Stop Telling Me How Bad It Is


President Trump is Bombastic, Narcissistic, Not Always Accurate, Oratorically Inconsistent & Plays To The Moment – But Thank God . . . The World Has President Trump.

You Can Call President Trump Whatever You Want – I’LL CALL HIM A PATRIOT.

I’ll Also Call President Trump Indefatigable, Courageous, Tireless, Manipulatively Brilliant & A Vicious Competitor. And I Can Think Of No One Else Who Could Have Withstood & Still Withstand The Withering Non-Ending Attempts Of Coup D’États From Within & Without.

And I Can’t Imagine Another World Leader . . . Who Could Traverse This Horrific Virus While Staving-Off Global Military Threats, While Simultaneously Planning For A Resounding Economic Rebound.


What Kind Of Idiots In The Media . . . Hype The Fact That The Government Is Preparing 100,000 Body Bags?


I Played & Coached Lots of Competitive Sports in my Youth. And as a Minor League Football Head Coach (12-14 Year-Olds), I’d Take my Players Aside before the Game, and Give them a Rah-Rah-Rah Pep Talk, Telling them how Great they Were. How Prepared they Were, and how much Better they were than the Competition.

And Even when we were Losing Going into the Second Half, and I knew we were Going to Get Creamed . . . I Never Allowed My Team(s) To Lose Hope – and Gave them the Best Up-Beat Talk I Could. ‘Cause That’s How It’s Done.

On June 6, 1944 – More Than 150,000 Men Stormed The Beaches Of Normandy.

Before The Allies Even Hit The Water . . . The Invasion Planners had Already Estimated the Number of Troops which would Die before they Reached the Beaches, would Die on the Beaches, and would be Wounded & Taken out of the Action.

The D-Day Planners . . . had it Estimated for Everything they could Conceive of . . . Down to how many Bullets (Ammunition) would be Needed to get Past the Beaches and onto the Bluffs. But they Kept all that Information to Themselves, because, had the Troops known the Real Numbers of those Estimated to be Killed . . . D-Day Might Have Been A Different Story.

I Fought In Karate Tournaments . . . And if I wasn’t Hyped in the Knowledge or Thinking that I was Going To Win – I Didn’t, And That’s When I Lost To People I Should Never Had Lost To.

I Am Not Suggesting . . . that the Government, Healthcare Providers or anyone Else Should Lie to us or Hold Back Critical Information – But What I Am Suggesting . . . is that there is Nothing Positive about Focusing on the Worst . . . when there is Nothing we can Do About It, or Worse Yet – Make Surviving This Tragedy Less Hopeful.


As Bad as some of the Media are Propagating this Horrible Situation . . . Everything Could be Worse, And There Is No Shortage Of Good Things To Focus-On . . . With Lots Of Hope On The Horizon.

Anne & I Are Still In Mandatory Quarantine Until Next Wednesday (April 8, 2020), which also Happens to be the First Night (Seder) of Passover, which we had Planned to be Celebrating with my Older Sister & Brother-In-Law in Delray Florida.

Two Couples of our Christian Friends from where we Live in the Summer, were also all Set to Drive to Delray (1,500-Miles) to Join us for Passover, Plus a Couple from Knoxville Tennessee and my Niece who Lives in Manhattan. Obviously None Of This Is Going To Happen.

BUT WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN . . . Is that Anne & I Will Say Some of the Basic Prayers Giving Thanks for the Warm Glow of the Candles, the Food (Matzos), the Wine and the Freedom Associated with Escaping . . . Some 2,500-Years Ago – From The Slavery Of The Pharaohs In Egypt.

It Won’t Be Much . . . But It Will Be Done – with my Sister, Brother-In-Law & Niece All Doing It Live Together over the App “HouseParty” on the Internet. And our Prayer for Next Year, Will Be . . . Let’s Do This Again – But Next Time Together In Delray – In 2021.

Even Though We’re Living On The Farm . . . We Can’t Even Touch our Horses Until Next Wednesday/Thursday because of the Quarantine. So, we Look at them, since, when they’re Turned-Out, Their Paddock Is Only 20-Feet From Where We’re At.

Our Blacksmith Came By Yesterday – And once again, because of the Quarantine, we had no Contact with her either. But I can tell you with 100% Honesty, just knowing that she was Here to Care for our Horses, Gave me Enormous Pleasure & Hope, just because of the Simple Normalcy of her Trimming the Horses’ Hooves.


THE MOMENT . . . Men & Women By The Numbers Start To Go Back To Work – The Sun Will Shine Again. And I Believe this is something that’s Going to be Happening Much Sooner Rather than Later.

So – Take This Depressing Media Sensationalism For What It’s Worth . . . And Concentrate on the Big Come-Back, since there is No Shortage of Good News about Treatments and the Eventual Vaccine. And Don’t Let The Politics Get You Down!

I’m Fed-Up With The Daily Fauci Doomsday Scenario & His Charts. And as much as I can Ascertain from Everything I can Research, there Seems to be Plenty of Available Hospital Beds, which are Far More than Governor Cuomo Keeps Whining About Day-In & Day-Out.


GIVEN FAUCI’S WORST CASE SCENARIOof 2.2-Million American Deaths if America Does Nothing to Control the China Virus . . . That’s Less Than 1% (0.7%) of all the People in the United States Of America who will Die if they get Infected – LESS THAN 1%. And How Many of those Potential 2.2-Million People would Die Anyways from Whatever other Illness Affecting Them – Including Old-Age?

And How many People Who Get The Virus Don’t Even Know They Have It? So What The Hell Are We Doing?

Is There No Way . . . That We Can Go Back To Work And Be More Careful About How We Co-Mingle? Is it that Impossible to keep People who are Legitimately Vulnerable to the Virus, such as the Elderly, Diabetics, People on Cancer Therapies – Etc . . . in Conditions Where they Won’t be Exposed, or as Exposed – So The Rest Of Society Can Get Back To Work?

If Our Governments Would Have Acted Like This During WWII – The Nazis Would Have Kicked Our Ass.

Even Though Anne & I Are Regulated . . . to Living Within a Space of a Few Hundred Feet, not including the Longish Walks we Often Take with Stryker, we Busy Ourselves keeping our Environment Crystal Clean. And We Call, Email & Text a Lot of People.

I Read & Research More Than I Had Ever Done . . . And to Not Waste or Over-Eat Food, we Conserve, since we all have to do our Part . . . I haven’t Been Weighing Myself, but my Belt Size has Reduced by 3-Holes, and when I Tested my Blood Sugar this Morning, which I hadn’t done for Over a Month – It Was For The First Time In A Very-Very Long Time Normal.

REMEMBER THIS . . . After The Worst Storm – The Sun Always Shines.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you Howard. There is no substitute for a positive attitude. Fox news just gave an update on the Covid statistics. The number of deaths as a percentage of total cases is .024. A little over TWO ONE HUNDREDTHS OF ONE PERCENT. Let’s be calm. If media-generated hysteria prevails, the cure will cost more than the disease.

  2. 83, never had flu, or shot, went to work, took extra precaution every season and intend to survive this one. Let fit and healthy go to work, take care of the sick, stop giving $$$ and urgently get economy going again. some will die, most will live being in the prime target age group I know what I’m saying. Yesterday I had to go shopping for a friend, a cashier told me in no uncertain way I should be at home. Qu: if I don’t do it, who will? Think about it and go back to work. Best wishes to all

  3. I recall a song starting with “accentuate the positive….downplay the negative.Its a good thing that I can’t sing it but when we will ride again, I will. To illustrate your positive view, I am pleased to tell you that I will be giving my Holocaust presentation to 200 students via the internet on April 21, which is Yom Hashoah.Since I am considered an educator I am delighted with fact that we are changing with the times and can reach a lot of students.Your riding buddy ANDY

  4. Howard thank you as always for your editorial to us. I am thrilled for you both that your horses are being taken care of. Just a few more days for you both to go see them and hugs on them they will be so happy to see you & Anne, I am sick of the News they ask the same questions over and over. Have a great week end you and Anne and all your little ones you love and take care of. Sorry you could not get with your families for your Passover there with them. God bless you one and all.

  5. After WW2 the baby boom. Next December and early 2021, the hospitals will be busy again.

  6. I had a small at home business many years ago. It was my therapy after having lost my 19 year old son to a drunk driver. I closed all my correspondences with a note similar to how you closed your issue today…THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RAINBOWS FOLLOW THE DARKEST STORMS; BUT YOU HAVE TO LOOK UP TO SEE THEM. Rita Chiavacci Jacksonville, NC

  7. Yesterday when the stats out of US was 5500 deaths , no mention of 113,000 cases where the individual SURVIVED . Wrong spin. But better News Cycle. and at less than 1% death rate amongst a group of people who’s time was nearing regardless WTF is this ? Opportune time to implement Control Measures is what it is , And thanks for the clarity : IT IS THE CHINA FLU escalated into a PANDEMIC by the power hungry Globalists.

  8. Just in from a 2 hike with the dogs…life is good…breathe, relax, get some sun…strengthen your immune system and do not believe anything coming from governments and the MSM…all full of it…every day.They have vested interest in keeping people living in fear, stress…they are full of it…shut them off, be smart…enjoy life…breathe MF, breathe…and this too shall pass…breathe.

  9. I’ve pretty much given up on watching news. It’s 99.5% COVID coverage and I’m tired of hearing it. My wife and I are doing what we can to follow guidelines. There’s nothing more we can do. What happens will happen. I don’t need some blathering TV “reporter” telling me all about it. Let’s get on with life.

  10. Since you won’t be able to be physically with family for Passover, at least there is still a way to share with them face-to-face, just without hugs. We in the US will not be able to join with others at churches to celebrate Christ’s resurrection either. But that doesn’t diminish it in our minds, or what He suffered the Friday before. Passover is for Jewish folks; Easter is for everyone if they choose. Blessings to you and Anne at this special time of year.

  11. Yes Howard, you and Anthoney Silvestro are right. I’ve had 4-5 years of storms and the only way they are navigable is when I decide (note DECIDE) to be happy in spite of the troubles. In the end it makes you wiser and mentally stronger so as we keep our bodies and minds fit and sharp at this time, we’ll get through. I’m hoping people will band together after this to try and correct the injustices that have been slipping by us from the current leadership of this nation. Ousting anyone?

  12. I have been farming for many years in Southern Alberta. I remember a verse is a Quote from Jesus in Luke. “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” I found that was the best way to run a straight line when working in the fields. Also, that is a great guideline for all fields in life.

  13. I think it’s time to just go back to normal. Isolate and look after the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, and then let the virus it’s course. Most won’t even know they have it. Open your business, open your churches, and let “the Government “ try to stop you. If everyone did this, there is nothing they could do. Take back your liberty and your freedom!

  14. Howard, hope you caught Mark Levin on Hannity last night. He said to get people back to work where they can – safety by following guidelines. The longer they are on some subsistence- the longer it will take for the economy to come back. Glad to hear you echo that.

  15. Another good Editorial Howard. I am compelled to listen to the media so I know what to disavow and repudiate. Yes, the media relishes publicizing the negative so they can use their influence against conservatives and Trump. Keep on keeping on, PLEASE!

  16. I have a steel fab construction business in the So Bay of LA. The City of Manhattan Bch. had stopped all construction work in the field. After a ton of complaints they let us go back to work, if, we have eye protection, face masks, gloves, long sleeves, and a hat. This makes things a bit harder to do, but, I get to keep my guy’s busy and earn their paychecks. A little extra effort is a small price to pay, to keep my business going, makes really happy employees too.

  17. I believe the idiot Media wants us to be down, hate our President and blame him for all our problems. He did not cause any of this mess, it just happened. He is doing the best he can with the data that is given to him, some of it not correct. But I believe he is trying to be upbeat as he can, insuring us that we will get back to a normal way of life at some point. The numbers mean nothing, we test more in the US so we will show that we have more people with the virus. We will overcome this.

  18. BRAVO, Howard! Trump may be a lot of things that some folks don’t care for, but like U.S. Grant, he gets results. He does let candor substitute for tact a lot but so what? He’s in the arena fighting for US 24/7! I’m so glad 2016 put Hillary in the caboose. Can you imagine if she was at the controls?

  19. Just my opinion There has to be someone that knows Trump well enough to talk to him 1 on1. I think he is being lied to every day about this death count . How many people died this time last year from every thing ? Are they claiming all deaths are from this virus ? Publish or not I think they are.

  20. I’m not afraid of this virus, what I am afraid of is how quickly the governments around the world are controlling the populations and how easy it was to put us all into quarantine!! What will be next now that they know how easy it is to control us. All kinds of people have died in the past year from the regular flu but no mention of that!!!! And many more from many other diseases!! And guess what? we all have to die from something at some time in our future. Too much of this is media driven

  21. Great Editorial. The POWER of Positive Thinking is probably the most NEEDED at this time. I have some radio stations I listen too that are POSITIVE. I am staying away from TV totally. I am not isolated as I have a telephone & we all boost each other up. (NOTE: Schiff & his henchmen are at it again…Investigating TRUMP & his handling of the virus). This just plain blew my mind. So I decided to write letters to House/Senate & gave them a piece of my mind, I feel MUCH better.!!

  22. The media frenzy to damage President Trump by helping their Chi-com masters torpedo the economy is responsible for this. It is a manufactured crisis by the Chi-coms to get revenge (and possibly oust) President Trump for stopping their decades-long rape of America. This is an act of war–make no mistake and the enemy owns our media who are whipping the low-info population into a panic. In 2009 60 MILLION Americans had the H1N1 Swine flu and about 100K of them died. The system was not overrun and the media ignored it.

  23. Right on the money. Media, in general have acted, to date, in a totally unconscienable manner. Fact is fact and that’s OK. So report that way! Attempts at sensationalist reporting help no one! On the contrary.

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