This Is Not A Suggestion . . . It Is Personal


Imagine What America Would Be With The Coronavirus . . . WITHOUT President Trump In The White House?


I Am Neither A Health Consultant, a Biologist, or a Virologist . . . and I Know no More than the Average Person Knows about how Exactly Viruses are Spread or How Long a Person is Contagious.

Therefore . . . I Do Not Speak Or Write With Any Authority.

Here’s What I Do Know . . . More than a Month Ago, I Wrote about the Coronavirus as being Something we should all be Paying Real Attention to, Specifically because of China’s Over-The-Top Reaction to a Virus within China, which Seemingly Started in a Exotic Live Animal Market-Place in the Chinese City of Wuhan.

Because I Don’t Believe Anything China Says . . . I Cannot be Generous to Chinese Propaganda for Unintentionally Unleashing a Deadly Virus Upon The World, Making it Worse by Keeping the World Ignorant of the Virus’s Scope . . .  Declaring that the Virus was Released by Animal Transmission Between Humans & Animals, Or Perhaps Inadvertently Released Via A Chinese Bio-Laboratory.

How This Travesty Came To Be At This Juncture . . . Is Not our North American Immediate Concern, since the Spread of the Virus is Global. And as the WHO (World Health Organization), which is Run by Globalist Schmucks of the United Nations-Kind, does its Internationalist Dance to Withhold Important Information from the People, because that’s what all United Nations Agencies Do – What’s Important Now . . . Is How We Deal With It.


The Democrats are Cajoling President Trump To Stop Trump Rallies.

But I don’t Hear the Democrats Suggesting that Joe Biden should Do the Same. I also Don’t Hear any Talk amongst the LEFT to Cancel Democrat Debates Between “Bernie” the Communist & Biden . . . the Man who Can’t Distinguish between his Wife & His Sister, both Standing on Either Side of Him – and Can’t Remember the Words to the Preamble of The American Declaration Of Independence.


But, if you Want to Enjoy Life & Not get Caught-Up in the Media Political Madness, Go about your Life, while Taking Basic Hygienic Precautions.

The Media and LEFTIST Politicians are Always Telling the Population NOT to Make the Coronavirus Political – Yet, at Every Opportunity, the Political LEFT and the Media Create Someway to Blame President Trump for the Contagion and how it’s being Handled, Not Handled . . . Or Mishandled.


1 – The Virus is Everywhere with the Possible Exception of the North & South Poles, and Perhaps Deep in Jungles where Civilization Barely if Ever Visits.

2 – The “Authorities” can Quarantine all they Want, but the Virus will Spread Everywhere outside of the Aforementioned. It’s Already with us.

3 – Everyone on Earth Outside of the Aforementioned & People Living in the Most Remote Places on the Planet will in One Way or Another be Infected with the Virus, Probably No Less than People are Infected with all Manner of the Common Cold or Annual Flu.

4 – Most People Infected with the Virus Won’t even Know they’re Infected. Some People will become Sick. Some People will become Very Sick. And Some People Will Die.

Bear This In Mind . . . Most People in Civilized Countries, but in North America (Canada & the USA) Specifically, Do Not Take The Annual Flu Shot. And of the Millions of North Americans who Come Down with the Flu Every Year, Only Several Tens of Thousands of North Americans Die from the Flu.

And Most Of The People Who Die From The Flu Are Either Already Ill, Old, Or Have A Compromised Immune System.

So . . . With So Many North Americans Getting Sick from the Flu each Year, some Years More-So than Others, and Dying from the Flu, why Aren’t all Travel, Events & Tourist Destinations Canceled . . . As North America Is Basically Cancelling The USA & Canada?  Akin to what’s Happening Worldwide.

I Am A Type II Diabetic. I Am Somewhat Overweight. And I Am 70-Years Old.

So – According To The Media-Hype, I have a Huge Bull’s-Eye on me for Near Certain Death if I Contract the Coronavirus . . . And Once Again, because of the Media Hysteria, I should go into some Form of Self-Quarantined Hibernation, at Least Until this Sickness Passes . . . But That’s Not Going To Happen!

We Read & See all the Empty Grocery Shelves, which are Disseminated by Media Reports. We are Constantly Made Aware of the Huge Demand for of all things Toilet Paper. Why Toilet Paper? I Don’t Know.


So – Let Me Give You Some Real Facts . . . During Shopping Days like Black Friday, we see Fistfights on Television News . . . between Shoppers who all Want the Same Crap. I’ve Never Seen It. And Neither have any of my Friends. But, if there is just one Tussle between Shoppers somewhere in North America, I can Guarantee You that some Media will Pick it Up & Make the Story National, as if there are Shopping Riots Everywhere.

Anne & I Go Shopping Regularly, Mostly because we like Fresh Fish, Fresh Fruit & Fresh Vegetables. And Every Now & Then, we find a Real Deal on Steaks, which I like to Eat, which I’ll Buy Perhaps a Dozen-Of, which Freeze Very Well. We also Purchase Paper Products when they’re on Sale, which Includes Toilet Paper & Paper Towels.

Since Anne & I Are Real Coffee Drinkers, we Stock-Up on Things like Coffee when Coffee goes on Sale, because the Price of Coffee Often Fluctuates. And when these Products get Low on our Home Shelves . . . we Buy Quite a Few Cans of Products like Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, Beans, Chili – Etc, which Have a Long Shelf Life & Don’t Take a great Deal of Storage.

Anne & I Have Been In Ocala Florida for about one Week now since the Virus Hysteria had Really Begun to Rev-Up. And since we Arrived we’ve gone Shopping for Normal-Day-To-Day Products Expecting some of the Shelves to be Barren because of the Media-Hype, and Guess-What? . . . There Was Plenty Of Everything Including Toilet-Paper. Not that We Needed Any.


No Matter Where Anne & I Travel . . . There are Always People who Contact me to Have a Meet & Greet, who Want to have a Meal with Anne & Myself (Lunch Or Supper), which I Generally Politely Decline for a Host of Reasons . . . None Of Which Are Because Of Health.

That Said . . . I’ve Rethought This Position, and have Come to the Conclusion, that if People Want to Meet Anne & Myself, and to Have a Visit with Stryker, and are Names I can Recognize from, I will do the Best that I can to Make a Get-Together Happen, as I did just Today . . . Virus Or No Virus.

One Of The Most Pleasant Days & Events Of The Year.

The Other Day . . . a Few Days after Anne & I Arrived in Ocala . . . Anne, Stryker & I were Invited to Attend a Big Horse Festival, with a Parade of Horses Down Several Streets to Ocala’s Downtown Square.

We Met-Up With Another Couple & Their Dog. We Ate a Fabulous Outdoor Café & Wandered around the Main Square, while looking at Various Products for Sale in Merchants’ Booths. And then we Stood on the Street Amongst Several Thousand Jocular People Waiting for the Parade of Horses.

It Was Fabulous . . . Yet – If We Listened to the Media & the LEFT, Anne, Stryker & I would have Really Missed-Out. And if the Thousands of People who were at the Horse Parade would Also have Listened to the Media & the LEFT, the Parade of Horses would have Never Happened, and Tons of People who Made a Living because of this Event – Would Be Sucking-Air For Revenue.


While It’s True That I Could Contract The Virus & Get Really Sick . . . It’s Also True that I Intend to Live my Life in the Open, Away from the Fear of what Might Happen, while Enjoying the Things that are Really Happening.

In My Next Editorial . . . I’ll Tell You Why I Think This Virus Will Be a Boon For President Trump.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We have nothing to fear, but FEAR-Itself… From the Leftist/Socialist Media, that is…(and the Illiterate Mobs that “Pander to it”! Very Good, that You and Anne are spending another Summer down here in the U.S.A., again. We Welcome people like YOU.

  2. Good for you! I also intend to keep doing all the things I want to do and enjoying life to the fullest. Colleen works for the airline so travel is free, but standby. Yesterday, we flew to San Diego to sit on the beach and listen to the ocean, to eat at a restaurant we admire and to visit Stone Brewery. We left home at 06:15 and we were home 12 hours later in time for dinner. It was a fantastic experience and I’m so glad we did that rather than isolating ourselves

  3. The hype every year about the flu seems to be solely for the purpose of selling vaccines. Only time I took the vaccine was to protect my husband who had emphysema. Guess what? I got the flu (was 62), 1st time since age 12. I’ve not taken the shot since & not had flu since. I’m thinking this covid-19 mess is hype for pharma to make billions when vaccine is developed (likely we-ll buy it from China as we do most drugs). So what does that tell us, huh?

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Going to movies tomorrow with a bunch of ladies who are in the retired age group. I do wish Trump would have stuck to the 2 1/2 billion he first asked for. Where are all those billions of dollars going.? If we don’t need billions and billions for regular flu, I doubt we need to spend that much. I think Trump would have shown sanity if he had just said at this point that much money isn’t needed.

  5. Just because the media is hysterical do not mean I MUST BE. Please, I do take a flu shot each year, have taken and survived the series of pneumonia shots over the several years and the shingles shot also, even though I’ve had them twice……I absolutely REFUSE to give into the propaganda put forth by 99 % of the media and possibly the US, but especially the Chinese government. You are so very correct, HG, so carry on and be yourself. My husband and I will be your support and be in agreement.

  6. People have to stop playing into the hands of the left loons! In the mean time…. ARE YOU WONDERING WHAT THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO DISTRACT US FROM, THIS TIME?

  7. I read Dr. Mercola’s site and commentary every week…and I trust him as much as I trust you, Howard. While I can’t give you the link to his story yesterday, you should go check it out. It was very eye-opening as to where this virus came from. Think about it – China’s economy is failing – and they’re fine with losing a few hundred thousand people. This virus was CREATED – it did not exist in nature. It was created in a lab for biological warfare. This was not an accident….

  8. as usual you’re right on the mark. Agree with everything you said!

  9. Hello, You are so right in everything. My son is an executive Chef in the Washington DC area,at the hotel where the CPAC was held,where Donald Trump appeared,the news media has basically ruined the business at the Hotel now,cancellations,the hotel is almost like a Ghost town now and the layoffs will be coming this week,my son has a young family as well as many of his coworkers and this is just a tragedy,but as you stated the Democrats will still have their large rally’s.

  10. I’m immuno suppressed because of a heart transplant. For 18 years now. Simple rules to avoid sickness. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face until you wash your hands, walk away from areas where people cough or sneeze. Simple rules do help… And of course grace of God. I too refuse to be scared into stopping living.

  11. Enjoy your commentary Howard. Our biggest threat in Canada is another day of Trudeau.

  12. Every year I take common sense Flu precautions, wear gloves going around stores, don’t touch anything that many other bare hands have touched, turn and walk away if someone coughs, wash all fruit and vegetables and buy wrapped whenever possible, try not to do restaurants, specially Buffet. I’m 83, never had flu shots, never had the Flu. Shots impair the immune system, my doctor agrees. Sometimes the shots are no good, don’t match the virus but they do make a lot of people very sick. (:<)

  13. The media always needs something to sensationalize. There’s not much happening now to keep the viewers glued. As for how all this got started, I agree with one of your earlier posters. This was no accident. The Chinese have been eating the things they do for hundreds of years. They didn’t just start doing this now!! This was created in a lab.

  14. My wife has respiratory issues so we are a little more cautious this time of year, flu and cold season. This year already over 1600 have died from the flu, there is no big panic. Every day more than 20 Veterans, mostly young commit Suicide, where is the Media on this. Hell, the Media is owned by Liberals for the most part and they act like liberals. Blaming our President in any way shape and form they can, they have no shame. Between the Coronaviris and Oil the market is acting up, so what.

  15. Sardines?? ickypoo! Steaks good 🙂 Here in central Texas my wife and I have not seen any histrionics or people shoving and pushing to get the last role of TP. We have as a matter of routine maintain a stock of food and other items we use all the time. Panic? Not in the least. That’s a liberal thingy. Enjoy Florida it is a good place to be.

  16. It’s amazing how “Common Sense” can be compromised/overwhelmed by FEAR! Well, maybe I misused the term “Common”. How many have gone to “Public Bathrooms, or Restaurant Bathrooms and witnessed how many DO NOT Wash Up?! Even though signage is POSTED! That said being involved with the Culinary Trade, there’s a course ALL have to take, it’s called “SERVE SAFE” That course should be a mandatory in ALL Public Schools! At one time EVERY Mother taught that to there Children!That’s when it was COMMON!

  17. Wish you had a ‘like button’ I could click on….. 😉

  18. Instead of watching the Bernie Town Hall and getting angry, I watched a number of incredible Boogie-Woogie piano players on YouTube, named, Piano-Boogie-Medley, Stefan Ulbricht, Chris Conz and others. I was much better off!

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