Slow-Walking To America’s End


To Win . . . Connotes A Fair & Honest Contest, which to our North American Way of Thinking Describes what we Used to Think of our Electoral Processes. But when the Contest is Mired from the Get-Go with all Manner of Skullduggery, where at Least Half the Electorate Cannot & Does Not Believe that the Process was Fair Because It Wasn’t . . . There Can Be No Winner & No Loser Except One.


It Doesn’t Take Weeks Or Days To Count Ballots, Unless The Count & The Ballots Are Fundamentally Dishonest.


The Denial of Poll Watchers to all Concerned is the Confirmation of Dishonesty. What has Happened and is Happening Right Now in America, has Created Irreparable Damage to the American Dream at Home & Abroad.

If At All . . . as I Wrote Yesterday, America and the Free Word has Become The Uncontested Loser in this Fiasco of an American Election, where Perhaps the Only Winners are the Enemies of Freedom and the Internal & External Haters of the American Dream.

Let Me Make This As Clear As I Can . . . The List Of Culpable Antagonists Is Massive.


People Whom We’ve Trusted – Even the People we Considered to be Reliable Media, have Turned out to be Either Cowards, Ignorant of the Facts, Gullible to the Truth & Far More Loyal to the Writers of their Paychecks and the Furtherance of their Careers – Than to the Integrity of their Honest Journalistic-Mission have Shown Themselves to be Who & What they Really Are.

Over The Past Year . . .

I Have Tailored my Watching, Listening & Reading of News Outlets to Trusted Conservative Providers of Legitimate Information, Who (Which) Take Pride in their Conveyance of Truth & Integrity.

I Still Monitor some Yellow Journalists, because it’s Critical to Know Upon Which Path these Propagandists are Leading a Dumbed-Down & Ignorant Mass, which Can & Will Cause Us . . . The People – So Much Harm.

Alexis De Tocqueville – The Great French Writer & Lover of the American Constitution Wrote in the Early to Mid 1800’s . . . “America Is Great Because She Is Good. If America Ceases To Be Good, America Will Cease To Be Great”.

As I See-It Today . . . America has Ceased to be Good, in as Much as this Election, which has Joined America to the Tyrannies America has Fought Against for Almost 250-Years, as America has Crossed the Line between Honest Debate & Monkey Trials.


I’m Also Done With False-Hope . . . that Even Some Politicians who have Fed-Off The Swamp for Years Upon Years, Could Somehow all of a Sudden be Trusted to Become a Servant of the People . . . All Of Which Is A Personal Fool’s Folly, Since Once A Snake Always A Snake.


How Many Times Have We Heard From The “Venerable” Lindsey Graham (Leader Of The Senate Judiciary), that we have so much Evidence on “Whomever” that it will Shock Your Mind Beyond Belief. Or Wait For It . . . The News Tomorrow will be Earth Shattering . . . And Nothing Has Ever Come Of His Bloviating.

It’s Not As If I Had Much Trust In The System Until Now . . . Because I Didn’t. But This Takes The Cake.

As I’m Writing This . . . My Television & Radio Are Turned-Off. I Don’t Want to be Harangued any More by Mealy-Mouthed Pearls of Wisdom Coming from the “Offend-No-One News Entertainers” at Fox News’ Election Desk, and all the People at Fox News, other than the Few who are Not Mid-Day Anchors & Guests.

For Much Of My News Gathering Activities . . . which Seems for me to be From the Time I Wake-Up in the Morning – to the Time I Go to Sleep at Night, with Interludes Very Early in the Morning, when I Wake-Up for an Hour or so Because I can’t Sleep, I Read National & International News On-Line, from TRUSTED Conservative Journalists.

I Also Turn To Purveyors Of Journalism Like OANN, Epic Times, News Max & Other On-Line Disseminators of Reliable News & Commentary, in Addition to a Plethora of Private Trustworthy News Gatherers & Opinionists . . . Who I Know Are In-The-Know.


When After 4-Years Of Investigating Serious Seditionist Anti-Trump/Anti-American Activities . . . And No One is Going to Jail for Attempting a Coup D’état for what Isn’t & Wasn’t Hyperbole . . . There Is & Was No More Supposition.

And After Waiting for More Than a Half Year for the Barr/Durham “Report”, which Never should have Been a Report, But Rather A Bevy of Indictments, Arrests & Trials . . . NOTHING!

That’s When I Finally Came To The Conclusion That It Was All Over For The American Dream & The Future Of Freedom Throughout The World.


The Vast International LEFTIST Conspiracy Happened Because The LEFT Used The Freedoms & Generosity Of The American People Against The Freedoms & Generosity Of The American People.


The Day The Supreme Court Of America, Ruled that the Burning (Desecration) of the American Flag was an Acceptable Expression of Freedom, was the Beginning of the End for America.

The President of The United States Should Not Succumb. And the People should Not Leave the President Standing Alone. The Patriots of the United States of America should also Not Succumb. And As The Patriots Did By 1776, They Should Rise-Up.

And No Matter How Many Times is Targeted, Hacked, Attacked & Forced To Pay To Disseminate Truth & Liberty – Will Not Surrender Either.

As I See It . . . The Last Bastion Of Freedom – Rests on The Keyboards of Patriots (Conservative Bloggers, Pod Casters, Radio Broadcasters – Etc), Much in the Vein of Great American Pamphleteers, The Likes Of Thomas Paine.


Now Is Not The Time To Surrender Or Pull-Back – Now Is The Time To Fight Like We’ve Never Fought Before.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. If we lost the election fair and square, I could and would live with it. However, this is straight up voter fraud, and THAT I cannot live with–and neither should any other American.

  2. Fox News just sucks anymore. As bad/biased as the others. We Americans voted in the last fair and free election (last election) we will ever see again in our lifetimes if this kind of rampant fraud etc is allowed to put Biden-Harris in the White House. I shouldn’t be surprised we’re going down like this; when the children of Israel turned their backs on God as much as America’s done since 1960, Israel was in for bad times – diasporas, Roman occupation, Jerusalem destroyed. Now it’s our turn.

  3. I plan to figure different ways to withdraw my consent to be governed by a corrupt power hungry administration.

  4. True words from Howard for sure. Currently it is a depressing waste of time to watch, or read most the MSM offerings. When the left wing, liars thieves and America haters, from high levels of government and national security, were not jailed for their crimes against America, it was patently obvious that their devious and treasonous actions against America and the American people would continue. Today we are witnessing an unprecedented attack on democracy from those who were left unpunished.

  5. After all this country has done since throwing God (prayer) out of schools then all things “public” and passed laws totally against Biblical law (thou shalt not kill – as in unborn children), and given all these years to repent but fail to do so, is it any wonder God’s hand of protection is likely now removed to allow overthrow. May sound over-the-top, but if we read OT about what happened over & over to unrepentant Israel, do we think we deserve less? I dare say “No, we deserve what we get.”

  6. You are right in target Terri!! I agree 100 percent. Voter FRAUD!!!

  7. All truthful posts my conservative friends send me are blocked

  8. The United States of America is under attack from the Democrat Party and its supporters. Do we the People not have the right of a sovereign country to defend our nation? Do we as free individuals under the U.S. Constitution not have the right to defend ourselves?

  9. I’ve realized a long time ago that history was repeating itself. This Remembrance Day I will say We Have Forgotten because if u are paying close attention the white English and French people have become the Jews. The patriots of America will Stand up and civil war will start which will lead to other countries attacking America So Canadians better wake up because there comjng for us next It’s time to stop saying sorry because what the virus has taught us is that Canadians are sheep among wolves

  10. After sixty years of making war on America, the Devil seems about to triumph. WE MUST NEVER SURRENDER. NEVER. The enemy has been clearly identified: the Washington swamp, the lobbyists, the big donors, the mainstream and social media, academia and Hollyweird. Note that the most dangerous enemy of all is not foreign but domestic. We must aim for a reckoning, first in 2022 and then in 2024. Pray that The Donald will be healthy enough to lead The Forces of Good once more and keep your ammo dry.

  11. Ottawa Anne 100%. We are next. The first real sign of bending the rules came when Fox declared Arizona for Biden. From that point on it was clear the results were being skewed favourably for Biden. Trump is a fighter and I hope he will have the energy and strength to continue the fight to eventually win. The cold dark winter lies ahead now. The right word now is the one Hilary used – deplorable.

  12. I’m not very happy with your comments–you just slandered snakes by equating demonrats to our serpentine friends

  13. I finally reached my limit of” lame stream media” when Tom Walters from CTV news stated that the majority of Republicans were the UNEDUCATED. Wow. Who does he think the supporters doing the burning and looting in the Democrat states come from? That was when I realized how corrupt the media really is.

  14. When it became obvious that Barr and the DOJ were no closer to bringing anything to the bar with the exception of a lowly attorney whom they were unable to turn “states” witness I gave up on the whole lot of these twits. Sorry but America has ceased to be America and it is a matter of time before it will be nothing more than a Chinese-owned banana republic.

  15. Agree totally with your view of the despicable and biased media, they are hateful. But please recognize Tucker Carlson as a lone and brave voice for the truth. In Canada the National Post is pretty fair, and it publishes the brilliant Conrad Black.

  16. Rather sad really, but totally predictable As for Canada, no hope there , even the “opposition parties” are no better than the leftists/ communists . As to the Great Uneducated , they used to be called the Great Unwashed . same people , different era. Trump was well intended , but draining the swamp was just not do-able , it’s not a swamp … it’s the general landscape.

  17. Tucker and Lou Dobbs—That’s all I really watch on Fox in the evening.

  18. I will NOT accept this election is over. My President, Donald Trump, will not give up nor give-in this easily. He is a true street fighter and packs one hell-of-a-counter punch. To date, he has been under attack from all quarters and he has repelled them all. I cannot believe he is not going to slap these treasonous snakes and slap them very hard. My prayers are with and for him. Too much hangs in the balance ——- and, many Democrats know it!!!

  19. I still have hope. I can’t see the Lord giving up on America when she finally has a President who supports the life of the unborn, who supports people “getting back on their feet” to work and be proud of themselves, who is not racists and supports all peoples and who believes in the good of America and loves this country. He needs our support in the fight to overthrow this fraudulent election – to keep him at the helm of running American for us, the country and God – for the next 4 years.

  20. I agree with Deborah Nault. The Lord didn’t bring Donald Trump this far and through such a hellacious fight to see this election stolen right under him. He will fight and he needs our support, love and prayers to lift him up and give him the strength to continue to do so. God bless President Trump!

  21. President Trump needs to put his “big boy pants” on (no disrespect) graciously accept “defeat”,and then in 2023 announce his candidacy and then GROVER CLEVELAND all their asses!!! TRUMP 2024 !!!

  22. I, too, agree with Deborah & Lori and still have HOPE that Pres. Trump will be RE-ELECTED! Pres. Trump NEEDS our PRAYERS more than ever! He is a WINNER & a FIGHTER for the TRUTH. The FAKE NEWS has to be DESTROYED and VOTER FRAUD has to finally be PROVEN in order to SAVE our Country! GOD BLESS US ALL! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  23. The God of the Old Testament performed MIRACLES! Trust that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can still perform miracles. We trust that Donald Trump will expose the corruption of the vile Leftist politicians. There is no way that Senate and House would add to Republican seats, and yet lose to Biden? No way! Fraud must be exposed.

  24. President TRUMP has to use everything legal to challenge the deep state and their democratic followers. Otherwise, their is no hope for that great nation. The Obama’s and Clinton’s would look great behind bars, Just thinking.

  25. How did Trump win Arizona when Maricopa County is still counting votes?? This was unbelievable. God be with President Trump. With him every step of the way! God bless President Trump.

  26. I agree with Teri Newman, I could take an honest lose, be painful, but I could take it. However, this is pure and simple election fraud and the fact that 65 million Democrats don’t see it and going along with it, makes me angry and sick to my stomach. I will not have anything to do with any liberal, on a social or business level. Period.

  27. I am sooooooooooo ashamed by my state Georgia!!! The count is STILL NOT DONE!!! BUT … Georgia can announce that there will be TWO (2) run-offs elections for BOTH of our US SENATORS … YET, they still DO NOT have the final count of who Georgia elected for the PRESIDENT!!! This is voter fraud, end of fraud … Pure and simple!

  28. Perhaps we, as Americans, should completely re-do the election but this time there should be no secret counting. You either go vote in person or a team, made up of a voting official, one democrat and one republican will come to your place of residence where you will be allowed to cast your ballot. No one else votes! Redisent citizens! It is understood there has to be a way for diplomatic and military personnel to vote but with all the modern technology whey are we relying on mail in vote?

  29. We had rallies for President Trump last night all over America we are fighting for our freedom especially the baby boomers. President Trump won on Tuesday with landslide and the people would not laid down and roll over no matter what. Stand up and fight for freedom. GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!

  30. I am still in shock over all of this. I am still praying that the good Lord will handle all of this and do not be so untrust worthy of Him.Yes he has the devil himself to deal with but our Lord is stronger. Keep praying for our Prisdent now The honorable Donal J. TRump.he is on our Lords side. Go after them sir you can and will still beat them. God Bless you sir and your loving wife Anne. Take care be safe out there.Keep writing to all of us.We all look forward to yor writingsl God bless you.

  31. Well, it is now proven, Washington DC is the most corrupt place in the US. They have lied to us, stole from us, and then try to say it is all good. When they come to take and share what I have worked for, they better bring backup. I’m too old to adjust to their BS and too stubborn. Lindsey Graham is a long time political hack, let me lie to you and then walk away from what I promised, I will protect my brothers here in DC as they will protect me and my skeletons. A POX on all of them…

  32. Yes Charles Lou,Tucker,Mark,Rush maybe a little Laura I don,t need Hannity playing patty cake with Lindsey.I agree with what he says,Im sure he is a good man but how he holds a tv and radio audience is just baffling its all stuff he gets off the internet.I guess holding a pencil in your hand makes you look intelligent,I noticed Biden did it in the debate.

  33. There’s something you should know about the far-right militias, neo-Nazis and QAnon conspiracy theorists who think like you: They hate Jews and that means they hate me and they hate you.

    Do You Know Who & What QAnon Is, Because it seems no one else Knows either. I Know lots of People who are in American Militias. Guess what? Many are Jewish – HG.

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