The NFL Is Governed By Very Rich, Stupid & Greedy People


Once Again . . . Thank You All – for your Concerns & Suggestions, but Anne, Stryker & I are Fine. And now is the Issue of Dealing with the Aftermath Repair of the Collision.

And Now’s The Time . . . to See if what I’ve been Paying an Enormous Amount of Money for, for the Best Insurance Possible, is if it has been really Worth the Costs we’ve Spent for the Premiums over the many Years – Accident & Ticket-Free Driving.

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Globalism, The Internet & Big Business Are Creating A Dangerous False Narrative (Society).

When I Hear Buzzwords – Like Democratic Socialism . . . all I can think of is an OXYMORON, such as . . . The Ice was so Cold, I Burnt Myself Touching it. An Oxymoron is Essentially Two Opposite Concepts Married Together to form a Misnomer. Or A Total Contradiction Of Facts.

Therefore . . . When we Hear how the LEFT Portrays Democratic Socialism, there are Multiple Truisms to Consider.


1 – In Our North American Socio/Political Belief System, Especially in the United States of America, the Constitution was Created almost 250-Years Ago, to Establish a Legal System for all, but also to Protect the Rights of the Individual from Government Excess & Abuse.

2 – Socialism, is simply Defined as the Government TAKING, even by Force, from One (who has earned it) to give to Another (who did not earn it), which is absolutely Incongruous (Totally Incompatible) with the Tenets of the American Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

3 – So . . . One Cannot assume to be Free, when what you have could be Forcibly Taken from you by the State, simply to give to someone else.

We Already Have That Practice . . . The Question Is – How much of your Freedom are you Prepared to Surrender to the Government in the Name of Socialism, to the Point of Surrendering it all? Because – As It Is . . . We’ve Already Lost Too Much Freedom To The Government.


I Imagine Many Of You Remember The Movie – “Roller Ball”, which was Set in a Futuristic Dystopic American Society in a Globalized World, where the People were Dumbed-Down by the Government & Giant Corporations, through Legalized Drugs and a Violent Roller-Skate Game, which the People Grasped as Part of Pseudo Nationalism, Which Reminds Me Of The NFL.

The NFL Players Aren’t Just Talented Athletes . . . Many of Whom are Brutes, Who are Literally Icons, National Heroes & Gridiron Warriors in the Minds of Many. And the NFL isn’t Just about a Professional Sport.

The NFL Promotes Itself as being Ultra Patriotic, with Marching Military Bands, Uniformed Military Color Guards & Military Flyovers.

IN REALITY . . . The NFL are amongst the Worst & Most Money-Hungry & Greediest Bastards in the United States of America, because, if the NFL Was Actually the Patriotic League it Purports to be . . . Kaepernick and any other Player Who Wouldn’t Stand Proudly for the National Anthem and the Stars & Stripes, Would be Immediately Fired & Banned from Ever Playing Again.

And you know All the Great Pro Military Ads around the NFL Stadiums, and upon NFL Television & Internet Productions . . . None Are Donated By The NFL, But Rather, are Paid  To The NFL by the US Military. So Much For Love Of Nation.

Then There’s Nike . . . Who Removed 13-Colony Flag Adorned Sneakers – At The Behest Of Kaepernick.


I Don’t Know if Justin Trudeau is the Worst Prime Minister in Canadian History, but I have to Assume that Trudeau is well in the Running.

Justin Trudeau . . . Before becoming a Liberal Politician NEVER had a Full Time Job. Trudeau was a Part-Time Drama Teacher at a Private School. Trudeau was a Snowboard Instructor. And was also Bouncer in a British Columbia Bar.

Trudeau’s Political Claim To Fame . . . is that he Legalized Marijuana across Canada, and Admittedly Smoked a “Joint” (maybe more) while Prime Minister.

Trudeau Lied About Planning To Pay Down The National Debt . . . and is Running-It-Up, Seemingly as Fast as he Can. And has Screwed Alberta & Saskatchewan over Pipeline Promises, to the Extreme Detriment of the Two Once-Oil-Rich Western Provinces.

And Whether Trudeau Wins A Second Term This October 21, 2019, a Major Part of his Legacy, will be a Suffocating Carbon Tax, High Taxes, Real Inflation & Low Productivity in the Private Sector.

And Now . . . Trudeau, who Ran as the Champion of the Masses, Pro-Women, Pro-Ethic Canadians, Pro-Open & Honest Government & Pro-Canadian Image on the International Scene.

So . . . Here Is Justin Trudeau Less Than 4-Years Later . . .

Trudeau Tried to Stop a Government Investigation into a Canadian-Based International Construction Company (Lavalin) with Close Ties to his Liberal Party.

Trudeau Kicked Out Two High Profile Women from the Liberal Party, because they Wouldn’t Cave to his Demand that they Drop the Lavalin Investigation. One of the Women was a Native (Former Chief) Liberal Justice Minister (Jody Wilson-Raybould), who is now Running as an Independent Candidate. And will probably Win.

And In Case You Didn’t Know . . . Justin Trudeau, just one Year Ago, Dressed Himself, his Wife & Two Children in Very Traditional Ceremonial Indian Garb, as if they were Actors in a Performance, which No One in Modern India Wears, as Trudeau and the Family Toured India on the Canadian Taxpayers’ Dime.

Canadians Were Embarrassed – The Indians Were Mortified.

AND NOW . . . TRUDEAU IS CAUGHT IN BLACK-FACE . . . Not Once, Not Twice, but at Least 3-Times, which Trudeau will Admit to.

And How Did Trudeau Explain These Pictures. I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry. I Learned my Lesson. That was then and this is Now.

And Believe It Or Not . . . Trudeau States That He Did This – Because . . . “I Come From A Place Of Privilege” even though Trudeau was 29-Years Old, and Teaching when he was Last Caught Wearing Black-Face.  Imagine that . . . Trudeau is a Schmuck because he was Born with a Silver Spoon-In-His-Mouth.

The Capper – Is that a near Teary-Eyed Justin Trudeau Implied that his Father (Pierre Elliott) would be Horrified at these Actions of his Son. The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree.

During WWII, as More than a Million Canadians were Fighting-It-Out Against the Nazis in Europe, Daddy Trudeau was Flirting with a Fascist French Quebec Group, and Rode his Motorcycle Dressed in Nazi Regalia throughout the Quebec Country-Side.

PS – Justin Trudeau Is A Socialist.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wikipedia on Trudeau now says Justin has two (2) MA degrees. One from McGill and One from UBC As in 8 year Masters degrees. The Wiki entry would qualify Justin for full time paid teaching positions or being a Supt of Schools And 10 years ago I noticed the only Canadian football grads getting full-ride scholarships in the US were from Liberal families.

  2. where’s all the outrage from the left when Dave Chappelle,the best there is,had his ‘white face skits’?

  3. You are absolutely right, Howard. (well I know you’re not “left” !!! (hahaha – sorry, couldn’t resist) But not only the NFL….what about the greedy NHL…whereby the once proud Montreal Canadiens used to play hockey for the love of the game and loyalty to the team & fans? Now it’s just a bunch of General Managers paying millions of dollars BUYING PLAYERS !!! That’s the new game & the hottest game in town…BUYING PLAYERS !!! Sign a contract for a hundred mil and YOU SCORE !!! :>( Bruce$ter

  4. Professional sports? The opium of the people. They can pay these goons as much as they want. The ticket holder gets it all in the end. trudeau? (doesn’t merit a cap “T”) is a child in big boys clothes. If his name had had been Joe Smith he would still be teaching ballet, or whatever.

  5. When the fiberals highlighted a video of Scheer from 2005 expressing his opinion against gay marriage, they had full intent of crucifying him on the spot. No mercy. Now when it’s their Messiah’s in the hot seat, it’s “We are asking for your forgiveness, since it was soooooooooooo long ago.” Alright, buddy, cry me a river, we get it, if it’s done by a Conservative it’s bad, if it’s done by a lefty fiberal, dipper or green it’s all good. When are sheeples going to wake up before it’s too late !!!!

  6. Great article Howard on the NFL. Empty seats are visible. The fans I know have stopped going. No sport anymore just big business and college level is close behind!

  7. Hey Howard, regarding the NFL, not sure about the “Stupid” part, they’re smart enough to DUPE MILLIONS! I’m watching the demise of these United States, under the guise of free, Free, FREE! Reminded of Patrick Henry statement, “Give Me Liberty OR Give Me Death” Now it’s give me Free and I’ll give you my Liberty! Hoping things work out for the best regarding you Pick Up. Thanks again for ALL you do.

  8. No more NFL for me. Or the PGA Tour either. Anyone who wears the Nike Swoosh has betrayed both ethics and country. Same goes for the young tennis sensation from Canada. These people have sold their souls for the almighty buck.

  9. 50 years in Canada, never an insurance claim. Recently a flying rock broke the windscreen; not covered. Trudeau obfuscates, he’s an expert, he will be forgiven by his supporters and his body language shows he doesn’t care about his blackface, just like he didn’t care how much he embarrassed Canada in India. One must always note his forte is drama, he was a teacher. Good to hear you and Anne are o.k. and no after effects. If Trudeau wins the election, Canada is doomed.

  10. I heard the average price of an NFL ticket this year is $250.00. That has me priced out.

  11. Excellent editorial, as usual. Just want to point out that I looked for the icon to increase the size of the font. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear where it’s supposed to be. Best regards.

  12. To DUMB DOWN people ASSURES that they can be CONTROLLED. It’s the RADICALS’ Agenda! Also, giving people FREE STUFF does the same thing.POLITICS are often compared to SPORTS. Wonder why? They are all part of the ELITES who “couldn’t care less” about the LITTLE PEOPLE–only their money! TRUDEAU is a REPLICA of OBAMA.God help you all if he is re-elected! Why Is the defense of “This was then & this is now” ONLY ACCEPTED as GENUINE for LIBERALS? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! AMEN!

  13. Amalia, click on the three white bars, then on the left side is the circle with the two a’s , Aa.? click on that!

  14. Some people are not going to like my comment, and that’s alright with me. Regardless of the actor the “act” of dressing up as someone you’re not should not be played against a person as being racist. When the shoe is on the other foot ala the Wayan brothers movie White Chicks, not a negative word is heard. So let’s get back to the pre-Obama days where we could all joke and laugh at ourselves and poke fun at each other.

  15. Hey Howard. Just for clarity black face has been considered denigrating and racist for years. When I was a kid back in the 40’s and 50’s the terms that described a black person pictured him as stupid and incompetent. The common caricature was fuzzy hair and ragged pants and flashing big white teeth. That was exactly what Trudeau danced around portraying in the video. Deliberately racist and he’s not sure how many times he did that. His apology was not sincere. Elitists don’t apologize eh.

  16. Thanks Howard for the info on how to make your font larger. Now my husband will be able to enjoy your editorials even more. Good luck with your insurance claim for your unfortunate accident…and yes, thankfully no serious injuries!

  17. Wow you sure do not like that man very much, not to worry I did not like Obama either. Not much more to say about either one of them. I know why Obama made it to the White House and hopefully your people in Canada did not vote for the other man today for it is the 21st of Sept. best of luck to you all. Thank you for making the letters bigger I can read this now. Have a wonderful happy Sunday go ride your horse for me. Happy Trails :))

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