Walk A Mile in His Shoes – Just Try It


I Blame Them All . . . Even to a Much Lesser Degree, President Donald Trump, who Really had No Choice but to Initially Lock-Down the United States of America, Based on the Advice of People who were So-called “Experts” . . . Who Got It All Wrong.

But President Trump Deserves Some Blame As Well – But . . .

At Least President Trump Realized The Inanity Of The Policies Early-On & Tried To Reverse Course. But Too Late – The Die Was Cast. And what Could President Trump Do once the Governors took it 100% Upon Themselves to Control the Freedoms of the American People within their Jurisdictions?

When President Trump Initially Said He Was In Charge . . . The Democrats, The Governors & The Media – Said NO . . . The 10th Amendment Makes It Clear, the Governors are in Charge, Not the President of the United States of America, Thinking they just Scored a Huge Victory over President Trump, where in Reality, these Jerks just Released President Trump from the Prospect of Having to Deal with Humongous Prospects of Decisional Blame.

In Essence . . . The LEFT Let President Trump Off The Proverbial Hook, Placing 100% Responsibility On The Governors’ Shoulders.

And Now the JERKS who shouted from the Rafters . . . Trust Me – Have Several Serious Problems of their Own Making.

1 – They’ve Tasted Dictatorial Powers, and They Don’t Know how to Give Them-Up.

2 – They’ve Dug a Hole for Themselves So Deep . . . They Don’t Know how to Get-Out.

3 – The LEFT have Nothing More than the “Shutdown” in their Political Arsenal, for them to Keep President Trump and the Republicans from Winning Everything on November 3, 2020.


When The China Virus First Broke-Out, Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I were in Texas. Then at the First of March, as Previously Planned, we Headed for the Ocala Area of North Central Florida, where we Planned to Stay till Mid-April, before Heading Back to Canada. And then in Early-April . . . All Hell Broke Loose With National & International Panic from all the Politicians (American & Canadian), Doctors, Scientists & General Healthcare Suppliers, which at that Time Made Sense, since we Really Didn’t Know much about the China Virus.


Then Seemingly . . . all of a Sudden . . . These Two People – Dr Fauci & Dr Birx Appeared, being Touted by President Trump and the Media as World Experts on Contagions, whose Words (Edicts) Appeared to Come from God . . . And That’s Where Everything Became A Bigger Nightmare For The USA & Canada, Than The Virus Was Itself.

I’m 70-Years Old . . . Do I Need A Media-Type Person To Tell Me To Wash My Hands & How To Do It?

Everything Fauci & Birx PredictedSCREAMED Global Mayhem. All of their “Models” Led to Hysterical Guarantees of Mass Death & Destruction. While Doctors who Generally made Media Guest-Appearances on Various Television Stations to Discuss Normal Health Issues, became Overnight Media Sensations, who were Now Re-Enforcing all the things Fauci & Birx were Proclaiming, And Because Of This Media Frenzy . . . Our Deep Concern Became Open Panic.

BIG PROBLEMS . . . Fauci & Birx Were Full Of Crap & President Trump Was Stuck With Them.

As A Matter Of Fact . . . They Were All Full Of Crap – Fauci, Birx, the Politicians and all the Media, which had No Idea what they were Talking about . . . But They Talked A Lot Anyway. And Because of them . . . These Bastards Destroyed Lives, Families, Businesses, Dreams & The Constitutional Rights Of All The People.


There Is No Question Whatsoever, that there is an Army of Brilliant Doctors, Medical Professors, Clinical Researchers – Etc, who Specialize in Contagions . . . Equal or Greater in Knowledge to that of Fauci & Birx, who Unlike Fauci & Birx Weren’t so Quick to Pull the Trigger on Scant Knowledge & Thin Predictions, to Destroy the Economies of their Countries . . . So Why Ride With Two Losers Who Got It So Wrong?


As I Wrote In The Preceding . . . By the time we Realized that Maybe Fauci & Birx were so Far off Base, that their Predictions & Models  were Jokes, the LEFTIST Media had Already Crowned them as the Two Go-To People to Save the Planet. And within the First Weeks of their Pronouncements (Fauci & Birx), the Media was Already trying to Drive a Wedge Between President Trump & Fauci with Birx as a Collateral Player.

So What Was President Trump Supposed To Do Other Than Neutralize His Enemies?

President Trump Gave Fauci, Birx and the Governors all the Rope in the World, with which to Hang Themselves, by Showcasing both of them Every Day, while Fulfilling all the Over-The-Top Requests from Governors who Demanded MORE of Everything, which they Didn’t Need, at the Drop of their Requests, which Included a Mass Supply of Ventilators, Masks, Gowns, Test Kits & Instant Hospitals (Hospital Ships & Mash-Type Hospitals Built Out Of Thin Air Wherever Requested).

And Now, that We’re Hearing & Seeing Moderate Voices Against The Draconian Lockdowns & Enormously Inaccurate Projections from Fauci & Birx – from Esteemed Members of the Medical/Science Establishments . . . President Trump can Stand-Back as the Voice of The People, since the Voice of the People is Beginning to Rise-Up To Take-Back Their Freedoms.

Couple All That With What I Just Wrote About The Flynn Fiasco – And Try To Think How The Democrats Are Feeling?

Years Ago . . . When the Russia Delusion was Gaining Speed, and During the Kavanaugh Disgrace, and then the Ukraine Fiasco . . . People Kept Writing to me, Asking . . . Why Wasn’t “Trump” Fighting Back?

My Response Was This . . .

Why Should President Donald Trump Fight Back Now, when there will be Ample Opportunity for the President, who has all the Levers of Information & Power at his Fingertips to Destroy the LEFT when the Time is Right, Until After the LEFT Have Exhaustively Punched Themselves-Out?

President Trump Had A Horrible Attorney General (Jeff Sessions) . . . who was Far More a Problem for the President – than Sessions was a Solution. And President Trump also Knew that Much of the Leftovers to his Administration from 2016, Including Obama Appointees, FBI, NSA, State Department, Justice Department, RINOS (Never Trumpers) and the Media – Etc . . . Who Were Out To Get Him, Needed to be Flushed from his Administration Before President Trump could Openly Go To War Against The Establishment.

Well The Time Has Come . . . The “Trump” Counterattack Has Begun & The LEFT Are Without A Strategy Or Defense Other Than To Cheat & Lie, Which Is Generally What The LEFT Does Best.

And If The LEFT Thought This China Virus Was Going To Give Them An Advantage . . . The LEFT Should Think Again.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Trump got hosed by Faux and Birx along with the rest of America.

  2. They have tried to silence him, impeach him they did, now going for another try, they are NOT doing THEIR job they are too busy cutting Trump’s throat and stabbing him in the back at every turn. How in God’s name he has the stamina and fore thought to continue on is beyond me. He is extraordinary. The LEFT only want to destroy our COUNTRY and Trump and incorporate into ONE WORLD ORDER. If voters don’t see it because of the loss of businesses and jobs because of this virus.. God Help Him & US

  3. Did you know that NY Gov Cuomo told the Samaritan’s Purse volunteer Drs & nurses (who were only getting their normal salaries in NC) they would have to pay income tax for the time they worked in NY (tho getting no pay there)? He prefaced it by saying he had no funds to pay them, BUT. How’s that for thanking them for their volunteer work? Can you believe it? As for socialist sheeples, it is no less than dilusional; they will continue to follow the fox to doom.

  4. I do agree that Trump got HOSED by Fauci & Birx. In the beginning, Trump didn’t know what was really going on with this supposed PANDEMIC!!! So he looked to the leaders of supposed health organization for guidance. The fact that both Fauci & Birx gave false information, that they seem to have created on the spot, is not Trump’s fault. But, keeping them close was the right thing to do. By allowing all of the Left, Governors & Congress enough rope to “hang themselves”, he will win in the end.

  5. While many countries and also the WHO are kowtowing to China we will see in the coming weeks just which countries have the cojones to stand up to China and the WHO. I don’t read anywhere else where anyone is calling it the China virus. You appear to be the only one, bravo. I too was out of the country in March when the CHINA pandemic became public. At the Montreal airport I was handed a pamphlet by a security person read jackass (le baudet) who refused to answer my questions in english. While many countries and also the WHO are kowtowing to China we will see in the coming weeks just which countries have the cojones to stand up to China and the WHO. I don’t read anywhere else where anyone is calling it the China virus. You appear to be the only one – bravo. I too was out of the country in March when the CHINA pandemic became public. At the Montreal airport I was handed a pamphlet by a security person read jackass (le baudet) who refused to answer my question in english. What a pity, Montreal has deteriorated as an International city. I look forward to reading your comments daily.

  6. I’ve volumes of email on my view since Corona first made known, daily updated graphs & articles by genuine experts, lockdown is wrong. Left alone Corona would take its natural course, the health care system would have been overloaded, infections & deaths would have come much faster & the end result would have been much the same as it will be by slowing everything down. The tragedy is more people will die from the cure than the disease. Big Brother is wrong and I’m 83, called lifes experience.

  7. The “new normal” that the traitorous Dems have in store for us may best be described as Orwellian. They want the Covid contagion to persist until November so they can hang the death and devastation around Trump’s neck. For these psychos and their corrupt media allies one hundred thousand American lives is mere collateral damage. THE DEMS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO WIN THE ELECTION.

  8. I wonder to what extent the Russia nonsense played in the mid-terms that gave the dems the House?

    Big Time! – HG.

  9. Dr. A. Fauci is an evil man, with a dark past. Dr. Judy Mikovitz, a brilliant scientist, was put in jail because she was going to expose him. He won. She should be sitting next to the President advising him, not that creep.The Deep State is so strong. We need people like you to keep on exposing the evil! Don’t stop! We love your insights! God speed…..

  10. The answer is MONEY, Money, Money. The Libs and Rinos have put Our President in a position that he has no choice but to send out money. I can assure you that many people and businesses received money they did not need or deserve as this country goes deeper in debt. This also will be put on Trump. China will rein better in trades again as they hold the purse strings of many countries debt, pay us now or we shut you off. Now they are hammering DJT for taking Hydroxy as a preventive medicine.

  11. he 10th Amendment Makes It Clear, the Governors are in Charge, then the US Government does not need to give them money to fix their money issues.

  12. Considering FAUCI’S & BIRX’S past associations, I wondered as to WHY Pres.Trump chose them as the EXPERTS re: the CHINA VIRUS. There have been so many other EXPERTS who have CONTRADICTED them re: their performance, past influence & packaging of RESTRICTIONS. I guess it’s very EASY to “sound off” AFTER the “deed is done”. No one is perfect, so yes, after his SELECTION, Trump was STUCK with them! Pres. Trump MUST get RID of ALL OBAMA appointees ASAP! In the END, he WILL WIN! Pray for him! AMEN!

  13. The answer to this is: TERM LIMITS!! There is a petition being circled around, find it and sign it, I did. Those bums must go.

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