In Just Six Short Months It’s All Unraveling


First . . . Let Me Make My Position Clear On The War Being Foisted On Israel – Even If It Causes Me Lost Readers & Revenue.

I See & Read In Leftist Media . . . But Specifically in Video Media, How Heartbroken the Media, Reporters, Pundits & Editorialists are at the Death & Destruction Raining-Down on the Palestinian People in Gaza by Israeli Retaliation – TOUGH!!!!


Don’t Start If You’re Not Prepared To Finish & Don’t Cry When You Get As Good Or Better Than What You Give.

I Won’t Bother To Debate The Non-Issues, Since they all Come Down to Savages (Palestinians) Trying to Destroy a Civilized Society (Israel) . . . If You Don’t Want to Get the Crap Kicked Out of You . . . Stop Acting Like Savages Launching Deadly Rockets By The Thousands Against Civilians Only Because They’re Jewish.

As Far As I’m Concerned . . . It’s Time . . . Far-Past-Due-Time . . . for Israel to just Do It & Wipe-Out the Savage Thugs . . . And Put An End To It. If the Pain to the Palestinian Barbarians is Severe Enough . . . Perhaps They Might Realize The Consequences Of Their Barbarity.


How The LEFTIST Media Is Portraying Israel Is Nothing New To How The Biased LEFTIST Media Portrays All Conservatives.

LEFTIST Historians Have Written About The Nazi Blitzkrieg Of England, Opposed To the German Terror Bombing of British Civilians & Infrastructure, as if the Nazis were Somehow a Separate Entity of an Autonomous Group in Germany.

In Other Words . . . Somehow The German People Had No Culpability In The Terror Of British Civilians & Infrastructure.

Yet – When British Leader of Air Command, Air Marshal Bomber (Arthur) Harris Gave Back-In-Kind to Germany, What the Germans did to British Cities & Civilians . . . The Historians Deemed . . . That Bomber Harris Was A War Criminal, Even though the Bombings of Germany by the RAF, which Targeted Cities Like Dresden, Helped Shorten the War & Saved Allied Soldiers . . . The German People Got The Message That There Was A Steep, Serious & Very Painful Price To Pay For What The Germans Did From 1939 – 1945.

And Just As In The United States Of America, the British Cancel Culture Warriors are Working Overtime to Remove any Positive Historical References to Bomber Harris, Including Bomber Harris’s Statue.


While It’s True that the Miseries Being Caused by all the Nutjobs Who Voted For . . . A Pig In A Poke . . . Will be Painful for a Long Time to Come – It is Equally True that this 2020 Rigged American National Election was the Horribly Tasting Medicine America was Sorely in Need-Of – To Get the Greatest Republic Back-On-Track to Reconstituting Itself to Once Again Become the Most Exceptional Society in Modern National History.

Everything From Time-To-Time Needs To Be Rebooted & Refreshed . . . America’s Time & Freedoms Have Come.

If you Want Something to Look Forward to . . . Reminisce On This. After Eight Not So Good Years of George W Bush and Eight even More Dreadful Years of Barack Hussein Obama & Multiple Years of Horrific RINO Leadership in the House (Richard Boehner & Paul Ryan) . . .

It Only Took President Donald Trump Less Than One Year to Get America Back on Track IN SPITE Of a Heavily Antagonistic Propagandized Media, Sham Accusations (Contrived) of Russian Collusion, Witnesses Willing to Perjure Themselves in Congressional Hearings, a Hostile Congressional House, a Corrupt Justice Department, Corrupt FBI, Corrupt CIA, a Traitorous Foreign Service, Bogus FISA Subpoenas . . . Plus – Plus – Plus . . .

And Yet As I Just Wrote . . . IN SPITE OF IT ALL – Trump Righted A Sinking Ship . . .  & Trump Will Do It Again.

The LEFT Keeps Talking About the Global “Great Reset” . . . I Agree, but Not the Way the LEFT Portrays their Convoluted Vision of their Brave New Globalized One World Socialist Government.


I See The Great Reset Coming Back To A Time Of Values & Personal Respect Without LEFTIST Debauchery.


I Wish . . . I Could Afford To Write, Speak, Publish & Advocate Publicly Without Your Support . . . But I Can’t.

There was a Time Many Years Ago, When I was Writing for my Own Pleasure, when I Didn’t Care What People Thought About How I Wrote & What I Wrote About. But that Time has Long Gone, as the Audience to my Writing has Become Quite Significant. And What & How I Write Now has a Great Deal More Importance than it Did when Writing was Only for Myself.

As The Audience Grows, The Costs Grow & The Amount Of Work & Obligation Grows With It.

As Much As I Will Continue Doing What I Do . . . With or Without Your Help, and as you all Know, the Costs of Everything is Going Insane, Including all that Needs to be Done to Maintain all the Aspects of Managing from my Cost of  Living, the Research, Security & Keystroke to Keystroke to the Internet. . . Is A Daily Challenge.

And With Every Passing Day, the Canadian Government is Inching Closer & Closer to Making the Lives of Bloggers like Me Harder & Harder to Survive . . . And God Only Knows what Biden’s Administration will try to Pull-Off in the – Not So Distant Future.


I’ll Tell You How Bad It Is . . . I Even Have Concerns About Being Able to Cross the Border into the United States this Coming November, Because of the Things I Write and my Growing American Audience.


ONLY . . . If You Can Afford To Support, Your Financial Support Will Make A Huge Difference In What I Do.


Thank You In Advance.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you again for a well written blog without the customary blithering bs. I must say although I much prefer Trump to what’s it name, he is also the man who brought in the covie drug, please remember this is not a vaccine and the test subjects are all those who are taking it for a virus that has not increased any death rates worldwide. Just food for thought.

  2. It has always been my opinion that those who select or choose to live under a particular government are responsible for the actions of that government. Although I will shed tears at the loss of any life, it is sometimes very difficult to associate the word “innocent” with “civilians.”

  3. From time to time the tree of liberty will be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants… (Thomas.Jefferson) We’re hurtling toward that time.

  4. What you wrote: ” First . . Let Me Make My Position Clear On The War Being Foisted On Israel – Even If It Causes Me Lost Readers & Revenue.” Now, why would this cause you this to happen? You are speaking the truth and nothing but the truth and saying out loud what most of us are thinking, period. I don’t write an editorial like you but I do express my concerns like you on the social platforms to my friends and get lots of likes. Continue to do what you do so well and you will only gain readers.

  5. I have been saying this for a long time as well, that the Israeli’s should go into Gaza and wipe out the terrorists. I doesn’t make any difference how other Countries, media or Leftists feel about the situation. They will always get their panties in a wad no matter what.

  6. Thank you Howard for all you do! God Bless you! As always you are right on the money!

  7. I’m a German born in Poland in may of 1944 and am glad that England and the ALLIES bombed the hell out of German cities to help end the war. Yes…innocent people always suffer but if a war/strife is prolonged it will be worse by living in constant fear on both sides. Israel should invade, ferret out the terrorists and execute them publicly to teach others what awaits them if they continue or restart. TO HELL WITH THE LEFTS OPINIONS….JUST DO IT..the World will thank you.

  8. Notice how the (sic) journalists keep reporting on the children being killed and picture of old mothers lamenting. Where are the men? There safely hiding. Why don’t they protect their children similarly instead of placing them where the Israelis have to strike – like e.g. missle sites???? I thought they were saving the kids to be bombers 101. Silly them. Do what the guy above me said. It’s about time – I think.l

  9. US folks are starting to fight back for freedoms. And as for Israel, were it any other country, the bombing to stop enemy from killing your people & destroying property would have been done some time ago since Palestinians would never follow through on any “peace” agreements. Typical for Palestinians though. Thing is, if Israel obliterates them, they will likely have Iran to face next (maybe even with Russia along). Either way, Israel was feared in OT times but not so much in our time.

  10. Noticed Israel bombarded Hamas offices with AP News and other media offices in the same building. So much for one sided fake news.

  11. Hey Howard. As you know, Hamas, the Iranian terrorist group who runs Palestine, is firing the rockets from Gaza. Our UNRWA donations at work. They are fired from homes, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings because as soon as a rocket is fired a rocket immediately responds from Israel targeted at that site. Guarantees that Hamas will get lots of injured civilians for their tame media coverage.

  12. As done by so many POS bullies in so many cultures, War is hell, and the Wrath that follows. Israel has a right to defend itself against Muslim aggression. Yes, civilians will die as in all wars. This is to blame for the Party who brings war. In this country we have too many Politicians making Money on War, look at their investments, both Parties. Time to clean up our Mess in Wash. Get rid of our local terrorists groups here, Antifa, BLM, the fight will be messy and many will die on both sides

  13. I hate to see people killed in wars no matter what side it is. But it is time Israel hit back on Gaza & showed them they were not going to take it anymore. Hooray for them. My heart is sadden for all of them. Yes it is the middle of the month mine is on its way to you. My best to you, Anne, and little Tavor how is he doing so far? Has he learned to sleep with you both yet? Ha Ha. The best we can do is all pray that things get better all over this planet. Take care you and Anne and little one 🙂

  14. Howard, thank you for speaking what we are all thinking. As usual, I agree with you 100%.

  15. All I can say is BRING BACK TRUMP! The man’s been right all along, right about a lot of things I might add. As for the Left media, I do my utmost to avoid listening to it. God Bless Israel.

  16. “When you pick a fight…prepare for the consequences”. Apparently, the Democrat Party was NOT prepared because the Conservatives are “TALKING” and not just “WALKING”! Little do they REALIZE it, but the Democrats are SUPPORTING Trump when using their VICIOUS attacks! NO DEMOCRAT would have been able to SUSTAIN the ONSLAUGHT which Trump experienced, prior to, and during his Presidency, which only PROVED his STRENGTH! Yes, “…our great reset IS on the horizon!” GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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