When Is Enough – Enough?


Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I are Living a Normal Life – At Least as “Normal” as One can Expect for the Times, because of the Coronavirus & Hysterical People Hyped by Sensationalized Media & Horribly Incompetent Governments.


Everyone Must Stay Home! . . . We’ll Kill this Virus (Parasite) by Starving it from Not Having Human Flesh to Feed-Upon. Lock Yourself in your Home. Don’t let Anyone In. Don’t Go Out. Don’t Go to Work. Don’t Go to School. Don’t Go to Events. Don’t Go to Electoral Primaries . . . And Grab As Much Toilet Paper As You Can Possibly Hoard.

OR . . . Stop Listening To The Idiots On Television – who are Competing with Each Other to See which of them can Score the Greatest Ratings by Scaring the Crap out of the Most People.

And Don’t Necessarily Believe What You Encounter On Facebook.

LET ME WRITE THIS AS CLEARLY AS I CAN . . . I am Not a Doctor. I am Not a Scientist. I am Not a Biologist. I am Not an Immunologist. I am Not a Biologist. I am Not a Parasitologist . . . And Rarely Am I The Smartest Person In The Room. But I am also Not Stupid.

I Ask A Lot Of Questions . . . And I Am A Real Student Of Human Character.

I Go Out Of My Way . . . To Always Know the Facts. Or at Least to Know the Facts as Best as I can. And I am also a Huge Believer in Unforeseen Consequences & Consequences that are Easily Foreseeable.

And Unless We Take A Grip, and the Media Shuts the F-UP . . . as I wrote Yesterday, the Foreseeable Consequence will Be a Total Collapse of Society. Where Because, if Everyone Stays Home & Doesn’t Go to Work & Stops the Social Activity of our Countries . . . WE WILL RUN OUT OF “STUFF” & FOOD & DYSTOPIA WILL CONSUME US.


The Democrats and all their LEFTIST Sycophants (Media) . . . Can’t Give It A Rest, that President Donald Trump was Right to Initially (Before Anyone Even Knew) Close the Borders to People Coming into the United States of America from Infected Areas of China. While Canada’s Idiot Government is still Accepting (as far as I Currently Know) Non Canadians from China, Italy – Etc.


And Now The Current “Game” . . . amongst the Politicians and the Media is to BLAME TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING. Trump Acted Too Soon. Trump Didn’t Act Soon Enough. There’s Not Enough Test Units. The Test Units Don’t Give A Reading Fast Enough. There’s Not Enough Ventilators. There’s Not Enough ICU Beds. There’s Not Enough Surgical Masks. There’s Not Enough Doctors & Nurses. There’s Not Enough People of Color & Diversity on the Coronavirus Task Force, The CDC Isn’t Reassuring Enough. Pence Doesn’t Believe in Science . . .

I’m Waiting For The Media Headline – Trump Withheld Toilet Paper!


President Trump Was Right . . . He and his Cabinet Knew of the Coronavirus Peril & Acted on it Long before the Talking Heads Decided to Panic the People. And what President Trump did Until the Media Took Hold, was to Do his Best to Calm the People by NOT Overplaying the Problem.

And Now That The Media Is On It . . . Some People (Far Too Many People) are Going Nuts, Which Is Precisely What The President Of The United States Of America Did Not Want To Happen.

It Has Become So Crazy . . . that on Some Shows within Major Media Markets, I have Seen & Heard Tutorials on how to Properly Wash your Hands. I Figure Like This – If You’re Old Enough to Wear Big-Boy-Pants & a Big-Girl-Skirt, and you Don’t Know Enough to Know how to Wash your Hands & Need a Tutorial . . . Maybe these People Getting the Coronavirus might be the Most Humane Way of Culling Idiots from the Herd . . . And the People who Feel Compelled to Teach Adult Idiots About How to Wash their Hands.

Yesterday . . . In 93-Degree HeatAt 70 Years Old, I Carried a Ladder, Filled a Lowes Wash Buck with McGuire’s Wash & Wax Automotive Soap & Water, which I Filled by Means of the Un-Rolled & Connected Hose, which I Un-Rolled & Connected Myself. And then I went about 3-Hours of Hard Work Washing this Enormous 41-Foot 5th Wheel RV, so as to keep it Looking Brand New.

I Don’t Need A Pat On The Back For Just Doing Something “Ordinary”  During A Time When far Too Many People Are Too Busy Thinking The Worst.

So Let Me Tell You . . . I had to Stop Once for about 5-10 Minutes because of the Heat and the Fatigue. And by the Time I had Finished Washing the Whole Thing, I Found it hard to Straighten-Up. My Joints were Sore and my Feet Really Hurt.

And While I Was Doing This . . . Anne was Busy Washing a Customarily Large Load of Laundry, which Anne Does about Twice a Week.

And By The Time I Was Done . . . I Collapsed on the Sofa, Sucked-Back on a Cold Beer & Debated with Anne, as to which one of us would take a Shower First. Which I Wasn’t too Keen to go First, because I was Too Tired to Stand-Up.

When It Was All Done – I Enjoyed Looking At The Result & The Sense Of Accomplishment.

I Woke-Up This Morning A Little After 6AM . . . I Turned-On The Radio & Heard More Terrible News which the Media Seeks-Out like Guided Missiles. To Hear the Media – Trump is the Evil Incarnate . . . Armageddon is Upon Us & The World is about to Come to an End.


As Soon As I Finish Writing This Editorial – Anne and I will Drive to Gainesville (Florida) to do some Basic Grocery Shopping, where at Last Experience a Few Days Ago in Gainesville & In Ocala too (Florida), all the Grocery Shelves were Well Stocked, with People Working at the Counters and at the Cash-Registers.

Before Writing This Editorial . . . I Scanned The Internet to Read all about Previous Flu’s, Bacteria & Virus’s in Terms of how they’ve Affected North America. By Definition of Pandemic, a Flu-Like Illness that Travels from one Country or Region to Another . . . According To The Merriam-Webster Dictionary . . .

“A Pandemic Is An Outbreak Of A Disease That Occurs Over A Wide Geographic Area And Affects An Exceptionally High Proportion Of The Population”.

GIVEN THE FACT – That Just in the Past Few Years in Canada & the USA – We have “Suffered” Many Great Flu-Like Issues, Especially with the 2017-2018 Flu Affecting 45-Million Americans, While Killing An Estimated 80,000 American People (Not Including Canada & Europe), and According to the CDC (Center For Disease Control), 58% Of Whom Contracted The Flu Were Over The Age Of 65 With More Than 800-Thousand American People Needing Hospital Care (Admittance) . . .

Did We Close Down Society? What Are We Doing By Closing Off The Gears Of Production?  

CDC Summary Of 2017-2018 Flu . . . CNN Coverage Of The 2017-2018 Flu.

According To All The Hysterical News Reports . . . as if the Rest of all the Global & National Challenges no Longer Exist . . . We’re Reading, Hearing & Seeing Numbers of People in North America Who’ve Contracted the Coronavirus Measured in the Thousands, Sick in the Few Hundreds, Dead in the Dozens, and just about Fully Recovered at Close to 100%.

Anne & I Are Always Clean About Ourselves. We will Not Make Physical Contact with People, because it Doesn’t Hurt to Take the Extra Precaution, which is what we Do Anyway during “Normal” Flu Seasons.  And we will stay out of Real Close Quarters with Larger Groups of People.

I will Still Physically Work, I will Continue To Research, Write & Opine. Anne and I will Continue to Live Our-Lives-As-Usual . . . And I Hope You Will Continue To Support Galganov.Com Financially, which Appears to be one of the Few Mediums Of Truth & Reason Left To Consider.

Therefore . . . If The Psychological Political/Media Assault Hasn’t Yet Caused You To Surrender Or To Succumb . . . I Will Continue Going Until I Can’t – And I Don’t See That Happening Anytime Soon.

SO – If You Can Still Afford To Support Galganov.Com, Especially During This Madness Of Media Hysteria . . . Just Click Here To Know How To Support.

As Always – Thank You In Advance For Your Support:

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. CDC- as at Jan 11, 2020 13 Million Flu Cases in US and 120,000 hospitalized. Of those in hospital … 6.9% died. Nothing from the media ?? And those stats are up. Self Quarantining is always a good idea with a Cold or Flu and washing hands before touching our faces. Is there 120,00 with the Corona? and from what I’ve read .. only 3.5% are dying. I’ll bet more people die of the Flu than Corona this year … and Both originated in the same Country … China… Maybe its time China fixed that!

  2. Howard, I wish I had friends like you who see it & tell it like it is with the unvarnished truth. It is so hard to fathom how all of the COVID news is sensationalized or perhaps blown way out of proportion. What’s the benefit to the media – ratings or $$$? Thank you for your perspectives on life in these times.

  3. My wife and I just got back yesterday from a 2 month stay in Arizona. Drove both ways. Went to stock up on groceries today, and couldn’t find toilet paper anywhere. So the media has scared people here as well. Thought Albertans were smarter, but then again they did vote in the NDP Marxists for a 4 year term, 5 years ago!

  4. The last time we had a run on toilet paper was when Johnny Carson made a bad joke on the tonite show. This current run is the joke because this virus attacks the lungs, not….the other end.

  5. Howard: I’ve enjoyed your editorials because they are full of facts and not hysteria over this virus. When is the media going to catch up with the truth-in-news? Can’t believe anything they say on TV or write in the newspapers. I went through the rationing of food and other items during WW11 and we never hoarded anything We took it in stride and prayed that our boys overseas would come home safe .

  6. I figure that these guys on the media who are telling us to buy lots of hand sanitizer and use more than usual, recently bought stocks in it an are now “cleaning up” themselves through this mass hysteria…..They can use their position in the media to do this. .I live as normal as always and am not sweating this even though I have been diabetic with bronchitis for a long time . I have not had the flu in years and do not even get the vaccination…..

  7. We the people who live out in the country near small towns will make it through this COVID virus just fine. What is going to be bad is all of those people who live in the big cities thousands on the same block who discover that they may starve if they stay where they are. Hungry people will kill for food.

  8. Just got back from town. Place was Deserted, so to speak…! Didn’t need any TP, as I always buy a year’s supply every January (along with Rice and Beans, for the same length of time), and looked for hand sanitizer… NONE to be found in any store! Not even any Anti-Bacterial Soap on the shelves (not that I would use it, over regular hand soap). Saw people “fighting” over Paper Towels, of all things. Dang! What has gotten “IN” to people these days? (Catalogs here!) Haha!

  9. DIY HAND SANITIZER 10 drops of essential oils -tea tree, lavender or a citrus 190 proof grain alcohol -or the highest proof you can get 1 oz spray bottle OR With Aloe instead of alcohol 10 drops of essential oils 1 oz plastic flip top bottle Thickened aloe gel Distilled water INSTRUCTIONS Drop essential oils into bottle, add alcohol or aloe gel to fill ¼ of the bottle. Mix thoroughly until the essential oil is fully mixed, and fill remainder of the bottle with water. Enjoy! It’s THAT easy!

  10. Read the other day that your PM’s wife tested positive for covid-19 & they self-quarantined. Reckon he/gov’t will change Canada’s policy on foreigners entering the country now? But then they will have the best of care. I too wonder what the media’s purpose is in ultra-hyping THIS situation especially in view of the numbers of flu cases & deaths each year. Since it is affecting markets, they will have a ‘biggie’ to blame on Trump. But common sense Americans know the truth.

  11. Common sense will prevail. It will just take a few days for it people to find it.

  12. Mr. H. Know how it is to live a “normal” life (76 in two weeks) climbing ladders, remodeling my home, from morning to late afternoon with short break for lunch, collapsing in easy chair with cold brew, watching news people on the networks excitedly reporting false news and blaming Mr. Trump. Just got back from WM, paper shelves bare. If no one works, don’t the idiots know the trough will run empty if there are no taxes being paid? Good article. Good health to you and your family. Thanks.

  13. HG, you said it all! People are told to NOT go into big crowds, so WHY is there NO FEAR about the large SUPERMARKET crowds? People will PANIC even more when the NEW VIRUS STATS are revealed because the Gov’t never had the correct ones to begin with.Guess who’s PANICKING the MOST—the SPOILED MILLENNIALS where most of them have never been taught how to DEAL with STRESS, due to their being OVER-PROTECTED by their parents. It’s surely not the seniors who are panicking! Good job, Pres. Trump! AMEN!

  14. I washed our house windows today and yes I have that sense of accomplishment you speak of. I wish everyone would just act sensible but apparently that no longer applies.

  15. First it was the Impeachment for weeks and weeks now they are throwing at us with a Flu, gee has there never been a flu before that made people sick and die? Call my girl & I stupid if you want but we do not even watch the news at all. We will watch the History Channel or Hallmark.WE have all the things we need here at home so no shopping. We did go out to eat at the Golden Coral was packed as always. Just use your common sense people. If you do not know how to wash your hands your in trouble.

  16. My kids are getting ? hysterical….in their good hearted positive desire to do the right thing…..they are buying into the leftover panic! When I was growing up, my earliest memories told me ‘All we had to fear is fear itself’ FDR… ….When the war came…..we were told too ‘remember Pearl Harbour!’…. We remembered 911….praise be the NYC Cops and Firemen. We now have to panic For toilet paper… Be Strong!

  17. Common sense appears to be a scarce commodity these days. I understand that COVID 19 is connected with the respiratory system, not the intestinal tract. So why the “run” on toilet paper. Keep on being busy Howard, our bodies were made to keep active!

  18. Howard… another spot on blog just wonderful!!! Am still trying to figure out just why the run on toilet paper??? Maybe I’m missing something? At my age, almost 86 I’ll be staying home, won’t last forever. The virus not me.

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