Finally – Here At Last On The Canadian LEFT Coast


After About 3,000-Miles Of Travelling Across Canada From Ontario . . . And After 3-Weeks on the Road, with the Grand-Finale Crossing the Coquihalla Highway, Euphemistically Called The Highway To Hell, which we Crossed Against the Advice of Many, because the Coquihalla is a Straighter Shot and an Hour Less than Following the Trans-Canada Highway with its Never-Ending, Twists, Turns, Switchbacks & Mountain Tunnels . . . We Survived!

Let Me Say As Always . . . Thank You To The People Who Read For Your Generous Support.

I’ve Sent Personalized Thank You Emails to Everyone who Supported this Blog. However, if for Some Reason you Didn’t Receive a Personal Thank You from me, Please let me Know so I can Make that Right.

People Who Mailed Whatever To Us . . . Please Be Patient For A Reply, Since We Won’t Receive Mail Until This Coming Tuesday.


While the World is Holding its Collective Breath Waiting for the Outcome of the American November 3rd Presidential Election, those who are Politically Astute are just as Concerned About the Congressional Elections, to Learn who will Control the House (Purse Of The Nation) and the Senate (Law Givers Of The Nation).

And To A Great Extent . . . The Appointment Of Amy Coney Barrett To The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America.


The People Have Been Inculcated To Be So Ignorant . . . That they’re Too Ignorant to Even Know that they are as Ignorant as they Really Are.

As we were Setting-Up our Cable Television Last Night, Anne & I had the Very Unpleasant Opportunity to Watch Much of the Television Programming Available to the Viewers, which Neither Anne Nor I had Seen for Years, since we Don’t Watch Conventional Television.

So Imagine The Shock We Both Had . . . when we Saw the Mindless Pablum, Most of Which is Produced in Sit-Coms being Served to Stupefied Brains as Reasonable Entertainment.

Not only was What we Saw Shocking, it was Terrifying to Know how Much these Sit-Coms Contribute to Shaping the Morality, Mores & Future of the People. And then of Course, there was the Disgrace we Turn-To for our News & Information.


Seeing The Insane Mush Served To The Populace As Entertainment . . . Gave Me Shudders Realizing These People Vote.


Think Of This Perversion . . . That Destroying The American Constitution Is Somehow The Way To Save The Constitution.

1 – Academia is Teaching our Children LEFTIST Social Values Opposed to Reading, Writing, Rithmetic – in Place of Work & Life Skills.

2 – Academia is Teaching our Children . . . How Evil has been our Respective Countries’ Development & Histories.

3 – History is Not Only Being Rewritten but is being Created out of Thin Air to Push a Narrative that is Neither True Nor Accurate.

4 – Television & Movies are Dumbing-Down the Masses.

5 – The Music Industry has Gone from Ballads to Hate-Speech in Song & Lyrics.

6 – Gender Description has Become Politically Weaponized to Challenge the Reality of Nature, for which to Seed Discord.

7 – Systemic Racism has Become a Created Battle Cry for the LEFT, in order to Pit Black People Against White People & All People Against Each Other.

Barack Obama Said . . . “If You’ve Got A Business — You Didn’t Build That. Somebody Else Made That Happen”.

8 – Imagine the Belief in this Day & Age . . . Where a Socialist Mindset Supersedes the Belief in a Meritocracy, where a Person Cannot be Solely Rewarded & Recognized for the Individual Successes of His or Her Risks & Efforts.


Why Do You Think The Above Mentioned Are Pumping Many Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars To The Biden Campaign?

In 1890, Congress Passed a Toothless Bill Called The Sherman Anti-Trust Law, More or Less to Assuage an Angered Population at the Excesses of the Extraordinarily Few Wealthy Businesses, which Controlled Virtually Every Fabric of Commerce Throughout America.

Why Do Today’s LEFT Hate The Memory Of Teddy Roosevelt As Much As They Hate Donald Trump – Or Vice Versa?

By 1901 . . . the American People Elected Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, who was a Wealthy Man in his Own Right, Unbeholden to Lobbyists & Other People of Wealth, who Decided to Take The Sherman Anti-Trust Law, and use it as a Hammer to Bludgeon & Destroy the “Trusts”, which in Effect were Massive Monopolies & Oligopolies Controlled by a Handful of Men . . . One of Which was JP Morgan, Who by Today’s Standards would Probably be Worth a Trillion Dollars.

And It Was JP Morgan By Design – Who Was The King Of The Trusts Who Roosevelt First Set His Sights Upon.


Instead Of Just Talking The Talk, President Roosevelt Took the Uber Wealthy-On Face to Face. He Publicly Called-Out the Trusts, and then Used the Courts to Dismantle what the Sherman Anti-Trust Law Defined as Unfair Business Practices.

Think – Justice Neil Gorsuch, Justice Brett Kavanaugh & Soon to Be Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Roosevelt Took-On The Wealthiest Of The Wealthy, who were the Biggest & Most Powerful, who also Happened to be the Most Politically Protected & Best Connected People on the Planet, which Nonetheless Collapsed after Roosevelt’s Crusade, which “Busted-Up” the Railroads, the Gas Industry, the Sugar Industry – and a Host of Other Monopolies which Plagued Fair Competition throughout the United States of America.

If President Trump Were To Lose On November 3, 2020 – The New Trusts Can Sleep Easy. But – If President Trump Were To Win?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Ahhh – to finish a trip like that must be exhilarating (after you recover)! So sorry you’re not in Texas for the winter. Can’t wait for your blog covering Hunter Biden and his laptops that he abandoned at a repair shop which contain enough ammunition to seal the fate of Biden and the deep-state kabal. Would that automatically bump Kamala to first place (God help us!!)? Convenient- lamestream media won’t allow coverage, and FB/Twit are trying their best to quash it, right before the election!

  2. You are 100% on target re: academia and Hollywood liberals. The entire foundation of America (our educational system) has been eroded into promoting socialism while attacking our constitutional Republic. And, history is just being rewritten (Karl Marx) it IS being invented to fit the agenda of the left —— progressive socialist / communists. We are in deep trouble. The re-election of President Trump will only delay our demise for a few years. The riots & violence will only get worse.

  3. In the US, I doubt that students are taught the difference between a democracy and the republic that the US is. Nor why the Founding Fathers chose this form of government. When you look at democracy in Canada, the UK or Israel versus the design of the separation of powers that is in the US government, you can appreciate the thoughtfulness of not letting the mob rule. Democracy is not all that it is cracked up to be.

  4. One more very insidious mind destruction is becoming more widespread just south of you, starting in that sanctuary state, the Soviet of Washington: Legalization of marijuana will render the masses easily controlled. “What freedoms do you speak? What rights? I got all the dope I want.”

  5. My wife and I stopped using Dish as it was costing us alot and it was full of gay, trash language and generally not worth watching. The hollywood and lib agenda is being pushed at us all the time and at the kids. Here in Idaho I see Trump 2020 flags and signs everywhere I travel, a few Biden. We are setting ourselves up for what ever outcome, lots of ammo and food stores. I believe we are in for some rough times no matter who wins because of the Libs and crooked Washington swamp creatures..

  6. Right on again Howard. have been complaining for several years that the anti-trust laws are no longer being enforced. It seems that every time a small business is super successful, it is gobbled up by the competition. I hardly know anything about the stock market but the GURUS are hot on IPO’s because if one makes a modest investment in several of them and only one pays off, (because of buyouts by the competition), the profits can be enormous.

  7. Congratulations on completing an epic and exciting trip with beautiful and incredibly diverse scenery. The Coquihalla is beautiful and quick but the Fraser Canyon is breathtaking. Now you’ve made it to the Wet Coast you have a front row seat at the historically goofiest political scene in Canada and just in time for an election. Enjoy the bull puckey, eat lots of salmon and have a wonderful time.

  8. So glad you made it on your trip. Wow to drive three thousand miles to get there Whew. Bet you saw some most beautiful country to see though. I will be so happy when this election is all over with. I still pray & have voted already this week took all of fifteen minutes to stand in line. You said the music you listened to was horrible, if you can listen to a young man who plays the chelo his last name is Hauser his music is beautiful. Try to get him playing Benenictus it is so moving, Take care.

    It wasn’t just the Music, which i don’t listen to. It was all of it – Television Sitcoms. Movies in the Theaters, and all the Media – HG.

  9. You always put everything into perspective!! However; WE THE PEOPLE were NOT watching what was happening. WHY? I have no idea. And those of us who were watching & making an effort to STOP it were not being listened to. So, here we are in a fight for our country’s life as we ‘knew’ it. So glad you all arrived safe and sound. ENJOY!! God Bless

  10. I remember back in the late 50’s early 60’s the “THEORY” of Evolution was being taught, “Created In GOD’S Image” was now being replaced by the “EXPERTS” of evolving from MONKEY’S! Being Virtuous was being mocked AND being Promiscuous was Encouraged! Fast Forward and Look at us Now! Regarding Music, DooWop, was Cool, 60’s, menza, menza, 70’s more relaxing. After that didn’t pay much attention. 🙂 Jazz, that’s a Nice a. Glad you guys are home safe. TRUMP 2020! OooooooRha

  11. Welcome to BC and its Left orientated shut- in politics! Coming from Quebec and Ontario it is a “culture” shock to add to your journalistic discernment. Looking forward to all from Border to Border.

  12. Watched your route to your destination and that you arrived there safely. I miss RV’ing, my husband was in 7th heaven towing an RV! Enjoy your winter vacation each and everyday to its fullest. I pray the silencers come out in full force for Trump! Enjoy your great editorials. Stay well and safe.

  13. HG-you NAILED it with this Editorial. I especially focused on Numbers 1-Academia, 4-Television & Movies, 6-Gender, & 7-Systemic Racism in your narrative. It’s understandable that RACISM exists in our Country & all over the world & it ALWAYS will. The way it’s being HANDLED, however, will prove to be FRUITLESS! Many people who have moved to AMERICA now want to change it.They have NO RESPECT for our Country! If they don’t like it here, let them move back to where they came from! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

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