Are There Aliens – Or Not?


I Have Long Believed That We Are Not Alone In This Universe . . . And Given the Size & Scope of the Universe, the Chances of Being the Only Cognizant Life-Force in Existence would Probably be Akin to Winning Millions of Lotteries in Succession Purchased Every-Day.


All The Super Computers & Einstein–Type Scientist In The World Couldn’t Have A Clue.

We as Human Beings are Absolutely Incapable of Understanding Any Real Facet of the Size & Scope of the Universe other than Knowing that we Can’t Understand even a Smattering . . . We Think We Do . . . But It’s Far Beyond Anything We Could Possibly Imagine.

When I Was Much Younger (1968), I Read Chariots Of The Gods by Erich Von Daniken, which Proposed the Very Possible Existence of Alien Visitors to Earth from Outer Space, all the way Back to the Beginning of Earth’s Recorded Human History, Describing the Possibility that the Gods of the Greeks, Romans and other Cultures, were very Probably (Possibly) Visitors from other Planets.

That Led Me To Start Buying Quantum Mechanics & Particle Physics Books Written By Noted International Physicists.

Von Daniken Also Made The Observation, that the Technologies, Architecture & Engineering of the Great Pyramids Located Planet-Wide . . . And Structures like Stonehenge Far Exceeded the Capabilities of Mankind then, and were so Astronomically Aligned, to Have Been the Ancient Equivalent to Today’s Global GPS.

Nothing’s Changed Amongst Elitists . . . Von Daniken Was Pilloried Then . . . Just As Non-Compliant Theorists Are Demeaned Today.

I’m Not Going to Go into all that Von Daniken Asserted, Other than to Write that Von Daniken’s Theory of Ancient Explorers & Visitors to Earth from Outer-Space Changed my Religious Views & Values Substantially . . . And Opened My Mind To Questioning Everything.

It’s Not That I Don’t Believe In The History Of Our Religions – Because I Do . . . It’s Just that I have Far More Questions about Who we Are, How we Came into Being, what Really was Before Adam & Eve – Etc . . . Than There Are Reasonable Answers.

The Question Is . . . Do I Believe That All Of A Sudden We’re Being Swarmed By UFO’s (Aliens)? . . . NO – I DON’T BELIEVE IT.

While It Might Be True (Possible) That There Are Aliens Amongst Us . . . and that we are Being Overflown Regularly by UFO’s . . . I Believe It Is Far Truer . . . That The Current Failed American Government (White House & Congress) is all of a Sudden Using this “Alien Thing” as a Diversion to Distract us from all of their Failures . . . from the China Virus and from their Quest for A One World Socialized Government Ruled By Communists.

So Even Though I Am A 100% Believer . . . That there is Something Far Greater Than any of us Can Conceive . . . I Don’t Believe The Government’s All Of A Sudden UFO Mantra.


Joe Manchin Has Just Saved America & The Democrat Party . . . And I Don’t Say That Lightly.

Joe Manchin Serves At The Pleasure Of His West Virginian Electorate . . . Where in 2020, President Trump Won by Almost 70% . . . But Joe Manchin Won By Only 3% In 2018.

West Virginia Senator – Joe Manchin . . . has One More Election Cycle Before he has to Face the Electors in 2024, which is a Lifetime in Politics, Therefore, Manchin  Could have Caved to the LEFTIST Mob and Sold-Out the Foundation of The United States of America on the Altar of Socialist (Communist) Populism . . . But Joe Manchin Didn‘t.

Rather . . . Joe Manchin Chose to Defend the Basic Principles of the American Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, Both of which is Anathema to the Detestation the American LEFT hold for the Freedoms of American Exceptionalism.

Manchin Doesn’t Just Speak For Himself . . . But He Seems To Be The Only-Democrat With The Courage To Speak-Out.

AS I SEE-IT . . . Because Of Joe Manchin’s Principled Position . . . There will be No Removal of the Filibuster. There Will Be No 51st & 52nd US States. There will be No Court Packing. And there will be No Fixed (Rigged) National Electioneering.

Manchin Has Just Become An American Hero Who Probably Saved The Republic!


It’s Incredible . . . With Every Image I See Of People Doing Unconscionable, Violent & Debaucherous Things . . . The Vast Majority of the Despicable Perpetrators are BLACK.

Why Is That Fact Kept A Secret? . . . You Can’t Fix The Problem If You Won’t Recognize It.


They’re Nothing More Than A Bunch Of Black Punks & Black Whores Giving Decent Black Americans A Horrible Name!

What Does that Say About all Black Americans, who Aren’t Screaming Bloody Murder About the Scum that is Twerking (Simulated Sex-Gyrations) like Street Whores, Men & Women who Think Violence Against White & Asian Folk is their American Way & Their Abysmal Social Culture . . . Of Punks From Start To Finish?

What Kind Of People Canonize A Piece Of Human Turd (Excrement) Like George Floyd?


I Really Don’t Like Jen Psaki, Because Jen Psaki Lies, Obfuscates, Misleads & Is A Condescending Piece Of Work.

I Liked Morgan Ortagus . . . who I First Saw on Fox News, who Later Became the Spokesperson for the Trump State Department.

My Mom Used To Warn My Sisters & I . . . “You Can Tell An Awful Lot About A Person – By Whom That Person Is Friends With”.

Ortagus Is Pretty, Bright, Well Spoken & Conservative . . . SO I THOUGHT, Until the Other Day, When Ortagus was Part of a Panel Discussion which was Criticizing Jen Psaki . . . That was When Ortagus Jumped-In to Defend Psaki who in the Words of Morgan Ortagus . . . “Psaki Is One Of Her Best Friends”.

If You Think You Can Trust A Politician Or The Media . . . Think Again . . . It’s All A Game & Their Private Club.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Understanding Van Daniken (what a genius) does not negate one’s belief in God – only in man-made religions. the aliens live on the remote areas of earth and the moon and always have. they are a 2nd bi0-entitity life form not under control of any government and they don’t pay taxes! they have lived along side humans for thousands of years. I do not believe though they are the pyramid builders or the megalithic builders. Those long ago builders are gone from the earth – right now! Love your blog

  2. They keep changing the date. Just like Trump coming back. 😏

  3. Speaking of aliens. Either there are aliens or we are alone in the universe. Either way, it’s a little disconcerting.

  4. We Are Not Alone In This Universe but there are people on planets much too far from Earth to get to these people so we will never know. I’d say that the Universe has no end, so more than likely there is lots more planets close to what Earth is like out there somewhere. Our Earth has been home to people for more than one round as the very last before us maybe did their selves in with wars out of control. In some areas of the Middle East things were done that those living there today could not do.

  5. Aliens? Cool! No aliens? also cool. The Deep State is using this to distract us from the mess they have made (and continue to make) of our country. If there are aliens that knock on my door? Southern hospitality dictates that refreshments must be offered to any guest. So, if they want chips, popcorn and iced tea, my door is open.

  6. Pope John Paul stated of the possibility that we were not alone in the universe. I do know from a personal experience that u.f.o.’s exist as does the friend that was with me, when we had a good up close look at one from a distance of about 50 yds. lifting up out of a shale pit and moving about 200 -300 ft. and as we approached it, it flew directly north about a mile and was clearly visible . We headed for my home a short distance away and my friend went in to phone . out of room.

  7. I have had 3 personal experiences with extraterrestrials. 3 different types. One bunch put a milky liquid in my arm and I vomited a clear gelatenous liquid for 2 months. No one could convince me they don’t exist. The same as no one could convince me God does not exist. The people will not be hoodwinked forever. The good will win out. A majority of people won’t speak out but it doesn’t mean they won’t quietly make their will known.

  8. When I read today’s blog, the first thing that came into my mind was the book State of Fear by Michael Creighton. Within that book he explained how the government continually comes up with something that the people should fear for the simple purpose of misdirecting the peoples’ attention so they (the gov’t) can do as they wish under the guise of protecting the people from a threat that doesn’t exist. Last year it was Covid, and this year they want to use ET.

  9. I saw Bigfoot. He was riding a unicorn. As I grabbed my phone to get a picture, a UFO swooped in and beamed them up.

  10. Thank God for JOE MANCHIN. I hope a few more Dems wake up and join him

  11. The Kennedy Library gives the JFK Profiles in Courage Award to a senator who acts in a manner that goes beyond his need to be reelected. This year that award should go to Manchin. He has gone against his Party for the sake of the republic.

  12. Joe is a good politician, he sees what is happening to our country, he like a few others realizes how his bread gets buttered. I see him running in 2024 as a Republican. I have seen things that I can not explain, I have been with friends that saw the same things. UFOs exist, does not matter their origin. They could even be our own experimental aircraft. I do believe there are other planets that have life, the universe is larger than we can possibly grasp. Howard, you are a very intelligent man.

  13. I seem to recall a thought about UFO’s from several years ago and why they may not have made contact…they are looking for intelligent life on Earth.

  14. Sue and Dick, you are right on. The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) was initiated because they couldn’t find any on Earth. Like Howard, I have been studying quantum mechanics. There is far more our there than we can ever know. We are limited by our five senses and most people are not motivated by an insatiable curiosity. We are doomed to the here and now and will never know an eternity of tomorrows. That is, unless we join God in heaven. That is what is meant by ‘eternal life’.

  15. What has Quantum Mechanics got to do with Space Aliens? As Richard Feynman said, and I paraphrase, ” Anyone who claims he knows Quantum Mechanics doesn’t know what he’s talking about”. Even he admits he doesn’t. The connection, if there is one, has to be made via General Relativity. I’m sure I think.

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