It’s Not Just A Small Revolution Or Peaceful Protests


Life Begins At Conception & How We Grow Depends On How We Learn.

And Based Upon the Education System as it has Morphed through the Decades, Courtesy of Academic Unions, which Placed the Importance of Teachers Before the Well-Being of the Students & LEFTIST COLLECTIVISM Before Individual Freedoms – Explains Why We’re At . . . Where We’re At.


“No One Ever Went Broke Underestimating The Intelligence Of The American Public”.


Where’s The Punishment & Consequence For Lying?

I’m Not Writing About Exaggerations or Hyperbole . . . I’m Writing About Promises Made without the Intention of Keeping those Promises, Of Outright Lies About One’s Opponent & Lies about one’s Own Achievements or Lack Thereof.

The Voting Nation Should Never Have To Be Subjected To Sophisticated Lies.

Joe Biden Recently Said In Pennsylvania . . . That He Never Said . . . That He Would Put An End To Fracking. Problem for Biden and his Elusive Handlers – is that It is Exactly What Biden Said – Multiple Times about the Entire Fossil-Fuel Industry.

Biden Also Said . . . That He Never Said . . . He Would Defund The Police. Problem Again for Biden and his Co-Conspirators – is that it is Exactly What Biden Said, in as much as Biden would REDIRECT Money Allocated to the Police. Same Meaning As Defund – Different Words.

There’s an Awful Lot of What Biden Said – “Then” . . . That He’s Saying Now, That He Says He Never Said. But That’s Not True, and the Proof is in a Plethora of Recorded Biden Videos.


Joe Biden Is A Useful Tool . . . Not Unlike Politicians Right Across the Board, who will Say Whatever they think Needs to be Said at the Moment to Gain Whatever Amount of Support or Advantage Available at the Time, while Willingly . . .  at the Drop of a Hat, Change from One Position to Another while Denying their Original Position.

For Joe Biden . . . LYING ISN’T LYING – Since Political Speech for Biden Represents over 47-Years of Biden’s Life in Government, Where Government Entitlement & Privilege Far Supersedes Honest Words . . . The Truth to Biden & Politicians like Biden, which in their Privileged Political World is Whatever Biden & People Like Biden Declare It To Be, Because, in the Meaning of HL Menken . . . “No One Ever Went Broke Underestimating The Intelligence Of The American Public”.

Biden’s Handlers & Speech Writers Know – That A Gullible Fool Is Educated Every Day.


The Real Problem Started & Continues With The Malfeasance Of Propagandized Education & A Compliant Media.

I Would Go Even Further . . . To State that the Genesis of the Problem Resides with the People who Allowed Themselves to Surrender the Absolute Education of the Nation’s Children to Socialists, to be Brainwashed in such a Manner as Writers Like George Orwell (Animal Farm & 1984) & Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged) . . . Who Warned Us What Our Future Would Be Like . . . Is The Fault Of The Masses.

As The Saying “Sort” Of Goes . . . Don’t Worry About How To Drain The Swamp While The Gators Are Biting At Your Ass.

Before We Can Fix The Problem . . . Even Before we Fully Recognize the Full Extent & Severity of the Problem – It Is More Than Crucial For The Future Of The World That Donald Trump Wins This November . . . As Also Should Conservative Republicans In The House & Senate.


Make No Mistake About This . . . The Democrats (LEFT) Will Do Everything They Can To Steal The November Election!

The Riots Are Not Coincidental.

The Democrat Created Lie Of Systemic Racism Throughout America is Strategic. Defund the Police is Strategic. Black Lives Matter & Antifa . . . The Democrat “Brown Shirts” are Strategic. The Shutdown of Small American Retail Businesses is Strategic. The Move Not to Reopen the Schools is Strategic. Mass Unsolicited Ballot Mailing is Strategic. Ballot Harvesting is Strategic. And Doing Whatever the LEFT Can to Destroy the Legitimacy of the Presidency (Trump) of the United States of America is Strategic.


As the Title of this Editorial States . . . This Is No Small Revolution – And as I have Written Continuously, the Outcome of World Freedom Rests Upon the Reelection of President Donald Trump and the Reelection of a Conservative Senate, and the Election of a Conservative House . . . Otherwise – There will be Only One of Two Outcomes; Full Fledged Civil War In America, Probably Spreading Into Canada & Most Likely Around the World . . . Or The Long Sought Victory Of Communism Over Freedom.

It Is Absolute That President Trump Must Win 4-More Years . . .  and Once that Happens, with President Trump Remaining in the White House with a Conservative Senate and a Conservative House – The Next Four Years Has To Include The Remaking Of America Back To Its Constitutional Basics, with Strong New Amendments to the Constitution to Protect Against this Type of Insurgency By Anti-American Communist Propagandized Education, and a Return to Honest Journalism, with Serious Consequences for Intentionally Fabricating & Promoting Untruths.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Except for a Handful of Fox News Talking-Heads, EVERY Media in America is Allied Against Donald Trump & Conservative Politicians. And as a Result . . . if Conservative Podcasters, Online Video Producers, Online News Providers & Bloggers Like Me Aren’t 100% In-It For President Trump . . . President Trump Won’t Have A Snowball’s Chance In Hell Of Winning In November 2020.

When President Trump Wins In November . . . And the Durham Prosecution Report Comes to Its End . . . The Justice Department will Either Lead by Example or Give Proof through its Actions . . .

That There Is No Such Thing As Equal & Blind Justice In America.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Great editorial, Howard. I too and hoping and praying for a Trump victory, a new group of MAGA congressmen taking over the House, and maintaining majority in the Senate. There needs to be a massive conservative turnout at the polls. God bless President Trump and God bless the USA.

  2. Howard, failure of the media to publicize the truth is almost as egregious as publishing a outright lie. During the past 89+ years,I have witnessed the steady decline of morality by the media. Editors used to publish their opinions as editorials but now opinions seem to be fraudulently bulldoze their opinions on us as factual, many voters who cannot see through their bamboozling deceit. I a not wise enough to correct the situation, but enough to recognize it.

  3. “Or The Long Sought Victory Of Communism Over Freedom.” There are enough guns in America to ensure this never happens. If it happens it will be bloody.

  4. Yes, we have enough guns in America to defeat home grown Communism but it would be a terrible price. I pray it does not come to wide spread bloodshed. Howard is correct President Trump must win in this November AND it MUST BE an over whelming victory………….. However, WHEN IN DOUBT MORE BEANS MORE BULLETS!!

  5. We are facing a civil war. Why? The answer is simple —— our very foundation has been compromised for decades thanks to the likes of John Dewey and Howard Zinn. Our, so called, “educational system” has been teaching socialism and anti-capitalism for decades. The past 2-3 generations do not understand history and they cannot define the word “socialism.” Yet, this is what they have been taught —– Christian faith and history be damned.

  6. After 3 months of denying the riots, the looting, the violence, and the killing, now just because their poll numbers are dropping, now they come out at cnn with don lemmon stating that the violence as to end because it is affecting the polls but like usual everything they are guilty of they accuse President of doing it. Now their sermon is that Donald Trump is flaming the flames of the violence. Say what now ?! They are the ones funding with soros, antifa and blm. What is wrong with them ??????

  7. I had a minor stroke last week, most of my abilities are back to normal. What was interesting was, while hospitalized I had the opportunity to talk to many young hospital staff. I was amazed at how open they were to discussing Corona Virus and Politics. Most of them are highly educated and very much believe the Virus is nothing more than a bad flu bug that should be dealt with like ones in the past, also so many quiet Trump supporters that feel they are forced to not talk to keep their jobs, huh

  8. The Dem Party of Old is DEAD; it is now Conservatives vs neo-Marxism/Communism. SERIOUS QUESTION: How do we defend Trump at the voting booth when there is no end to their CHEATING? (I’m a die-hard Trump supporter, drive around from RI to FL with my entire back SUV with full-window Trump 2020 decal; my boat flies a huge Trump flag – mostly get responses from folks with a honk and a thumbs-up; occasionally I get the one-finger salute. Bottom line – more positive responses by far! Eff the polls!)

  9. I remember Nikita Khrushchev saying to the Late John F Kennedy I believe was 1962, “America Will not be Defeated From Without BUT Will Fall From Within” It was 1956 when Khrushchev stated “We Will Take The U.S. Without Firing A Shot. We Do Not Have To Invade, We Will DESTROY You From Within”! My Wife and I Home Schooled Our Children, I noticed back in 1975 A Change in Our Public Schooling which did not bode well with me. What better way to stealthy TRANSFORM A Nation But From Within!

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