Even The Strongest Balloon Bursts With Too Much Air


I Very much Appreciate the Positive Response I have been Receiving for my Podcasts. And because People have given me their Approbation – I’ll Carry-On Carrying-On.


Just A Special Note . . . I work REALLY Hard to be Factful, so I Don’t Appreciate it when People Suggest or come Right-Out with an Accusation or Statement, or even a Suggestion that I am Wrong or have been Caught Lying when it’s not True.

My Reputation As An Honest & Accurate Purveyor Of The Media Is Everything To What I Say & Write.

I’m Not The Mainstream News . . . No Fact Checkers, No Big Budget & No Special Editors. What I have to Offer all the People who Read or Listen to Galganov.com is Credibility – Reliable Opinions & Facts.

So . . . When you Comment and want to Criticize me for Something you “Think” I Wrote or Said that you Believe was Inaccurate – Know Your Facts Before You Do.


1 – The Bigger They Are – The Harder They Fall.

2 – Whatever Goes Up Must Come Down.

3 – No One & Nothing Is Too Big To Fail.

4 – For Every Action There Is An Equal & Opposite Reaction.

5 – The Flutter Of  The Wings Of A Butterfly Disturbs A Distant Star.

I Can Go On & On . . . But I know that you Get the Gist of what I’m Writing. There are some things that Defy Conjecture & BS, such as the Few Truisms which are Listed above.

So . . . Here we are with things Exploding all around us, seemingly Resolvable by Commonsense and Intellectual Debate – because, since the End of the North Korean Hostilities in the 1950’s & the Vietnam War in the 1970’s – We PRETEND that everything Could be Worked-Out Amongst Intellectualists at Places like the UN & EU . . . BUT THAT ISN’T A TRUISM.

Since The End Of The Vietnam War & North Korean Hostilities, Not in any Particular Order . . . There was the Cold War with Russia (Soviet Union), Multiple Wars between Arabs & Jews, Slaughters in Africa (Rwanda), the War Between Iran & Iraq, the Serbian/Bosnian War, Two Iraqi/American Wars, the Russia/Afghanistan War, 9/11, the Current Afghanistan/American War . . . and Multiple Hot Spots Everywhere, Including what’s happening in Hong Kong as I Write this Editorial, Plus The Real Threat Of An All-Out War Between Israel & Iranian Proxies.

Understand This . . . Israel Can Win 1,000-Wars & Nothing Will Change. Israel Loses One – & It’s The End Of Israel.

I Worry Far Less About The Opportunistic Russians . . . than I do about the Hostile Empire-Building Chinese. And I’m Not Numb to the Crisis between India & Pakistan.

And Much Sooner Rather Than Later – There Will Be A Major World Conflagration.

We Can’t Have This Kind Of Build-Up . . . Like Overfilling a Balloon Beyond Reasonable Expectations that it will Continue to Expand Forever – Because It Won’t.


Being that the European Union is a Feckless Paper-Tiger, where the Leaders are Nothing More than Strutting Self-Talkers, NATO Is America, and the UN is an International Club for Despicable Political Parasites . . . Who Besides The United States Of America Is Going To Protect The Freedoms Of The World?


To Me . . . President Trump, with all his Many Imperfections is the PERFECT Leader for the Times. You Don’t like What President Trump Says – Tough On You! You Don’t like the Way President Trump Says Things – Double Tough On You!

Because, the Alternative is A One World Socialist Government . . . where the Elites will Tell you What to Say & What to Think, and How to Say it – And How to Think It.

Do you like the Idea that China has Rapidly become a Serious World Player, where the Chinese Communist Party Boasts about being a Tyranny, as the Chinese Government Pulls-Out all the Stops to Replace the United States of America as the Dominant Country & Currency in the World? . . . Because That’s Where The World Was Headed.

And If It Wasn’t For President Donald Trump . . . Who Would Be There To Stop The Chinese Juggernaut?

It’s Incredible that the Block-Heads around the World, but Specifically in the United States of America & Canada, Don’t Understand, Know, Nor Even Seem to Care that Socialism (AKA Communism) has been Responsible for more than 100-Million Political Murders just in the Past 100-Years, which was more than Double the Amount of People . . . Killed In Both World Wars.

And Very Few Seem To Even Care That More Than A Billion People Suffered Under The Yoke of Socialism.


Remember – It Was George HW Bush–41 . . . Who First Spoke About A New World Order. Clinton Opened the Cash & Power Floodgates for China through WTO Negotiations with the Chinese, to be Ratified by George W Bush-43 in December 2001. And Barack Hussein Obama, Sat in the White House for 8-Long Years, Watching the Chinese Steal America’s Breakfast, while coming back for America’s Lunch.

I’ve Ridden My Motorcycle . . . Throughout North Eastern New York State, all  through the Center of the USA through Flyover Country during the Presidency of Barack Obama. And I saw Failed Towns, one after another from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, from Texas to Florida, and saw a Heaping Amount of Despair, where even Local Gas Stations Couldn’t Afford to Stay Open.


So What Can Anyone Say About . . . A Slew of Democrat Presidential Wannabes & Democrat Members of Congress (House & Senate), who want to Destroy the American Dream on the Altar of Socialism, While President Trump is Taking-On the Whole World . . . To Make America Great Again?

And how will the LEFT Explain why China Beating America in the Trade War will be Better for America and the Rest Of the World, than if President Trump Triumphs, even if it Means the Average American Might have to Pay $2 At The Dollar Store, and a Manufacturer in China will Earn a Bit Less Money, because that Corporation will have to Pay the US-Tariff, or be ”FORCED” to Manufacture whatever it is that it Manufacturers at Home in America, Rather than in China?

As Weird As This Seems . . . If This Was Akin To WWII, it would be as if the Congress would be Hog-Tying FDR & Truman as they Fought Against Hitler & Hirohito.

It’s Coming At “Trump” From Every Direction . . . And He’s Still Winning For America. And it appears that the American LEFT, Including the Democrats want President Trump to Lose, which would mean that America Loses.

Terrifyingly . . . It Is Indeed Possible That The LEFT Could Win It All In 2020.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m appreciative to read your editorials that provide insight and honesty . I’m so fed up with fake news and most of Fox lately.

  2. How can anyone give you a contrary or false critique when you always hit the nail on the head with every blog and podcast. I say you are on the right road and continue to do what you do best, you have my entire backing. About WW3, it’s not if but when and it’s coming but most sheeples on this planet are still asleep and still thinks that life is honky dory. When we hit that wall, will it ever be a rude awakening for most that bury their heads like an ostrich.

  3. Yes, the sheeple really are that dumb. With his deplorable track record Trudeau should be facing oblivion; instead, he may well win a second mandate. Trump should be universally hailed as a hero; instead, he is denounced and smeared at every turn. The sheeple are stupid because they are ignorant. They are ignorant because they are misinformed by the corrupt corporate media. The media collude with the Demonrats because together they can achieve unlimited power. This loop is the Enemy Within.

  4. My cable provider-Frontier Comms. has just eliminated the Glenn Beck–Blaze TV–from their line up, WITHOUT EXPLANATION. Glenn Beck, like him or not, is another voice, against the Leftists, who has been silenced. This is disgusting and we need to contact Frontier Comms and complain.

  5. The leftists are afflicted with a mental disorder. That’s the only rational explanation of their behaviour.

  6. It appears as if the Left will again win in Canada. Latest polls show the Liberals heading to another possible majority. So the Canadian Electorate are a lost cause. “You can fix ignorance, but you can’t fix stupid “.

  7. Excellent Editorial!! Sooner or later the ‘balloon blower’ will run out of ‘air’ and as he/she takes another breath I sincerely hope the balloon bursts on its own accord. Trump’s accomplishments need to be shown OVER & OVER so that when folks go to the polls they will KNOW who the BEST of the ‘runners’ is…….TRUMP. The LEFT can just BLOW! AGAIN!! But THAT will be their LAST HURRAH! GO TRUMP GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If history and geography was taught in schools, this and the past generation would have learned what socialism and communism are really about, they would have learned how many millions were killed by them, that they are excellent at making promises that they know they will never keep and also know very many will believe their lies. Hong Kong is a living example of what to expect but that is now. History could tell so many more like it but if the people don’t know the empty promises can continue.

  9. Most people have been dummied-down and pacified to such an extent they no longer realize when they are being slowly destroyed as free and respected citizens. They are brainwashed to follow meaningless cause-du-jours to be kept controlled and in line by our media and leaders. And whatever they do know or see they no longer have the wherewithal or spine to do anything about it.

  10. Howard, keep on keeping on. I appreciate your comments and perspective on current events happening in America, Canada and around the world.

  11. Unfortunately, for the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the world. You got that right……….TERRIFYING. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  12. Howard this is an excellent editorial. We all make mistakes and some make more, but the great ones admit to an error and go ON with their cause. If we are all doomed in “2020”, those most responsible are the current generation, who have listened to piebeian educators, with no experience in real life struggle and spouting the perfect world (which does not exist) in our time.

  13. As always, great editorial – insightful and true, as far as I and the rest of today’s comments, indicate. As a Canadian, I want to get rid of Trudope, altho’ I don’t know who would be good for Canada. And I want Trump to win in 2020! It’s too bad Trump isn’t our leader, but we can’t have everything (in this case – anything!). People generally are stupid – so gullible, with heads buried in the sand. Too bad you aren’t on National TV in Canada and USA – maybe folks can learn something from you!

  14. I’m not much of a TV watcher, but I was at a friend’s house and she’s crazy about Sgt. Hank Voight on “CHICAGO P.D.” – She was watching this Voight character beating the hell out of someone and kicking him. So I asked my friend Joyce….what did this guy do to deserve such a beating ??? “He raped and killed a young girl.” I looked at Joyce and said: “We need people like Sgt. Hank Voight.” And she told me that we also need U.S. Presidents like Donald Trump. Joyce is American. :>) – Brucester

  15. Howard my favorite saying on pretty much a daily basis is “Endeavor To Persevere” You do this very well with words and with your new Pod Cast. I Enjoy both and glad to hear you will be ” Carry-On Carrying-On”

  16. invade America? NO Why we have too many guns Venezuala like to throw rocks what if they had guns What about Hong Kong what if they had guns. Jews in WW2 what if they had guns. Russia? been there twice what a sorry country, Feel sorry for the people. Defeated the British in the 1700, we had guns. Sorry for the bad guys of today. Drunk Drivers we better take cars. NO more drunks then no more wiskey. See all problems solved.

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