What Was Greater? . . . The Tears In My Eyes Or The Anger In my Heart?


Just So You Should Know – The Outrage Against What Trudeau & His Liberal Government Has Done Is Palpable.

I Am Proud-Of The Premier Of Alberta (Jason Kenney), who I’m Not Generally a Fan-Of, and who I had Personal Organizational Dealings with When he was a Cabinet Minister in Harper’s Government, who has Just Stood-Up for Canada’s Constitution and our Charter of Rights & Freedoms, AGAINST the Tyranny of Trudeau’s Use of the ANTI-FREEDOM Emergency Measures Act.


I Am Equally Proud of the Group of Global Jewish Doctors, Scientists, Nobel Prize Winners & Academics from Canada, the USA & Israel . . . for Publicly Condemning Trudeau for his Tyranny and for Trudeau’s Description of Nazis and the Holocaust Against People, who are Neither Nazis Nor Supportive Purveyors of the Holocaust, which were Canards & Rhetoric Trudeau Used to Demean & Defame Peaceful Demonstrators.


I Sat Looking At The Live Feeds Of Ottawa On My Computer From 3,000-Miles Away Near Vancouver, where Most of the British Columbian People (Not-All), are so STUPID, and I Mean UTTERLY STUPID, to the Point that these Numskulls Revel in the Tyranny of the British Columbian & Federal Governments.

I Think that Living 3-Hours Behind the East Coast, which Makes Breaking News on the West Coast Yesterday’s News in the East, Must Have a Profound Effect on the Psyche of the West Coasters, Because There Is Definitely A Serious Disconnect.

This Does Not Include Great Conservative British Columbians (A Minority) Who Are Just As Sick & Angry Of This As I Am.


Even Though there has Never Been a Study that I am Aware-Of, as I Read as Many Studies as I Can, that Shows that Mask-Wearing has ANY Benefit Whatsoever to the Protection Against this China Virus or Any Other Virus, Unless the Mask is a Specially Designed to be a Surgical Mask, Which In Itself Has A Limited Wear-Time-Use The LEFT Keeps Masking.

But . . . Like Anyone Else With A Modicum Of Intelligence Knows, from No Shortage of Reliable Published Scientific & Medical Reports & Data, that General Mask-Wearing (Paper & Cloth Masks) for Protection Against this and Other Viruses is the Equivalent to Using a Chain-Link Fence to Stop Mosquitoes.

More-So . . . There is No Shortage of Evidence that the Constant Wearing of a Mask, Especially a Paper or Cloth Mask is an Unhealthy Practice, because the Masks Restrict Fresh Air-Flow & Contribute to Rebreathing Stale Toxic Exhaled Air.

Yet . . . Idiots Here Literally Wear Masks When Outside Entirely Alone, Which Is Their Ignorant Right. But that Doesn’t Give them the Right to Make me as Ignorant & Acquiescent of the Government as they Feel Obliged to Be for Themselves.

And As For The Canadian Truckers& Their Canadian Supporters, Who are Literally Sacrificing Themselves, Families & Futures, Who are Getting Arrested & Being Destroyed Financially in Order to FIGHT for the Freedoms of all Canadians, Only to be Besmirched by these Arrogant LEFT COASTERS . . . Makes My Blood Boil.

But Socialist/Communist British Columbians Aren’t The Only Ones.


In British Columbia – Right Here & Now . . . we are Currently Paying on Average $8.00 For A Gallon Of Gasoline. And Even Though our Canadian Gallon is Slightly Bigger Than the American Equivalent, But Not By That Much, and the American Dollar Is More Than 20% Greater In Value Than The Canadian Dollar, there is No Outrage from the People who Must be the DUMBEST & MOST PUSSIFIED Population in Canada.

The People Of Ottawa Rejoiced At The Manhandling Of The Truckers & The Truckers’ Supporters – And Why Shouldn’t They?

The People of Ottawa are Like the People of Washington DC, who Live in their Own Government Taxpayer Funded Bubble, Being Underworked & Overpaid, who are Both Immune, Ignorant & Condescending to the Actual People . . . Men & Women who do the Tough & Dirty Jobs, like Driving Trucks to Earn Enough Money to Pay for the Elitist Ottawa Minions, By Way Of Their Hard Working Canadian Tax Dollars.

The Average Blue Collar Or No Collar Worker Couldn’t Afford To Eat Or Sleep In Ottawa – Home Of The Thieves & Privileged.

I KNOW . . . I Know Because Anne & I Live About an Hour from Downtown Ottawa, where we Once Lived for a Year out of our Lives. I Know . . . Because a Decent Home, such as a Non-Spectacular Cottage within a 30-Minute Circumference around Ottawa Sells For Nearly $1-Million Dollars.

Who Else But A Professional Or A Civil Servant Could Afford That Kind Of Lunacy?


I Haven’t Written Nearly As Much As I Should Have Concerning Inflation.

The Next Time You Look In The Mirror . . . See If There’s A Tattoo On Your Forehead That Reads SUCKER, Because we are all Being Ripped-Off by the Same Massive Corporations which Feeds the LEFTIST Governments, which are Destroying our Freedoms.

And Remember This – The Day Of The Friendly Competitive Family Owned & Operated Corner Grocery Store Is Over.


Forget About the Under Performing Supply Chain. Forget About Higher Wages . . . Because Virtually NONE of the Preceding Justifies the Rip-Offs, which we are Experiencing Every-Time we Purchase Sustenance for Ourselves & Families.

They Created This Crisis . . . For We The People To Pay.

Granted . . . There are Some Shortages on the Grocery Shelves, but Overall, where we and our Friends Shop, there is Plenty of Food & Other Products . . .  Fresh, Processed, Packaged & Canned; But at Prices or Reduced Sizes that Makes the Pricing Short of Usurious & Criminal.

It’s What Rahm Emmanuel Said During His Time As Obama’s Chief Of Staff . . . “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”.


The People Better Figure It-Out Soon . . . Either We Live In Serfdom Or Freedom – One Or The Other – But Not Both.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” -George Carlin

  2. Canada, because of Trudeau has become the laughing stock of the free World, or what is left of it. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In Europe in the 50’s and early 60’s, US Backpackers had Canadian Flags on their packs. When Trudeau senior became PM the whole scene changed. Off came the Canadian Flags and they took their chances as a disliked American. We have arrived there once again. Howard, don’t let that B.C. stupid get to you. It is natural for them.

  3. Today I received a note to vote to recall Trudeau. I found myself wondering if I sent in my vote would I be made to regret it sometime in the future when the RCMP or Trudeau’s investigators came calling…and all I could think of was -what kind of a country have we become when we are afraid of our government-… I too get fed up with people who don’t seem to understand that if Trudeau or his ilk can deprive the truckers of their right to protest and speak out, then they can do it to YOU.

  4. It’s now or never dear Canada. If you don’t support the Truckers and oust everyone in Government for their complacency with utter tyranny, then when they come for you, there will be no one to stand up for you.

  5. Good news, Howard, et. al. The Freedom Convoy coming through here later this week!

  6. Excellent observations/comments, Howard. My heart grieves for the truckers and their families who sacrificed so much; they can see the tyranny in front of their faces, while too many Canadians and Americans are blind and ignorant, refusing to acknowledge how our rights have been trampled. With 3 words Trudeau could have ended the sit-in: “No more mandates.” But no, Trudeau had to flex his power and wreck people’s lives. He is despicable.

  7. Just like an expert rifleman, Howard, you a shooting 1/2 groups with yor editorials!!!

  8. Love your word “PUSSIFIED””, it’s an adjective that accurately describes most of the left. Great article.

  9. Canada will be back. Only when the true Canadians make it so. Blood, sweat and tears. It is do all over the World.

  10. All I’ve got say is: TRUDEAU IS INSANE!!!!!! There can be no other word for what he is doing to Canadians! My mind is spinning with the way this jerk is acting.. Very CHILDISH for a Prime Minister and very DISTURBING! I dread to think of what else he’s got up his sleeve. Wake up people before it’s to late.

  11. Two comments: 1) Inflation prices for necessities is a real issue because cultures have moved from self-sufficiency (no more home gardens/farms) to dependency; and 2) Who would have thought Canada would be the North American testing ground of totalitarianism? The US is close under Biden, but SCOTUS smacked his hand over mandates outside gov’t itself, except for hospitals & other healthcare workers. Thing is a lot of companies are continuing mandates anyway. We are lab rats.

  12. I would gladly trade you a Schumer, Pelosi, McConnel, Jack Off Joe and Kamala for Trudeau. I’m almost 71 and weigh 98 lbs but I guarantee I can whoop the puss. The mess we have in USA will not be overcome for years sans a real revolution. Praying for Canada and my own country

  13. Thank you for your comment here Howard.. I am stilll reeling from yesterdays horrors in Ottowa , and just now I saw a video of a woman being accosted by a thug who verballly abused her , screamed at her and attacked her for being there ! He screamed that if he saw her again he would arrest her.. If that were me I would not have let that pass ! Bloody thug ..

  14. I did OSHA work for a large corp. The mask folks are wearing do not meet any of 49 CFR requirements for PPE, Biological protection. they are basically Dust Mask and Spit Masks. J Wayne said “Life is hard, and even harder if you are Stupid” Your idiot and our idiot in the top seat fit that statement. They just are protected by Our Money and Laws. They are mini Dictators trying to rise up and show how tough they are. At 69 would love to meet either in a dark alley one on one, I’m not Corn Pop?

  15. A Beautiful Wedding last night in Florida. We met so many wonderful people who were on the same page with us in our thinking as well as our thoughts. Doctors, Lawyers, etc, all over America…. When they met us and knowing we were Canadians, the first question to us Was “ WHAT HAPPEN TO CANADA” Your Prime Minister is a Dictator Thug! Which I agreed! By the way, NO MASKS Hugging, Kisses by everyone we met I was fired up the whole night, WE ARE NOT ALONE! Canada is a lost soul

  16. If a thug behind a badge accosts me with a baton simply for standing there, I guarantee you that he will spend the next two weeks in a hospital bed.

  17. With Trudeau calling in the Quebec ‘police’ to ‘attack’ the English Truckers and the MP stomping civilians and handicapped people, has no one realized SCHWAB is orchestrating Trudeau and his minions? The seizing of personal bank accounts is fascist!! The next thing will be policing the POST OFFICE to see WHAT the folks are receiving. I am at my wits end for the Canadian People and the Americans as well. I can see the handwriting on the wall.

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