There Is More Than Enough Fake News


LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN . . . When (if) & Only When Biden Wins the Democrat Nomination, if that has ever been Probable, will Biden be President Trump’s Presidential Opponent.

Until Biden is Declared the Leader of the Democrat Party, Biden’s just another American Wannabe who wants to be President of the United States of America.

Biden – At This Juncture . . . is no Different than any American Reading this Blog. BIDEN IS NOT THE PRESIDENTIAL OPPONENT OF PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . Regardless as to How the Media want to Spin This.


We are being Suffocated with Fake News, or as President Trump is now Referring to it as Corrupt News, which, No Matter how you Want to Look at it, the Mainstream & Social Media have Become Unreliable News Sources at Best . . . and Propagandists at Worst.


I Will Repeat This For As Long As I Write & Publish . . . The Media has Become almost Indistinguishable Between Fake News & News that could be Trusted . . . Because of the Media’s Lack of Veracity & Contribution to the Facts.

I Have Invested . . . a Great Deal of Time, Effort & Personal Money to have an Open Comment Section, where any Registered  Individual can “Voice” his or her Personal Opinion on Pertinent Editorials.

THE GALGANOV.COM COMMENT SECTION . . . Is Not for Debate Between Commentators (So Do Not Comment On What Someone Else Commented), Not for Rambling Thoughts that are Not about the Related Editorial, Nor to Insult anyone you Disagree with, Nor to Make False Claims, Or to Put Words into my Mouth, Or to Demean Me by Trying to Show how Much Smarter You think You are Than Me, or to Comment on an Editorial with Misleading Opinions about the Editorial, WITHOUT READING & UNDERSTANDING THE EDITORIAL . . . Nor To Push Some LEFTIST Ideology.

There Are Many Other Comment Sections Which Are Nothing More Than Rambling Insulting Free-For-Alls.

The Comment Section Exists, Because many of the Readers like to Read what Other People Think, so I Keep it Active . . . HOWEVER – If any of the Preceding, which I just Wrote is Violated, I will Keep the Comment Section Active, but I will BAN any Perpetrators from the Directory and their Ability to Ever Comment on Again.

So Please Think Twice Before You Comment.


I’m Being Redundant . . . Because I’m Stating The Obvious. Ocasio-Cortez is as Dumb as a Rock – but Cortez Thinks she’s the Smartest Person she Knows.

The Only Other People Who Are As Stupid As Ocasio-Cortez Are . . .

1 – The People who Voted for her.

2 – The Media who Gives her Approbation for her Stupidity.

3 – Members of her Democrat Caucus, who are Too Frightened of this Lunatic Liar to call her-out for what and who she Really is.

Ocasio-Cortez Has Just Accused President Trump Of Being . . . By Ocasio-Cortez Stating This Past Saturday (October 5, 2019) . . . That President Trump Is Encouraging Anti-Semitism:

“Understand That Trump Is Engaged In Deliberate, Atrocious, Targeted Antisemitism Towards Chairman Schiff” . . . By Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This Libelous Claim Against President Trump is Based Upon President Trump’s Description of Adam Schiff as Shifty Schiff, Stretching that Trumpism to somehow Mean that “Shifty Schiff” is an Ant-Semitic “Trigger” – Because Everyone Knows that Jews are Shifty and that Adam Schiff is Jewish, is an Outrageous Defamation.

I Don’t Know . . . Like Cortez Knows, That Everyone Knows That Schiff Is A Jew . . . So What?

For Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . to Even Make this Sick Link to Jews Being Shifty, is as Much an Anti-Semitic Trope as it Gets.

This is Particularly Rich, Coming from a Dunce who’s Best Congressional Friends are Vile Israel-Haters & Anti-Semites in the Names of Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar (Sleep With Dogs – Wake With Fleas), who Herself (Cortez), is a Promoter of BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction – To Destroy Israel), who sees Zionism as a Racist Hate-Filled Movement.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is So Stupid . . . That Cortez has Openly Said that she Imagines Herself as having Jewish Blood, since many of the Jews who Fled from the Spanish Inquisitions in the 1400’s Wound-Up in the Caribbean Islands, and since her Ancestry was (is) Caribbean, she must have Jewish Blood in her, Making her Jewish, but Refuses to Take a DNA Test, because DNA Tests are Simply not Reliable.

Cortez & Pocahontas Seem To Have An Awful Lot In-Common In DNA Claims.


I’ve Read That Pelosi & Schumer Are Soon To Be Guest-Speakers At A J-Street Event.

For those of you who Don’t know who or what J-Street is . . . J-Street is an Organization, which was Created by Self-Hating Socialist American Jews, to Defile Israel & Jewish Conservatives.

J-Street Is Not Welcomed . . . By Responsible Jewish Organizations, such as the American Jewish Umbrella Group . . . The Conference Of Presidents Of American Jewish Organizations, which Basically Accepts all Pro Jewish/Pro-Israel Associations under its Umbrella. Even those Groups who have Legitimate Socio/Political Concerns of Israel.

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . The Worst Anti-Semites are Jewish Anti-Semites, who for Whatever Reason are Self-Hating Jews, Many of Whom Claim to Act in the Best Interests of the Jewish Community.

Want A Couple Of Examples? . . . Noam Chomsky, Henry Kissinger, George Soros.

J-Street Wants Israel To Return to the Suicide Borders Prior to the 6-Day War Israeli Victory In 1967. And Lays Blame for all the Ills that Befall the Palestinians, at the feet of Israel.

Let Me Go Back To Shifty-Schiff For A Second.

Adam Schiff Gives Definition To The Term Asshole . . . For Describing Objectionable People. Schiff is a Proven Liar. And a Shameless Provocateur of Creating a False Narrative for the Congressional Record. I also Don’t Think that Adam Shifty-Schiff is all that Bright.

Taking All Of This In . . . Adam Schiff Is An Embarrassment To Everything that is Good about the Freedoms of the United States of America, WHETHER SHIFTY-SCHIFF IS JEWISH OR NOT.

And for Ocasio-Cortez to be Able to Get Away with Saying what she Said about President Trump’s Reason for Calling this Piece Of Work . . . Shifty-Schiff, is Amongst the Most Repugnant things Cortez has Said Thus Far . . . and a Total Indictment on the Democrat Party, the Media and the Jewish LEFT for not Calling Cortez-Out for Saying what Cortez Said about the President of the United States of America.

As For Pelosi, Schumer & J-Street . . . For Israel & the American Jewish Community who are Not Socialists, Jewish Reformers, or LEFTISTS in General, by Speaking to an Anti-Israel & Anti-Jewish Group like J-Street . . . Nothing Else Needs Be Said.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. How and why is politics these days keep attracting the most idiotic people on planet earth and worse that low info sheeples keep electing these idiots? The same anywhere in democratic countries on the planet. This will be our own destruction if any of the crazy ideas of the left are implemented. Let’s hope that the Conservative movement in both Canada and the U.S.A. is strong enough to elect a majority Conservative government and that Trump gets re-elected with a Conservative house & senate.

  2. I did not know Adam Schiff is Jewish. When someone is an A. H. and a liar, race, religion, nationality, gender, etc have no bearing on the issue. Abject stupidity and ignorance should be the focal points to my way of thinking. People like him give a bad name to our species in general with no need to refer to anything else. AOC is in the same boat. Too bad the liberal media gives the center stage to such bad actors!I am too old to see the end of it, but I hope my grandchildren might!

  3. It appears that when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was ‘tending bar’, she may have CONSUMED too much of a CERTAIN liquid which affected her BRAIN! How anyone could listen to this person and make SENSE of what she SAYS or REPRESENTS is BEYOND UNDERSTANDING. The so-called SQUAD are TRAITORS to this Country and have NO RESPECT for anyone! Their RADICAL VIEWS are mentally unbalanced! Shifty-Schiff FITS right in with them! Pinocchio’s NOSE is getting LARGER & LARGER every minute! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. Correct Again! Shifty Schiff changed the Whistleblower STANCE within days of the WB report being issued. He lies, connives, shucks & jives. And uninformed voters keep on keeping him in office. TERM LIMITS are required now more then ever before. As for AOC..the drivel forthcoming from her uneducated mouth is deplorable. But as you acknowledge…no news cast is cutting her down with FACTS & TRUTH. They let it lie so the American people will BELIEVE everything she and Shifty says. GO TRUMP!

  5. To think that Schiff could LIE about Trump’s phone call and it is now in the Congressional Record as ‘truth’ – where are the Reps in that committee to ERASE those lies and print what Trump REALLY said??!! The Dems have crossed all reality lines in their hatred of the President. Go Trump!

  6. The Demorrhoids are irredeemably corrupt. Their sole raison d’etre is the acquisition and retention of raw political power. They get away with it because they are able to hide behind their media enablers. Whether the evildoer is Jewish or Christian or atheist should be inconsequential. It really is that cut and dried. Thank you Howard for putting this critical issue front and center.

  7. I cannot for the life of me, understand WHY these liberal Jewish people do not want o support Israel , a Jewish state. It boggles my mind. Do they think that they are being open and objective? I see so many parallels to the rise of the Nazis in Germany to what is going on here in the USA, , and they do not? I just cannot get my brain around it.. Thank G-d for people like you, Howard, and other Jewish people who see it as it really is is!

  8. As a Jew, I wonder how hard Schiff and Nadler will be pounding their chests as they recite the confessional on Yom Kippur. If they even go to shul. Will it have any effect.

  9. Trump has several times mentioned 600 Bllion dollars on trade tariffs it bothered him and that’s part of Scam and that’s why all are trying to get him impeached Biden set up a perfect deal

  10. The American people all know who is behind all of this meaning; George Soros who has bought a lot of our politicians on both sides. God gave us a Trump card and God has a plan for all of us. We are living in a time you have to believe in God and you have to have Faith that God is with us along this path. My favorite poem is Footprints in the Sand! America will prevail because God is with us and he will keep protecting us all! Howard you are always right on in your great articles. Thank you!

  11. In a post above someone asked “why is politics these day attracting the worst, most idiotic people?” It’s because the rest of have jobs and work for a living. We have very little time or desire, to retrain these idiots.

  12. Race, nation or ancestral origins have little to do with individual choices. Granted, we are fed info all our lives that, for most of us, has bearing on who we become. BUT, it is always our choice (conscious or not) to BE that person. Just because someone is born Jewish doesn’t mean they won’t believe Satan’s lies (just as Eve did, and she was ‘perfect’ up to that point). It is war between good & evil & the prize is our souls. Will we choose good (the hard way) or evil (the enticing/easy way)?

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