No Taxation Without Representation


 FINALLY – Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I are Back Home in Canada, in South Eastern Ontario, Located about 1-Hour from Ottawa & 1-Hour from Montreal.

We’re Happy To be Home – But At The Same Time . . . We Feel Very Bitter-Sweet to Having Left the United States of America, which Anne & I also Consider to be our Second Home. But we Can’t be in Two Places at the Same Time. And According to the American Government, we would Soon be Beyond our 6-Month Annual Welcome In The USA.

Besides . . . Even though Anne & I Each had Marvelous Private Health Insurance Coverage while we were in the USA, that Too was Set to Expire. Then What If Either Of Us Got Sick?

We Arrived Home At The Farm . . . Yesterday (March 25, 2020) Late Afternoon. Besides being Exhausted from Driving Non-Stop on the Last Day for about 500-Miles, we had a Great Deal of Things to Do to get Re-Established with our Summer Home before we Could Rest.

But Now . . . that we’re More or Less Settled-In (Still Plenty Of Work To Do Setting-Up) . . . Even though I’m as Tired as I’ve ever Been, I Feel a Need and an Obligation to all the People who Support to Research, Write, Podcast (when I can) & Inform. So That’s What I’m Doing Now.


As we Crossed the Border Going Into Canada (Thousand Islands), there were about a Dozen Cars in the Car Lane & 4-RV’s in the RV Lane as we were Crossing.

When Being Interviewed By The Canadian Custom’s Guard . . . His First Question was “How Do You Feel”? My Response was . . . “Same As You – Really Stressed-Out”. We Shared a Bit of a Nervous Laugh. And then he Made it Abundantly Clear to Anne & Myself – That Once we get Home – Directly Home, only Stopping to get Gas or to Go to the Bathroom, we MUST by Order of the Government Go Immediately into 14-Day Self Quarantine, Not even Stopping to Shop for Food. If we Need Food, he Instructed-Us to have a Friend who Isn’t in Quarantine to Shop for Us.

I Have No Idea . . . How the Government Could Enforce that Law – But No Matter, Anne & I Knew the Rules before Leaving Florida for Canada, and Made all the Arrangements to do Just That – Self Quarantine For 14-Days, which is Awkward for us, since we are Literally a Touch Away from  our Horses, which During the Day are in the Paddock beside our RV (Village) Encampment, yet, we can’t Touch our Horses because they are Being Handled by our Great Friends who are Also in Quarantine.


ON APRIL 8, 2020First Day Of Passover . . . Which, with all things Being Equal, without this China-Virus, we Would have Celebrated Passover (The Celebration Of The Freedom Of The Jews) in Delray Florida with Family & Friends – which Subsequently is Now the Date Anne & I Will be Self-Released from Self-Imposed Quarantine.

PSEven Stryker Is Under Quarantine – Because, if Stryker’s Patted by an Infected Person, the Virus will be on Stryker’s Fur, which could then be Spread to Anyone else Stryker Comes in Close Contact with . . . And Everyone Loves To Pet Stryker.


Bush-41 . . . After the First Iraq War – Spoke Glowingly about a New-World-Order, For which Very Few of us Paid Attention – Well We’re Paying Attention Now.

As Every President Since the Brief Reagan-Hiatus, starting with FDR, and in Canada with Lester Pearson as Prime Minister, the World has been Creeping Towards a One-World Socialist Government.

And in the Case of So-Called Conservatives (RINOS) & Pretend Nation-First Liberals (Democrats) . . . While the Politicians Made Believe they were all About the People of their Nation, while in Reality, Literally . . . all the Men & Women in Power were Moving their Nations Toward a One-World Socialist Government – Where the Self-Centered Elitists would Govern (Rule).

With the Pending Collapse of the European Union and the Forced Come To Jesus Moment with NATO, Courtesy of President Trump, the United European Experiment in International Socialism has all but Come to an End. And also, Courtesy of President Trump, the Remaking of American NATIONALISM . . .

. . . The New World-Order Will Be The Remake Of The Old World-Order – But Better.

THE DESPICABLE LEFT . . . Is Firing On All Cylinders – to Squeeze this Corona Crisis for all they Can, by Attempting to Destroy as many Constitutional Protections as Possible, which WE THE PEOPLE have Painfully Developed – for Hundreds of Years.


THE LEFT KNOWS . . . that this Virus will Come to an End, and Because of the Unbelievably Desperate Opportunity of Fear Instilled in the People because of this Virus – the LEFT is Attempting to do all that it Can to Socialize Our Societies in the Pretext of Helping, where in Truth, the LEFT is Trying Whatever it Can to Rape The Individual Freedoms of the People.

To Give You An Example . . . The Liberal Party of Canada Just Tried what they now Describe – Only As A Trial Balloon . . . to Impose One Party Taxation & Spending with No Oversight from Parliament. In Other Words . . . TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!


To the Great Credit of Canada’s Opposition Party & Enough Canadians who Read the Riot Act to Stop this Open Assault on the Economic Bulwark of Canadian Freedoms . . . Trudeau And His Liberals Backed-Off.

On The other Side Of The Border (USA) . . . The Senate and the House have been Negotiating a $2-TRILLION Dollar Rescue Package.


What The “F” Are – Or Were The Democrats Negotiating? People are Unemployed, Broke & Terrified about how they will be able to Feed Themselves and Their Families. And For all Intents & Purposes – Business in America has to be Rebuilt almost from Square-One . . . No Business – No Products – No Jobs . . . Dystopia!

So What & Why The Hell Are Pelosi & Schumer Screwing Around With Socialist Bull-Shit While America Bleeds?


When Obama’s Former Chief Of Staff – Rahm Emanuel Said . . . “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste” – Who Could have Known to what Extent the LEFT would be willing to Destroy the United States of America & Subsequently the Entire Planet, because of a “Crisis Too Good To Waste” – for the LEFT to Create their Communist Dream of One-World Government with the Elitists in Charge?

To Hear The Voices Of Schumer, Pelosi & In My Case Trudeau . . . Is Enough To Make Me Want To Puke, as they Lecture the People on all the Things they Say they are Doing to Make things Better, as they Push for a LEFTIST One-World Government, Communist Philosophy, when America, Canada and the World . . . More than Ever NEEDS Individual Unhindered Corporations to Answer the Call to Save America – Free From The LEFT’S Disgraceful Play For Power.


Because Of Pelosi, Schumer & The Elitist LEFT . . . They Will Be Architects Of The LEFT’S Own Demise.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Covid-19 has exposed the duplicity of the fascist Democrats. They are exploiting an existential crisis to impose their interventionist agenda on the American people. Hopefully they will pay a huge price in November.

  2. Pelosi and Schumer, two names of people, I wish would never be heard from again. It amazes me how evil, nasty and mean these two really are. It disgusts me to even type their pitiful names. Hope they go the way of Harry Reed and soon to be forgotten.

  3. Not only do I agree to the above terms…I agree with everything you said. Thank you Howard

  4. “Quarantine”? House Arrest (Socialists-Style), if you ask me! What amazes me (and hardly anything does, anymore), is there are over 200 people dying from Drug Overdose, along with 22+ Veterans committing Suicide, EVERY DAY in the U.S.A. – and the Leftest “LOCK-DOWN” our Country – Through FEAR…? FEAR must be the “Only Thing Going” for them NOW…! Glad you and Family got back Safe and in Good Health, Howard…

  5. Glad you guys got home safely. f Pelosi and Schumer are re-elected after the out-of-control behavior and insane proposed additions to the Care bill, it will truly show their constituents have no brains or simply ignore going to vote altogether. They obviously believe since the MSM chooses not to elaborate on their behavior, they can do whatever they want and get away with it. So far it’s proving true except for news outlets that lean conservative. Thank the Lord for those true news outlets.

  6. Canada has to be wary of any more Maduro Moments from Trudeau. The dime didn’t drop for Canadians they have not realized that had Trudeau succeeded it would have ended any need for Trudeau to meet with Parliament. Trudeau is in such control of the Canadian MSM my neighbor sent me an Email about this from a US media article and told me it was an Example of Americans putting up fake news to discredit Trudeau. He refused to believe me when I told him it was true, he thinks Trump made it up.

  7. What is so frustrating about all of this quarantine business, viruses don’t live long normally. Most of us in the US & Canada don’t live in tightly, cramped buildings, like people, use to do. Our streets used to be clean until Sanctuary Cities came about. These cities with the homeless on the streets have caused the US to go backward, not forward. I never thought that I would see this day come to pass, yet I have. Glad you & the tribe are home safe & sound.

  8. We are all patiently waiting for the virus to pass and for the people to get our chance to get rid of these facists. The media is evil and allow them to do what they do….but that is changing. They are noticing what has happened with this ugly legislation….paying attention like never before to how Congress works and they are disgusted.

  9. to obtain it’s socialistic agenda,the left needs a crime syndicate,they got it sucking up to the unions,which should have been buried with Jimmy Hoffa.the U.S. is screwed.beat by ‘dumb’ dems,stupid RINOS.

  10. The left reminds me of a saying…give somebody enough rope…and they’ll hang themselves

  11. I notice you never say HATE growing up my yiddisha mom always said NEVER HATE A PERSON it takes too much emotion to hate better to hate broccole or beets and NEVER HIT A GIRL’ GIRLS are special and aways give the other person some room you do not know how they were raised or what their parents told them. Now at almost 76 it was GOOD advice I never forgot.

  12. From my perspective, the cure is worse than the disease! The Govt.bureaucrats are all extremely happy. They get to tell us all what to do, how to do it, or be fined or arrested. Total fascism! And of course none of them, including teachers, are losing any pay! Even the mayor of our small community is acting like a total dictator. I cannot believe we have succumbed to this almost total shut down of industry. I say we should ignore these idiots, use common sense, and get back to work.

  13. Take the brains of Pelosi, Schumer & Treadeau & put them in the butt of an ant it would sound like a BB in a boxcar

  14. The Left/Democraps or whatever & whoever they are called, cannot vacate soon enough. It’s WE THE PEOPLE, not US THE GOVERNMENT IN CONTROL OF YOU & YOUR LIFE. I cannot understand how they seem to have no conscience to just do the right things for the right reasons.

  15. Sure hope you nice people unhappy with gov’t control will stand and insist the vaccine is VOLUNTARY!! If not, there will be a second wave of people sick to make this first wave look like your favorite day at the park. YouTube Del Bigtree for numbers for last 20 years of vaccines for flue, viruses, STD’s etc dismal numbers of actually preventing the disease against number made sick by the vaccine or wasn’t effective and got sick/died anyway.Fast-tracked? Big Pharma has NO LIABILITY! I SAY NO!

  16. Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer never have to worry about getting re-elected. In California, they made “harvesting ballots” legal so all the democrats can lose Republican ballots and have only Democrats count. Now they want to let people designate their party affiliation on the day they vote………..or was that taken out of this monstrocity of a bill? All the pork shoved into that thing is disgraceful! They will answer to their Maker some day and Vengeance will be His!

  17. The attempted coup by Trudeau was more serious than most would believe. A very bold attempt to take control of the country, unlimited power and straight to Globalism, which Trudeau has been in training for a long time. Fortunately a few clear headed oppositionists saw through the clandestine plot and were able to stop him. The danger is he will try again. He shipped tons of Canada’s much needed medical equipment and supplies to China to foster good relations. $$Millions to Greece refugee camps?

  18. Glad you made it home O.K. Hope most of the snow is melted so that you can install your R.V. with no problem. I’m sure you can go out and buy groceries unless secret police have followed you since the border and are keeping an eye on you 24/7 for the next 2 weeks. In the Montreal area grocery stores now they don’t let you get in until you have washed your hands, all have set-up hand washing stations and all shopping carts are being disinfected one at a time before you can use them.

  19. Welcome Home … I think … remains to be seen how this shakes out , as of 4:00 PM today state of emergency has been declared in SD&G 4 cases in Prescott On and this is the reaction , Local Nazi Gov. out of Control . And Yes Trudeau knew what he was up to and will try again Just too good an opportunity to pass up to implement his world vision.

  20. I find it interesting that most of the deaths; along with most of the occurrences of Covid-19 are in coastal cities run by Democrats. It makes a lot of sense being that these are gateway cities to the USA and the same for certain cities in Canada. Trump was right-on for shutting down inbound travel from China and other infected countries. The local governments could not handle infected travelors on their own.

  21. Glad you all made it home safely. I am sorry you have been quarantined but have food and water. A virus that has spread throughout the entire planet? I want to know why the Chinese did this in the first place? Always they give out viruses to make people sick.But this is a loo loo what will the next one be? Nancy and Robert go home play with your great grandchildren with all the millions you have made from the U.S. Take care Howard, Ann, Stryler the work on your place take your time doing it.

  22. “Let not your hearts be troubled”.~ John 14:1. There’s gonna’ be a New World Order and Jesus Christ will be in charge. “You can take that to the bank” ~ Tony Baretta God is in charge.

  23. Howard. I think Trudeau is up to his propaganda tricks again. The Liberal Party knew well enough that Canada would never give the Liberals the OK to tax and spend without Parliamentary approval. The outcome is exactly the outcome they wanted “ That they are a government that is willing to work with the opposition for the best of Canadians” Unfortunately a lot of Canadians will believe them.

  24. I agree with Susan Sheldon, Coral Springs, Florida, It is called Depopulation at work… take time to read what goes into these Vaccines. Don’t read Big Pharma data, because they Lie ……. How do you Control People FEAR!

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