Two Can Play This Game . . . We Can Play It Better


A Few Days Ago . . . After Twitter and their Social Media Mob Started to Delist those People whose Opinions the Social Media Didn’t Like, I Promised to Delist Them in Kind . . . IT’S DONE!

I Left Parler On The Link-Site Above The Editorials, Because Parler Will Come Back – Along With gab . . . And I Added Rumble.Com.


I Would Not Comply . . . And I Chose to Go Down Fighting – I Won.

Just A Bit Over A Year Ago . . . PayPal Withheld the Money People like You Sent to Me in Support of PayPal Took the Money & Held it in Escrow, Until I Would be Willing & Able to Jump Through Impossible “Legal” Hoops of Compliance, which PayPal Created for to Fail.

And Every Time I Complied with PayPal’s Request, PayPal Moved the Goalpost Making Additional Demands, Or Demands for New Compliances, or Demands for Explanations of How we Responded to Previous Demands . . . Just To Create New Barriers.

I Couldn’t Withdraw The Money . . . But I Could Refund-It – All Of It.

Which Is What I Did, with an Email to all the People who Received a Refund (Which Was Everyone), Telling them Why their Money was Refunded, and Until I was Able to Find an Alternative to PayPal, if they Wanted to Continue Supporting, they could Mail Checks to our Post Office Box.

That Cost Me Almost $10,000 PERSONALLY . . . In Lost Revenue – Etc, since it Took Almost Two Months to Find a Replacement for PayPal, INCLUDING the Amount of Money it Took for my IT Person to Make the Necessary Changes to a New Credit Card Collection Service, which Believe me was Not Cheap or Easy to Transfer.


One After Another . . . Big Tech Email Providers like Bell & Eventually Gmail, Blocked People in the Directory from Receiving New Editorial Alerts, which also Became Problematic.

That Too Cost Us A Great Deal Of Money . . . From Which I Haven’t Yet Recovered . . . Since we Had to Redo our Entire Operating Platform, Almost from Scratch, and “Lease” an Expensive Alternative, for which I Pay Monthly Fees to Get the Editorials Disseminated from Me to You.

So . . . I’m No Stranger to the Meanness, Influence & Power of Big Tech & I Won’t Play their Game, Especially, since there’s Many More of Us than there Are of Them.

Two Days Ago, For Which My Computer Analysts Could Find No Answer, my MAC Computer all of a Sudden Developed an Extremely Serious Problem, so Much-So, that I Needed Computer Experts Back-Home in South Eastern Ontario, to Remotely Take-Over my MAC to Repair.

It Took More Than An Hour Of Comprehensive Work To Resolve The Unknown Issue.

Because My Computer Is A MAC . . . MAC has a Very Proprietary Asset Called Time Machine, which I Back-Up Diligently on an External Hard Drive, which Allows me to Restore my Computer to any Time I Wish, Eliminating Any Problem That Happened After The Latest Back-Up.

No One Understands What The Issue Was . . . But I Suspect It Was Not Accidental, Especially, since I was just Informed (Yesterday January 11, 2021) that there was an Increase of 66% in the Visitor Activity of which in Itself is a Major Increase in Readership.

I Doubt That It Will Give More Revenue . . . but it will Certainly Give Another Option to People (Conservatives) who Long for Honest Opinions.

In One Way Or Another . . . There’s Enough Of Us – We Will Get The Message Out.


In Circa 1932/33, Hitler was “Appointed” Chancellor of Germany by German President Paul Von Hindenburg, who by that time Was an Addled Old Man . . . who Appointed Hitler, believing Perhaps, that Once Hitler Became Chancellor, Hitler’s Positions Might Moderate.


In February 1933, someone Torched the German Parliament (Reichstag) Building, Forcing President Von Hindenburg to Invoke Martial Law. Hitler, who as the Chancellor of Germany was in Charge of all Security Apparatus, Promptly Began the Arrests, Imprisonment & Inevitable Executions of his Political Adversaries, Suggesting that it was His Political Opponents who were Responsible for the Reichstag Fire.

Immediately After The Reichstag Fire . . . A Dutch Communist (Marinus Van Der Lubbe) Was Arrested, Tried & Executed for Causing the Fire. But On December 6, 2007 . . . Germany Reversed that Conviction & Gave Van Der Lubbe a Full Exoneration.


In 1934 . . . Von Hindenburg Died – Leading Hitler To Assume The Positions Of President & Chancellor – All Rolled Into One.


It is Widely Assumed that it was Nazis who Torched the Reichstag Building, while the Nazis Swore Up & Down that it was the Communists & Hitler’s Political Opponents who were Responsible . . . But It Doesn’t Matter Which, since the End Result was Exactly what the Nazis “Prayed-For”. It Was The Nazi’s Excuse To Suspend All Rights & Civil Liberties & Demand “Special” Treatment For All The Opposition.

The Nazis Could Not Have Done All They Did Without Full Compliance Of Their Willing Accomplices.

The Democrats Couldn’t Have Won The 2020 Election . . . And Set the Stage for Senate Victories WITHOUT CHEATING and the Compliance of Mainstream & Social Media. And the LEFT Can-Not Sustain their Ill-Begotten Victories Without a Continuing Subversion of Freedom of Expression and the Ability to Negate Legitimate Banking to Conservatives.

REMEMBER THIS . . . Even Though They Have A Great Deal Of Influence . . . We Have More.

We Are The People . . . Of The People, By The People & For The People. We Have the Numbers, the Money, The Gumption & The Fighting Spirit to Stay Free. We Have History on our Side . . .

And We Will Not Be Silenced.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I’m a registered republican for not much longer. If Trump can form a third party, I will join it. Republicans AND democrats ar all swamp creatures. And republicans failed to rally around and fight for the best President we have ever fielded.

  2. No longer do I receive your wonderful thinking from , ATT, BELLSOUTH.NET as was the problem a few years ago. So I used my android gmail. Now because of that, the phone alerts me to your writings and I can either read it there or online, but I have to physically check it out. I send your thoughts to other friends and they thank me profusely, because you echo their beliefs. Thank you.

  3. There are only 2 parties left, the Uniparty and the Trumplicans. Trump has revealed the utter corruption of the Uniparty which would have been a huge service to America if he had slept through the rest of his term.

  4. If Big Tech can knock conservatives off the internet, they figure it will break up our collectiveness. No more rallys; no more sharing of believes that draw us together, etc. Then MSM would be all we have & sooner or later we’d be drawn in (brainwashed). Communist strategy the Dems have been following especially since Trump won the election in 2016. I still am livid that no one has been charged, arrested & brought to justice.

  5. Do everything you can to cost them money. Use Bing for searches instead of Google. if you do have to use Google, skip clicking on the advertising links. Don’t buy from Amazon. I have found a lot of price gouging on Amazon. While I am not crazy about Ebay, I will use them as they no longer own Paypal. Parler has apparently found a new hosting site.

  6. I couldn’t send money on paypal years ago to I can now e-transfer which when I get back to work I will start doing again. I listen to a young black man on Youtube called YoungPharoah. He is educating the black community about whats going on in U.S. If you can get past the bad language he is the black version of Mr. G. LOL He is starting his own server because he feels he is going to be shutdown. He is doing a great service to the black community. Thank you Mr. G for what you do.

  7. I liked the old way where I didn’t have to enter my email each time. BUT thanks so much. We will have to fight. I now us Parler, DuckDuckGo, MeWe, deleted Facebook, Amazon, Citibank, Instagram some time ago….Love the Warroom and Populist Press. Bankrupt them!

  8. Howard, I just tried to send you email, you should know this: : hosts[] said: 552 5.2.0 zXSzkJvmehIpL – zXSzkJvmehIpLzXT0k51K4 This message has been rejected due to content judged to be spam by the internet community IB212 – If you feel this is in error, please submit a request using the following page. I will follow up the link they gave to submit a complaint

  9. All this is happening now because the Democrats and their left wing radical buddies are running scared. Something is in the works, and it is going to happen soon, maybe even as soon as today. I feel it in my gut. It is something that has been in the making since the assassination of JFK. The Demoncrats & the left have been in panic mode ever since Trump won the Presidency. What we have here is not Right vs Left, Dem vs Repub, black vs white, etc.. It has come down to simply this, Good vs Evil.

  10. Thank you, Howard, for all that you do. I try to not give Google any more business than I have to. I’m sorry they bought YouTube, because there is (or used to be) a lot of great commentary on YouTube. But, I encourage my friends to use DuckDuckGo as a search engine instead of Google, for starters.

  11. Karen, for videos you can go to Bitchute and LBRY, no censorship there.

  12. I was sent two emails, the first one showed National Guard moving to DC. The second shared that be prepared that the banks were going to restrict withdrawls of more than 1000 with some of them closing. My Brother and his Brother in Law went to the Trump Rally in DC. They saw the buses that showed up before the Rally started, did not see them unload. He witnessed first hand the teargas fired into the crowd that were peaceful while the thugs were already busting in, a total fix job by the left

  13. WOW Harold you guys have been through a lot, & I know it’s not your 1st Rodeo. Thank You. From JFK being murdered I had serious doubts of what was told! I watched over the decades America drift ever so slowly from its foundation. To lead me to say this, I have serious doubts that, We The People Of Today, Seem NOT To Have That Unity. In my ERA, Patriotism was like static electricity, you felt it Everywhere, It Was Truly GOD, Family, Country! Try getting a cup of sugar from your Neighbor today.

  14. The dems are working on removing any consolidated opposition. Trump supporting conservatives and true Republicans, are having a wedge driven between them. Don’t buy into it! Some swamp rinos are already there!

  15. History continually repeats itself because whoever or whatever is playing this human game lacks imagination. Wash, rinse, repeat…

  16. I had a problem with your site today, I was taken to another page which took me to your site. Could it be your getting closed down as well.

  17. Like stated already…keep it coming!!! We need to hear words of sanity & be reminded that the fight to save our Constitutional rights & freedom will continue!! Thank you!!

  18. Need I say I am so sick of what is going on? My heart is broken for a man who did so much for this country and because he would not JUMP in the SWAMP with them they hated him from that moment on. What evil hateful people they are and do not think our Lord is not watching all of is going on. What about Biden’s son who took all that from China? I hope and pray he goes to jail for many long years and Biden as well for he knew what was going on. God have mercy on us all. Take care be safe U & Ann

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