Defend Freedom – Don’t Surrender


If You Told Me That President Trump Won The November 3, 2020 Election With 100-Million Votes – I Wouldn’t Be Surprised.

They Love To Criticize President Trump . . . But which One of his Critics, Especially his RINO (Republicans In Name Only) Critics . . . ever Imagined Receiving a Confirmed 74-Million Votes in a National Election, even Given the FACT that the National Election was Rigged (Extreme Cheating) Against the President?

Here’s My Advice To President Trump . . . The President Didn’t Lose The Election, and in the Interest & Defense of American Freedom by Way of what Should have Been a Legitimate Election, but Wasn’t, President Trump Should Not Surrender The White House to the Enemies of the American Constitution & World Freedom, No Matter what the America-Haters Decide Vis-À-Vis the Phony Election of Joe Biden.

On January 20, 2017 . . . Donald J Trump Took His Oath Of Office To Become President Trump – To Serve & Protect America From All Enemies . . . “Foreign & Domestic”.

More Now Than Ever . . . There will Never be a More Appropriate Occasion for any President to Live Up to that Oath of Office to Defend America from Enemies Foreign & Domestic . . . With A Heavy Emphasis On The Word DOMESTIC.

The 2020 Federal Election Wasn’t Just Stolen From President Trump, this Election, Meaning all the Inherent Freedoms Attached to an Honest Election, was Stolen from all the American People, even those Americans who Voted Against “Trump”, who Weren’t Smart Enough or Well Informed Enough to Understand the Consequences of their Vote.

In A Free Society . . . People Have the Unfortunate Right to Lie to an Extent, Unless You’re a Politician . . . when you can Lie to the Max – and the Sad Right to be Stupid, which Defines far too Many People within our Mutual Societies (USA & Canada) . . . But People do Not Have the RIGHT to Cheat & Steal Elections, which in Essence NEGATES any Semblance or Reality of a society Being Free & Not a Tyranny, even if Government & Power Brokers Provide what could be Described as a “Soft” Tyranny, or as a TRUE NUMSKULL Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Democratic Socialism.

Understand This, Which Most People Don’t . . . A Tyranny Is A Tyranny Is A Tyranny.

It Is Not A Fiction . . . to Believe the Reality that there has Been a Bloodless Attempted Coup Against the Lawfully & Dutifully Elected President of the United States of America (Donald Trump), Since & Even Before Donald Trump Assumed Office on January 20, 2017, which in Itself was an Act of Treason by all Perpetrators of this Attempt to Overthrow the Legitimately Elected President of the United States of America.


All The People Who Voted For President Trump Or Not . . . Need Take This Very Personally.

It Wasn’t Just Donald Trump who was Attacked by the Enemies of Constitutional American Freedom, it was the 60 Plus Million People who Actually Voted for Donald Trump in 2016 to Become The 45th President Of The United States Of America.

And Just As These Traitors . . . Spent Millions of the People’s Dollars to Destroy the Legitimate Presidency of the United States of America, TRILLIONS of American Tax Dollars were Squandered & Indebted to Future American Generations by the People who Did all they Could to Annihilate the Successes of President Trump’s Policies & Administration.

The American Traitors Destroyed Your Present . . . Your Future and the Future of your Children, Grandchildren and Most Probably Great Grandchildren, with the Real Prospect that Millions of American Lives Might be Lost in a Civil War to Win Back American Constitutional Freedoms.

And What About America’s Enemies Who Are Salivating At The Prospect Of The Fall Of America As A Constitutional Republic?

The Framers Of The American Constitution . . . The Greatest Document of Free Governance Ever Devised, which was Crafted Precisely to Defend Against any Form of Government Imperialism, whether Royal, Tyrannical, Dishonest And/Or Abusive . . . Is Under Attack by People who Truly Believe – They Are Smarter & More Entitled To Power Than Are The Citizens Who Pay Them.


It is Rumored – that in 1787, while Leaving Independence Hall in Philadelphia after the Signing of the US Constitution, Benjamin Franklin was Asked . . . Do We Have A Monarchy Or A Republic? To which Benjamin Franklin Purportedly Responded by Saying . . . “We Have A Republic If You Can Keep It”.

Since the Finalization of the Crux of the US Constitution (September 17, 1787), America Faced Innumerable Challenges to its Continuance as a Constitutional Republic of United Free States. But not Since the Civil War of 1860-1865, has America and the Constitutional Freedoms of America been as Threatened as America is Today.

By Trying to Steal an Election, the American LEFT has Stolen the Very Purpose of the US Constitution and all that it has Stood-For since September 17, 1787. And the Men & Women who in a Major or Minor Role, who are Responsible in any Way with the Usurpation of this Election, and other Elections they Might have Stolen, are No Less Guilty of Treason as any Person could be.

Remember These Words . . . If American Freedom Falls – The World Falls With It.


I Am Constantly Asked To Make Additions & Changes To, which I try to Do Wherever I Can if the Request has Merit. But Every Time I Turn to Mario (My IT Support Person), even with a Simple Phone Call, it Costs this Blog (Me) Money, therefore, Other than for Serious Service because of Necessary Website Upgrades, Security Hacks – Etc, I try Hard Not to Spend Money on Anything Frivolous.

Recently – I was asked to Include a Link to gab as part of my Twitter-Like Cluster of Social Media. Gab – it seems is Becoming More & More Popular, but there Appears to be No Grouping of Social Media that Includes gab, which Means I would Have to Spend Several Thousand Dollars Creating One.

What I Did Think Of Doing . . . Was to Spend Several Hundred Dollars Creating a Limited Social Cluster EXCLUDING Sites like Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media which has a Policy of Blocking Conservative Posts, which would be Counter Productive, since Most of the Readers of use these Social Media to Spread the Word – So That Wasn’t Such A Great Idea.


I Don’t Want To Promote Free-Speech-Haters & I Do Want To Promote Free-Speech-Advocates.

I Just got Off the Phone with Mario & Decided to Leave the Website Exactly as it is with the Social Media Links as they Already Are . . . However – Just Under the Cluster of Social Media Following the Editorial & Above the Comments, there will be a New Addition of RECOMMENDED Links to Parler, gab and Any other Worthy  Social Media Providers.

Whatever It Takes . . . And However Much it Costs To Promote Freedom Of Expression.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. HG, excellent editorial, as always! However, the election proved, Democracy has failed. There is no superior system, so we’re stuck with improving it. Trump is now a democracy martyr.

  2. Howard, you’ve hit another one out of the park. Thank you for this. It’s unthinkable that a washed-up political hack spent most of the last six months hunkered in his basement, announced virtually nothing of substance to the voters, took no questions from reporters and then suddenly found himself declared the next president of the United States. If you believe that this election was legitimate, then you have **** for brains.

  3. To all the patriots of Howard, if you want to see how easy it is to hack an election when using electronic voting machines, go watch the 2006 HBO Documentary on YouTube HBO Documentary Hacking Democracy. You will see how easy it is to steal an election which was done in 2020 and pretty sure was also used in 2016 for hillary clinton to get 3 million more votes from 5 million dead electors still on the voting registry list.

  4. Howard, as always, I love your website and I treasure your thoughts and observations. From past e-mails to you, it’s apparent that I’m a big Kingston Trio fan. Co-founder, Bob Shane, passed away on January 26th. In the past few years, Bob was criticized for a lot of decisions he made concerning his Trio. He never got angry. One of the last words Bob Shane said before he died was: “Free Speech Is Precious. I Hope It Never Leaves Us.” ps: Bob voted for Donald Trump in 2016

  5. What can I say? You are right in all that you write about in your editorials. I cannot disagree with anything you say , for I would lose the battle and the war itself. I pray for our countries but maybe not the right prayers or enough of them. I cannot for one 79 yr. old lady fix what our Govements have done to either one of our countries other than be humble to our Lord and keep praying for the good to come out of this. My best to you and Anne. Pray also sir and all in both our countries.

  6. Dear Howard and your wonderful and faithful Canadian followers. Thank you all, you are more informed than most US citizens and politicians in our country. We truly don’t get it or realize how blessed we are to live in this constitutional republic the is on the verge of being destroyed by the treasonous idiots who don’t deserve to live in this country. I am praying daily for miraculous breakthrough revealing their vile plot to end this republic.

  7. It is treason! It’s good to know (Jacquline Turley & Gary Stacy) others are praying hard for this country, our president, this messed-up election, & for good to win over evil. God can delay it if we, who are called by His name, humble ourselves, seek His face, turn from our sinful ways, & pray for good to reign. How anyone can BELIEVE that a bumbling, stumbling man with increasing dementia (not to mention involvement in Hunter’s $$dealings) can win an election for president is unimaginable.

  8. If this election fraud is allowed to stand, this could be the last “free” election in America.

  9. Well now that turncoat Barr has come out singing the praises of the left “Not enough evidence to overturn the results”, it just goes to show you how corruptible these people are. Barr should have been fired long ago, but, and as much as I like Trump, this has been his Achilles Heel throughout his Presidency, and that is hiring the wrong people. Durham, Barr, Wray, just three out of a longer list of fools, who I would trust about as far as I could spit, and that’s not very far!!

  10. Howard, I quit making comments a while back when you asked us not to talk about guns and revolution. I must say that we have already lost our Freedom of Speech as you cannot complement a person without getting dressed down about being sexist. The war has begun in Portland, Chicago and Minnisota as Libs support Black Lives Matter and Antifa in burning and looting openly, we as free men just not shooting to stop this for fear of arrest. we have to stop the criminal acts first to help Pres Trump

  11. Many of Trump’s patrons truly believe that the ELECTION is a DONE DEAL! Meanwhile, many of us think differently. It is said that a lack of VIGILANCE by some Trump assistants re: “SLEEPY JOE’S CELLAR HYBERNATION and ?DEMENTIA” contributed to the ELECTION CATASTROPHE! Trump’s ATTORNEYS need to be given the PROPER INDEPENDENCE to perform their INVESTIGATION to PROVE that the Election WAS RIGGED. Pres. Trump is a WINNER and there is still a POSITIVE TONE! LET’S ALL PRAY FOR A WIN! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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