Pricing Ourselves Out Of Living


Don’t Forget The Meaning Of . . . “Of The People, By The People & For The People”.

Don’t Take This Lightly . . . For Several Hundred Years . . . The Only Truly Free Country on the Planet has Been the United States of America – Where the People Decided Since July 4, 1776 . . . Upon who will – and who will Not be the Men & Women (Government) to be the Guardians of the Freedoms of the Constitution, Which Was Created By The People For The People.

The Problem Over the Past Number of Decades has Been the Acceptance of Money into Politics Starting with Lobbying, and a Never-Ending Assault by the Ignorant People of the LEFT who have been Jealous of what Others Have Achieved . . . to the Point where Academia has Become the HAMMER in the Demise of the Freest Country that has Ever Been.

Academia has Led to the Propagandized Training of the Entertainment Industry, which has Dumbed Down the Masses into Believing that Pablum was True & Serious, Instead of Just being Pablum of the Mind. Academia has Trained the Reporters, Journalists, Opinion Writers & Producers in Mainstream & Social-Media, which has Led to a Slow, Constant & Almost Imperceptible Assault on all the Freedoms that Too Many Americans Have Taken for Granted.

Sometimes . . . Or Perhaps More Times Than Not – When we Wake-Up to the Reality It’s Too Late to Do Anything About it. We’re All Getting Pretty Close To That Now.

It’s Not As If . . . The Freedoms of the United States of America have Suddenly Come Under Attack, Since there has Never been a Moment in Time when American Freedom wasn’t Under Attack.

But This Time It’s Different . . . This Time The Attackers Are All From Within, Hellbent On A Philosophy Of Hateful Lies.

What The American LEFT Wants is a System of Governance that will Give the False Impression that the Government is Of the People, By the People & For the People, Where in Reality, the Governance of the American People will Ultimately be by the Elitists if the LEFT Ever Gets its Way.


Unlike Americans . . . We Canadians Have No Political Process For Us To Choose Who Will Represent Us.

We Think that We Canadians are Living in a Democratic Nation, which According to the Definition of Democracy – We Are . . . However, As I’ve Written Many Times Before . . . Adolf Hitler Was Installed To The Leadership Of Germany By The Democratic Process.

In Reality . . . What Separated (Separates) the United States of America from Countries like Canada, Is That America Is Not A Democracy . . . America Is a Constitutional Republic Governed by the Will of the People Opposed to Being Governed by the Will of the Party System.

We Canadians Don’t Have Primaries . . . We Have 4 1/2 Major Parties (Liberals [Socialists], Conservatives [Liberal Light], NDP [Heavy Socialists], Bloc Quebecois [Quebec Racist Separatist Party] & The Green Party [Fig Leaf For The Biggest Idiots – They’re The Half Party].

There Really Is No Political Freedom In Canada . . . It’s All A Big Con.

We Think, that when we Show-Up Once every Four Years to place our Vote, that we Really are in Control of our Government, which is as Far from Being True as one can Imagine, since in Canada, we Canadians Get to Vote for the Least Objectionable Party, since our Elected Members of Government are Chosen by the Party to Serve the Party Instead of Serving the People.

Our Canadian Election System Is Party-Geared Against Independent Candidates No Matter How Competent.

The One Thing All These Parties Have In Common . . . Is that they are all Nothing More than Political Self-Interest Clubs, where What the Candidates Believe is SECONDARY to what Each of the Party Insiders WANT you to Believe . . . And No Matter How Much the Candidate Wants to Serve the Interests of His or Her Constituents . . . WHAT THE PARTY WANTS COMES FIRST.


We Pretend There Is . . . But There Isn’t – And How’s That Working-Out For Us?


And How Do We Get Them To Stop?

Canada, In One Way Or Another Has Been Locked-Down For Well Over A Year. There are No Civil Rights to Practice Religion. And Freedom of Expression is on Thin Ice. We Can’t Even Get Haircuts. In a Few Days We in Ontario will be Graced by the Will of our Ontario Government to Enjoy Limited Outside Dining – Inside DiningForget About It.

We Can’t RV in Most of our Provinces by Canadians Living in Other Provinces. Imagine That . . . Canadians Are Being Locked Out Of Canada Provincially.

And Why Is Our US/Canada Border Closed To Just Some People? More Succinctly . . . Why Is The Border Closed At All?


How About $6-Dollars A Gallon for Gasoline in Ontario & $7-Dollars A Gallon in British Columbia because of Trudeau’s “Carbon Tax”? Anne, Tovar & I Were Looking Forward to Taking a Relatively Short Drive (800-Mile Round-Trip) to Canada’s Escarpment Area Just west of Toronto, to Visit some Friends we Haven’t Seen in a While . . . But It Ain’t Going To Happen.


For A Four Day RV Getaway, Pulling our Small 20-Foot RV Roughly 350-Miles In Each Direction . . . and the Cost of the RV Park . . . We’d Be Looking At A Cost Of About $1,000.

And When we Factor-In the Runaway Costs of Grocery Shopping ($21 Per Pound For A Rib Steak) and at Least 10-20 Percent More on Just about all other Food Products, it Doesn’t Leave a Whole Hell of a Lot for Anything Superfluous.

Now . . . Start Adding The Costs Of Basic Services . . . Insurances, Home & Auto Maintenance – Etc . . . It’s A Wonder We Can Afford To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning.

Most Retired People Who Worked & Contributed Their Whole Life Would Kill To See An Income Of $40,00 Per Year.

So While We All Struggle Just To Make Ends Meet . . . Especially People Like Anne & Myself Living off our Limited Savings & Pensions, which we Diligently Paid Into . . . The Politicians in Canada and the United States of America are Pulling-In More than $175,000 Per Year . . . NOT Including all their Other Perks & Benefits . . . Which We The Besieged People Are Feeding Them With Each Paycheck They Receive . . . Not Earn . . . RECEIVE.

The Picture I Just Painted Of Canada Is Incomplete . . . It’s Worse – And If You’re Not Careful – America Will Be Canada.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Damn, Howard. Sounds like we’re caught in the tangled web we weaved.

  2. My Liberal Member of Parliament is a jackass libtard named Peter Schiefke. His salary is $183,000 +++. Having served two terms he is entitled to a retirement income of at least $75,000. As an engaged citizen, I have emailed him innumerable times. His response has ALWAYS been a form letter assuring me that my input is important to him. He has NEVER replied in person. Kanada’s so-called “democracy” has died in darkness. Thanks to power-mad fascists like Schiefke it will only get a lot worse.

  3. The Cdn electorate is dumber than a sack of dirt. We either don’t know what goes on or don’t care. In each case we are the ones to blame. We will keep voting in the PM boy Idiot who is killing us because we cannot comprehend anything else. We have a delusion in our brains that tells us lies about ourselves and we lamely and meekly accept them as being wonderments. We are so wishy-washy in our thinking and actions we make Charlie Brown look like a pillar of steel.

  4. I hope the people who voted incompetent, mentally challenged, feeble old man, and his “partner in crime” are happy. Heavens only knows what this country will be like when he’s finally out of office!

  5. Hi Howard, I’m a fan. While reading my emails today, it seamed that some where missing, so I checked my spam. WOW, apparently many of the conservative linked ones, including ones from my state representative, the republican party, Trump, Lindsay Graham etc. where all in there! I wonder if this is a concentrated effort by Big tech and the left control and limit what you see and who you communicate with. It’d be interesting to see if you and your readers have a similar experience.

  6. Many of us in the U.S. have come to the conclusion that they cannot tear up a country in 4 months accidentally- it must be on purpose!

  7. “No one thought Rome could fail, let alone that it would.” FORGING THE HERO, WHO DOES MORE IS WORTH MORE

  8. Unfortunately, we were NOT paying attention to the MAN BEHIND THE SCREEN. From the Wizard of Oz. The ‘take over’ was being planned for the 4 years of Trump’s presidency. Saul Alinsky tactics, lead by Obama who is a follower of Saul’s really lead the Divide and Conquer. And GOT Biden elected by fraud to carry on. We have to stand up and fight back. And we better get some REAL Republicans to fill seats in 2022 for a start. Excellent Editorial. Thank You

  9. As a teenager we got jobs to pay for what we wanted. At 69 I still work and will always work because it is who I am. However, working to live … as more Canadians have to … because all levels of government keep adding RESTRICTIVE and POCKET LINING TAX … Makes thousands of Canadians … DEBT SLAVES … NOT FREE PEOPLE … Pay the TAX or else … Do What We Tell You … Or Else … Free People Can Only Be Pushed So Far … 1776 was an event on the calendar … Will it become an event again ?

  10. “Don’t Forget The Meaning Of . . . ‘Of The People, By The People & For The People.'” Sadly, American government has been incrementally increasing their control “Of the People” for decades. And that curve really steepened during Obama and has increased even more since the Democrats overthrew the Trump Administration. But, the part about “By the people, and for the people” American government has, tragically, all but abandoned, anymore.

  11. I do all the shopping and subsequently know first hand that the cost of food has near doubled during this so called pandemic. Jagmeet Singh had the gall to say Air Canada execs should not receive a bonus while he and all politicians took two salary increases and no loss of pay in past two years. Peter, yes we are being Algorithmed, some emails from Galganov are deemed junk on arrival, responding is sometimes rejected, HG has an ongoing fight to keep his blog going that’s why he needs donations.

  12. We will reap what we sow Howard. Are ignorance will only last so long many of us have already figured out that the less u work the more u get. Well patriots can’t be bought we live off God,Country and family. And will fight to the death to protect that.

  13. Your’e absolutely correct Howard, Canada is not a democratic country, it’s an elected (rigged) dictatorship.

  14. To keep it short, every country that has a parliamentary form of government has the same problem that Canada has. Hell, just look at the mess of a government that Israel has. 8 parties to form a majority of 2 votes 61 to 59. I have always told my friends that the best system is from the US, I don’t know why when we are nation-building in Afganistan and other places that we don’t export out our Constitutional Republic form of government.

  15. Our gov’t is totally corrupt. The Lobby folks give big money to get their idea, projects pushed forward. Every politician must be audited every 6 months. If they are caught taking money, out they go. Big dream? Yes, a civil war is looming in the US, as BLM and Antifa with their many White Liberal Trash helpers are destroying cities everywhere. Be ready, be prepared as it is coming to an area near you. Will you be a sheep and die at the hands of Wolves or will you be a Sheep Dog an fight?

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