FIRST . . . I Truly Believe – that Once the Dust Settles & Everyone has an Opportunity to Really Analyze the China Virus, and how the World has Dealt with it, we will Come to the Conclusion that our Reaction was Tantamount . . .To Mass Global Insanity.

The Government of United the States of America SUSPENDED the Most Important Foundational Document, which is the Absolute & Ultimate Cement which Binds America Together as the Greatest Nation Ever . . . The Constitution Of The United States of America.

We Witnessed Hundreds of Millions of Americans, who before the China Virus Proudly Proclaimed their Freedom, their Strength & Courage . . . Especially at Major Sporting Events like NASCAR & the Superbowl – Enthralled with Military Color Guards Standing at Attention While the Anthem was Played, and the Fighter-Jet Flyovers, Thundering-Home the God Given Concept of . . . “Land Of The Free & The Home Of The Brave” – as these same People Rolled-Over & Folded Like Cheap Suits, When The Government Took Away EVERYONE’S Freedoms.

I’m A Canadian . . . I Expect No Patriotism From My Country, Which Is Why I Always Look To The South For What Is Real Freedom.

I Expect Canadians & Europeans to Bend A Knee to Government, but Not & Never Americans, From Where I Expect Fighters . . . American Men & Women who Would See the Enemy, Face the Enemy & Come out Swinging In-Spite Of Hell & High Water.

But I Never Imagined . . . the People who are Part of the Greatest Nation Ever, Would Passively Surrender their Rights & Freedoms . . . Because a Politicized Pipsqueak Doctor (Fauci) – More Or Less Ordered The Suspension Of All American Rights & Freedoms.

What Does It Say About America . . . When a Single Mom of Two (Shelley Luther), who Owns A Dallas Hair Dressing Salon Stands Alone – Broke, Single-Handed & Un-Armed Against the Judicial Machine of America, Preferring Jail, to Her Loss of Freedom & Pride (Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death) . . .

. . . While Most Of The Rest Of America, Hides-In-Place?


President Trump . . . Is Surrounded By Political Cowards, Incompetents, Fairweather Friends, Enemies, a Vile Propagandized Media and a Democrat Party, which I am all but Certain would Prefer to see America Crash & Burn, Rather than to Succeed & Excel, Just so they Could Seize the Reins of Power.

Almost From Day-One . . . President Trump was Urging America to Get the Country Back to Work. But, Being a True Constitutional President, President Trump Honored the 10th Amendment Trusting the Power of Commerce to the Hands of the Governors.

In Reality . . . President Trump Ordered & Organized a Massive Buildup of Medical Supplies such as Masks, Gowns, Ventilators and Ad Hoc Hospital Constructions at the Behest of Panicked Governors, who didn’t know Shit-From-Shinola, like Andrew Cuomo of New York State, who Might Very Well Be the Worst Governor to Curse New York State Ever.

Had America Not Been Shut Down . . . Or had the Shutdown been for a Week or Two, there Would have Been No Need for Trillions of Dollars to be Pissed-Away in Un-Recoverable Money, Which Turned Doers Into Beggars.

And if you Happen to Think that it’s Easy for me to Write all of this in Retrospect with 2020 Hindsight, let me Relay a Few Facts to You.


When the Supposed Death Knell of the China Virus was Upon us in Early March, Anne & I were in the Area of North Ocala Florida, as the Media was Panicking out of their Skins.

We were then Told by all of our Canadian Friends that we Had to Get Back to Canada Now, because Canada was Closing the Southern Border (Canada/USA), and that all Canadian Travel Health Insurance would be Cancelled before the End of March. And that we Had to be Out of the United States of America, None of which were Ever True or Accurate.

So What Did We Do? . . . First we Called Canadian Border Security to Check and See for ourselves if we Would Be Denied Re-Entry into Canada, even if we were Sick, as so many Jerks were Claiming on Facebook and other Useless Social Media Sites?

The Response Was No . . . The Border Is 100% Open For All Canadians Regardless Of Our Medical Condition.

Then I Went To The Management Of The RV Park . . . where we were Staying, and asked if we could Reserve Extra Months, so we could Avoid the Cold Canadian Weather and the Hysterical Trek Back to Canada, which was a Bleak Picture being Painted on the Internet?

The Answer Was Yes – We Could Stay As Long As We Wanted.

Then . . . We Called our Health Insurer (Seven Corners) – to See if we were Still Insured? And if we Could Extend our Health Insurance Coverage by More Months if Need Be, which would also Include Insurance if we Got the Virus?

Yes Was Their Answer.

But . . . Between all the Horror Stories we Received from Friends & Media about the Trials & Tribulations we were Told of, that there Might Not be Fuel on the Way Home, because the Truck-Stops might only be Servicing Truckers, and there Might Not Be enough Fuel for Gas Driven Trucks & Cars.

We were Also Warned that Food on the Road Could be in Real Jeopardy. And we Worried about our Safety, if what the Media was Implying was True, that we Could be Targets for Thugs Looking to take Advantage of Older People Alone on the Roads (Not That I’m So Old).

Then There Was The Problem Of Where To Stay While Traveling North.

So Again . . . Why Listen To The BS When You Can Call The Source? I Phoned Home to our Friend who was Picking up Horses in the US to Bring Back Home to Canada. No Problem my Friend Said. Then I Called another Friend who is a Long-Haul Trucker, who Makes a Weekly Trip to the Deep United States Delivering & Picking-Up Products. No Problems He Said.

Then we Called RV Parks, which were Along the Way Home (Before We Left Florida) . . . No Problem we were Told as we Reserved our Accommodations all the Way back to Canada & Home.

Because of the Enormous Stress Caused by the Media & Well-Meaning People who Place Too Much Trust in Social Media, Anne & I Decided to Pack-In North Ocala & Head Home in Mid-March . . . And Then I Got To Thinking.

More Than A Month Ago – I Started To Write Repeatedly . . . that the Country (USA & Canada) Has To Open-Up . . . And That The People Have To Get Back to Work . . . For Which I Was Scorned As Being Heartless, Even By Some Relatives.

Last Night (May 9, 2020) On The Judge Jeanine Show, I Caught a Snippet of Jeanine Pirro Interviewing Senator Lindsey Graham, who is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who Never Saw a Camera or a Microphone Graham Instantly Didn’t Fall In Love With. Who is Always Promising To Drop The Hammer Of Justice on Political Crooks, Liars & Cheats.

If Talk Was Money & Promises Were Gold – Lindsey Graham Would Be The Richest Man On The Planet.

But In Absolute Truth . . . Lindsey Graham, just like all the Other Politicians who are Well Past Their Best-Due-Date . . . Is Nothing But A Serial Bullshitter. Judge Jeanine asked Graham . . . What Are You Going To Do About This Attempted Coup D’état Against America’s Sitting President?

The Answer Was Just More Bafflegab.

How Come the Democrats, When they Hold some Power, whether in the House, the Senate or Both . . . There’s Always All Hell To Pay For Republicans? Especially for a Republican President . . . But When The Republicans Hold Power – It’s Bullshit?

This Response To The China Virus & Pussy-Republicans . . . Did more Damage to the United States of America and the Rest of the World that could Ever Really be Measured, because of Incompetent & Corrupt Politicians, and a Dangerously Bloated Bureaucracy that Wields Far Too Much Power.

This Is A Wake-Up Call For America . . . WAKE-UP! Now That You See It – Do Something!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Quote” Being a True Constitutional President, President Trump Honored the 10th Amendment Trusting the Power of Commerce to the Hands of the Governors….so many of them Leftist Governors. Trump wisley knew the left would grab the reins of their own political suicide – MAGA

  2. I guess the same could be said to you, Howard…You see what is going on in your country, Canada. Do something!

    Easy To Say . . . I’m 70 Years Old, and have Literally Squandered all of our Money Fighting for the Rights of Others (Twice To The Canadian Supreme Court). Anne & I Lived for several years (on and off with Armed Body Guards (24/7)) because of my Activism. And I’m in the Process of Taking-On the Liberal Government’s Prohibition on Legal Gun Owners. And I Write This Blog Near Daily . . . What Did You Say? – HG.

  3. I hope you , in your next editorial, itemize what we should do exactly. I for one could use some guidance!

  4. I am just one and have no money and a very weak Conservative base here in Laval, queeeebec. I attended many protests when I lived in Ottawa, Ontario for 16 years but the most activists we could attract at a time was 50 to 100. I am at a loss at what to do to get sheeples more fired up about our situation of slowly becoming a George Orwell’s dystopian society. I bet most never saw the movie or read the book “1984” and have no idea what the word dystopian means.

  5. Not good enough to just vote Republican. In last 40 years Repubs held the Presidency and both Houses several times, and accomplished squat. Little difference in our elected officials, there are exceptions but not a majority of real conservative philosophy. RNC wasn’t supportive of Trump before the election. 90% Washington is swamp & disgrace. We lost privacy & freedoms in 50 years. Shame on media education & unions.Trump & Congress, one more chance to return freedom honesty finish the job.

  6. Everything you have said in these last 2 discussions were so TRUE! And do so continue to present your thoughts the way you do, CAPS, et alia. Love it, definitely READABLE!!!

  7. Mr. Galgonov, you are always right on target. Thank you. I so appreciate what you are doing.

  8. I think President Trump was in a Catch-22 and did what he had to do. I am confident he knows what’s really true, and all he can do is move forward and let the Democrats show their true colors so that hopefully even the dumbest of people will revolt being locked in their homes. I wonder if the man is ever able to let his guard down for even a nano-second, I think not. God Bless DJT.

  9. Our Canadian problem is we have too many sheeple. Our idiotic PM has spent us into massive debt that our great, great, great Grandchildren can never hope to repay. Liberal, NDP, Green are a total disaster, but how do we wake up the people? Do you have an answer?

  10. The only way for real change is at the grass roots level. I was very involved in the tea party movement. I saw faithful people who met and planned faithfulyl week after week in West Virginia. We started changing the face of that state with a conservtive attorney General, new legislative members and are still changing things today. It’s okay to worry, but just call your friends and start. And don’t stop. You’ll be amazed!

  11. How many money… printing systems are there? Those things must be sealed. Let the able go back to work and follow safe practices. Otherwise we are going to be unable to remain viable.

  12. “Expect Canadians & Europeans to Bend A Knee to Government, but Not & Never Americans, From Where I Expect Fighters”… Please don’t sell us out Canadians…many of us are still kiss ass…some of our ancestors were feared by enemies in WW1 and WW2. I think the best is still to come…the population as a whole just needs to suffer a little more before they actually realize the level of corruption/incompetence we accept from this government! Life is too good to make waves…for now…not forever!

  13. Thank you Howard, you are truly an inspiration, a TRUE PATRIOT.

  14. The governor sided with the salon owner and the Texas Supreme Court ordered her release. Now let’s hope that judge that made such a grievous ruling is voted out of office if There is enough outrage from the voters! That judge needs to be replaced.

  15. My county board chair in Madison county is reopening the county on Tuesday in defiance of JB Pritzker, the massively obese governor of Illinois. I’m pretty sure we will get away with it since Jabba the Hutt Pritzker is certain to be giving his full attention to a buffet somewhere. I’m lucky because I didn’t have to forgo cancer treatment for the 2 months this ridiculous BS has gone on–and for NO reason. Wash your hands 4 times a day and before meals and after restroom & never be sick again.

  16. Alas, my good friends… NOTHING WILL BE DONE! And both the United States of America and Donald Trump may be “burnt toast” come November…

  17. Understand Howard but at 74yers old, had a heart attack 2 years ago and still running my business daily and busier than ever. Just yesterday we lost lovely aunt to covid in a rest home. Have a cousin down with it now, he works at a meat packing plant, and we live directly between two of the hottest break outs in the nation because of meat packers. It is hard to agree that everyone should get out live life like nothing happened here.

  18. Howard, in defense of Americans, we were lied to by Fauci, the CDC and others saying millions will die and this virus will spread like wild fire. We are not epidemeologists so we have to take the word of those who are suppose to know. Three months later we find out we were lied to, and we are pissed. Lindsay Graham is all mouth and no action.

  19. I’m guessing Blogger #2 is a critic hiding somewhere, taking an opportunity to attack HG. I know H and he is a tenacious fighter for the oppressed and less fortunate and believes in everything he says. Unlike America with 1st amendment we have to be aware of M103 and other punitive measures for speaking freely. Looks like the age of strong American and Canadians has past and only a few of us left. And a virus did this???????????

  20. I agree that we all need to get back to what’s left of any semblance of normal life. I do hope millions realize this was a blown-out-of-proportion event that will cost nearly half, or maybe more, small businesses to go bankrupt. For those who remained in place (home) for this last 8 weeks, their immune systems have actually become weaker due to not being out among germs the body fights against & makes it stronger. So when we do go back to work, a bigger round of the virus will hit til it’s over.

  21. Fauci is deep state. None of the fallout from this pandemic will affect him or the Scarf Queen. . They both have their cush government jobs for 30 some years. So neither one of them have any compassion for the people who this pandemic is affecting financially or who are watching their livelihoods go down the drain. I can’t understand why Trump keeps heeding the advice of either and keeping them close in his circle. Fauci is deep state and is tied to WHO, Bill Gates, and George Soros.

  22. You tell us to wake up for we see it do something about it. You tell us to wake up and do something I am 79 yrs old retire lady on oxygen 24/7 I will do anything to help my country just give me idea’s on what I can do to wake up to help.Take care you and and Anne along with your animals, that you have. Take care both of you be safe and well. JL:))

  23. Well, there are sheep and wolves and guard dogs. I have many bold guard dogs be attacked by wolves and the sheep just watch. the wolves just take what they want. This holds true in government, and it was just proven to us. Politicians who sit in office for years are wolves in sheep clothing, bahhing a lot and doing nothing, dropping the cover to attack watch dogs like DJT and Flynn, they can only survive if watch dogs gather and attack the wolves, KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY, as it is coming soon

  24. Does anyone remember the “HongKong Flu of 1968/69?What about Woodstock?Hmmm!Us BabyBoomers for the most part,are most likely the last generation of Patriotic Americans.That said we’re dying off,the next generation has,if gleaned from their Parents a sense of what and where our Country came from.Those who call the shots in our Colleges/Universities have commandeer’d 1to2 generations that have blindly accepted the Transforming Agenda Eluded to.That said Give Me Liberty OR Give Me Death still Echos

  25. No one ever mentions Paul Ryan and the time he wasted not helping Trump but instead throwing up roadblocks, We wasted 2 precious years and turned Congress over to the Dems on a silver platter order for them to try to destroy Trump which he couldn’t accomplishment. He sent him down the path of immigration where the Dems would never agree on anything and he knew it instead of health care reform which was badly needed & wanted. He was against the wall from the beginning and ran an obstacle course.

  26. I am 86, not rich but, I can share HG’s articles on FB and add my comment of support for what he has written. I just did that with this article & got after the readers for not reading & adding their thoughts, support, or not for what HG has to say. I also may my view know on postings of news stories. There is a news story today on WND about Dr. Doom & his involvement in this everyone should read. If enough of you post on FB others will soon know what you do & we may change things here.

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