She Lit The Fuse . . .


Imagine Nancy Pelosi Standing in Revolutionary Battle-Garb, in Front of a Tattered Upside-Down American Flag Signifying Distress, while in one Hand, Pelosi Holds a Grenade, and in the Other Hand, some Several Feet Away, Pelosi Holds the Pulled-Pin & Pelosi has mere Seconds to Throw the Grenade . . .  But all-around Pelosi are her Own People, while the Target of Pelosi’s Venom Stands Far Beyond her Reach.


I Didn’t think Pelosi would Pull the Pin on her Hand Grenade . . . but I also didn’t think Pelosi wouldn’t. What I thought, was that Pelosi would Bring America as close to the Brink as Possible, and then at the Last Second, before it was too Late, Pelosi would come back from the Precipice with a Flourish, Satisfying her Hard LEFTIST Base and her Blue Dog (Centrist) Democrats, Going Into The 2020 Election.

But I Think Pelosi Underestimated her Hold over the HARD LEFT . . . and the Weakness, Incompetence & Avarice of the Two Fools Pelosi Named to Quarterback her Folly (Schiff & Nadler), which Effectively has Caused Pelosi to Pull the Pin, where in Full Desperation, Pelosi Couldn’t Find Anywhere of Consequence to Throw The Hot Grenade.

Pelosi Constantly Says how Much it Pains her to be Doing This (Impeachment). And how Sad it Makes her Feel to be Doing Something (Impeachment) she has No Other Option to Otherwise Do. And how much Pelosi Prays for Donald Trump. In her Words . . . Pelosi is “Prayerful”.

Truth Is . . . Pelosi Didn’t Have To Do Any Of This & Pelosi Is As Prayerful As An Atheist In A Whorehouse.


A Great Government (Party) Legislator Or Party Leader Is Meaningless To The People . . . If The Benefits Of The Party Leader Or Government Legislator Is Focused On Personal & Party Political Power – Opposed To What’s Best For The people.

I See Nancy Pelosi As The Personification Of Political Evil . . . Why else would an Extremely Wealthy Person (Woman), who Holds the Third Most Powerful Position in the Most Powerful Government on the Planet, who is Number Two on the List of People to Replace the President in the Event of the President’s Death or Inability to Carry out His (Her) Presidential Functions . . . Who Wants To Destroy The Country From Within?

I Will Not Bore You With The Knowledge – I Am All But Certain You Already Know . . . But Impeachment was Never Considered by the “Framers” to be a “Remedy” to Remove a Duly Elected President of the United States of America for Political Purposes, Which Is Exactly What Pelosi Is Doing – Why?


Even Before Bill Clinton Became President Clinton (Before The Internet) . . . Hillary Clinton was Peddling her Propaganda of a Vast Right Wing (Conservative) Conspiracy, with the Help of Book & Screen Writers, Publishers, Newspapers, Television News Media, Television Drama & Comedy Series, Magazines, Editors, Distributors, Directors, Producers & Actors – To Give Clinton’s Big Lie Credibility & Substance.

It Was Always Profitable To Portray Conservatives As Being Self-Hating American Villains And/Or Buffoons.

We Laughed & Laughed & Couldn’t Wait To Get More . . .

Do You Remember the “Honeymooners” with Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) and Audrey Meadows as Ralph’s Sympathetic Wife Alice, and how that Show set a New Standard For Television Sitcoms?

Ralph was a Fat, Hard Working Bus Driver, who went to Work every Day, who came Home every day after Work, who was Upset or Agitated over Something Loony & Inevitably in Every Episode . . . Big Fat Ralph Kramden would look at his Sympathetic (Petite) Wife & Shout . . . “One Of These Days – Pow – Zoom Right In The Kisser” or “To The Moon Alice” as Ralph would Thrust his Fist into the Air Portraying how he would Punch his Wife (Alice) in the Face for Disagreeing with Him?

I’m Also Quite Positive . . . that you Remember Archie Bunker (Carroll O’Connor), the Hard Working Cigar Smoking Irishman, Everyone Loved to Laugh at and Belittle as he and his Co-Workers & WWII War Buddies were Portrayed as a Bigots & Ignorant People of the Worst Kind. In Fact, they were Portrayed as Dumb-Ass Insults to the American Dream.

What Was often Mentioned, But Never Made As Being Of Real Importance, was Bunker’s Son-In-Law Michael Stivic . . . AKA Meathead Played by Rob Reiner, who Lived in Archie’s House for Free, Eating Archie’s Food for Free & Lounging on Archie’s Sofa – also for Free.

In Addition, just as with Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) in the Honeymooners, but not with the Same Level of Personal Threat or Alacrity . . . but no Less with the same Degree of Insult & Intimidation, was how Archie Demeaned his not too Swift Wife Edith (Jean Stapleton) By Always Telling Her To “Stifle”.

Inevitably Though . . . The Maladjusted Male Characters Always Succumbed To The Wisdom Of Their Wives.

These Two Examples Of Sitcoms – Out Of Many . . . Which Were Really Avant Garde & Funny, Contributed Enormously to the Beginning of Demeaning Hard-Working Conservative Men, while Making People (LEFTISTS) who didn’t Necessarily Work, or who didn’t make Serious Contributions . . . Their Equals If Not Social Betters.

And Don’t Forget Socially Changing Blockbuster Movies & Books . . . which Demonized Americans . . . such as – “Deliverance”, “The Ugly American”, “Full Metal Jacket”, “Joe”, “Easy Rider” & Far Too Many Others to Remember or List . . . And Virtually All The Bad Actors Were Either Ruthless Successful Businessmen, Hardcore American Neanderthals Or Special Forces Military.

These Books, Sitcoms & Movies – Coupled With Propagandized Education Had A Tremendous Cumulative Effect On Our Society.

And as the LEFT (Hillary Clinton) Always spoke about the Vast Right-Wing-Conspiracy, which Never Existed . . . there Really was a Vast LEFT-WING Conspiracy, which did Exist & Still Does . . . It’s Called Socialist International, which has Spun-Off The Progressive Alliance, which is Even Further to the LEFT.

Make No Mistake About It . . . These Groups (Movements), which are Everywhere and are Extremely Well Organized & Financed – have been Fed by Communist (Socialist) Organizations Long Before WWII & Aggressively Ever Since.

They’re In Our Schools, Big Labor (Unions), Amongst Real Big Businesses, the Entertainment Industry and in our Global Governments . . . Including Canada & The USA.

Their LEFTIST Global Assault on our Freedoms have been Meticulously Planned & Executed for Almost a Century . . . And It’s Come Down To This.


NO ONE SAW THE COMING OF TRUMP . . . Where the LEFT was a Hop, Step and a Jump from Realizing their One World Government. And with Nothing & No One to Stand in their Way, the American People Elected a Wealthy Non-Politician to Re-Establish the American Dream.

Along The Way . . . President Trump’s Independent Freedom Policies & Influence has Caused a Major Global Political Earthquake, Where If Not Stopped Now – It will Mean the Absolute End of the European Union & The End Of The Global Mega Trillion-Dollar Socialist-Tax-Grab Called Climate Change . . . Which Is What This Impeachment Scam Is All About.

If They Don’t Stop Trump Now . . . Trump Stops Them.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Over the years I have expressed similar concerns about Communist/Socialist influence in America and around the world. Glad to see I am not totally crazy……………Maybe next week. Excellent editorial.

  2. As concerns Pelosi pulling the plug….Anne and Chuck won the bet. You and I lost?

  3. Never underestimate the forces unleashed against Trump. They are powerful and they are unrelenting. We assume that the masses are just as smart as we are. They’re not. It is folly to predict a Trump landslide given that there remains 11 months to the election and the Demorrhoids are already spending untold millions to spread their propaganda.

  4. Howard, right down your alley. What you just wrote reminded me of a book I read years ago. It is, “The ACLU vs. America: Exposing the Agenda to Redefine Moral Values”, by Alan Sears. Have any time I encourage any of you to read this.

  5. Thanks Howard, there has been a vast left wing conspiracy since early 1900s, maybe before. We have known of it and done little to stop it, unfortunately. It is incrementally destroying our Christian republic. It’s a shame that our Christian ethics allow this to continue. I hope we can survive. I see signs of Christian revival so remain hopeful. Thanks for your ongoing efforts on our behalf.

  6. Since the ‘cerebral’ Pelosi disease decided to hold on to the impeachment grenade and throw the pin away, all we can do is watch the self-destruction of the toxic Democrat swamp along with the Republican establishment who are in lockstep with each other on ridding themselves of President Trump, I, for one, am filled with the anticipated schadenfreude we are eventually to be blessed with, resulting in their epic political demise. This political act of hara kiri is turning into a dream to behold.

  7. Thank You for encouragement Howard! Lets all of us keep doing all we are given opportunity to do and keep praying. I know we can make a difference!!!

  8. The impeachment is about money,plain and simple. Like I mentioned in another post here, as soon as Trump called Zelensky in Ukraine, all hell broke loose at the DNC because the proverbial poop is about to hit the fan. They all took their share. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Biden, Obama, the fake republican Paul Ryan, and others. They also all knew that this was going to come up as soon as Sleepy Joe decided to run. It isn’t a coincidence that Obama told Biden he didn’t have to run.

  9. Howard, u hit the nail on the head again! Watched the hearing & body language of the ‘experts’, amazing. As for Pelosi’s prayers, she is praying Trump resigns or impeached. The word ‘hate’ really got her pants on fire! Go Trump go!!

  10. Greetings: I have to absolutely AGREE with virtually everything you’ve expressed. I think the LITMUS TEST will be the results of the upcoming Dec.12th British ELECTION. There are many parallels to our own election in 2020. Three years ago, BREXIT was voted and approved, as was the 2016 U.S. election with Donald Trump’s UNLIKELY and UNPREDICTABLE WIN. Interesting to watch with wide open eyes what the British show the world. Perhaps its result foreshadows America’s. GO TRUMP! MAGA!

  11. It was best said by that congresswoman Maxine waters…impeachment is whatever congress says it is…or in the democratic world of 1984 … 1+1=3.

  12. Our biggest enemy still remains the leftist socialist-communist lamestream media that keep brainwashing the sheeples of Canada and the U.S.A. into believing that life is still honky dory and the sheeples remain asleep with their heads filled that the left is always right and in a way are succeeding. Unfreedom of the press by Mark Levin explains it well. I won’t sell the bear skin before I kill it and say that Trump will win in a landslide. The left might still have a few tricks left.

  13. It is 3:30 am in Bethlehem – I am sitting in the midst of a mess! Blessed to be in Israel, tour the sites and hear the thousands of year old history – and yet, wow – what a mess I have witnessed. Then I read your article, I think of the ‘short’ history of the USA. Embarrassed by the times I have laughed with the crowd, fallen prey to the ‘scheme’ of the demise of a great country & remained silent. While my efforts are microscopic in comparison to the need! I shall continue

  14. Career politicians world rocked when the result of the 2016 election were realized. Decades of liberal influence came to a crashing end. The President will be impeached by Congress. That is a fact. The risk of a political impeachment is its attack on Article II of the Constitution and balance of power. If this or any other political based impeachment strips away the power of the Executive Branch. From then forward the President will serve at the pleasure of the legislature.

  15. Great insight. I believe that President Trump has stirred the Swamp thus so many Corrupt Politicians are “Retiring” to get out of his way. Corrupt money is how they have enjoyed the life style of the Rich and Famous that so many hard working Americans will never see. Americans pay so many different Taxes that most do not ever know the total sum. As our President gets closer to the truth about Corruption in Washington the more you will see bail out instead of waiting to be exposed. Sad days.

  16. What an insightful history lesson! Two things on the Clinton impeachment about why he wasn’t convicted which most people are unaware: (1) senators refused to go the the capitol basement to read the devastating & graphic testimony of those whom he abused; and (2) they missed the actual crime he committed: he sold out the US to China, truly an impeachable offense!

  17. I never cease to be amazed at the breadth and depth of your knowledge and understanding of this mess and how we’ve come to it. My prayer is that those of us who helped put Donald Trump in the White House will stand fast to keep him there, and somehow find a way to send Ms. Pelosi and her unsavory cohorts packing or, at the very least, a la Archie, tell them to ‘Stifle.’

  18. Shared this on FB. Read article this morning on why elites hate Trump so much. It boiled down to the fact that he, himself an elite business man, actually points out the real character, the weaknesses of elitists & then makes fun of them which they ‘hate’, since they perceive themselves as perfect & above everyone else. Dumbed-down millenials pushing for the freebies promised by Dems can’t seem to realize pipe dreams run out of $$, & what comes after is total devastation for all but uber rich.

  19. WOW & DOUBLE WOW!!! The worst of all of this impeachment mess is that the US House of Reps is WASTING taxpayers money!!! Our tax dollars are paying for all of this B/S. Not only are we being screwed but double screwed without any taxpayer being able to STOP the flow of all this money. This isn’t donation money. This is OUR HARD EARNED MONEY being wasted & the US House of Reps are NOT doing the peoples business!!!

  20. we need help in Canada the tiring same old same old. leadership is so weak especially from the backroom liberals and flower boy, hate to say it Sheer needs to go ……………… we need some guts for leadership

  21. Winston Churchill-“SOCIALISM is a philosophy of failure, the CREED of ignorance, and the GOSPEL of envy, its inherent VIRTUE is the EQUAL SHARING of misery. “The Democrats have proven this quote to a tee! Pelosi, et al, love to point their fingers at others.Please note–“When they point a finger at someone, they should remember that FOUR of their fingers are pointing at themselves. “Thank you, Democrats, for helping Pres. Trump WIN the next election! Your efforts are very much appreciated! AMEN!

  22. Another Documentary Movie of Note: “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” recounts the effect of Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) on the movement toward Socialism in the USA.

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