I Don’t Use The Word HATE Lightly


When They’re Trying To Destroy Your Life . . . Being Nice Is Not An Option.

Perhaps as Many as 35,000-50,000 Truckers are Heading to Ottawa from the East, the West of Canada and the South (USA) to Make their Voices of FREEDOM Heard.

In Addition to the Truckers, there’s the Real Possibility that as Many as One Million Canadians in Cars, also from Across Canada will Join the Truckers to Stand in Solidarity for the Return of our Freedoms.

If You See The Videos . . . Thousands Of Ordinary Canadians Are Lining The Roads Waving Our Trucker-Heroes-On.

Anne & I Personally Know of at Least One Food-Truck (Of Many) from the Area where we Live in South-Eastern Ontario, who will be On-Route to Ottawa to Offer Free Hotdogs, French Fries & Whatever Else to Support the Truckers.

There Has Never Before Been A Demonstration Of This Size In Canada, Especially In The Middle Of A Frigid Canadian Winter.


And Where Will Trudeau Be During This MASSIVE Organic Grass Roots Canadian Demonstration, which is Fighting to get our Freedoms Back? . . . Trudeau Will Be In Isolation For A Week, Because of a “Suspicion” that Trudeau has Contracted the China Virus.


Why Is The Canadian Media Doing All That It Can To Ignore And/Or Disparage The Trans Canadian Freedom Convoy?


In The Massive $5-Trillion US Spending Package Defeated In The Senate . . . That’s What The Democrats Wanted To Do.

The Preceding Headline Is Not Conjecture . . . Trudeau’s Government Actually Allocated through Parliament – $600-Million Dollars for the Media, The Media Of The Government’s Choosing, in the Big Lie that it is to Help the Legacy Media Compete with the Internet.

Trudeau’s Liberals Own Canada’s Legacy Media . . . Lock, Stock & Barrel.

In My Last Editorial, I Wrote That Anne & I Have Contributed Financially To The Truckers . . . To be More Precise, we Didn’t Send Money to The Trucker GO-Fund-Me Account (Now Over $5-Million), Instead, Anne & I Sent a Personal Donation to Rebel News, Canada’s ONLY Truly Conservative National Online News Provider, which Has the Intestinal Fortitude to Stand Against all the Government Mandates . . .

Rebel News Has Been Imbedded With The Truckers From The Very Beginning.

Until Recently, the Canadian Legacy Media has Done all it Could to Ignore The Freedom Convoy, just as the National Media Ignored the Massive Demonstrations Against the Mandates, which Have been Held & Are Happening Throughout Canada, and Now that they Can’t Ignore a Happening of this Historical Magnitude, Canada’s Major Mainstream Media are Doing all they Can to Disparage this Incredible Event by Portraying the Convoy Organizers as Loons, and the Truckers as “Domestic Terrorists” – (Where Have We Heard This Before?) . . . Who are Deeply Out of Step with the Majority of the Canadian Population.

When As Many As A Million People Are About To Converge On The National Capitol . . . Who’s Out Of Step With Whom?


That Was Then & This Is Now . . . I Literally Hate Most Of Our Politicians, Most Of Our Media & All Of The Academic Unions.

How Can We Not Hate These People . . . Since Up ’til Recently, we were a Relatively Free People (USA/Canada) Until the Bastards and their Acolytes at the Top, who for the Past Two Years Have Done all they Could to Destroy the Incredible Countries which our Forefathers Sacrificed so Much to Pass-Onto-Us?


NO MORE USELESS DEBATES . . . No More Playing Nice. No More Pretending that the LEFT is Just Another Innocuous Democratic Political Group, which More or Less Shares our National Interests & Values . . . But In A Different Way.


The Left Is Not Like Us . . . They Are Evil & Hellbent To Destroy Everything That Gave Us What We Have.

As I’ve Been Writing For Years . . . We the People Have Far More Power than Most of us Realize – And it’s Well-Past-Time that we Use the Power we Have.

Anne & I Are Not Rich People, and we Struggle as Best we Can just Like the Vast Majority of the People Across our Two Countries to Keep our Heads Above Water,  but we Can’t just Sit Idly-By & Wait for Someone-Else to Swoop-In and Make things Better for us.

As I Wrote a Few Paragraphs Back, Anne & I Didn’t Donate Money to the Truckers, Not Because We Didn’t Want To, but Rather, Because we have Only so Much Money to Spend Until we Go Broke, so We’ve Decided to Support the People who are Fighting for all Of us Across Canada who are Putting-It On The Line as Best they Can.

We Send Personal Money to Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party Of Canada, to Derek Sloan’s Ontario Party, and to Rebel News for their Ability to Disseminate News Right Across Canada.


I Am Researching & Writing Every Day, Literally 7-Days A Week, To Make Sure That Propaganda Doesn’t Defeat Us.


Whatever It Takes To Win Back Our Freedoms & Send The LEFT To The Political Hell Where They Belong!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your Prime Minister is as useless as our want to be President….What are racist and cowards doing running Country’s?

  2. Amen, Howard! Thanks for keeping us informed, since MSM sure won’t do their jobs.

  3. Howard great article saw coverage on news two nights ago and this is the same action we here in the US should be doing, keep us posted because except for one news outlet nobody will cover it.

  4. I am NOT encouraging violence but I see no way to rid ourselves of these politrickian creatures whose interlocked families and ancient bloodlines have been running and ruining the planet for thousands of centuries, other than violence. They are in full control and they select the loudest and shameless of them to be the face of power. I can only name one politician in the world today worthy of respect other than FL Gov De Santis. Certainly nobody in the Americas, Europe, Africa or Asia.

  5. I don’t want our conservative media to be financed by G. Soros, but I wish there was someone with financial means to help us fight against the evil they send across the airways. God Bless your truckers. I think we could have a similar caravan, if enough truckers chose to do this. Thanks, H.G.

  6. Time to get the Communist out of Canada!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM back to the Canadians I’m for these truckers… Thank you Lets make a statement. NO to Trudeau, O’Toole and the rest of these Communist thinking Politicians

  7. I’m with you, Howard. We have nothing but scumbags running our country now. I’ve been around for 82 years and I’ve never seen such blathering idiots running our country. But it’s the WOKES that keep voting them in. How do we stop this madness???????

  8. Karen McKim-Altman, Beaverton, Oregon. Even though you live in Oregon I would think you should still be able to get “FOX” news.

  9. Hey Howard.The convoy is reputed to be 50,000 truckers of all colours, all ethnicities and all religions from the East Coast to the West Coast, basically just Canadians, heading to the Houses of Parliament to discuss unfair treatment mandated by Trudeau. Trudeau has already started his hate campaign by dismissing them as a “fringe” element. I expect that Liberals and media will also lump “white supremacist” and “racist” in to their responses. The hate will be coming from the Liberal elitis

  10. Agree 1000 % with you article. Overdue time to send these communist politicians packing. I hate the media and the communist politicians and the low life’s that put them in office. Biden is a loser and has been his entire career.

  11. Thank you for your suggestions on where to send my hard earned pension money. I do NOT get raises. I do care and as a senior, I feel helpless. Go Fund me has frozen the money donated so far then they take a cut. I do not trust them. I will however trust REBEL. They will get my donation as will you. Thank you, keep the info coming. Jim Dean Oakville.

  12. Quebec now requires vax passports to go into large stores and malls to buy necessities like winter boots in our harsh winter. We are a province of almost 90% vaxxed, yet they say these draconian rules are supposedly for our “safety.” Life here is reduced to depressed, pathetic rubble. And people smile and happily follow while their rights are stripped away. It just shows you can brainwash people into anything.

  13. Bravo, Howard! Go Fund Me hates conservatives. There are Conservative and/or Christian variations of them. Same goes for PayPal. They also hate us. They just love to bite to the hands that feed them!

  14. Your Prime Minister is probably not even in Canada, or won’t be soon. The truckers best watch for Trudeau’s patsies to create the Canadian version of the Jan 6 ‘insurrection’ in the US. I believe that was set-up before Trump ever said the 1st word. The left/elitists knew Trump was going to have a huge crowd of supporters & they infiltrated the group with inciters. Always felt Pelosi had something to do with it, maybe Schumer too. The left’s hatred of Trump is beyond bounds. DeSantis is next

  15. We need Pierre Poilievre as Prime minister in Canada and in the U.S.A. the need is for people like Donald Trump, Jim Jordan, Ron DeSantis, Candace Owen and Kimberly Klacik to run the country. I supported the truckers, as well as Rebel News.

  16. Howard, I never would have believed in all of my 83 years I would ever see the day that the freedom of our two nations would be at a point this close to defeat. We need more Trump here in the U.S. and it looks like you could use a couple up there. The only reason the Dems hated him is that they don’t remember “give ’em Hell, Harry” Truman and definitly not Andy “by God Jackson” and the Republicans are a bunch of wimps afraid they might insult somebody when they should be kicking their asse

  17. Your last two editorials are off the chart and I wonder why this trucker rebellion has not hit main stream news (at least the national networks I receive). I would love for you to post photos of the trucker convoy and the Amish horse and buggies. If that doesn’t wake people up, nothing ever will and I’ll pray hard for their salvation.

  18. While I totally support what the truckers are doing, it is not enough. Did you notice how our cowardly PM now says he can’t meet with them, because he was in contact with someone who had Covid, so now has to isolate himself. This is what all truckers in Canada should do. Starting on , pick a day soon, park every truck in Canada for 2 weeks. Now I guarantee Trudope would come out of hibernation and beg them to get back to work!

  19. Protest are good as far as they go, the Politicians just hide their heads and wait until its over. This week San Jose, CA, politicians are trying to push “Gun Insurance” as an Ordinance. It would require you to show proof of Insurance to own a gun. To buy a gun you will have to have an insurance card, this way some scum bag lawyer can sue your gun insurance if it is stolen and used in a crime! Or you use it in self defense, the criminals will make out big on this. Our country is going to HELL

  20. I was so thrilled to see the videos of 40 miles of trucks headed to Ottawa and specially the millions of Canadians along the roadways and overpasses waving and cheering the truckers on !! When I heard Trudeau say it was just a fringe group I laughed out loud…you ninny…because anyone with eyes could see this is a massive group, in the dead of a Canadian winter, standing up against the absurd mandates of the crippling Canadian Government.. No fringe group !!! Hooray Canada !

  21. We must not underestimate the power we have let the WEF take. They now own most of the Canadian political folks and are owning or intimidating at least half of the US’s, apparently including, of all things, our Supreme Cry Justices (“You don’t want your family to end up like the suffocated Scolia do you?). Since they won’t stand, we must! Eph 6:13 etc

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