I Am Not A Jewish-Canadian


I Am A Canadian Who Happens To Be Jewish. My Grandparents Legally Immigrated to Canada from Eastern Europe (Russia, Romania & Ukraine) about a Century Ago, who all Considered Themselves to be of Russian Origin.

My Parents, as well as the Parents of Anne (My Wife), were all Born in Canada, and were Raised in a Jewish Tradition as Canadians . . . Not Hyphenated CanadiansJust Canadians.

My Parents Never Thought of Themselves as Russian-Canadians. Nor did they Ever Consider Themselves to be Euro-Canadians – Neither Jewish-Canadians – Just Canadians.

Adolph Hitler Drove the Hyphenation of “Jewish-Germans” Onto the Mainstream of Political-Think, because what better way to Define Someone who is Not Part of the Majority, than to Make that Person Separate & Apart from the Majority, which Makes Discrimination all that Much Easier.

THE PRIMARY TACTIC OF ALL RACISTS . . . Is To Divide & Conquer – To Pit One Against The Other.

In Canada . . . We Never Reached our National & International Level of Excellence & Exceptionalism, Because Canada – Unlike the United States of America, Was Never A Melting Pot. Instead, in Canada, it was Always “French-Canadians Et Les Autres” (The Others). The Others would be all Other Canadians who Didn’t Self-Identify by Different Hyphenated Cultures & Languages.

Are You A Canadian . . . Or Are You A French Canadian? For Many It’s A Conundrum.

In The Case Of Ethnocentric French Canadian Nationalists, Primarily From Quebec . . . the Use of the Hyphen was Always their Intention to use the French Language as a Wedge Between Quebec and the ROC (Rest Of Canada), with Great Success, to the Point that Many French-Canadians see Themselves Somewhat Separate from the ROC.

I Have To Imagine, That This To Many French Speaking Canadians Is An Unsure Allegiance.

Also In Canada . . . The Liberal LEFT, Totally Contrary to what the United States Stood For as a Melting-Pot, which Meant – Regardless of Where you or your Predecessors Came From . . . That Once You Were An American Citizen – You Were An American!

In Canada . . . Our Liberal Governments Celebrate National Diversity in the Name of Multi-Culturalism, where the Canadian LEFT Pushes the Culture of Others over the Culture of Canada, which after so Many Years . . . it is Hard for me to Discern, What Exactly Is Canadian Culture?

There are Many Cultures (Religions) in Canada, the USA and Around the World, which Purposefully Create Barriers Between Themselves and the Majority Culture of their Home Country, by the Way they Dress, Work, Pray, Educate, Speak & Live In Ghettos, Because they Don’t Want Children of Their Community to be Enticed to Join the Majority of the “Others”.


Perhaps More Often Than Not . . . National Division Is & Has Been the Cause for the Collapse of Societies, where Two or More Disparate Cultures & Opinions Vie to Control One over the Other. And Neither Is Willing To Give an Inch . . .

Hence – The Brilliance Of Creating The United States Of America . . . As A Melting Pot.

Unfortunately Though – All Good Things Come to an End. In the Case of the United States of America, Academia Invaded The Melting Pot In Two Significant Ways . . .

1 – For A Huge Number Of Years . . . Globalization was Creeping Insidiously Into our Societies, as if it was a Good Thing, like Sitting Around a Campfire, Roasting Marshmallows on a Stick, while Singing Kumbaya. I Know – Because As A Preteen Kid I Did It.

We Were Also Educated (Inculcated), to Believe that we (Canadian/Americans) were Somehow Responsible to Give a Better Life to People in other Countries at the Expense of People in our Own Countries.

White Guilt . . . The Only Way We Could Succeed Was To Cause The Failure Of Others.

2 – THE OTHER REALITY HIT HOME – WHEN OBAMA SAID . . . That the United States of America Was NOT An Exceptional Country. That all Countries are Exceptional, and then Pushed the United Nations for More Open Borders & International Laws Leading to a One World Government.

It Took Several Generations . . . But in the United States of America, White Guilt became a “LEFTIST TRUTH” – as our North American Manufacturing Success was Deemed to be Greedy.

And Keeping-Out People Who Didn’t Qualify To Enter The Country Was Considered Cruel & Racist.

To Connect The Political Globalization Of The World . . . The LEFT Created the Myth of Global Warming, then the Myth of Climate Change, then the Canard of Sustainable Green Energy. And Who Knows . . . Maybe Even The Global Commercial Shutdown Of The Whole World Through A Virus From China?

Isn’t It Interesting – How The LEFT Pushes Global Equality Of All People . . . But Only Focuses Now On Black Lives Matter?

Why Is The World In An Uproar . . . over the Murder of a Lone American Black Thug (George Floyd With An Impressive Prison Record) at the Hands of a White Cop, in a City (Minneapolis) which probably 99% of the World Never Heard of Before, and Couldn’t Spell or Find on a Map? When THOUSANDS Of Black Americans Murder Black Americans Every Year, Which The World Totally Ignores?

Do You Really Think The World Gives A Rat’s Ass About A Murdered Black American In Minneapolis?


So Here It Is . . . The American Melting-Pot Is Becoming Unglued, as so many Black Americans DEMAND to be Defined as African-Americans . . . Not Just Americans, Since the VAST-VAST Majority of Black Americans were Born in the United States of America from Black Parents & Black Grand Parents & Black Great Grand Parents & Black Great-Great Grandparents . . . And On And OnHow Are They African-Americans?


And Then There’s The Onslaught Of Illegal (Mostly) Hispanics (Mostly Mexicans), Which Could Number MORE Than 20-Million People, Since No One Seems To Know How Many, which has Significantly Changed the Commercial, Social, Educational, Health & Political Dynamics & Fabric of the United States of America.

What’s Happening In America At This Very Moment . . . Is Not Coincidental. It’s Not Because of the Murder of a Bad Guy who the LEFT Elevated to Sainthood, Only because he Happened to be Black . . . The Globalists Needed A Rallying Cause Because None Of Their Other Anti-Trump Crap Had Worked – Hence George Floyd.

What’s Happening Today In America Has Been A Long Time in The Coming. It is Not Spontaneous, Nor is it Organic. The LEFTIST One World Government Knows, that if they Don’t Stop President Trump Now, President Trump Will Stop Them During His Next 4-Year Term.

It’s Now Or Never For The LEFT . . . And the Decades Upon Decades, which the LEFT had Invested in Destroying the Freest & Most Successful Nation in the World (USA), through Academia, the Media & Dishonest Politicians, Will Have All Been In Vain.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I find it oddly amusing that you use the acronym ROC of rest of Canada which could also be Republic of China. Our dear PM seems to find Chinese culture and political structure to be much more interesting than that which exists in Canada today.

  2. Why is a person who is only part black considered black? Why is a part Native American considered Native American? Why is a partly white person not considered white?

  3. My folks immigrated from Germany in 1952, just after the war. Back then there was the “N” word–Nazi. Though being obviously from Germany they NEVER once used the German-American moniker. At home they stressed how important it was and how lucky they were , to be living in America. My folks were some of the proudest Americans I ever knew. They were Americans, and let everyone know it. Those were the day’s. Huh!!

  4. My mirror indicates my ass is white , woe is me , not a hyphenated anything And if I was ,it might be Welsh-Canadian, a second class Brit at best before emigrating . Talk about bottom of the pile. However I agree 100% with your latest Blog. Perhaps all us Non-Anything -Hyphenated should separate from all the ROC, perhaps resort to Colonization of another land entirely , and once we turn it into a functioning Democracy KEEP THE REST OUT at all costs. Might work for 5 or 6 generations.

  5. Agree with you 100%,parents came from Ukraine and Poland inlaws from Romania . I remember the years to separate met you in the the parking lot of Fairview bus for Ottawa correct me if I could be wrong.. The French problem changed all with family’s breaking up..As for the pogroms in the USA Democrats, Black lives Matter, Antifa ,Soros according to an article I read are apart and will never form forces to make USA a communist Country. Trump will win big House And Senate

    Abe – I Apologize. There were Many Thousands of People who Rallied with me During those Stressful Days, making it impossible for me to Remember Everyone. I do remember a Bus Trip to Ottawa, where we Surrounded the Prime Minister’s Residence (Peacefully) and Wound-Up on Parliament Hill.

    As for Ethnocentric Quebecois Nationalism . . . In The Long Term, It drove out more than a Half Million English Speakers from Quebec, leaving Quebec to Survive on Transfer Payments Courtesy of the English Speaking ROC.

    Thank You For Rallying With Me All Those Years Ago – HG

  6. US Democrats and their cave-dwelling volunteer, as well as, (Soros) paid BLM, Antifa henchmen have pulled out stops that never existed; in their attempted, so far, futile mission to destroy America, with an anti-fascist, pro-capitalist Donald Trump as their excuse for the murders, destruction and chaos, when that is just an orchestrated distraction as they inculcate them w/ either a totalitarian New World Order or theocratic Islamic sharia mindset. “POS” Trudeau’s flexible. He’d kneel to either.

  7. I was born French, I was born in Montreal, quebec, Canada. I am Canadian with no hyphenation. I like all of Canada, period. I am against equalization payments. The system should be reversed. Each province collects all of their taxes, then transfer according to population a portion to run Canadian institutions like the military or foreign affairs which would show that we are a country called Canada.

  8. My family tree is a multinational one. I am an American, I have friends of many cultures. My life matters as well as my families. I earned my way by hard work not advanced Education. I worked in an industry that rewarded hard work and those who choose to learn technology. I retired young compared to most and pushed my children to do the same, they both have college educations they paid for, with minimal help from me. I will not share what I have with others unless I choose not by government rule

  9. I am American I do not walk around and say I am anything but that. I cross my heart at our beautiful flag I say our pledge I honor it. Our forefathers gave us a Constitution and our God gave us ten Commandments to live by. This country speaks English if you want to speak another speak it in your home, you don’t like it then why did you come here? For the rotten people in D.C. they need to be thrown out I bless Trump if he can do it. I like all people, if they don’t like me that is up to them.

  10. If you’re old enough to remember the clenched fist salute, then you know that the Bolshevik Revolution has come to America. The protesters don’t give a rat’s ass about George Floyd. Their objective is Obama’s “fundamental transformation of the USA.” Note that most of them are teenagers and twenty-somethings. Their impressionable minds are still under the influence of their Marxist teachers and professors. They grew older but never grew up. Watch Tucker Carlson weeknights at 8 on FCN.

  11. Amen to your editorial and to the comments. My parents never talked about their heritage; guess it wasn’t something thought to be important when generations were more concerned about food, clothing & shelter & providing it for your family. Was only in last 20 years with the BIG awakening about ancestral roots that I found I’m from German, English & Welsh ancestors. Does that matter to me? Not a bit. I’ve always been from USA, an American & always will be. End of story.

  12. Call them what they are: Africans. They certainly aren’t Americans. Or British or whatever country in which they live. They don’like being called black or coloured so let’s call them what they are: Africans. And we can marvel and the wonderful job ‘Africans’ have done in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya and every other corrupt country in that wonderful continent from which they are so eager to leave. And then destroy where they go.

  13. I lived in South Africa for a period of time. Under the apartheid regime. That was not the way to go. Eventually Africans assumed control to be as they wanted and they achieved that.. Details are readily available. The African people in the USA define itself as such first. African… American. With all due respect we should afford them to be what the want to be. Africans. May be far better for them to rejoin their fellow people than trying to modify other societies so they may… fit in

  14. Like good vine, you’re getting better. Illustration of your point; ; a condensation of many exchanges over the past 60 years; “Hi, I am Andy”. Person I just met; PIJM: What’s your nationality? A; Canadian. PIJM ;But you you have an accent, you can’t be. A; because I was born in Hungary and when I came, I was too old to lose my accent but don’t worry my kids won’t have an accent because they were born here already. .AND sometimes when I was really pissed, I asked why do you NEED to know?

    Accent or no Accent – Andy you are as much Canadian & More-so than anyone else I know. Without the Hyphen – HG.

  15. You can be whatever you want, african-american but how does that justify the burning, looting, vandalizing and violence that we see in the BLM-AntiFa riots? Answer: nothing justifies such behavior.

    Yan – For a French Quebecer who couldn’t Speak English all that well when we First Met many years ago, your Command of the Queen’s Language has become Fantastic – HG.

  16. As far as I’m concerned (Julie too, by the way)….a Canadian is a Canadian and an American is an American…and we couldn’t give a rat’s a** what religion they follow or what colour of skin they have. Couldn’t care less. A person should only be judged by his or her character: good or bad or ugly. Howard Galgonov is one of the “good guys” out there…in fact, highly intelligent and he knows exactly what’s going on. ps: Julie thinks he’s handsome too !!! :>)) – Brucester

    Julie has good taste – HG.

  17. Systemic discrimination all Quebec laws regarding the use of the English language

  18. The Quebec [Canadian} anti-English language laws Bills 22, 101,178 and non religious dress code laws Bill 21 are all examples of Government institutionalized legalized bigotry. This gives every bigot and racist the green light to go ahead. An excellent example of Canadian democracy for others to follow.

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