What’s Wrong With Making America Great Again?


This Might Be Amongst The Least Original Editorials I’ve Written, Since Everyone’s Sharing The Same Thought.

I Watched the Biden News Debacle Yesterday (May 10, 2022) Fully Expecting Biden to Mumble, Fumble & Issue Inanities, But I Never Expected Biden to Deliver a Cringe-Worthy Pro-Conservative Republican Political Campaign Point . . . A-La Crooked Hillary’s . . . “Bushel Of Deplorables” Comment.

Where Biden Meant To Insult Conservative Republicans . . . The Schmuck Did The Exact Opposite. And I Won’t be Surprised to See Men & Women Wearing “T” Shirts & Caps that Read ULTRA MAGA at the Next Trump Event.


Tim Hortons Is Akin To America’s Dunkin Donuts But Better.

For The Galganov.com American Audience . . . Tim Hortons is a Pan Canadian Coffee/Doughnut/Sandwich Shop Beloved by Canadians from Coast to Coast, which has been Rated as One of the Most Successful Franchises Anywhere.

So a Friend of Mine, Who I Haven’t Seen in Many Months . . . He & I were Scheduled to Meet at our Community Tim Hortons Sometime this Week, Depending on our Schedules . . . That Is Until I Received His Email Early This Morning.

As It Turns-Out, that Tim Hortons Cannot Open its Sit-In Dining for Lack of Employees & Can Only Serve their Customers through their Drive-Through.

Imagine This . . . In A Country that is Awash with Unemployed People, In Spite of the Government Propaganda, which Says Canadian Unemployment like American Unemployment is at Record Lows, Tim Hortons that Pays on Average $15 Per Hour . . . Can’t Find People to Work Pouring Coffee, Making Sandwiches, Putting Prepared Doughnuts in the Oven & Cleaning Tables.


More To The Point . . . Several Automotive Service Centers are Closed in our Neck of the Woods because they Can’t Find People to Do Simple Functions Like Changing-Oil & Rotating Tires.


Figures Don’t Lie – But Liars Use Figures . . .


In Canada . . . One of the Many Ways the Government Measures Unemployment, is by How Many People are Looking for Work, Opposed to How Many People are Not Looking for Work who are Capable of Working, or are Living on One of Many Government Subsidies (Welfare).

The Covid Free Lunch Has Destroyed The Incentive Of Working.

In Simple Terms . . . If The Government is Somehow Paying People Not to Work, which has been the Case in Canada and the United States of America . . . Those People Are Not Considered to be Unemployed. Therefore, According to the Definition of Government, Unemployment Is At A Record Low Percentage – Which Is An Outright Lie.

What About All The People Who Really Aren’t Working Who Can . . . And All The Companies Begging For Workers?


When the Government (USA And/Or Canadian) Says we are Approaching a Recession . . . Not Only Are They Lying, since Everyone who Consumes Anything, will Tell you that Not Only are we Not Approaching a Recession, but Rather – We’re Smack in to the Middle of It . . . And Are In Fact On Route To A Full Blown Depression.

This Is Not Meant To Make Americans Feel Better And/Or Canadians Feel Worse.

As Of The Writing Of This Editorial . . . The Median Price of Fuel (Gasoline) in the USA Hovers Around $4.50 Per Gallon. In Canada, that Price, Given our Slightly Larger Gallon (Imperial) is Around $8 Per Gallon.

On Average . . . We in Canada Don’t Earn More Money than Does the Average American. But – because our Canadian Dollar has Less Value than the American Dollar, and because Most of what we Consume in Canada is Imported Either from the USA or from Other Countries which Set their Prices on the American Dollar Benchmark . . . As Bad As Inflation Is In The USA, It’s As Bad & Worse In Canada.

For Canadians Like Anne & I Who Live Relatively Close To The Us Border – It Makes Sense for us to Cross The Border into the United States, Shop for What we Need & Fill the Gas Tank-Up with American Gas . . . Which Believe It Or Not, Will Be A Big Saving.

In September . . . Anne & I Have Scheduled Appointments with US Customs to Maintain our Nexus Cards at the Champlain Border Crossing (Near Plattsburgh NY), where it will be Less Expensive for us to Pull our Smaller RV & Spend Several Nights at an RV Park Based on the Cost (Savings) of American Fuel & American Shopping, Even with a Less Valuable Canadian Dollar.

I Don’t Need A Politician/Bureaucrat/Civil Servant/Teacher – Etc . . . Earning A Secure Public Income With Guaranteed Employment, Cost Of Living Increases and a Pumped Up Pension . . . To Lecture Me On My Cost Of Living.


WE ARE . . . We Elected The Numbskulls Who Are Making The Decisions. We Closed our Eyes as our Academics Taught our Children How to be Ordinary & How to Hate the Society our Ancestors Sacrificed so Much to Build.

WE DID THIS TO OURSELVES . . . And How We’re Going to Get-Out of this is Going to be Painful & Possibly Violent, since the LEFT Has a Sordid History of Lying, Cheating, Using Violence as a Cudgel . . . And Not Letting Go Willingly.

We Can see It Now . . . As the Democrats are Stirring the Masses Against the Supreme Court in Contravention of American Laws Forbidding any Intimidation of the Judiciary. We Saw It Throughout 2020 as the LEFT Burnt Down so Much of America. And we are Seeing it in Canada, as Trudeau and his Liberals are Punishing any and all Opposition for Practicing Freedom of Expression & Association.

If We Want To Undo This – It Will Be Up To Us & No-One Other . . . Because There’s No Cavalry Coming Over The Horizon.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Interestingly enough the same situation happened to my wife and I at Dairy Queen in Idaho, inside dinning closed due to lack of employees. I talked with the young lady manager, she has been on the job 2 months and was promoted to manager. They have a turnover rate of 75%, pays $14 to start. The gov’t is passing out money so the young won’t work. Saw Hiring Signs at at least 90% of businesses here in valley. As long as there is welfare and unemployment money they will have this problem.

  2. Re the speech, I didn’t see it but I follow several prophets and they have said that he would be doing more and more of this. They are all coming down it’s just a matter of time. We’ve all waited for a very long time for it all to come to pass but we are closer than ever before of the left loons self destructing. Everything they mean for harm is going to come back on them. It can’t be soon enough!

  3. Right on the MONEY Howard! -I appreciate your COURAGE & TALENT at telling the TRUTH… I do think the EVIL LEFT has BLOWN IT (by panic on a closing window of time) by going: TOO FAR – TOO FAST! -Even the “DUMB-est” AMONG-est” have started to CATCH ON!!!!! Keep “Truck’in.” GODS BLESSINGS on You, ANNE & TAVOR, Jim

  4. The phrase that you were probably thinking of for those who are able to work but refuse to is called the participation rate. This number has fallen quite regularly as the recession continues. As you and every other smart person has said, as long as extended unemployment is available along with other benefit programs the lazy will say – Why work?

  5. What a deceptive web the Dems weave. And it snares the no-longer-thinking individuals rather easily. We got a taste of a roaring economy under Trump, and likely most folks long for that to return. That’s why the Ultra MEGA will be a louder call than ever.

  6. On fixed income, I have to drive 30 miles a day to receive radiation, for 30 treatments. I try to put my errands together to save gas. I don’t shop for anything that isn’t nutritious. I give to my church and few charities. I used to have extra money when Trump was in, but no more. I’m scraping by on a fixed income. Would like to see what Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, McCarthy by at the market.They are all scum bags. I don’t go out to eat, movies, or any entertainment.What more can I do?

  7. Your comments about the lack of people looking or wanting to work is right on. Here in western Canada many of the Tim Hortons and others in the fast food industry have turned to importing workers from the Philippines. Unfortunately there are also unscrupulous employers that have taken advantage of this and mistreated these people. The government’s in both countries want as many as possible to rely on governments handouts….EASIER TO CONTROL THE MASSES.

  8. Vietnam Vet–living on fixed income–which I earned after many years of sacrifice to understand the future economy–and can’t believe how screwed the American people are by BOTH parties in MY COUNTRY!! I didn’t vote for this!–I will never surrender my vote or my country–Pack a lunch!

  9. In Canada, we use the Canadian gallon which is 3.8 Litres to 1 U.S. Gallon. The Imperial Gallon is British at 4.2 Litres to 1 U.S. Gallon. Again, great editorial like usual, I wish I had your gift to put thoughts to paper but it is a skill that I lack completely.

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