This Is Far More Than Just A Pandemic


As Bad As It Is Now . . . And It’s Really Bad – This Is Not Nearly As Bad As It Could Be & Might Be . . . If The Wrong People Have Their Way.


I’m Not Going To Get Into The Litany . . . of Attempted Coup D’états Against President Donald Trump. Nor am I Going to Rehash the Propagandized Lies Purveyed by the American (And Global) Media Against President Trump. Nor will I Shock Most of the American People who Read this BLOG, by Telling You that there is Barely a Mainstream Canadian Media, which Doesn’t Disparage, Lampoon & Defame the President of the United States of America – DAILY.

But I Will Tell You This . . . The LEFT, By Hook Or Crook – Will Do All It Can To Steal The November Election.

There Will Be Nothing Beneath America’s LEFTIST Creatures . . . That Will Be Too Low, Too Disgusting, Too Dishonest & Too Evil for them Not to Do – To Win the Presidency, keep the House & Try to Win the Senate.

I Am Absolutely Convinced . . . Because History Is My Guide – that there are People Amongst us, who are so Determined to Win & Control other People at any Cost, that they would Stoop to even Sending their own Children to War, to Kill and Be Killed for their own Sick Ideals.

If You Think I’m Exaggerating . . . Think Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Tojo, Emperor Hirohito, Stalin, Mao Tsedung, Pol Pot, Castro, Chez Guevara and a Host of Others.

Do You Think Americans Have Always Been So Pure & Lily-White? Because I Know You Don’t.

About A Half Million Men – Americans All, Murdered Each Other Over the Premise of Slavery. But it was Much More than That. Millions of Americans Suffered Greatly from the Civil War, but Both Sides Fought Until the Brutal End. And even After the Civil War, there was the Continued War in America Against Black-Americans, Jewish Americans & Other Americans who Didn’t Suit the Culture of Groups like the KKK & American Neo Nazis. All Products Of The American LEFT – Including The Nazis.

READ THIS CAREFULLY . . . And If Need Be – Read It Again.

Because Someone Went through the Same Educational System, Learned his or her Lessons of Civics Same as you, Speaks the Same Language, Works in Government or is in the Private Sector, Dances & Sings to the Same Popular Tunes, Enjoys the Same Movies & Television as you and your Friends Enjoy, Wears the Same Type of Clothing, and Eats the Same Type of Food as you Do . . . Does Not Make Him Or Her Impervious To Being Your Worst Nightmare.

Most Cogent People . . . Believe & Understand that Politics is a Rough & Tumble “Dirty Game”. It Shouldn’t Be . . . But It Is What It Is – and Every Now & Then, we Sort of Clean it up a Bit. But During the Last Few Decades . . . The Dirt In Politics Has Overtaken Whatever Decency There Was.


I’ve Pointed Out Several Names Of Political Monsters . . . The Likes of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot & Castro – Who Believed in Themselves and their Ideals So Much-So . . . that to Them – Winning Was The Only Goal . . . No Matter How Many People Suffered & Died.

I Contend . . . That People Like the Obamas, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Gerry Nadler, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Maxine Waters and a LEFTIST Army of Others, Most of Whom we Never Heard of, Given the Chance (Opportunity) . . . All of them would Find or Create Justification to Suspend Civil Rights & Liberties in the Guise . . . That It’s The Right Thing To Do FOR The People.

And For The People Who Would Disagree . . . Read The History Of Concentration Camps, Gulags & Re-Education Centers.

And If You Think I’m Wrong – Look at What’s Happening Right Now In States Like Virginia & Michigan, where Piss-Ant Governors are Creating Draconian Laws they Deem Essential . . . AGAINST THE WILL OF PEOPLE WHO PAY THEIR SALARIES.

Ask Yourself This Simple Question . . . Why Is It Improper To Demand That All Voters Be Properly Identified As Citizens Of The Country, Where They Want To Vote?

How Is It Racist . . . For a Man or Woman of Color to have to Show Proper ID to Vote, but it is Not Racist to ask the Same of a White Man or White Woman to be Able to Vote?

Why Is It Unfair . . . for all People, to Have to Go to a Voting Station with Proper ID to Vote, when Voting is the Most Important Facet of Freedom . . . Instead of Simply Mailing-In a Ballot with ZERO Proof Of Personal Authenticity, which the LEFT is Trying to Mandate?

And In Canada . . . Why should the Government Pay $600-Million Dollars to the Media, with the Bullshit Premise that it’s Not to Buy Positive Media Coverage for the Government, when that is Exactly what the $600-Million Dollars Are For?

And In The United States Of America . . . Why is all the Main Street Media So Far To The LEFT, that it Would Need a Compass just to See the Center? How Normal Is That?

And If The Government Wants To Take Away Individual Freedoms – It’s Easy To Understand Why The Government Wants To Take Away Weapons From The People, Which The People Need To Defend Their Freedoms.

We Are At The Rubicon . . . Between the Governments’ Control of the Media, and the Governments’ Surge to Disarm Freedom Loving People, and the LEFTS’ Hard Push to Corrupt an Honest Election in November 2020 . . . There Has Never Been A More Drastic Time & Need For Free, Fair & Honest Media & Opinion.

Some People Don’t Get-It . . . Not Because they’re Stupid or Ignorant, but Rather, because they’re Too Terrified to Believe What the Truth Actually Could Be or Really Is.

No One Wants To Believe That A Nancy Pelosi & Company – Could Rise to Become Another Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Castro – Etc . . . But No One at their Time Believed that any of Those Tyrants . . . Would Have Risen To Become What They Became Either.


They’re Trying To Take Away Our Guns. They’re Trying to Either Buy or Stifle Free Speech. They’re Teaching our Children Communist Philosophy under the Guise of Democratic Socialism. They’re Promoting Promiscuity as Socially Acceptable Behavior. And they’re Turning our Meritocracy into a Society where Everyone should Expect Something for Nothing.

If You Don’t Think A Website Like Isn’t Worth Your Support – You’re Reading The Wrong BLOG.

I Know That These Are Particularly Hard Times. . . I Know – Because They’re Hard For Me Too. I Just Spent A Small Fortune Re-Doing the Structure of, because the Traffic was too much for the Existing Platform. And I just had my IT Expert Move to a Much Bigger & More Stable Server with a Different Provider. I Didn’t get the Bill for that Yet, and God only Knows how Much that’s Going to Cost. But I’ll Deal With It When The Time Comes.

Please Understand This . . . No-One Including Me, Takes a Salary from The Only Money Taken-Out of are Costs of Operations (Servers, Mailers, Security, WiFi, Hosting, Maintenance – Etc).

I Will Write & Speak The Truth Until My Keyboard & Microphone Are Ripped From My Hands.

I’m Counting On You To Do What You Can Afford To Do . . . So I Can Afford To Do What I Do . . . To Help Keep The Barbarians From Penetrating The Gate.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, the pathetic Democratic Socialists are trying their damndest to find a way to steal elections. You can’t do almost anything in this country without a government issued ID. So why is it not OK to require a government issued ID to vote. That is rhetorical!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, as usual! We’ve got to get our countries back! The people need to wake up and see how bad this really is. Just think, who in their right mind could vote for Biden and how do they think he could possibly mentally be fit to be president? Blows the mind.

  3. Howard, you are right on the money as usual. One area that you didn’t mention is the education system. I have noticed an increasing trend of educators to push their values on the children. I realize that this is part of the university scene but I do have a real problem when teachers go into social ethics rather than just the basic reading writing and arithmetic.

  4. With this new problem, our local gun shops are out of most ammo and guns. People around me are well armed, well trained as many are ex military, law enforcement, fire fighters and support our President. You are correct about Leftist, they will tell you why you are wrong supporting Our President while most have only served themselves in the buffet lines and never this country or fellow man.

  5. If only there was a way to wake-up the 80% Canadian and American sheeples that are still asleep at the switch, that keep believing what the fake news lamestream media brainwashing is telling them that life is honky dory and what we are doing right now is A.O.K. Until that happens, the left will continue to make their slow advance on the population until they win if they haven’t already. If we continue like this without a major revolt, we are doomed !!!! Time to re-take our houses of governments.

  6. I’m afraid we have all been so influenced by the ‘boob tube’ which is tell a vision according to those most evil conductors of the programming that has been established in our culture for generations. How many times gave u seen mothers handing their phones to their children? We’re doing it to ourselves but need to ask ourselves what we’re allowing in our minds. Out of Shadows dot org was referring to the poisons of Hollywood.

  7. The left will try to steal the election even if some of these people go to prison trying to do it if they don’t win. If they do win by voter fraud none will go to jail because those who responsible will be pardoned when they win. We will see voter fraud like never before right in front of our eyes. So if the left does win by fraud it will be much too late for the right to do anything about it as the left will take over in January and all of those jailed will for fraud will be turned lose.

  8. Biden is a front for all of these liberal Dems. They will use him. People need to see through this. One comment I would like for you to research when things settle down. The War Between The States was not a Civil War and the fact is the war was more than slavery. People have never been taught the facts about this sad part of American History.

  9. Bill, I am not trying to argue with you. However, the Civil War was a true Civil War. The South had succeeded from the Union & that is a fact. Lincoln advisers made it a slave issue, to get the North to fight & Lincoln went along. It was a horrible war & it was one side against the other side. Lincoln was trying to save the Union. If the Union divided, America would have been lost forever. As it stands today, if the Left wins??? There are too many Patriots not to have a Revolution!!!

  10. I’m scared, if not almost terrified, that you are without any doubt whatsoever, absolutely correct in everything you wrote in this editorial. I can’t afford much, but I’m honored and humbled to do what I can to support you Howard. Keep on keeping on.

  11. In general the media here in Belgium are, if it is possible, almost as left as the NA press and definitely anti Trump! Even the PUBLIC supported BBC. Mr Sopel, of the BBC couldn’t be more so.

  12. The problem is, the A**hats aren’t listening to you and Rush Limbaugh. They love to spew out the word “fact” like they know what it means. They wouldn’t know a fact if it smacked them upside the head. I believe if we got 25% of these morons to listen to you and Rush, The World Would Be A Better Place.

  13. NO sugar coating from Howard… too bad that most Americans are still asleep at the switch, never to wake up and see what is really happening to our country !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I’ve come to the opinion this ‘pandemic’ is little more than the next step in international exercises (under the UN in the past). More people are concluding this Advertised (Fauci & pal+media) way out of proportion to instill fear so people will give up freedom for safety. 9/11 did same thing in steroids (Patriot Act-note always nice names). As for Northam, taking advantage of ‘created’ crisis to pass as many Dem agenda items as possible without protest–since people cannot congregate.

  15. 1st off thk U for fixing my characters so I could see how many I had to go yet. As for this editorial it was wonderful. I am on a retired budget from my S.Sec. but I will do my very best to send you something this next month to you. As for Nancy & her gang I don’t usually dislike people but I sure dislike them all. She said if she does not get what she wants then we don’t get what we want on F.Bk today. So she is hold us hostage in other words. I am running out so will say keep say be well.:))

  16. The Left is alive…and sick. There are two that I personally know…my brother, and his Doctor wife. Just today he told me, Trump, was responsible for 30,000 deaths due to the virus. And, these two people are highly intelligent!!! Let me add…neither have a relationship with, The Almighty. I do believe that has something to do with their thinking. Those without, God, are just too “smart” for their own good. And, they mean no good for those who do believe in the One True God, Jehovah.

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