now by Buying & Investing in Chinese Made Products? How Could we Vacation in Cuba knowing how Draconian Cuba is? And How Could we sell so many of our Assets to Arab Countries who Treat Women Like Livestock?

I Don’t Know Where We Are Going From Here . . . But It Better Not Be Back From Where We’ve Just Come.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. CHECKMATE!! Once again you have spoken truths about the current situation. THANK YOU!

  2. You are right on. After WW2 everything we bought was made in Japan. It was a joke to my parents. Will we keep buying from China? I tried that years ago and it is so bad that about EVERYTHING now is made in China. It is hard to find American. Even mandarine oranges in cans are from China!. I will not eat them. This whole thing today is like a horror movie, but my faith will carry me through for that is the actual Reality. The spiritual is real and not the physical world.

  3. I hear you have the same problem up their that we have down here! That is the shrinks think thy know it ALL. So you are put on meds and these are Kids and adults that are on 1 med to start, then another and when those people reach 3- 5 different meds it is all over but people are dead. The gun grabbers go nuts and beleave that guns kill more people that anything! I asked a person that if I put on the table car keys, meds, and a gun which would kill more? The person said guns!

  4. Remember why everything is made in china. Companies greed and their shareholders. Their product are made using china slave labor and then still being resold to us at exorbitant prices because big companies want to have the biggest returns on their investments as possible to nourish their greed and their shareholder’s greed. About 20 years ago, the bank of Montreal made a $2Billion profit for the year but for them it wasn’t enough so they fired 6000 employees to get bigger profits.

  5. As usual, great points. Another alarming trend is the lack of transparency by our PM re:gathering in parliament. Forbidding our representatives from gathering, when reasonable precautions would make it safe for them to do so in suitable – if reduced – numbers should be unheard of! It’s sad to be living with a Government that even dares to suggest it. How tragic for a people who once cherished democratic institutions! Are we to just take Justin Trudeau at his word?? I think NOT!!!

  6. Hey Howard. You might be a little right of me. Leftists scream labels at anyone with a counter opinion usually because they cannot counter truthfully. Trudeau, Hadju and Tam are three criminals. They totally own the responsibility for all Canadians grieving the loss of their family members who died alone of Covid-19 and for the desperate condition the country is in now. Don’t let the little minds get you down. Hang in you Neanderthal you.

  7. I shudder at the overall situation,….Thank the Lord above, a REAL PRESIDENT and PRESIDENT TRUMP is running the show, BUT Pelosi and Schumer must go. The solution is a) invoke Atricle V of the Constitution for this Summer, (we are almost there already.), Secondly , send both the House and Senate “home” for 60 days, under Article 3 section 2, FILL all the all the hostage “Federal Vacancies (Judges,etc.), and put “We the People’s” country back to reasonable performance as a Legislative body!

  8. We Americans seem to have forgotten (Majority anyway) from whence we came from at at what cost.As stated millennials have not a clue!I’m now waiting for the SPS (Social Police Squad) to be formed,as DeBlasio eluded to.Snitch and get payed.Nazi’s did that with GREAT Success!This is unprecedented and panic lumme’s around the corner.Experts have shown there NOT.Governors are to Govern,no longer hiding behind closed doors and be just as accountable as those in Washington!Accountable may be the wrong.

  9. Great article Howard. I remember WWII veterans not buying anything German or Japanese. The wonderful NYC mayor telling people to snitch on others speaks for itself! Think he has even noticed all the homeless together in the subways? These Dem governors and mayors will try to get the Feds to pay their debt and milk the system.

  10. Common sense, Conservative voices attract trolls Howard. Please keep speaking truth.

  11. Was it not Adolf Hitler who proclaimed that he would make the world safer by gun confiscation. This is what Canada is facing, and the US if we allow the Political Hacks to have their way. Pelosi was bad mouthing our President from her kitchen while showing off her $24K fridge with hundreds of dollars of ice cream in the freezer as hard working folks are going without jobs because of the stay at home order. Lets get back to work, yes we are losing people, but we were doing that before this BUG.

  12. Howard you are so right I believe everything you have said I think you are a mind reader How could you say exactly what I have been thinking You have mentioned that you were 70 you are still a kid compared to me I am 79 I am being careful to avoid the virus but KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WE NEED TO WAKE THE PEOPLE UP I am in Montreal I would like your opinion on the upcoming Conservative leader ship campaign I don’t know who to choose.

    I Don’t Know Either. I know that it won’t by MacKay. It might be O’Toole. But none of them inspire any real hope or Confidence. I’m in the same leaky boat as you – HG.

  13. Look around – Everything you see was not built by governments it was built by men to make a living to take care of there families.

  14. STANSBURY DIGEST…’How long do you think this can go on?’… The heart of every mass delusion… The ‘big lie’ behind COVID-19… It’s far too late for the strategy we’re using… The effects of the media and political leaders… A precedent that will be exploited for years to come… GOOGLE IT TO LEARN THE TRUTH

  15. Yes, the bureaucrats are enjoying this, giving us orders that are not at all constitutional. Tell me I can’t go to my secluded cabin that I own? Many more ridiculous examples. Trudeau is a criminal. Don’t forget he and his climate czar destroyed the Alberta economy, just like his Commie father did with the NEP program. President Ronald Reagan’s words are to be remembered. He said, the 9 most terrifying words are, “ We’re from the Govt, and we’re here to help.”

  16. The virus shut down has brought the petty tyrants out of the wood work.

  17. Nixon opened the “door to China” and they have come through our door, without impunity, ever since. Biden family has made millions (even billions for son Hunter) by doing business with China. Former Speaker of the Home John Boehner is now a lobbyist for China. We are being undermined and sold down the river (Yanges that is). Pres. Trump is the first to really represent our country and our citizens. He is a businessman and not a politician.

  18. Until & unless the pols snatch or steal our rights; you, Howard, have the right to express your opinion. As we all do. Depending on the program East Germany had about half the population spying on the other half. Why is it so difficult (and I could be quite naive for asking this) to get people today like Abraham Lincoln or Geo Washington to elected and just do what they’re elected to do & no more? Are we that infected with the socialism crap that occludes clear vision and plain ole honesty?

  19. “ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION . . . If we were to Roll Back the Clock some 80-Years . . . KNOWING what we know Today about the Holocaust, and the Horrors that were Inflicted upon Europe’s Jews, Would You Buy Nazi Made Products Knowing How They Were Made . . . Because They Were Cheaper . . . ?” During WW2, there was no shortage of companies that worked with Nazi Germany and never CARED about what they did with their technologies. Look at IBM’s story for instance (I read that book partially)

  20. Leftists are fascists. They are unintelligent people . They only know to impose their will at any cost for the so-called value of the state. They believe no other opinion matters. They are a one-trick, one-thought pony. You can’t expect anything more from them because they are incapable of being anything other than robots to their own self-importance.

  21. Yes, we will continue buying China made goods from the U.S. big box stores and I for one deplore Bill Clinton for bestowing ‘most favored nation’ trading status on the Chi-Com’s which kicked off this off-shore import mess. But lets not forget, these imports from off-shore were and are still caused not by business greed, but by the ever demanding more U.S. labor unions that forced U.S. businesses to buy, or even move off-shore. The all powerful U.A.W. was the catalyst for foreign cars to the U.S

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