Where‘s The Third Rail?


The Justices Of The Supreme Court Are All Lawyers. They all Went from School to Law Practice, to Sitting in Judgment of People they Could in a Million Years Never Relate-To . . . Even if they Weren’t Born or Raised from Privilege.

How Quickly We Forget From Where We’ve Come.

When Shakespeare Wrote In Henry VI . . . “The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers”, it Wasn’t a Call to Murder Lawyers, but it was Statement even then, of the Value or Valuelessness of Lawyers . . . Some 400-Years Ago.

What Has Changed?

When I Was In University Circa 1968/69, I was Compelled to Study Philosophy, which Included Socrates, Plato & Aristotle . . . Each of Whom Established the Basis for Philosophical Thought Some 500-Years Before The Birth Of Christ, which Led to “Critical Thinking” of More Modern European Philosophers whom I was Also Compelled to Study.

Let Me State This As A Clear Understanding . . . I Hated Philosophy, I Hated The Philosophers & I Aced The Course.

Go Figure . . . That in Philosophy at the University Level, an Elective Course which I was Compelled to Take, Which I Disdained, I Graduated at the Top of my Class, Equal to a Civics Course which I Loved, Where I Set a New Standard in Debating, which I Believe was (Both) because of my Rabbinical Studies.

As Someone who Studied Torah & Some of the Talmud at the Yeshiva (Rabbinical College), where I Attended in Montreal, I was Well Versed in the Concept that No Thought is Absolute Other than the Thought of God, and Even there, there was Room for Debate, Since the Foundational Teaching of Judaism is to Debate Everything to Better Understand Life and the Mind & Will of God . . . So I Wasn’t A Stranger To The Critical Thought Process. Which is Why I Look Contemptuously at the Critical Race Theory Promulgating Communist American Academics.


My Personal View Of Most If Not All The Philosophers . . . was and still is – that They & Their Theories were Mentally Deranged, Much of Which were Based Upon the Plato Theory of the Philosopher King, where the Average Person is Not Suitably Intelligent to Think for Himself in Terms of Life through Governance. And there Must be a Philosopher Above all Other Philosophers who Does Have the Thought-Ability to see the World . . . In Ways Foreign To The Less Intelligent.

One Of The Other Beliefs Of The Philosopher Kings Was In Equity, where all People Regardless of their Abilities to do Better or Worse – had to be Equal in Order to Live in a Harmonious Society, where the Philosopher Kings could and would Guide & Nurture a Non-Competitive Gentler Society . . . In Other Words – The Philosopher Kings Would Create A Shangri-La For All Living Things.


To The Believers In Critical Thinking . . . There are Multiple Ways to Arrive at One Plus One to Equal Two, With the Possibility, that in Some Other Universe or Dimension, One Plus One Does Not Necessarily Arrive at the Conclusion of Two, since in their World of Thinking, Everything is Possible & More or Less Must be Acceptable.

No One Could Know How Many Angels Could Dance On The Head Of A Pin, Regardless, It Doesn’t Stop Them From Debating.

In The Real World . . . With People who Wake-Up Each Morning Knowing they have to Provide for Themselves & Family, that they Need to Excel to Get Ahead, or Simply Work to Keep what they Have . . . These People Couldn’t Give A Damn About How Many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin.

And For The Average Person . . . Shangri-La Doesn’t Exist. And Heaven Or Hell Is What Humanity Makes Of It.


The Jurists on the Supreme Court of America & Canada will Want to Believe, or More Precisely . . . will Want us to Believe that they are Grounded Citizens Just like You & Me, When Nothing could be Further from the Truth.

Supreme Court Judges in the United States are APPOINTED for Life, and Unless by Extreme Circumstance CANNOT be Removed. These are People who are Extremely Well Paid, Protected & Insulated from all the People to Whom they Sit in Judgment.

They Have No Concept Of What Real Life Is All About To Real People.

These Are Our Philosopher Kings . . . Who Have Morphed From Being Referees To Guarantee Fair Constitutional Play . . . to Being Determiners of How Many Angels Can Dance on the Head of a Pin.


It’s The Fourth Down In The Superbowl’s Final Game. The Play Just Ended, the Ball is Less than a Yard from the End Zone & There’s Only One Second Left on the Play Clock. And the Offense is Down by 5-Points.

The Question Is This . . . Did the Advancing Team Get the Ball Over the Ten Yard Limit to Get a First Down, And The Final Kick At The Can To Win Or Lose The Super Bowl?

But Instead Of Calling In The Tape To Measure If The Advancing Team Made The 10-Yards (First Down) . . . The Referees Debate whether the Offensive Team Merited a Final Try for the Touchdown, Based on How Well they Played Overall, How Rich the Team Owners Were, How Much Bigger or Smaller their Players Were than the Opposition, Who the Stars Were on Each Team, the Ability of Individual Players Such as the Quarter Back, which Team had the Highest Annual Attendance, who had the Best TV Contract, Endorsements – Etc-Etc-Etc.

Or Did the Defenders Show Enough Merit to Stop the Game & Give the Win to the Defense Because they were Somehow Disadvantaged Because of all or Some of the Above Based Criteria of Critical Theory?

As Asinine As This Example Is . . . Welcome To The Thought Process Of The Supreme Court’s Philosopher Kings.


The Beauty Of The American Constitution Is In Its Simplicity . . . That you Don’t Have to be a Scholar or a Philosopher to Read & Understand the Clear Intent of the Framers, which Separates the American Charter of Rights, Freedoms & Liberties from Every Other Constitution that Exists Today and Has Ever Existed, to the Point that the American Constitution was NOT Written for the Benefit of the Rulers . . .  As MUCH As It Was Written For The Benefit Of The People.

However . . . Like Everything Else In Life, if the Thing of Value is Not Protected, Respected & Nurtured, that Thing . . . Whether Biological or Inanimate will Eventually Wither & Die.

Thus . . . There Is No Worthy Third Rail In American Politics . . . Any-More Than There Is An Honest Government.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. From what I am able to determine, the “turd rail” is up Biden’s ass! How sad is this illegitimate Administration?

  2. One of your better articles Howard. A supreme court Judge can be impeached, it will never happen but it could. Impeachment does not necessarily automatic removal from office. I think at this point we should not judge the justices to harshly, They are trying to keep the court at it’s present number, so they are leaning a little left to appease the commie nitwits called Democrats.

  3. Having practiced law for 35 years, I do not believe most lawyers went to law school to sit in judgement of people they could never relate to. The goal was mostly to to help sort the conflicts of society and make a decent living.. But, federal judges, appointed for life, do often become demigods. The higher the level, the greater the the temptation. But, remember, 34 of the 55 constitutional framers were lawyers. So, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Lee Geronime Clyde, NC

  4. I do not have the formal education you & millions of others have but, I read just about any subject even law I can lay my hands on. I have books on The Constitution & have pointed out facts to people in government that they should read therein and act accordingly. It is way above their heads so have done zilch. Citizens should get a copy of that document and read it carefully. Most people have never read it or understand what it says.

  5. The U.S. constitution was written to keep government off the people’s backs.

  6. “ . . . if the Thing of Value is Not Protected, Respected & Nurtured, that Thing . . . Whether Biological or Inanimate will Eventually Wither & Die.” That, good sir, is a truth no longer respected or espoused by many in our world today. Disheartening and sad beyond words. Thanks for being a voice worth hearing in a world gone terribly off ANY rail.

  7. Civics is no longer taught in school. I started learning about the Constitution and our Bill of Rights in the 3rd or 4th grade and that knowledge was built on each year. We need to get education back to the basics!! Kids these day know nothing about history or civics. Shameful. So sad. We are seeing the results of that now with so many of our youth embracing socialism.

  8. I have a daughter and a daughter in law that are teachers, both are told what to teach by idiots on school boards. Forget reading, writing and math, it is social skills related to sex, race and gender studies. The kids of today are become little computer, cell phone zombies, with no work ethic or real skills. They can’t count change, make a hamburger to order, fix a car or change a light bulb, but they demand $15 an hour for us to look at their purple hair, nose rings, tats and the like. Gone.

  9. Several years ago while visiting in the Ottawa area, I had a conversation with a Teacher, Kindergarten or grade one. She handed me a test paper with this question. “You have a choice between 5 pennies and 1 dime. Which do you choose?” I said it’s pretty obvious, a dime. Definitely not, she said. “5 pennies is the correct answer!” You can well imagine the discussion after that statement. To say “Heated” would not be amiss. So there, in a nutshell is a sample of our educational system.

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