If You Voted For Biden – All Of It’s On You


Let Me Make This Easy . . . If You Voted For Biden, Everything Deplorable That’s Happening Is Your Fault.

I Can’t Possibly Imagine the Excruciating Pain of the Ukrainian People as the Russians Wreak Havoc & Terror Onto the Lives of Innocent Men, Women & Children.


And Even as I Watch this Nightmare Play-Out in Ukraine, it Seems Surreal – But It’s Not. It’s Far Too Real, and what is Even More Real For me, is the Sickness I Feel in the Pit of My Stomach for the Ukrainian People Under Putin’s Thumb, for the Hatred, REAL HATRED for Putin and the Russian Military Doing This . . . And My Total Revulsion For Biden, Pelosi, Schumer And All The Miscreants Who Voted For These Political Sleazes.

I Know Ukrainians. I Have Friends Who Are Ukrainian . . . And They Will Not Go Down Without A Full Throated Fight.

And None of you should Lose Sight of the Fact that Biden, Through his Decrepit Energy Policy at Home in the USA, is Financing The Rape Of Ukraine by Buying Dirty Russian Oil Instead of Producing Homegrown Energy while Allowing the Completion of the XL Pipeline from Alberta Canada.


I Accuse All The Low-Lives In America Who Voted For This Biden Imbecile & For His Propagandists – The Media.

Foreign Invasion on America’s Southern Border – Your Fault.

Runaway Inflation Starving The Financially Vulnerable – Your Fault.

Murderous Illegal Drug Epidemic Killing Hundreds of Thousands of Americans – Your Fault.

Unaffordable Energy Costs Running Rampant Throughout America – Your Fault.

National Violence & Lawlessness Throughout Blue Cities & Blue States – Your Fault.

Debauchery Taught Throughout American Schools from the Time of Nursery – Your Fault.

Disastrous Education Results throughout Unionized American Schooling – Your Fault.

The Suspension Of Civil Rights & Liberties Because of a Phony Pandemic – Your Fault.

The Destruction of the American Manufacturing Industry – Your Fault.

The Propagandized National Media & Restriction of Free Speech – Your Fault.

The Created Non-Existent Endemic of Racism – Your Fault.

I Can Go On & On & On . . . But I’m Sure You Get The Drift – If You Voted For Biden, The Entire Preceding Is Your Fault.

So Don’t Spew any Sanctimonious Bullshit that you Didn’t Know, because if you Didn’t Know, you were Too Stupid to Vote, and if you Did Know, then you were a Quisling to the Country that Gave you the Freedom to be an Idiot and a Traitor To-Boot.

Think of the Worst-Case Realities which are Plaguing America, Canada & Even Ukraine . . .  If You Voted For Biden, Everything’s YOUR FAULT.

As the Russian Military Pounds the Sovereign State of Ukraine, the Blood of Every Dead Ukrainian is on You, Because YOU Voted For An Imbecile.

I Reluctantly Watch Tulsi Gabbard from Time to Time Who is Making the Rounds on Conservative Media, Wringing her Hands in Consternation at the Disaster Joe Biden has Caused Worldwide, who’s been Invited to Speak at the Vaunted Republican CPAC Convention, which is an Insult to all American Freedom Loving Conservatives.


Most Of The Republican Party, Like Canada’s “Conservatives”, Are Part Of The Problem – Not Part Of The Solution.


. . . Tulsi Gabbard Was a Major Supporter, Endorser & Voter for Joe Biden.

. . . If Gabbard Didn’t Know Biden was an Imbecile Then – What Makes Gabbard Smarter Today?

. . . Gabbard will Not Acknowledge the 2020 Election was Won by Biden through Cheating.

. . . Did Gabbard ever Publicly Really Criticize Pelosi, Schumer or the Squad?

The Fact that Tulsi Gabbard is Now being Feted by Republicans, Most of Whom Only Pretend to be Conservatives, Really Says all that Needs to be Said About the Republican Party, which Stands Only for Being Elected to Power & Ill Begotten Wealth, Rather than for the People & the Country they Purport to Love & Pretend to be Devoted-To.

Tulsi Gabbard Is Only One Of Many Tens Of Millions Of Americans Who Have Biden’s Disasters Attributed To Her.

And Don’t for a Second Use that Crap that Reagan Used to be a Democrat Before Ronald Reagan Became a Republican, or that the Same can be Said About Donald Trump, Because those were Different Times & Very Different People.

I Also Used To Be A Liberal, Until Several Decades Ago, When I Realized How Wrong The Liberals Had Become.

But in the Case of People like Tulsi Gabbard, I’m Not Writing about Their Conversion On The Road To Damascus, since their Conversion is Not About Values & Ethics . . . Right Or Wrong – It’s Only About Being On The Winning Side.

I Watched Ted Cruz Electrify the CPAC Crowd on Friday with Cruz’s Fire & Brimstone Defense of FREEDOM And Former American Values, While the People in the Audience Enthusiastically BOOED at the Mere Mention of the Name of Trudeau – TWICE, and Cheered with Fervor at the Name of the Canadian Truckers.

I Also Heard Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton & Others Slam RINOS and Soft Republicans who are More to the LEFT than they are to the RIGHT.

I Watched & Listened to a Confident Number of Republican Speakers whose Voices were Full of Anger Towards the American Traitors who have been Determined to STEAL Freedom as they Feigned their Defense of Democracy, where in the Real World of Socialists (Communists), Democracy Is Spelled T*Y*R*A*N*N*Y.

You Can’t Fight & Win Until You Become Angry . . . And America’s Becoming Angry.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Tulsi Gabbard looks good, smells good and comes up to room temperature, but as long as she keeps that wretched (D) after her name, she’s a phony. I literally scream at the tv every time Tucker features her as a guest. Enough of the bullcrap already!

  2. I feel ur anger in this post Howard and I don’t blame u one bit. These traitors are destroying our countries and they must be stopped. Now I love how peaceful our convoy protests have been I brought my children down to parliament to be with our patriot loving Canadians and they saw hope and love. But we can’t fight a war with love. So I’m also tesching them in God and the prophecies so the can be prepared when the time comes because it will. Always look to God is what I teach them and Pr

  3. There is another possible option which …. could it be that Putin and others did “friend” Trump and they are working to Drain The Swamp..? I don’t know but we’re not seeing many pictures of the “damage” and I am not sure about civilian injuries. So, could that be possible? Something else to think about. Which I hope is really what’s going on there. That’s my three cents.

  4. Shakespeare had it almost correct; he SHOULD HAVE written: “POLITICIANS! KILL THEM ALL”. He was close, but no cigar!!

  5. Superlative analysis. Thank you. Some days I see progress and other days, I cry at the enormous task to right this ship. With your continued fighting spirit, these are the hopeful days. As precious the effort of truckers, I believe it will ultimately take every honorable world citizen to not buy anything, travel, work, use computers, phones, etc until the governments of world stop this horror show and restore our freedoms and remove all the evil idiots. WE THE PEOP:E have to say NO More!

  6. My .02 worth. Biden is hoping Ukraine gets pummelled, destroying every bit of evidence of his and Hunter’s corrupt dealings with them.

  7. I live in Calif. No shortage of Lefties here. I will from now on, when in the midst of a group of people, weather it be the market or the bank, I will loudly bring up your above points, stating that this is all of your fault, while proving they voted for the worst possible person ever elected. When I ask who voted for Biden, there are less and less voices admitting they did, proving there are more and morel people who regret their vote. Let us all confront those Biden nut balls at every turn. CA

  8. I totally agree with everything you said. However, I can no longer support Tom Cotton because he did not stand up and support President Trump on Jan. 6th. He could have stood with Ted Cruz and others who objected to the fraudulent electoral vote. So words from Tom Cotton mean nothing to me now. An old saying “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

  9. This tragedy has been caused by Global Warming Cultists like Biden, Kerry, Merkel, Trudeau. There is a shortage of oil and natural gas because of their energy policies. Oil and nat gas prices have therefore increased rapidly, filling Russian coffers. This has enabled Putin, because he can now afford this war effort. So the ROOT cause and now deaths hangs on these imbeciles. And add any green enviro kooks into this. Why doesn’t our leftist Media report this?

  10. Your headline mirrors, nearly verbatim, what I said in the midst of the Afghanistan debacle. Sadly, I think the villains you name are only the tip of the iceberg; that there are countless others, worldwide, who do evil in the shadows. That said, it appears that more and more people are reaching a tipping point and standing up in opposition to the “woke” and the lunacy. Pray for a conservative resurgence. Thanks for all that you do.

  11. The Pandemic kind of worked, many idiots still wearing Masks that do not work. Climate Change, even though it has been changing for 1000s of years, has allowed the idiots to raise prices, stop fossil fuels and put controls on honest folks while it impacts the Rich Politicians none. Biden wants Zillinski dead, I believe to cover Biden’s illegal activities. If we become involved in Ukraine, it will be another Viet Nam, costing young lives while Politicians make money, watch their investments.

  12. If You Voted For Biden – All Of It’s On You……Yippee! I have been saying something similar ever since this TURD was dropped into the POTUS position. Besides emailing this Editorial to my entire email list, many of which already receive it, I am taking this editorial to Office Depot and making MANY COPIES and distributing them throughtout MANY stores. I am requesting everyone who feels the concern in this print to do the same. The sad thing is most people that care, don’t take a stan

  13. Spot on Howard I wanted to add to it BUT you said it all……………………….

  14. Are you, Anne & Tavor alright? I heard the dog barking on radio fun to hear it:)) Not fun for the rest of what is going on in our planet. Would I have voted for that person in the White House now? Heck No! I am a Republican but right now they need to get to work and EARN the money we pay them. This NEVER would have happened if Trump was in the W/House as he should have been. But we have liars and thieves in there for many long yrs. & Trump was not going to be. God help us all, Be safe U three.

  15. I believe Putin plans to reclaim all the small now-sovereign nations who broke away from USSR, & starts with the larger one. If European nations & the US don’t stand up against him with more than so-called sanctions, they/we will be taken over due to our show of obvious weakness. As for Gabbord, she’s just another Dem who will infiltrate the GOP to make it more useless, like other RINOs. The leaders of GOP are all “establishment” types anyway, not conservatives. Conservatives must win in 20

  16. There is a disease out there worse than the china virus and this one has become more and more contagious in the last few decades. This disease is only caught by elected politicians and the police. Once they become elected or become a cop, that disease turns them all into blatant idiots with logic and common sense being drained to a “ZERO”0” I.Q. That is the only explanation that defines why politicians and cops start thinking that they are the bosses and we work for them. Sorry idiot you’re

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