Too Many Current Presidents In The USA


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Biden’s Not Steering The World’s Soon To Be Second Largest Economy & Soon To Be Second Largest Military (USA). So Who Is?

Is it Barack Hussein Obama, who Previously Waxed Philosophically about a Third Presidential Term? Is it Susan Rice who Seems to be Silently in Charge of Everything? Is it Jen Psaki who Seems to be Making Policy On-The-Go During Press Conferences? Does Hillary Clinton still have her Dirty Fingers in the National Pie? Is it Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum? How About George Soros? Or Could it be a Consortium of Silent Members of the EU (European Union) . . . ?

Or Is It A Combination Of All The Above & More?

I Personally Think there are so Many Grubby Hands on the American Steering Wheel, that Collectively, they are Steering the Good-Ship America through the Rapids & Over the Falls.

In My Last Email . . . I Clearly Stated That We Are Not Defenseless Pussies.

That we Have Far More Power than we Realize, which is Why the Purveyors of all Things Anti-Freedom . . . Namely The One World Communist Order, are Terrified that we Should Pick-Up the Gauntlet & Fight Back.

The Communist One World Government Has Had The Destruction Of America In Its Sights For More Than 100-Years.

Why Do You Think All The Gargantuan Corporations . . . which Control the Media, are Doing all they Can Get-Away-With to Withhold Honest Reporting & Legitimate Debate? Why are the LEFT Demonizing all Opposition, Painting them to be – Enemies Of The State . . . Within The State?

Why Do The LEFT Want To Make Conservative Politicians & Conservative Supporters Look Like Domestic Terrorists?

If The LEFT through their Controlled Media Can Convince Enough Un-Informed & Ignorant People that the Legitimate Conservative Opposition is Illegitimate & Enemies of the State – And are Too Dangerous to Allow them to Compete in the Next “Democratic” Federal Election . . . Just Think About The Consequences.

Aren’t They Moving Heaven & Earth To Delegitimize Donald Trump?


We Have To Understand The Philosophy Of Karl Marx & His Acolytes, Which Is To Destroy What Is – In Order To Build-Back-Better.

But at No Time in the History of Communism, Collectivism, Socialism or Whatever the LEFT Want to Call It, Has any of their Empty Utopian Dreams Succeeded, Other than to Destroy Whatever was Good, To Replace It With Abject Failure & Misery.

Do You Want To Know What Communism, Collectivism, Socialism Looks Like . . . ?

By What Constitutional Statute . . . Did the Governments of Both our Countries (Canada/US) Have the RIGHT to Suspend all of Our Civil Rights & Freedoms, because of a Virus that Proved to be Far Less Deadly than the Governments Convinced the World that it Really Was?

What Authority Mandated The Forced Wearing Of Masks, Social Distancing, Closed Businesses – Etc & Forced Vaccinations?

How was it that Mom & Pop Stores were Forced by Penalty of Laws, with Financial Armageddon as Punishment for Not Heeding Contrived Mandates, which were Never Constitutionally Mandated or Voted Upon by Elected Representatives of the People, for them to Close & Shutter at the Whim of a Bureaucrat (Elected Or Appointed), While The Giant Box Stores & Mega Corporations Remained-Open?

What Gave the Right of the Justice Systems in Both of our Countries, the Power to Arrest & Detain Honest Protestors for Indeterminant Lengths of Time (USA), WITHOUT even Being Charged, or Being Charged Only with a Misdemeanor (Trespassing), Or Refusal to Obey the Order (Lawful Or Not) of a Police Officer, Or Suspicion by Association or Location?

By What Law . . . Was the Government of Canada, the Federal Police (RCMP), Ontario Provincial Police & Ottawa Police Mandated to Seize Private Property, Freeze Bank Accounts, Suspend Business Licenses and Make It Illegal To Crowd-Fund For The Purpose Of Financing Opposition To The Government?

Aren’t Our Societies Built Upon The Premise Of Freedom Of Expression & Political Opinion? Or Is That Out The Window Too?


Asking Our Politicians For Anything Is Long Gone . . .

What I Suggested, is that we Should Flood our Politicians at their Riding (District) Offices and at their Capital Offices with as Many Means of Communication as are Available to Us.

I Don’t Want To Ask Any Of Them Why They’re Doing What They’re Doing – Because I Don’t Care – They’re Either Going to Lie to Us or Try Baffle-Us with Bullshit.

That Said . . . We Should Also Show Our Support For The Few Politicians Who Are Onside With We The People.


And That We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore . . . And There Will Be Consequences.


“I’m Not Happy With You. As A Matter Of Fact, I’m Really Pissed-Off. And If You Expect My Support, Or The Support Of My Family & Friends, You Better Straighten-Up & Fly Right”.

The Preceding Is The ONLY Message The Politicians & Retailers Will Understand. You Neither Need Nor Want a Debate with any of these Parasites. You Just Want Them To Know That They Are On Thin Ice.

Don’t Do It Alone . . . Don’t Do It Just Once & Don’t Restrict Yourself To Just One Politician. You Have Friends, Relatives & Email Buddies. You Probably Have Contacts on Many of the Social-Media – Get Them All Involved.


Do To The Politicians And The Special LEFTIST Interest Groups, what they’ve Been Doing to us Unabated & Without Opposition for More than Half a Century.

It’s Legal . . . It’s Easy . . . It’s Free . . . And It’s The Right Thing To Do – And The Time To Start Is Now!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yes!–and don’t forget “Remember in November!–Unless the Demoncrats-(and some Rino’s)- manage to engineer another absentee avalanche in the middle of the night for the “elite” of DC!

  2. Spot On!..After watching the ‘meeting’ with Harris in Poland I was humiliated. And make no mistake…Soros, Schwab & the Bilderberg Society are attempting to DIRECT the parade over the cliff! I have been hand writing letters to MY Sen & Rep indicating as said…Straighten up & do your job as of now or you have lost MY & my Family & Friends VOTES. only a few have bothered with a response. I know who I am voting for!! BTW..I wrote to Costco..tell us where your meat is from. It ain’t USA mea

  3. Thanks for what you do Howard. Love you to Oak Island and back. I don’t think there’s any treasure there. What pirate in his right mind would dig down 200 feet to bury his booty? Never voted for a Democrat (well, once, because he said he was pro life) and probably never will (again). Being from Maryland, and now Delaware, I’ve only had Democrat morons representing…..themselves? For your U.S. Republican readers, go to and become a committee member.

  4. Thanks for another great article, Mr. G. I think It’s high time for people to openly admit that the insidious damage being done by this administration and the faceless, behind-the-scenes controllers is and always has been intentional.

  5. In answer to who is pulling Biden’s strings & turning the USA into a 2nd rate nation, I tend to think “it’s all the above’, but working loosely together. If Soros, Gates, and other wealthy non-political types attend the WEF, and they do, that’s where the collaboration is happening. And the poison (to all us regular people) is sent from there. Reading your editorial got me fighting MAD. I’ve cooled down a little to write this. It got personal emotionally. Thanks for the FIRE.

  6. By What Law? The so called pandemic is complex, contrived ago. The objective was(is) depopulation; how? a vaccine – mRNA; create a Virus; induce FEAR with lockdowns, masks & punishment, use mRNA to achieve the objective et voila. Don’t believe? Check mRNA deaths. It was not law that got ~80% Canadians jabbed, it was FEAR. Passport & mask almost gone but they might have to be restored if/when virus OMEGA shows up in the fall. The evil ones WEF & WHO members can keep this going ad-infinitum

  7. KD is on to something. The Russians have possibly taken control of Bio-labs financed by the US Gov’t. Even if they have not, we have another plot, this summer coming to you will be another Health Problem. Another reason to go to WHO for guidance and more lies. I am seeing more LIB AHs moving to ID, and bringing their BS Agenda, reading about it everyday. As they do, they are trying to turn a Red State Blue with their YOU Owe Me Attitude, go back to work, quit trying to change us. Term Limits

  8. Hate to say it, but things are going to get much worse in America in the NEAR future! They WON’T change until the CONSERVATIVES TAKE OVER in NOVEMBER! Meanwhile, “Hold onto your hats!” The Federal Administration is a “BIG JOKE” and that’s WHY the VP (KH) is always LAUGHING! America’s FOES realize its present WEAKNESS and will continue to take advantage of the U.S. The LEFT’S “build back better” motto has FAILED because BETTER means to IMPROVE and the OPPOSITE has taken place. GO

  9. If you want a better understanding of the mess in Ukraine Lee Smith has a long read in the Epoch Times.Long story short the feckless morons in both parties along with the foreign policy swamp in DC led a very corrupt country down the primrose path and now it’s hands off because we don’t want war with Russia.This all started 10 yrs. ago and yes it involves the corrupt Biden family.As usual innocent people who had little now have nothing.

  10. The Demorrhoids will invent another viral scare in time for the November mid-terms so they can justify allowing mail-in voting, one of their favorite tactics for stealing elections.

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