This Is Tyranny


Yesterday – August 20, 2022 . . . Quite a Few Readers of Notified me that they Could Not Open the Editorial. It seems that the Main Culprit Might Have Been Safari.

There is No Shortage of Internet Companies & Search Engines which will Do Whatever they Can to Screw with Conservative Websites Like And as Hard as they Try to Take us all Down, That’s How Hard I’ll Keep Going To Make Sure They Won’t . . . At Least Not With Me.

As Of A Few Days Ago . . . We are Going Full Steam to Upgrade the Platform of in Every Way Necessary, Including the Movement of our Hosting Service to Another More Reliable Service that Should be Far Better Protected.

If You Can’t Read What I Write – What I Write Will Have No Meaning Or Consequence . . . So What Would Be The Use?

I Don’t Want to Invest the Money to Change the Look of, Especially Since I Like the Appearance – And the “Backdoor” Changes are Already Going to Cost a Great Deal of Money all on their Own, But you Might see some Home Page & Functionality Changes Nonetheless. The Goal is to Keep as Simple & User Friendly, with the Least Amount of Complications Possible.

Either Way, Galganov.Com Will Be A More Secure Website Compatible With The Latest Web Platforms.


They Tried to Take-Out Dave Chapelle on Stage Because they Didn’t Like his Gender-Humor. They Tried to Stab Lee Zeldin in the Throat Because they Don’t Like Zeldin’s Politics. And they Did their Best to Murder Salman Rushdie, also on Stage, Because He Wrote the Truth of his Opinion on Islam Seen through the Eyes of Fundamentalist Islamists.

They Murdered JFK, Murdered Robert (Bobby) Kennedy, Murdered MLK (Martin Luther King) . . . And Shot Ronald Reagan.


As We Are Seeing . . . The FBI Through The Justice Department & Presidency Has Become Politicized To The LEFT.

But It’s Not Just The FBI . . . Throw-In the IRS and all the Other Federal Agencies which Pass Regulations Without Congressional Oversight, which Have the Capacity to Punish the People in Opposition Without Remorse.

Besides – Why Does The IRS Need To Be Armed & Ready To Shoot?

It’s Not that Hard to Name the Number of Political Opposition Leaders in Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Burma, South America – Etc . . . Who Have Simply Disappeared, were Poisoned, Imprisoned or Executed by the Government for Trumped-Up Charges, Or For The So-Called Good Of The Nation . . . Or Just Because.

Every-Time I Hear The LEFT Spew-Out Their Canard . . . that They’re Fighting to Preserve American Democracy from the Threats Posed by Conservative Americans, What I Actually Hear is the Precursor for the Excuse to Create a Situation with which to Suspend the Civil Rights & Liberates for all Who Disagree with the Government of the LEFT.


The Greatest Threat To The Crusade For The LEFT’S One-World-Government Is Donald J Trump Back In The White House.


Do You Think We’re Not Heading Towards Tyranny? – Good Morning . . . Tyranny Has Arrived While We Slept.


Trudeau Rushed to Crush the Canadian People (Trucker Convoy & Supporters) in his Insane & Tyrannical Use of the Emergencies Act, In Spite Of The TRUTH That Is Now Coming Forward Through Parliamentary Commissions . . . that Neither the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) Nor the Ottawa Police Service Ever Suggested that there was a Need for any Such Measure of Force.

They Had It All Under Control.

Further To The Point, The City of Ottawa’s Chief Negotiator (Dean French) had Specifically Told the Government of Trudeau that Negotiations with the Trucker Demonstrators had Already Concluded, with an Agreement that the Truckers would Abandon Without Delay, the Most Annoying Aspects of the Trucker Demonstrations . . . Without Pause Or Violence.

So Why The Draconian Emergencies Act, Which Is In Itself A Form Of Targeted Martial Law?

Not Only Did Trudeau Lose Favor With Most Canadians, Trudeau Also Lost Whatever Respect he Had as a World Leader with Significant Members of The European Union, NATO and the G-7, all of Whom, Whether I Like their Politics or Not, Do Not Subscribe To The Politics Of Tyranny.

As Of The Past Week . . . It has Become Illegal to Import Handguns into Canada, even for Legal Gun Owners like Anne & Myself. Was this an Action & Decision Debated & Made Into Law with the Passage of Parliament? The Succinct Answer Is No.

So What Gave Trudeau The Uncontested Right To Create Legislation Such As This?

Trudeau Took-It Upon Himself to Decide who in Canada Can Own Firearms & Who in Canada Cannot. And with this Draconian Passage of Trudeau’s Non-Parliamentary Edict, it is Just a Matter of Time Until the Ammunition for Existing Pistols (9mm, 40mm & 45’s) will Disappear. And Through The Non-Parliamentary Backdoor . . . The Canadian LEFT Will Achieve Gun Control.

Do You Know Who Else Passed Firearm Laws By Decree? . . . Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro & The Likes.


People with the Power & Wherewithal to Protect Themselves and their Freedoms from the Excessive Overreach of Government, are the Greatest Threat to Despotism & the Last Defense from Tyranny . . . The Despots Will Do Everything They Can To Strip Away That Power For Their Own Draconian Benefits.


Canada Is A Lost Cause . . . But America Is The Final Island Of Freedom On Which The Entire World Depends.


Unless They Cheat . . . There Will Be A Massive Red Wave This November In The House & A Red Majority In The Senate.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thanks again for a well written piece which is indeed a warning to America. Hoping & praying for a red wave this coming November.

  2. It’s true that all government agencies now have leftist agendas our greater enemies are our fellow citizens that believe and spew the same garbage.Not to mention fellow citizens that brainlessly follow orders telling them its all for the common good. I want to slap every person out of their mindless slumber who is alone on a deserted sidewalk or alone in their cars yet still wear useless masks. Our politicians see this too and smile per their job well done. I hope Pierre Poiliviere can save us.

  3. Howard this is one of your best blog’s. Trudeau has got to go as we are down the drain with this Commie Liberal P.M.

  4. Are fair elections even still possible since the left have usurped more and more control in recent year elections? Has the will of the people eroded to the extend that they have given up? With the reeducation or lack of true education for at least the last generation are they even aware? I hope all the before is not true and reality will kick in and true freedom prevails whic is certainly worth fighting for. The day and hour will come that all will face their final judgement.

  5. Howard, I just got censored by Yahoo for making a similar statement , I referred to the new IRS agents as Brown shirts and storm troopers,, the destroying of history books,confiscation of firearms wearing of masks as oppressive Govt. and the murdering of innocents (abortion) and the Recent raid on private homes by those storm troopers and brown shirts. Also a warning to Israel not to trust Herr Biden and to break out the swaztikas. . Hiel Biden is now the battle cry.

  6. I received your message yesterday. I’m not sure about Safari but I started using duckduckgo some time ago and have had little problem getting my messages from a wide variety of sources. Others might want to check it out.

  7. A agree with you. And because unelected bureaucrats commonly called the Deep State which was formally created by Woodrow Wilson have sold their souls to big finance and global elitists. They believe the elitists have included them in their multiple decade goal of a Liberal World Order. Keep in mind these bureaucrats, more than 82%, donate to Democratic candidates. That is why Trump’s expansion of appointees through schedule F is of vital importance.

  8. Keep on keeping on Howard. But take rest from time to time too. I hope Musk still finds a way to buy Twitter. I believe he was correct about bots on the site. The intention is to sway opinions left. I agree there will be a conservative/Republican wave in Nov, but also know Dems are doing all they can to take it over anyway to maintain control. Most citizens have no clue that we the people could loose our freedoms/liberties w/Dems still in power. Won’t wake up til it’s too late.

  9. lollllllll, the police have been crooked and corrupt to the core for decades in this country… Rise up, unite like-minded people, freedom lovers, plan, prepare, very, very large numbers…fight back when/if need be. My body, my choice. That’s freedom MF. Never forget: You have the right to physically resist unlawful orders ! It’s your right ! Don’t comply with tyranny. Be fearless. Prepare accordingly. Gotta love this metaphor from MMA, ‘kill or be killed”. UNITE. Fight for freedom.

  10. I submit that the left is corrct in wanting to preserve our democracy or what they are trying to make democratic. We have a Constitutional Republic which is different from democracy. The term democracy is not in the Constitution. The reason, I think, why the left and poorly informed right keep saying we have to preserve democracy is that most totalitarian countries are democracies. That’s two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for supper.

  11. Fantastic editorial Howard once again you have hit the nail on the head!! Trump’s life is in jeopardy along with many other Republicans. These Elites Oligarchs can kill without any repercussions. It’s time to TAKE BACK America and Canada….vote them OUT of Office. And be there when the voting is happening to keep the Vile Left from taking our RIGHTS & FREEDOMS away. No to Covid Vaccine’s….No to ArriveCan…Pierre Poilievre for Canadian RIGHTS!!

  12. Went across the border today, from Cranbrook, BC, to Eureka, Montana to golf. Good thing we had our Covid App on our phone, because agent said we couldn’t enter the US without proof of vaccinations. We didn’t know this. And then on returning to Canada, needed the ridiculous ArriveCAN App. Government stupidity on full display! US election could still go to Demoncrats! Why do you think they wanted latest $700 billion bill passed? Just another vote buying scheme with taxpayers money!

  13. DB needed to show proof of VAC to cross border, HMM, illegals don’t. Gun Control, exactly what happened in Europe with Hitler, Russia and Cuba, all before millions were killed. Unarmed folks are much easier targets. I am dealing with PTSD and was referred to Mental Health, first question asked, “Do you have guns?” Red Flag laws are in place to “Disarm anyone, they deem dangerous” I walked out of the appt. I will not be UNARMED ever. Weapons are in a safe place accessible to me, Civil War is

  14. It’s very encouraging to know that many Hispanics & Blacks are now supporting the Republicans! The RED WAVE will definitely happen in November & the LEFT knows it. The Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has also become more obvious & it’s the reason why the LEFT is so Desperate—as proven by the RAID! Trump is more than Ready for them! The Fake News is also more noticeable than ever before. People are finally Waking Up! The LEFT Cannot Defend how they’ve humiliated America! It’s Too Late! Ame

  15. What a mess! Trudeau and Freeland have done to a great country of Canada I will not forget Doug Ford who I voted for, how a disappointment he has become to our conservative values! Howard you are so right in what you write. Thank you

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