Since This Ain’t Going To Last Forever


This Week was Supposed to have been the Start of the Worst Pandemic in Recent American History . . . Specifically In New York City.

Every Day . . . we Hear & See  the Depressing Monotone of Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, who until this Virus Struck, was Almost Single-Handedly Responsible for MURDERING the New York State Economy.

Now – All Of A Sudden . . . Cuomo’s A Star & The New Democrat Presidential Hopeful.

We Need Masks NOW! We Need More Ventilators NOW! Our Hospitals Will Be Overrun NOW! We Need More ICU’s NOW!

Listening To Cuomo’s Screed . . . The World is Going to Come to an End. And the Whole State of New York, Starting With New York City – Is Going To Die NOW!

So Trump Sends A Hospital Ship With 1,000 Hospital Beds, 12-Operating Rooms. God Only Knows How Many ICU’s . . . and a Full Compliment-Plus of Doctors, Nurses and Assorted Support Staff.

The Hospital Ship has been in Port & Fully Operational for Several Days. And as of Yesterday, about 20-Non-Virus Patients are being Treated on this Massive Floating Hospital.

A Southern Based Fundamentalist Christian Ministry (Samaritan’s Purse) Has Set-Up A Tent-City Hospital in Central Park to Deal with the Deluge of Infected China Virus Victims. And we Know how much New Yorkers “Love” Christian Fundamentalists, Especially from the Bible-Belt South (North Carolina Headquarters) where People Cling to their Religion & Guns.

The Massive New York City Javits Center Has been Converted Into An Enormous Hospital (2,500- Beds) . . . Are The Sick People Coming?

In Canada . . . We Also Hear About Massive Numbers Of Infected People Which Will Overwhelm Our Hospitals . . . Where Are They?

I’m Not Saying This Is All A Hyper Global Con . . . And I’m Not Saying This Won’t Happen – But?

There’s No Question that People are Getting Sick, and some People are Dying. So How is that Different from “Normal”, since all the “Experts” are saying that Pretty Soon most of the People in the USA will Contract this Virus – 50% Won’t Even Know They Have it. 40% Will Feel Somewhat Sick. Some Will Feel More Ill Than Just Somewhat. And the Balance Might have to be Hospitalized with a Small Fraction of the very Sick on Ventilators.

We Also Know . . . That Under Fauci’s Worst Case Scenario – Less than 1% Of All The People Who Are Infected Will Die. How many of those People would have Died Anyway, With or Without the Virus?

Anne & I Know a Great Deal of People, Who Know a Great Deal of Other People, Who Also Know a Great Deal of People . . . And Let Me Tell You What None Of Us Seemingly Know . . . To The Best Of My Knowledge – We Don’t Know Anyone Personally Who Is Sick With This China Virus – Or Has Died As A Consequence.

How Many People Do You Know Personally . . . Who Are Personally Sick – For A Fact?

People Get Sick All The Time. People Die All The Time. How Many Sick People are Dying by Normal Causes? And How Many of the People who are Dying by Normal Causes are being Shunted into the China Virus Death Column?

Do You Know? . . . Because I Don’t.


We’ve Got to Lower The Curve . . . Until a Couple of Weeks Ago, who the Hell ever Heard of the Curve. Now we’re all “Experts”. But if this So-called Curve is that Critical, that we’re About to Destroy all of our Freedoms because of it . . . WHY THE HELL DOES THE CURVE KEEP CHANGING?


Yesterday (April 3, 2020) . . . I Watched the Premier (Akin To US Governor) of Ontario, Doug Ford – Deliver Ontario’s Response to the China Virus. It was Dire as Expected, but as the Premier Said . . . Because Ontarians in Huge Numbers are Respecting Safe Social Distancing – Doom & Gloom Might Not Be As Gloomy As The Governments’ Worst Case Projections.

And As Such . . . More Draconian Measures To Stop Industry Is Now In-Place.

Worse . . . Pretty-Soon I’ll Need Permission To Walk My Dog.


If Someone Wants A New World Order . . . Begging For More Big Globalist Government. Think Again.

The United States Of America, through the Office of President Trump, Because Of The Curve-Meisters . . . Ordered that American Manufacturers & Suppliers such as 3M, Immediately Stop Shipping Medical Supplies to Foreign Countries . . . INCLUDING CANADA!

Premier Ford . . . Said how Disappointed he was that The USA would Cut-Off Canada, as just Another Country, since, as Doug Ford Said – Canada isn’t just a Neighbor with the USA, or just a Valuable Trading Partner, but Rather, Canada and the USA are More or Less Joined at the Hip. In Other Words (In My Words) . . . We’re More Like Family.

But – Premier Ford Also Went-On To Say . . . As Much as this American Decision Not to Export Vital Healthcare Items to Canada from the USA Bothers Him, Ford Understands that President Trump is the President of the United States of America, and not the President of Canada. Which To Premier Doug Ford Was A Huge Wake-Up Call.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY FORD DECLARED . . . Ontario is the Financial, Developmental & Manufacturing Heart & Soul of Canada. There is Nothing Ontario Cannot Develop, Produce & Distribute. And to Paraphrase the Ontario Premier . . . Canada Might Be Small In Numbers (Of People), But Canada Is Enormous In What Canada Can Do.

And As The Premier Of Ontario (Population Approximately 15-Million) Said . . . That as Long as He (Ford) is Premier of Ontario, Ontario will Never Again Allow its Critical Needs (Industries) to be Reliant on any other Country, Including The United States Of America.

As For The Many LEFTIST Canadians Who Openly HATE American Conservatives, Especially President Trump – Suck-It-Up Buttercup . . . You’ve Just Reaped What You’ve Sown.

BESIDES . . . Any Country That Can’t Stand On Its Own – Is No Country Indeed.

There Was A Time . . . When Canada Didn’t Ask The World For Help, But Rather Helped The World Without Being Asked. My Oh My – How Times Have Changed.


I Am Praying . . . That I’m Wrong About All Of The Preceding. If There Was Anytime, I Want To Be Wrong About Anything . . . It’s Now.

But I’m Praying Even More-So, For President Trump To Do WHATEVER has to be Done to Save our Freedom from the Scourge of the LEFT, and the LEFT’S Use of this Pandemic to Murder Freedom as We Know It.

Once this China Virus Is Done, Done & Done . . . Which it will be Sooner Rather than Later, we will all Get-On with the Challenges of Normal Life Restarting our Economies – In Addition to SURVIVING the Scourge Known as the Political LEFT.

When Life Gets Back To Normal, Faster than Many People Think, Anne & I will Resume Going to the Few Restaurants we Enjoyed Frequenting Before this Virus Caused Shut-Down.

We’ll Go To Our Favorite Smoked Meat Joint – our Favorite Hamburger Spots, and our Favorite Fast-Food Chinese Restaurant (Panda Express) in the United States of America.

We Won’t Go To Concerts, because we Never go to Concerts – That’s Not our Thing. We Won’t go to Movie Theaters, not because we’ll be Afraid of Catching Something, But Rather, because Movie Theaters are Too Expensive, People in the Audience are too Disrespectful by Speaking & Playing with their Smart Phones During the Movie, and I Can’t Stand the Idea of Making LEFTIST Actors Richer & More Repugnant than they Already Are.

We’ll Visit with Friends. We’ll have BBQ’s. We’ll go to Horse Shows. And once the Horse Show Season Begins Again . . . I’ll Help my Friend Transport Horses as a Volunteer (No Pay) Driver Throughout Eastern & Central Ontario, Quebec, and as Far-Off as Lake Placid New York.

Anne & I Have Already Pre-Paid for our First Month of RV’ing in the Ocala Area of North Central Florida and Haven’t Ruled-Out Several Months Back In Texas.

NormalAlbeit A New Normal . . . will Return to us Much Sooner than the Doom & Gloom Purveyors are making us Think. And when it does, You’ll Hear Me Say . . . I TOLD YOU SO!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In 2009, SIXTY MILLION Americans caught the H1N1 swine flu virus and about 500K died from it since flu and pneumonia are the number 1 killer of the elderly and sick. The scum media didn’t say a word because the great obama-siah was in office. Current numbers of CV-19 are FAR less. The Z-pack with the quinine drug is curing close to 100% of the CV-19 cases and should wipe it out in short order.

  2. I am confident that I will hear those words and look forward to hearing them!

  3. See Globe & Mail world chart, all based on same data. China no good, unreliable data, otherwise see early cases are slowly recovering, late ones like Canada anti-clock bend, still increasing. Look for clockwise bend, means recovering. Hype and scare tactics are keeping this going, not the virus. I’m with H it will be over sooner than later. Meanwhile the globalists are seizing the opportunity to take over e.g. Trudeau attempted power grab. Phew, how close we came to a dictatorship.

  4. Excellent article I enjoy when you give perspective of both Canada and America Stay safe always look forward to reading your articles

  5. As you have very well brought to the table, the illusion of this COVID-19 epidemic. It is a serious health risk and should not be ignored. We need to relate COVID-19 withother incidents that take the lives of other people. Let’s just look at other things that kill people such as auto accidents or shootings and so on! We all need to pause and take a deep breath and look at the broader picture on a worldwide scale. Even better as you have alluded to, ignore the so-called news media. They no longer report the news objectively but create news to sell themselves and their media outlets.

  6. Yup. I feel there’s a pretty good chance this virus can be contained faster than projected. Hoping the Quinine derivative proves effective treating it. Who knew that Doug Ford would stand out as he has as an honest and straightforward leader. President Trump is standing tall as a leader who cares for his people. He’s an Orca. Trudeau is a self serving bottom feeding Flounder.

  7. Thoughts for the mill: China is at war with us. They were developing this virus as of 2003 – yes 2003! The intent was the development of an immunity factor for east Asians. Before they reached this milestone the virus leaked out and China is in jeopardy, politically, economically and culturally. See the effects of this war now. China is the big loser. I think.

  8. My biggest concern as this cv19 continues and our administration tries various things to keep our economy going is hyper inflation to come from all the printing of money.

  9. Since I’m 75, have a couple of “chronic” conditions, had a triple By-pass several years ago and have every artery and vein in my body “snow-plowed” for recurring plaque, my Doctor specifically urged me to shelter in place and “chill”! Well I can’t just watch old re-runs,….so I signed up and am taking a course on the US Constitution and Declaration of Independance. DAMN that’s a fantastic couple of documents!! There are dozens of GREAT course that are FREE! And rewarding!

  10. Where was the outcry and condemnation when Trudeau sent a load of medical supplies, including masks to China when he was warned not to because there was a good chance the virus will arrive here and we will need all those supplies? Now everybody is crying because Donald Trump wants the supplies that are being made by America to stay in America?

  11. If a combination of CHLOROQUINE (ANTI-MALARIA CURE) and the HIV ANTI-VIRAL DRUG KALETRA has been found to work wonders in all patients that have used them AND CURED THEM, why don’t we hear more on the leftist fake news lamestream media about it and that it is now being manufactured by the tons to be distributed to everyone? It has been proven over and over again that it works. I don’t know if Trump as mentioned that he is getting them manufactured but we ain’t hearing nothing from trou d’eau !!!

  12. Make it here – KEEP it HERE…! Sure, help your neighbors to the North and South – when in REAL Need. I’ve already given paper products and food to needy people around here (Stupid Yankees don’t know how to “Prepare”, like the people in the South!), and don’t expect anything from them in return! (NWO tryin’ Again to Take OVER, with this “Kung Flu” stuff…?)

  13. This is to answer Robert Diagneault: I believe the big pharma companies are suppressing the drug combination because it is readily available and it cuts into their profits.

  14. Just a little positive thought – so the US unemployment has zoomed to 4%, 5%, 6% or higher. That means over 90% of us are still working. Even in the midst of all the “Stay at Home.” We’re gonna be all right! Yes, the economy slowdown will hit all of us some and some of us a lot. But we’re gonna be All Right!

  15. Received an email today Re whether I personally knew someone who had the VIRUS or who had died from it..NO..but it’s a VERY INTERESTING question! In RI, 3 men from MA were arrested for crossing the line & playing golf here, while SELECTED PRISONERS in RI are being released from PRISON. Trump is a WINNER—as proven by his MULTIPLE SUCCESSES, especially against the LEFT! AMERICA WILL SURVIVE THIS CRISIS, but CHINA needs to make amends—much sooner than later! This too shall pass! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  16. As usual, Howard, you nailed it! Anyone with a modicum of intelligence (which excludes liberal democrats) can see this whole thing is an attempt at weaponizing the so called “pandemic” to the advantage of the left. If this weren’t an election year, it would just be another flu outbreak and everyone would have plenty of toilet paper! We all sympathize with those who lost loved ones, but let’s put things in perspective.

  17. Did lot of reading today about virological make-up of this strain. Makes me wonder with international lock-downs, if this wasn’t a planned exercise. Like you say, where is anyone we know who’ contracted it? Doctors are instructed to list covid-19 as primary cause of death for patient w/pre-existing condition;, 2nd cause is their underlying condition. BUT b4 if a child died after vaccine, that was to be primary cause. WHY? They want #s high for medical martial law.

  18. Great editorial !!! More people die of cancer annually, than all of those who died of the Coronavirus. More people die of auto accidents, shootings, suicides, & normal natural causes … Than all of those who have died of this virus pandemic!!! Coming from a surgical background, I have not been afraid of what is going on, since, I too … Know that this will pass!!! Panic is the true killer, not the virus. Trump showed his true strength when he said that he doesn’t wear a mask. BRAVO!!!

  19. Howard, thank you again for telling it like it is and gonna be!!!!!

  20. I think some of the ones advising the President are deep state .He will let them blow off and then probadly tell them where to go and start pushing back hard I really trust President Trump’s judgement 100%.Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves I read Fauci was a Obama left over and the President got that malaria drug approved to use when Fauci was against it

  21. Don’t know anyone that has tested positive, just heard about them. As my wife and I lived in WY for years about 60 miles from large stores, we are always prepared for the event of weeks that we could not travel, snow. Now we play golf nearly every day near our home. We social distance on the course and in our daily lives. I believe this is over hype by the news idiots and used to attack Our President, no matter what he does.

  22. My mindset about this entire media-driven panic is the same as yours, Howard. I appreciate being validated! Now I’m hearing about city ordered curfews, between 9 and 10 PM till 6 AM. What is this all about? Are they trying to say that the “invisible” virus is more potent at night? I think those in authority are getting drunk on their own power. I wear no mask either. My mask for this invisible so-called “deadly” virus comes from Jesus Christ.

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