Stop Talking About Biden In 2024

A Painful Reset Is On The Way Back To Normal

There’s No Question The Mainstream & Social Media Colluded To Destroy President Trump Regardless Of How The Vote Went.

The Media & Pundits Who are Writing & Talking Today About Biden’s Reelection Chances in 2024, Are Either Stupid to the Core, or Think you’re Stupid to the Core for Even Imagining that this Demented Lying Piece of Work (Biden), Will or Could Run Again in 2024, Considering He Can’t Do Squat in 2021.


Can This Nincompoop  Serve Out His Term For What It’s Worth – And Can The World Survive Biden’s Already Done Damage?


Imagine This . . . A Once Upon-A-Time Major Country in the Free World (Canada), Kitty-Corner to the Flailing Super Powerful United States of America, which was just Humiliated in Afghanistan by the Proverbial Barbarians At The Gate . . . Is Holding An Election & No-One Wants To Vote.

With A Population Of 37-Million People, Canada Cannot Produce Just One Serious Candidate in any of the Three Major Parties Worthy of a Vote for the Leadership of the Country. And the Only Candidate with Real Gravitas (Maxime Bernier Of The PPC) is Being Shunned by the Canadian Media.

The More I Read, Hear & See From Erin O’Toole, The Fake Conservative Leader, The More I Feel Betrayed.

I’m Most Probably Going to Vote for the Candidate in my Riding of The PPC (People’s Party Of Canada) . . . who Doesn’t Stand a Chance of Winning, But at the Very Least, the PPC Stands for the Conservative Principals I Support.

Where I Originally Thought Trudeau had a Better than Good Chance Of Losing this Election, the More I’m Beginning to Think the Fake Conservatives Under O’Toole are Going to Get a Deserved Ass-Kicking for their Duplicity.

Maybe I’m Wrong . . . Maybe The People Are So Angry At Trudeau They Won’t Come Out To Vote, Leaving A Path For O’Toole.

Because So Many Canadians Are Politically Ignorant . . . And So Many Americans Could Never Have Known . . . Here’s a Canadian Parliamentary Tidbit Dating Back to the Year 2000.

In The Year 2000, Canada’s Parliament Passed a Law Called The Clarity Act, which was Created to Appease Quebec, that if Quebec Wanted to Separate from Canada, It Could, as long as these Following Considerations are Met.

1 – There Has to be a Referendum with a Clear Question to Separate – Yes Or No.

2 – If the Answer is Yes to Separate, the Vote Must be Substantial. 50% Plus One Would Not Be Sufficient.

However . . . Because the Politicians Like to Play Politics, Even with the Sovereign Future of a Country, the Law (Clarity Act) NEVER Mentions the Province of Quebec, So As Not to Offend Quebec, which by the Year 2000 Already Held Two Losing Referendums to Separate.

So Instead Of The Law Focusing On Quebec, the Federal Government (Liberal) of the Day Made the Law to Encompass all of Canada, Literally Giving all the Provinces (10 Provinces) The Legal Roadmap To Leave Canada.

Quebec Will Never Leave Canada, Since Canada to Quebec is the Cow that is Forever Providing Free Milk, which the Rest of Canada, Primarily Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan & British Columbia Provide.

But The Province which has Taken the MOST Unconscionable Abuse (Alberta) from Canada (Ottawa), Especially Dating-Back to the Days of the Original Trudeau (Pierre Elliott Trudeau), Prime Minister of the 1970’s/80’s, who was the Communist Father of the Current Liberal Prime Minister of Canada (Justin Trudeau), who Treated Alberta like the Cash-Cow it was Through Trudeau Senior’s 1980 National Energy Program, Which Literally Raped Alberta’s Oil Wealth.

And 40-Years Later . . . The Son Of Pierre Is At It Again . . . But This Time, Because Of The Clarity Act – Could Be The Last Time.

And Let Me Make This Even More Succinct . . . If Alberta Decides by Referendum to Pack-It-In with a Clear Yes or No Question, and Decides to Call It-A-Day Vis a Vis Confederation, Saskatchewan would Most Probably Follow-Suit . . . And Then – What About The Rest of Canada?

I was at the Supreme Court When the Decision to Decide Whether the Clarity Act to Dissolve Canada Would be Constitutional or Not, Given that the Separation from Canada by a Province is Nothing that has Ever Been Constitutionally Considered.

When the Judgment Came-Down from the Supreme Court that the Clarity Act Would be Constitutional, which Eventually Became the Foundation of the Clarity Act (Dissolution Of Canada) . . .  I Made it Clear by Written Editorial and on my Montreal Mainstream Radio Show (CIQC), That Only A Stupid Court & An Equally Stupid Country Would Draw The Roadmap For A Province To Leave Its Sovereignty.

And If This Is Passed Into Law – Which It Was, The Province to Worry About Wouldn’t be Quebec, since Quebec Would Have Too Much to Lose by Leaving the Largess of Canada.

Imagine This . . . In a Country of 37-Million People (Canada), with about 25% of the Population Living in the Ethnocentric Province of Separatist Quebec, there are Just THREE Federal Election Leadership Debates . . . All of Which Were & Are In The Province Of Quebec, and Two in the French Language . . . When the French Language Across Canada Comprises ONLY About 20% of the Entire National Population. How Fair Is That?

How Fair Is It . . . That a Serious Conservative Candidate (Maxime Bernier) with a Pan National Following, who was A Canadian Minister Under the Conservative Harper Government, who is Primarily French Speaking from Quebec, is Excluded from Participating in the Debates Because his Party (People’s Party Of Canada) was just Shy of the Magic Polling Number by a Minuscule amount to Qualify, while the Leader of the Green Party, with Virtually No National Following has a Seat at the Debate Podium Because his Party had One Seat in the House of Commons at the Dissolution of Government, even though the Green Party has Strength just in the LEFTIST Province of British Columbia . . . In Just One Riding?

Worse! . . . Even The Separatist Bloc Quebecois Which Only Campaigns In Quebec Has A Seat At The Debate Table.


It Seems To Me . . . As Unbelievable as this Might Be, that Gavin Newsome, One of America’s Worst Governors and a Disgrace to Political Integrity (As If There Is Any), will Probably Win his Recall by Hook or Crook & Continue to Curse California with his Gross Incompetence.

There is No Doubt in my Mind, that the Democrats Desperately Need to Keep California in their Socialist Camp to Uphold their Rigged Polling Advantage, and for Newsome to Assuage the Many People who Not Only Want this Political Creep to be in Office . . . But Need Newsome to be in Office, so they can Continue to Socially & Monetarily Rape One of the Greatest Economies on the Planet (5th Largest In The World).

The LEFT Want All Of Us To Believe It’s In The Bag For Them. It’s Not. If You Have To Cheat To Win . . . You’ve Already Lost.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If Alberta separates I’m moving to Alberta. Sask, Manitoba and BC and the North West Territorys have no choice. Hallelujah!!!! A great country in the making – I think.

  2. If Quebec were to separate from Canada (I agree with u – I don’t think it will happen in our lifetime) what do you think could happen to the Quebec Pension plan since I now live in Ontario?

  3. So what are we to do? Vote for Bernier and split the vote thus putting Trudeau in or hold our nose and vote for the liberal lite O’Toole?

  4. I really hope that Alberta does vote to separate. I am tired of the disparity, the disrespect and the disregard that Alberta receives. There was a cartoon making the rounds that showed Montreal and Victoria dumping raw sewage into the water off their shores while claiming they didn’t want Alberta oil because it might pollute….the hypocrisy is so mind blowing that I can’t believe their audacity. They must know they are hypocrites and don’t care. I just want out!!!!!

  5. Daniel Palladini, “What do you think could happen to the Quebec Pension plan since I now live in Ontario?”. I think in that scenario they already have plans to make sure it doesn’t interrupt the flow of business. It’ll probably break up like Czechoslovakia did.

  6. Howard, the last polls I heard Newsome was loosing, and the commie no brains were going wild over the thought of having the Golden state go to a conservative. Their free meal ticket would get tore to shreds, but there is a chance that it will happen, my heart bleads for the slime ball low life’s.

  7. According to Brad Salzberg of the Cultural Action Party of Canada The Chinese Communist Party has ENDORSED Turdeau’s Lieberals. Accordingly, as bad as O’Toole is, we have no choice but to vote Conservative to get rid of this dangerous anti-Canadian communist party

  8. To my Northern Neighbors, Good Luck. Your country is as corrupt as Ours, easy to buy votes, free stuff. Biden has been giving out $300 per week to lazy, cry baby, Libs to stay home while the country is in a crisis for labor. $15 min for people to flip and serve sandwiches?? How crazy is that, kids need to learn to work have responsibility. No, let’s teach the kids to hate their country, create false segregation with BLM ANTIFA and CRT. Bring back the Draft, put the little buggers in the military

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