Don’t Pretend . . . They’re Not Heroes


I Lost Interest in The Olympics Many Years Ago, when I First Realized how Snobbish it all was, that it was all About the Private Cabal of European Elitists who Governed it and Soaked Nations Worldwide for Free Performers (Athletes) for the Chance of the Athletes to Win a Shiny Colored Object . . . A Piece of Round Engraved Tin & Bragging Rights.

I Figured it out Plenty Quick that the Games were all about Money Paid by Taxpayers to Train the Athletes for the Benefit of Already Rich Old European Grifters, and that Governments like Russia, East Germany and other Communist Nations, which Used the Olympics for their National & International Propaganda . . . And When some American Athletes Began Using the Olympics for their Own Egregious Causes.


Should We All Shed A Tear For The American Olympians Who Dropped-Out Because They Couldn’t Win Or Were Stressed?


As I’ve Written Many Times . . . I Used to be an Athlete, a Real Honest-To-Goodness Athlete. I Played Football, Hockey & Baseball. I Played some Tennis, Skied & Swam Competitively. I Fought in Karate Tournaments & Rode Horses Over Hill & Dale.

I Rode Cross Country Over Solid Jumps, Into The Water & Through The Bush & In My Western Riding Days I Did The Pony Express.

As Much As I Always Wanted To Win . . . I Never Gave it Less than my Best Shot and was Never Disappointed if I Finished Dead Last, as Long as I Knew I that I Always Left Everything on the Field.

I Was Never Good Enough To Be Amongst The Best . . . But I Was Good Enough To NEVER Quit & That’s The Mark Of A Winner.

It’s One Thing To Be A Hero . . . when you’re the Best at your Game & Feel the Best at the Moment. It’s Another thing Entirely to Quit because you Don’t Feel at the Top of your Game, or you’re Stressed-Out, or you think your Opponent is going to get the Better of you . . . Or If You Don’t Think You’re Going To Stand At The Center Of The Podium Wearing Gold.

A Hero Fights-On When All Odds Scream Failure & The Adulation Will Not Be There.


Are The Olympians Competing For Country & Flag Or Are They In It For Themselves?

If the Olympians are in it for Anything Beyond the Glory of their Flag & the Patriots of their Nation . . . They’re in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time for the Wrong Reason.

Even Sylvester Stallone’s Fictional Movies which we Grew to Love as the Rocky Series, Captured the Imagination of a Global Audience . . . Showing the Fictional Account of a Two-Bit American Fighter from the Tough Streets who Fought Bruised & Bloodied . . . Who Wouldn’t Go Down.

Even Though Rocky Was Fiction . . . Audiences in Movie Theaters Everywhere Cheered & Wept Watching Rocky Stand his Ground . . . Refusing to Quit, which Showed the Real Spirit of Courage & Determination, which Used to be the American Way.

That Was When Most Americans Really Stood For Something. Even In Their Dreams & On The Silver Screen.


Do You Know These Names . . . Dudley ‘Tal’ Stokes, Michael White, Devon Harris & Chris Stokes?

I Don’t Blame You For Not Knowing, since these are Not Name Brand Athletes with Adoring Fans & Huge Endorsement Contracts . . . But as you Read the Next Few Words, you’ll Know Exactly who they Are . . .

THINK OF THE JAMAICAN BOBSLED TEAM . . . Who Didn’t have a Snowball’s Chance in Hell of Winning Anything on a Rock-Hard Frozen Down-Course at Crazy Speeds over Solid Ice. They Didn’t Quit . . . And the Whole World Cheered them On as the Heroes which they Actually Were, Coming from a Country where any Semblance of Ice could Only be Found in a Cocktail.

Michael Edwards . . . Remember Him? Michael Edwards the Brit who was Best Known as Eddie The Eagle, who Strapped-On Long Skis & Launched Himself from the Terrifying Height of a Ski Jump, only to be Slammed into the Hard Landing at the Calgary Games, so he Could Represent his Beloved England which had No Ski-Jumping Team.

Eddie The Eagle Stood All Alone . . . As the Sole British Ski Jumping Competitor Hoping to Survive Knowing he had No Chance of Winning Anything – Eddie The Eagle Was A Hero.

I Can’t Remember Any Athlete More Hero Worshiped Worldwide Than Eddie The Eagle.

Herbert Brooks . . . Also Not A Household Name, but a Name Amongst Dozens on the Olympic Miracle On Ice Hockey Team . . . of American Kids who Brooks Coached, who Won Gold at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics, Against One of the Greatest Powerhouse (Not So Amateur) Hockey Teams (Russian) on the Planet.

No One Ever Believed These American Kids Had Any Chance Of Survival Against The Russians Let Alone Victory Of Gold.

As a Young Canadian, I Sat & Alternately Stood . . . Glued to my Television Set Shouting & Cheering at Every American Rush with the Puck, at Every Body Check & Every Shot on the Net. These American Kids Played for Flag & Country . . . And Seared Themselves Into All-Time Sports Perpetuity For Their Patriotism.

And Here’s A Name You Probably Know . . . Jesse Owens – A Black Man – who Literally Walked into the Belly of the Beast to Carry the Flag of the United States of America, into a Country that Didn’t just Want Owens to Lose because of Nazi Nationalism, but the Nazi’s would have Murdered Jesse Owens Only because Owens was Black. But That Didn’t Stop Jesse Owens . . . Because Jesse Owens Was A Champion.

Not Only Did Jesse Owens Compete . . . Owens Won, Set Records & Stood With Pride Atop The Podium As An American.


In Case You’re Wondering . . . I’m Pleased that so Many American Elitists Lost in their First Round . . . They Deserved to be Chopped Down by More than just a Few Pegs. So How Uppity Are These Knee Benders Now?

If The Olympics Want People Like Me Back Again . . . Kiss-Off the Athlete Sponsors, Say Goodbye to the Television Networks, Keep it Amateur & Make it Available ONLY to those Athletes who Respect their Flag. And Go Back To Sports Where It’s Mano-A-Mano, Where Freakish Men Don’t Compete Against Women . . . And Tiddlywinks Is Not A Sport.

The Olympics Are All About Personal Conceit & Who Can Squeeze The Most Out Of Athletic Stardom . . . Screw That.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Agreed Howard! I haven’ watch any of the Olympics to this point, and don’t plan on changing that. They have become a joke.

  2. I remember watching a clip of a Japanese male gymnast who had injured his shoulder do his routine on the rings (1960s) and won gold…and another Japanese male gymnast who hid his knee injury to help his team win the gold in 1976 against the USSR. These guys are sports heroes. American gymnast who drops out because of her feelings…not so much.

  3. Thanks Howard for stating what so many of us are thinking – the Olympics have become a Joke.

  4. You see what you want to see. I see the Olympics as a place where athletes can compete against the best in the world. I agree some of the athletes don’t properly represent the best of the athletic world but don’t tear down the majority who sacrifice significant time and money to be able to represent their country in a world competition. I feel sorry for those who don’t have a sense of national pride when someone who represents them does well. Doing well doesn’t have to mean winning gold medals

  5. Perfectly stated Howard! Once again you’ve been reading my letters before I mailed them. Calgary held a very successful 1988 Winter Olympics and was recently invited to bid on the 2026 games, which the City practically guaranteed. In a referendum Calgarians rejected the Olympics gong show all the reasons you mentioned. As well, going in to debt to make a mob of European good ole boys wealthier at their expense was no longer palatable to Calgarians.

  6. Sadly the Olympics are a huge money grab. All show no substance. I quit watching them…the quality just isn’t there anymore and it’s turned too political.

  7. As your friend and riding buddy- I don’t agree with you on this one. In my heart and mind I am an Olympian and the motto is with me forever; Altius. Fortius, Citrius. As a youngster, I trained to be an Olympian but my life took a different turn. I am glued to my television and for the one or two who quit there are hundreds who finish even with broken bones and hearts batterd and bloodied. YES, the “Lords of the Ring” perverted the original noble idea but the Olympic Spirit will always prevail.

  8. Howard, I would rather watch paint dry on the wall then watch the Olympics.

  9. Absolutely right Howard. The origin and tradition has been corrupted beyond repair.

  10. I do not watch the Olympics. I get tired just watching them so not anymore they do not seem to respect the country they are there for and stand at attention when our National song is played no respect for our flag or our country.

  11. I have zero opinion on the Olympics. I guess it’s like any other attraction or distraction. I personally don’t have time for it.

  12. So many things wrong with what the Olympics have become, but the worst is yet to come….Chinese dominance. With 1.5 billion people they not only have just a numerical advantage, but the Communist regime is already forcing breeding of elite athletes, and then taking the promising children into training camps at an early age. That will be the end of this farce.

  13. The only PRIDE those below 35 (it seems) today is self. These current generations have been raised by parents who told them they could be anything they wanted, tried hard, etc, etc. Those are great words for encouragement, but NOT ALL people will be the champion & kids need to be taught that too. If those representing the US in the games in Japan today are the best we have, that’s pretty telling about US standards these days. Just like public schools, standards are continually lowered.

  14. Yes – the Olympics has lost the courage of heart, the ideals and the patriotism that made it great.

  15. I’m proud to say I have no interest whatsoever in sports. OH LOOK!!! GOODY GOODY GUM DROPS !!! A guy in a blue shirt hit a ball really hard. WOW !!! The only interest I’ve ever had in sports was in my bachelour days in noticing when an important game was on TV. Those are nights when my other sports disinterested friends and I would hit the singles bars when the odds were dramaticallly in our favour. That’s the only reason that makes sense to love sports.

  16. To me it is time to stop funding sports in America. the Olympics has become a Political grab bag for the Rich, European money making garbage. We will award a country venue if they put the population into debt. For the most part there is no status that meets the amature status. Just supplemented at all levels. This should be the year of decent from the games. Let freedom ring, what the heck, the addition to any kind movement are events. Go Away for good.

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