It’s Past The Time . . . We Should All Get Pissed-Off


I Woke Up This Morning Thinking Of All The Insanity Coming Out Of The Mouths Of Our Politicians & Stupid Media.

And it Came to me . . . These Ass-Holes have no Concept About Us, other than Stealing as much Money as they can from Us in Terms of Taxes – And other than at Election Time, they couldn’t Give a Rat’s Ass about We The People.


In my Last Editorial (October 4, 2019) . . . One of the People who Commented on the Editorial (Kim McConnell), who is a Great Personal Friend of Mine, and a Devout Freedom of Expression Advocate – Wrote a Common Refrain (To Paraphrase), that Current Politicians are Leaving a Legacy of Debt for our Children & Grandchildren to Deal with when we are all Dead & Gone . . . Which Is True.

But Another Commentator (Robert Daigneault), who I have also met Personally, added to what Kim McConnell Wrote, by Stating something Obvious, which I’m going to Expand Upon.

WE DON’T HAVE TO WAIT . . . For the Dire Consequence of Debt to Affect our Future Progeny, since the Current Level of Debt is HURTING US EVERY DAY.

The Government Can Talk A Good Talk . . . But It Is What It Is – And whatever the Bureaucracy Says – is Contradicted by the Truth. Taxes Are Going Up – Up, Up & Up, Driving the Cost of Living through the Roof.

What Is This Carbon Tax All About? Do you Think it’s about Saving the Environment, so we can Save the Planet? If you think that, well I can Find some Swamp Land to Sell You . . . ‘Cause It’s Not!

The Carbon Tax Is An Excuse For The Government To Steal As Much Money From Us As It Possibly Can.

The Government Is Nickel & Diming Us Every Day. My Auto Registration Goes Up, not Much, Perhaps a Few Dollars. But so does School Tax, Property Tax, Tax on Fuel Consumption, the Cost of Electricity & Other Taxes . . . Not Much Individually Perhaps, But Collectively – It Amounts to as Much as . . . or More than a Month’s Mortgage, Rent, Food-Shopping, Vehicle Payments, Insurance – Etc.

And while the Government is Raising Taxes & Applying New Taxes, where there weren’t any Taxes Before, such as Creating Toll Roads & Toll Bridges . . . The Governments are Providing Fewer Services or Shoddier Services by Mostly Unaccountable Bureaucrats & Public Servants.

23-YEARS AGO . . . I was so Pissed-Off with my Member of Parliament (Nick Discepola), that I Wrote him a Scathing Email, Telling him how I thought he and his Liberal Government were Pissing Away our Tax Dollars on Self-Promotion.

He Called By Phone . . . And During that Call, which Started-Off Civilly – It Descended to the Level of Yelling at each other, to the Point of Each of us Telling the Other to F-Off in as many Ways as we Could.

To Nick Disceopla’s Great Credit – He Jumped in his Car & Drove to my Office, where we went at it again, Especially when Nick said that the Senate ONLY Costs $80-Million Per Year (That Was 23-Years Ago) in a Multi-Billion Dollar Economy, as if it was chicken-Feed.

Nick Disceopla was a Successful Businessman who Became a Politician. He was also a Great Family-Man. And we became Friends. Unfortunately, Nick Passed-Away as a Result of Cancer in 2012. One of the Only Liberals I really Liked, Probably because he wasn’t in Government for the Money, and Thought he could make a Real Difference.

Here’s An Incontestable Truth . . . The Bureaucracy Will Never Supplant Itself.

The Bureaucracy will Always Continue to Grow & Enrich Itself. And if that Means Taxing you to the Point of Taking Food from your Mouth, and the Mouths of Your Children . . . So the Government Can Stay Enriched – That’s What the Government Will Do.

When I Wrote Yesterday (October 24, 2019) . . . That Our Politicians are Collecting What Amounts to more than $200,000 Per Year in Tax-Payer Income, and someone like Ocasio-Cortez Doesn’t Think that’s Enough . . . What Else Is There To Say?

A Good Friend Of Mine Is In The Process of being Hired to Work For A City Government Agency . . . When he Told me how Much he would be Paid, what his Working Conditions would be, how Much Paid Time-Off he will be Entitled to (Sick Leave – Personal Days – Etc), and his Paid Vacation Plan – I was Sickened by what he Said.

People in the Private Sector who Pay EVERYTHING for the People in the Public Sector Don’t Live Like That . . . So Why Should They?

Anne & I are at that Point, where we are Concerned about Tomorrow, as Prices are Rising Everywhere. We’re not Broke. But we also Don’t have Money, not the Kind of Money that you know will Carry you Comfortably to the End of your Days.

But We’re Doing Much Better than Most People our Age – Which is not a Stinging Endorsement for our Future. Because most People our Age, who’ve Worked Hard & Played by all the Rules are Scared, Who unless they have a Great Pension, like you would have from a Civil Service Job, are living Day to Day Worrying about Tomorrow.

SO HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL . . . When my Prime Minister Spends Millions of Dollars on Personal Vacations & Fancy Personal Entertainment . . . and the Bureaucrats who’ve Contributed NOTHING in terms of Risk & Real Work to Build this Country, are Living High on the Hog, while the People who Pay for their Lifestyle Live in Fear of Tomorrow?

WHAT DO YOU THINK GOES THROUGH MY MIND . . . When my Government Hands Out Billions Of Dollars In Foreign Aid, when there are Desperate Retirees who’ve helped Canada become the Once Upon A Time Wealthy Country It Was, who Literally Squeeze Pennies to put Food on the Table?

It’s Great To Talk About Free Healthcare . . . But I Didn’t Pay into this Canadian System for all of my Working Life, and as an Employer, also Paid for a Percentage of my Employees Contribution to Public Healthcare, so I Can’t See A Doctor When I Need To See A Doctor, because my Government Gave my Healthcare RIGHTS Away to Immigrants who Shouldn’t even be Here in Canada.

Maybe All Of This Seems Crass To You . . . And Maybe It Is – But there are Purportedly 7.5-BILLION People on the Planet, Most of Whom are Struggling to Survive, who want what I Have . . . What I’ve Worked For – Who would be only Too Happy to Come to Canada or the United States of America & Live off Our Generosity.


CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME – We Simply Don’t Have Enough To Take Care Of Ourselves, since we have Children, Middle-Aged People Who’ve Fallen through the Cracks through no Fault of their Own & Elderly People who are Either Living on the Edge or Under the Poverty Line . . . with Committing Ourselves to Taking Care of 7.5 Billion People, Bearing in Mind that a Huge Percentage of these People Don’t Share our Language, Laws, Religions or Values.

WE PAY OUR POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS TOO MUCH . . . We Pay our Civil Service Too Much. We Pay Too Much for Most of our Public Sector Workers, we are Being Screwed Day-In & Day-Out with the Cost & Quality of our Teachers – and we Provide Far Too Many Benefits To The Public Sector Workers, Who We The People Employ . . . But Are Not Entitled To A Benefit In Kind.


Our Government Is Too Big. Too Expensive. Too Unaccountable. Too Secretive. And Puts Us The People . . . Far Too Much In Debt. And Sooner Rather than Later, People will Start to Wake-Up when the Money Runs Out, Hopefully Before it’s Too Late, which I’m Thinking that It’s Already Too Late, to Demand Serious Changes.

But One Way Or The Other . . . Change Will Be Coming.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I like to call gov’t workers the 10%ers… a negative attribute like the lefts callout of 1%ers. But in this case the poorer 90%ers in our society are Funding the 10%ers richer. The next Occupy Protest Lets Jump in and Call out the GOV’T 10%ers and Lump these lefties into the protest dialogue. Turn it around on them. A simpler way to explain high taxes. Gov’t taxes on business R just another expense past down to consumers as higher food etc. Coupled with less disposable income = Higher cost of l

  2. Howard I have been pissed off since 2008. Obama turned me from apolitical to a hard core conservative.

  3. Well said Howard I totally agree with you. Charity indeed begins at home. We can’t solve the world’s problems and until we straighten out our nation’s mess we shouldn’t try to.

  4. I rarely agree 100% . Today I agree 200% . Want to talk incompetent government : Weed was legalized . reason; to run drug dealers out of business .Result : after 1 year weed cost 5$ per gram from a Dealer, 10$ per from the Gov.. Delivery I am told takes weeks rather than minutes. Overall the Gov LOST 40 million last year SELLING DRUGS !! They could have hired El Chapo for day pass releases and a paid lunch. Probably could have paid off the Nat. Debt with the proceeds .

  5. Not all government workers are paid high on the hog. I spent 26 years with my state’s highway department. We were not highly paid, in fact poorly paid compared to the private sector in our community. We never got bonuses or Christmas gifts. We weren’t allowed to take reusable highway trash home…we had to junk it. Yes, we did get 2 weeks vacation, increasing to 4 weeks by the time of retirement. My pension is not enough to live on, but supplanted by Social Security and Medicare we do OK.

  6. My Liberal member of parliament, Peter Schiefke, has NEVER returned any of my phone calls or emails, and believe me there have been plenty. His ever-present silly grin makes for great photo-ops, but I know him to be a world-class hypocrite. He is a sweet talker, which means he is a con man. In short he is as phony as a two dollar bill. What is most distressing is that he is the rule rather than the exception among the country’s ruling elite.

  7. Couldn’t have said it better Howard. Now how do we stop it? 80% of sheeples in this country still think that life in honky dory. I attended lots of protests when I lived in Ottawa but at the most, only 200 people showed up. I guess it’s still not hurting most sheeples wallet just yet but when will it finally be too much for people to revolt because we are at that stage now. We must retake our houses of parliament and finally tell those politicians they work for us with our tax money !!!!

  8. The present government has not only divided our Country it has shredded it. How do you shake a Country to wake it up? We need to clone you Howard an make headlines in all the Media. Keep on keepin on!

  9. The following is a good example of bureaucratic bu__s__it in Canaduh. I phoned Canada Revenue Agency CUSTOMER SERVICE! today. I waited 45 minutes for the “next representative” to take my call…it did not happen. “Our slurvice is available Mon – Fri 9-5.” Some private companies provide customer service 24-7, but our govermint has no idea of the meaning of SERVICE.

  10. It’s so pathetic. The “left” which I claim are all Liberals or called Democrats in the States are driving those who are fiscally responsible, common sense, hard working people absolutely crazy. I am so sick of them all. I can no longer look a Liberal in the eye without feeling angry. Canada is broken severely. The West want nothing to do with Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces. One thing is for sure; Canada is in one hell of a mess and I can’t see it ever getting better.

  11. California is pretty much destroyed. Following close behind is the corrupt state of Connecticut. See how many taxpayers are “getting out of Dodge”, going to states where their $ stretches a lot further.

  12. Talk abut being pi$$ed, you & most of the thinking US citizens!!! It really doesn’t matter if it is Canada or the US. Both countries, & many others are in the same condition, the people are pi$$ed. I have been pi$$ed for a long time, then came Obummer & I am now enraged! For us in the US, the only answer is utilizing the 5th Amendment, the Convention of States!!! It has to be done or the US is totally destroyed, forever.

  13. When you give anyone the power to vote their own income, look out. It is interesting that many/most politicians go into government to “Help Us” and have reasonable incomes. But after 4 to 8 years they are Multi Millionaires. A bit of Insider Trading, money from Lobbyist and investments in big money pharma. Most are simple Crooks, lying Lawyers, and self serving Power Brokers, both sides of the Political garbage pile.

  14. Yes, Howard, “WE PAY OUR POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS TOO MUCH . . “, thus being the reason why so many of them SEEK State and/or National positions, etc… They’re full of PROMISES until they get ELECTED, and thereafter, we’re on our own! Look at the RINOS, for instance, they sit in the background and just REAP their BENEFITS; however, they DID recently wake up, but HOW LONG will that LAST? If they don’t want a SOCIALIST AMERICA, they had better stay AWAKE and HELP Pres. Trump! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. Here in the USA”WE THE PEOPLE” Have Abdicated OUR Responsibilities! Our Founding Fathers were clear when they penned in the Preamble of Our Constitution “We The People” They’ve been, We’ve been DUPED in Believing that the “Politicians” have Our/My, BEST Interests at Heart. First, one must have a Heart! 2nd Accountability to the People has been Negated.I was taught that the Representatives Elected are a Mirror Image of those “Electing”Them! This was in Public School in the 60’s!How Bout That?

  16. Thankyou Howard for the REAL NEWS!!! I won’t comment any more because all your people have just made comments that I agree with totally. The only thing that bothers me is this, We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights etc.. Why are these members of Congress not being held accountable for their TREASON.. The Rosenburgs were!! way back in the late 1950’s.. Have a very Blessed Day!!

  17. Are you talking about Canada or the U.S.A.? Actually much of the same is true in the States. The only difference is that we have President Trump stirring the pot. My concern is: Will he be able to make a big enough difference so that us folks south of the maple leaf border can continue to thrive. Time will tell.

  18. In America, we’ve reached the point of the founding fathers’ worst nightmare; those governing have absolutely nothing in common with those governed. “Mr Smith” doesnt’ go to Washington, anymore. “Mr. Smith” doesn’t serve in DC for a time then return to the family farm, the store, the law practice & have to earn a living again. They go up there and they never come home. They flip to the other side of Congress, become head of some govt agency, hit the speaking circuit or worse yet become lobbyists

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