This Is Neither By Accident Nor Incompetence


They’re Flooding the Southern American Border on Purpose. They’re Ginning-Up the Racial Divide on Purpose. They’re Emptying the National Treasury on Purpose. They’re Killing Small Independent Businesses on Purpose. They’re Releasing Dangerous Convicts onto the Public from Prisons on Purpose. They’re Destroying the Will for People to Work with Free Government Income on Purpose. They’re Destroying the Nuclear Family on Purpose. They’re Attacking Organized Religion (Christian & Jewish) on Purpose . . . And Amongst More – They’re Promoting Debauchery To Our Children On Purpose.

None of What’s Happening Within our Societies, in Canada and in the USA is Accidental, Meaning the Mandated (Forced) Wearing of Masks, Social Distancing, Closed Independent Retail Stores Including Restaurants . . . IS NOT BY HAPPENSTANCE:

With Every Passing Day . . . I’m Believing One Of Two Things – The China Virus Was “Probably” Intentional . . . But the Way Governments Controlled the World Community Because of the China Virus . . . WAS (IS) 100% INTENTIONAL.

Everything Happening Today By The Government Is On Purpose.

I Don’t Wear A Mask . . . Unless I am in a Position where I have No Choice. I Don’t Social Distance. I Like to Shake Hands, Give Biker-Type Hugs & Get Close & Personal to People I Like. I Don’t Follow Floor Arrows in Retail Stores . . . And Even Though I am Totally Against Mandated Vaccines & Vaccine Passports . . . Anne & I Both Had The Pfizer Vaccine.

I Won’t Buy Into The Mass Hysteria Of Vaccines One Way Or The Other.

However . . . I Will Not Show my Vaccine Certificate to Gain Entrance to Anything, with the Exception Perhaps of Entering the USA if that Becomes an American Border Mandate.

And Any Store or Service that has a Mask Mandate, Vaccine Passport Requirement, or Masked & Unmasked Sections in their Establishments Can Forget about Seeing One Dime of my Business if an Alternate is Available Anywhere Else.

I’ll Spend More To Shop Where Freedom Reigns . . . Opposed To Stupid Which Is The Catchword Of The Establishment.


I’m Going To Continue Hammering On This Black Lives Matter Theme . . . Because I Believe that if this Type of Government Institutionalized Racism isn’t Ended Here & Now, it will End in a Fashion that will be the Cause of Enormous Pain, Property Loss, Financial Loss, and a Long-Term Antagonistic Separation Between the Races (Black & White).


In My Perfect World . . . I Would Arrest all the People Who were Responsible for the Violence Through the Streets of American Cities During 2020/2021, Whether by Physical Participation or Through Incitement . . . INCLUDING Academia, the Media & Politicians – And Give Them A Choice . . . Exile From America Forever Or Incarceration For Life?

The Democrats Are Propagandizing The January 6, 2021 Capital Hill Riot As An InsurrectionNOT TRUE . . . While in all Truth – What Happened Over the Years of 2020/2021 Throughout America because of the Contrived Racialized Murder of George Floyd, Including the Physical Attacks on President Trump’s White House . . . Was Indeed An Insurrection.


Since When In Canada Do White Lives & White Owned Businesses . . . NOT MATTER?

Here In Canada . . . Canada’s Federal Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau has Passed a Law (Regulation) Giving Black Owned Businesses Loans & Grants . . .  WHICH ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO WHITE BUSINESS OWNERS.

Is This Not Racist?

This all but Guarantees that I will NEVER Shop at a Black Owned Store, Eat at a Black Owned Restaurant or Use a Black Owned Service in Canada – Who & Which Benefits from Tax Dollars UNAVAILABLE to White People . . . Only Because They’re White People.

And Since there will be No Way for me to Know if a Black Owned Enterprise Is On The Racist Canadian Dole . . . I Won’t Give My Business to Any Black Owned Enterprise.

Do You Believe I’m The Only One Who Thinks This Way . . . So Much For Helping Canada’s Black Community.


Why Are American Black Voters More Stupid Than White Voters When It Comes To Registering To Vote?


We All Have To Continue CHALLENGING & INSULTING Black Leaches With The Truth Until They Get The Message!

OR WALK AWAY . . . From Black People Who Want What They Didn’t Earn, or Vote for Whomever is Promising to Give Black People what was Earned by White People, which the Black People Don’t Deserve.


If you Think that It’s Racist of Me to Assume that Black Voters are Too Stupid in Comparison to White Voters who are Able to Figure-Out How to Vote Legitimately . . . Then I Have To Assume That All LEFTISTS Who Oppose Verified Universal Voting Criteria Are Racists.


If Black People Are Too Stupid In Comparison To White Americans To Vote . . . Then Black People Shouldn’t Vote.

Choosing A Government, Educational Board, Municipal Council, Mayor, State Representatives, Canadian Members Of Parliament(s) (Provincial & Federal), Provincial Premiers, State Governors, House Members, National Senators & The President Of The United States . . . Are The Most Important & Serious Decisions Citizens Can Make.


If A Person is Too Stupid and/or Too Lazy to Make the Effort to Comply with Universal Voting Regulations . . . He Or She Should Not Vote.

And If Leveling The Playing Field Equally Isn’t Good Enough For Everyone . . . It Will Never Be Good Enough For Anyone.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Trump’s GOP captured 14% of the black vote in 2020. This was considered a momentous accomplishment. FOURTEEN PERCENT! Wow! Face it, the blacks are very comfortable on the Democrat plantation and we’re only kidding ourselves if we think this is going to change any time soon.

  2. I agree & support everything you write today, except for the so called vaccine shot. Over the past 18 months I’ve read, watched videos and listened to professionals no less than the Ex VP of Pfizer expounding the dangers of mRNA that is not a vaccine in the true sense. While I respect your choice to get the jab I am surprsied you did. I truly and sincerely hope you and Anne will not have adverse reactions down the road. There is something very sinister about the pressure to get the world jabbed

  3. The Democrats are basically calling Blacks stupid & incompetent suggesting that they are not capable of a simple voter registration. But guess what, somehow they do know how to register to all the freebie Democrats are providing them. Amazing!! I’m waiting for the day that Black people will realize how Democrats really see them, hopefully in my life time. We were told by a very reputable doctor to only get the J & J vaccine because it’s protein based the way a true vaccine is and not the mRNA.

  4. One problem in the US is the system of funding the poor through various agencies. As a Revenue Officer (tax collector) for IRS, I met a black woman who owed taxes. As I secured info to collect her taxes, I learned that she was getting checks from several govt agencies monthly. I asked her how she was getting so many checks she did not know but told me that others told her to go to certain agencies and tell them, “thus and so.” She did. Viola, she began getting checks.

  5. Agree on your assessment of no-ID verification. They’re using their own impression of the voters as tag line but real reason is for fraud like process leading to Nov 2020 election. Dems will do everything they can to try to ALWAYS be in control in DC. When are people (in large #s) going to wake up & Oppose this? A large number of blacks have been bought via welfare & it’s more contemporary names & counterparts. It’s just another means of slavery (or bribery).

  6. if blk people cannot read or write that is not white people’s fault. Should a blk. lady blame my white mother I cannot read her fault? Who do we blame? Oh yes Ieft out the teacher. So lets splint it all up, each of us get a peace of teaching. Why should we just blame it on just one? That is bull dirt! Just because we R different in color? Well if anyone has a right to complain is the Native Americans. We stole this land from them and everything else. They have the right to complain. No one else

  7. The Left is pushing us towards a civil war, nothing civil about it. It will be ugly and many innocent people of all races will be caught up in it and die. Harris made a statement that can be read on Youtube, Veterans benefit should be cut as they ” Volunteered to serve, so they should not get any benefits” Guess she did not hear about the Draft and true Patriotism in her poor youth. Washington is full self serving lying Lawyers need to get them all out by hook or crook, with no benefits, period.

  8. Great Editorial. The DemoRats want Civil Disruption, unfortunately I don’t believe the FINAL results of such will be what they expected. The PUBLIC is starting to put FACTS together and some are understanding the election was a fraud, the pandemic was a TOOL used for control, Antifa & BLM unfortunately are DESTROYING poor communities and the businesses in their wake. Defund The Police? Who did this hurt the most? Saul Alinsky is Alive & Well on the LEFT. Divide & Conquer.

  9. Don’t forget, this is all about divide & conquer, divide & conquer, divide & conquer as they destroy America.

  10. Howard you just said what a lot of people who know these scum have been saying quietly for a long time. Just ask yourself , how many domestic animals have gotten this disease during this pandemic. I haven’t heard of any. if this was a natural disease they would be going down in the millions. Is this an attempt at population control? No doubt in my mind this was a man made disease w/intent. Who did it effect the most. the Elderly. the people most dependent on the government. It was no mistake.

  11. Skin color does NOT matter…CHARACTER does! Those who use “skin color” as an issue are UNCOMFORTABLE, for whatever reason(s), in their OWN skin! Hence, they try to CAUSE trouble for everyone else. There is GOOD & BAD in EVERY color! COLOR has become a REASON for the SOCIALISTS to promote their SICK AGENDA, and some people are BOOSTING their SICK CRUSADE. The word “RESPECT” is certainly NOT in their dictionary! People must WAKE UP before it’s too LATE! It’s time to get back to CIVILITY! AMEN!

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