Entitled To Everything . . . But The Truth & Consequences


James Comey . . . Fired Director Of The FBI Is As Guilty As Sin . . . Period. Full Stop!

But To The Great Chagrin Of The American People . . . and People everywhere, who Rely on the Open Display of Equal Justice in America, Comey is Protected by the Deep State, because Comey Knows Too Much . . . And Far Too Many People Who “Are Important”,  who will go Down with Comey, if Comey is ever Really Held to Account for his Brazen & Illegal Political Means.

So Real Justice In America Will Not Be Done . . . And That’s A Travesty.

POLITICIANS . . . Have no Respect for the People to whom they Pander for Votes, Because if they Did, they Wouldn’t think that so many People are so Stupid, that the Voters Can’t see through their Incompetence, Lies, Distortions & Past Failed History.


Much Sooner Rather Than Later . . . The Entire World will in One Way or Another be Engulfed in Extremely Hostile Actions. I Suspect, Knowing all that I can Discern, is that Israel will be Going Head-To-Head Against Hezbollah, Hamas and other Iranian Proxies Sooner Rather than Later, if not Iran Itself – Head-On.

And when the Shooting Starts, I’m quite Certain Israel Won’t be Satisfied with Fighting for a Tie (Ceasefire) . . . and will Go All-Out to Punish Israel’s Enemies to the Point, where Israel’s Enemies will be Incapable or Unwilling to Challenge Israel any Time in the Near Future after this Impending War.

And a Bonus from this War will End the Stupidity of a Two State Solution in Israel, where the Palestinian State will Include Jordan as the Bulwark of its Nation, which was Never a Real Country (Trans Jordan), but Rather, a Country “Created” by the Europeans (British) after the Defeat of the Ottoman Empire (WWI).

In Fact . . . There Already Is A Country Inhabited By “Palestinians”.

And In Reality . . . The King of Jordan, the Son & Grandson of Jordanian Kings, where the Lineage Began after the Fall of the Ottoman Empire, were Enthroned by the British after WWI.

Before the Creation of Jordan, the Region was Known as Trans Jordan, which was part of the Region of Palestine, which included Lebanon, Syria & Israel.  And Today, that area known as the Sovereign Country of Jordan, is Inhabited by about 80%  People Of “Palestinian” Descent.

King Abdula is a Hashemite Usurper to the People of Jordan, as were his Grandfather & Father. It’s only a Matter of Time before Abdula is Dethroned & Jordan Becomes the New/Old Palestine.


I also Suspect North Korea is going to Push The Envelope Beyond the Point of Patience & Cross the Rubicon, and will Find Itself in a Brutal War it Can’t Win, but in the Process will Cause Enormous Pain & Destruction on the Peninsula.

Russia . . .  Isn’t a Shadow of its Former Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain-Self, as if Russia was ever a “Real” World Power in the 20th & 21st Centuries, which President Reagan Proved Not to be the Case. But Nonetheless, Russia is a World Player, which I think is Trying to Figure-Out who to Play with.

And If Syria Is An Example Of A Great Ally For Russia . . .

Need I Write More? Since I can’t Think of any other “Friend” & Ally the Russians Have. And Syria is Hardly an Ally.


China Is A Bankrupt Country . . . Surviving With a Dictatorial Government Ruling by Fear, which is not Nearly as Stable as the Chinese would have us Believe, supported by Slave Labor, Indentured Employees, A Useless Currency, and a Severe Need to Sell its Ruthlessly Underpriced Products Abroad.

Couple that with an Impoverished Population of Nearly One & A Half Billion People, a Massive Military that Wouldn’t Stand a Chance Against the USA & America’s Allies in a Global War . . . And The Only Way The Chinese Seem To Develop Technologies – Is To Steal Them From The USA & Others.

Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, India and even Russia, are not Friends of China, who all either share a Border with the Totalitarian “Communist/Fascist” State, or are in Close Enough Proximity to Give China More than Enough to Worry About, if China Decides to become More of a Bad Actor than China Already is.


The Rich, The Famous, The Powerful . . . & Academic Cheating – Why Not?

When the Grand Daddy of all Cheating has been Affirmative Action . . . Granting Something of Real Value to People who Haven’t Earned it, Based just on the Color of a Person’s Skin? And the Government Representatives (Senate & Congress) Lie & Cheat for Votes & Power. And the Media Award themselves Substantially for Either Lying, Slanting, or Creating News . . . What-Else can Anyone Expect from the Rich, Famous & “Connected” Elites?

Now Couple that with Entertainers, who “Self-Hero-Worship”, where Actors, Writers, Directors, Producers, Performers – Etc . . . Feel Impervious to the Same Norms, Laws & Standards the “Little-People” – Like You & Me Who Are Not Entitled To.

Based On The Newly Accepted Standards Of Where Our Government(s) Is Going . . . Why Should Anyone Be Surprised That Elitists Feel Entitled To What The Rest Of Us Are Not?


Big Pharma Produced A Legal Product, which is a Combination of Super Addictive Drugs, which the FDA Approved, and Authorized Doctors Everywhere to Prescribe, which Pharmacists Distributed.

BIG PHARMA IS NOT GUILTY. There is a Pain-Management Benefit to these Legal Drugs. The Problem as I see it is Simple. And it all Starts with the Prescribing Doctors and the End Users.

The Doctors Over Prescribed & The End Users Overused.

I Was A Smoker From The Time I Was 12-Years Old. No one Made Me Smoke. No one Made Me Inhale. And no one Refused to sell me Cigarettes, Cigars or Pipe Tobacco.  And no one was Responsible for my Addiction to Tobacco (More Than 2-Packs A Day), other than me . . . Not the Tobacco Growers, Producers, Refiners, Packagers, Transporters or Retailers. I Was Fully Responsible For My Own Addiction . . . JUST ME.

So One Day I Bit The Bullet . . . Ended my Habit Cold-Turkey, more than 30-Years Ago, Suffered from Withdrawal & Beat the Addiction. It was Really Hard. But I Did it because I Wanted to do it.

The Same Can Be Said for People who were (are) Addicted to Alcohol & Gambling, who also Beat the Addiction. It’s too Easy to Blame the Legal Producers, when they’re Not the Guilty Party, because there’s More than Enough Blame to go Around.

ALSO – There’s A Dangerous & Slippery Slope To Blaming & Punishing The Manufacturers Of Opioids.

If you can Blame & Punish the Manufacturers for Making & Distributing a Legal Product under the Guidance & Standards of the Government . . . What will Stop Laying Blame at Meat & Cheese Producers for High Cholesterol? Sugar, Corn & Bread for Diabetes? Gun & Bullet Manufacturers & Sellers for Shootings of any Kind? Etc-Etc-Etc . . .

The List Of Who Or Whom . . . We Can Blame For Our Own Mistakes Is Endless.

When Will We Finally Take Responsibility For Our Own Actions?


Jeffrey Epstein Was A Despicable Man. But so were all the other Men & Women who Played the Epstein Game of Screwing Young (Underaged) Girls.

So Let Me Tell You What I Didn’t Hear Once – RAPE!

I Never Heard One Of The “Victims” Say She was Raped. As a Matter of Fact, the Women I’ve Seen on Television, Shedding Tears about their Experiences with Epstein when they were Young, Never Said they were Forced (Raped) to have Sex, or Held Against Their Will.

What Epstein & “Friends” Did Was Wrong. Very Wrong. But Epstein was only One Player in this Sordid “Game”, where Blame should be Laid at the Feet of all the Actors, including the Men, the Women . . . Yes, and even the Girls who were Very Young, but all Seemed to have been Willing Participants.

I Don’t Think Epstein Killed Himself. I Think Epstein was Killed to Protect the Same People who are Part of the Deep State, and the Socio/Political Swamp. And they Won’t be Found.


Fox News might want to Slough-Off the President’s Criticism of who Fox News wants to Showcase, like LEFTIST Cheaters, Liars & Dumbbells. But President Trump is Only Saying in Public, what a Great many Fox News Viewers are also Saying Privately One to Another.

Just Like In Politics – Your Viewer Base Is Who You Are. Piss Them Off & It’s Good Night Irene – & It Will Be All She Wrote.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Awesome – your best yet. Observations: Reduce Israel’s enemies to radioactive rubble. Supply Japan, South Korea and Taiwan with nuclear weapons. Engage with Russia as a potent ally. Eliminate with extreme prejudice every member of the Deep State. Teach our youth that drug addiction is a character flaw; it is not the fault of the pharmaceutical industry. Vote Trudeau out of office. He is absolutely the worst prime minister in Canadian history.

  2. Can the Attorney General of the United States please explain exactly what laws the Democrats have to break in order to warrant a prosecution? Because they aren’t the same laws that conservatives get prosecuted for breaking.

  3. Greetings: The FOX channel has had a long winning streak, none more than during the AGE OF TRUMP! But something, somewhere, somewhat, somehow, the LEFT HAS INFILTRATED FOX! What was once a united front AGAINST the left, has become the FACE OF THE LEFT! Shepherd Smith is a FOOL! He speaks & acts like a POMPOUS ASS! It’s almost as if this particular “news” program is MANUFACTURED… RIGHT OUT OF HOLLYWOOD! More often, I find myself cherrypicking my FOX programs & then switching over to OAN.

  4. This was as always a good one to read and learn from. I smoked as well for 40 yrs and so sorry I did but I did end up doing cold turkey but it was to late I had already ruined my lungs so I have COPD but that is my own fault no one else. As for Israel I hope it does bomb Iran that may sound horrible but if it keep them safe from then on do it.China & Russia I would not trust either one of those countries. Never have never will. Thank you for your Editorial as always it is great .

  5. right on Howard,the #me too movement is total BS. I got drunk last night and had sex..if someone finds out,what will they think of me..oh I know..I was raped,I will destroy his reputation to save mine..people HAVE to be believe me,it’s my reputation !

  6. Opioids are also flooding across the southern border (and the Big Pharma, Doctors and Pharmacists are not even part of this parallel pathway – just the criminals.

  7. A person can’t quit if they are ‘trying’; only quit when they ‘quit’. Started smoking at young age, addicted, ‘tried’ for a few years to quit. 45 years ago, I had the flu, and couldn’t smoke for a few days. When well, I reached for cig – ‘a bell went off’ in my mind; I said to myself…I didn’t smoke for few days, doesn’t matter why…point is, if I didn’t smoke then I don’t have to smoke now. I said to myself, “I’ll never smoke another cig” – and I have not! It’s mind over matter.

  8. Enjoyed this editorial a lot as it covered multiple timely issues informatively, to the point and quickly; then moved on to the next. Kind of like news headlines. Different and a good change – occasionally. Like your in-depth ones too, but the break was nice. Thanks for a synopsis today. Have a good/great Labor Day weekend, even though it’s a USA holiday.

  9. As for tobacco no one is suing the [sic] first nations. And when the beneficial results of marijuana come in who are you going to sue? Here’s a tricky question for the abortionists: Do you wish that you were aborted??? If you’re a deep thinker answer that question yourself. Have fun – i think.

  10. August 6th. 1100 hrs. Last smoke. Cold turkey. Pain subsiding slowly. 2 decks a day. Damn proud of this. I did it for me. You’re spot on about addiction mate. We are the makers of our own misfortune indeed!

  11. And the greatest travesty is when these scoundrels are found guilty the penalties are a “slap on the wrist” whereas you or I would be in the slammer!

  12. I AGREE 100%. I am responsible for my own actions, addictions. I am an opioid user, have pain and injuries from all the dumb things I did as a young man. The VA has limited the amount and strength of what I can get, I am a big boy who can manage my own pain. Our world is broken, blame someone else for our failures it is easy to do, instead of looking in the mirror and blaming the source of most of my personal problems. When money is involved anything is possible No Rape has been claimed.

  13. Started smoking at 14. Quit 12 years later when they went up to thirty cents a pack. No pain, no addiction. I quit because I wanted to, what I tell smokers is, “you won’t quit until you WANT to.” The Bible tells us about the time of the end: Wars and rumors of war, good being bad and bad being good. God’s words. Take heed. It’s all coming to a head. God bless you and your readers.

  14. FANTASTIC EDITORIAL HOWARD !! If a person starts smoking and realizes later they are unable to quit DO NOT sample any drugs for any reason as the problem with addiction is much different in some people and they can have NO CONTROL of an addictive chemical ! TAKE HEED !!!

  15. The world is split into 3 elements – Those non-westerners that wish to destroy the west, its allies and their values. Westerners who see reason and wish to protect the west, its allies and their values. And westerners who cannot see or deal in reason who wish to allow the west, its allies and their values to be destroyed for their personal agendas.

  16. It’s very simple! These days and for whatever REASON(S), most people (individuals & government) tend to LIE to gain whatever they NEED & WANT! The TRUTH no longer matters. BUT, when it IS REVEALED, these SAME people CLAIM to be INNOCENT re: their INAPPROPRIATE ACTIONS & believe that APOLOGIES will RECTIFY things. While ROME [America] BURNS, Nero [Congress] PLAYS his FIDDLE!I Is AMERICA becoming the next Sodom & Gomorrah? The antichrist system has taken its place with its antichrist laws! AMEN!

  17. As usual, your remarks are right on! I agree with everything you said and also, like you, I believe Epstein did NOT commit suicide for the very reason you cite!

  18. in the wall st. journal today an article about the young Chinese and their spending habits,They are worse than our millaniel They have many credit cards and some use one to pay off another most cars are sold to under thirty year olds. I see a collapse coming there in the near future what a house of cards.

  19. Your comments are right on base. We have no perfect persons in our midst. Just some worse and much worse than others. Today in this World is filled with all kinds of false illusions, lies, half truths. But our Lord is the way and try to live up to his commandments (even though the best of us do not). But try!

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