America Needs A Vice Presidential Woman


I’m Jewish . . . So, should I Demand a Jewish Vice-Presidential Candidate? Should People with a Visible Disability Demand a Disabled Candidate? Texas Governor Abbott is Physically Disabled. Was he Elected to the Position of Governor because he is in a Wheelchair? Or is Abbott the Texas Governor because he’s the Best Person for the Job?


ONLY A SICK-MINDED GENDER-RACIST, would Demand that a Person of one Color or Another, should be Positioned to Run for any Political Position because of Color, Religion, Ethnicity, Gender, Cultural Background, Infirmity . . . Or Whatever.

For the People (Democrats) who are Always Yelling Racist, wasn’t it the Democrats who Fought on the Side of the Slavers against the Union (Abraham Lincoln) during the Civil War? Wasn’t it the Democrats who Created the KKK? And Weren’t Racist Brutes like Bull Connor of Alabama – Predominant Representatives of the Democrats during the Civil Rights Riots of the 1960’s?

And Wasn’t it The Democrats who Initiated Affirmative Action, which Placed Race Over, Above & Beyond Competence & Merit.

And Now . . . It Doesn’t just Appear to be a Strong Suggestion – but Rather, it is In-Fact Policy that the Most Important Criteria for the Choice of a Vice Presidential Running Mate for Joe Biden has to be a Woman. And probably a Woman of Color to Boot. If That’s Not Discriminatory & Racist – What Is?

It’s Funny How the Democrats Promote Themselves as the Party of the People & Justice For All . . . When the Democrats Fight Tooth & Nail Not to Protect Against Fraudulent Voting and put Illegal Immigrants on the same Footing as actual American Citizens.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . the Poster-Girl for the Democrat Party is Promoting the Idea that once People Return to Work, the People should Not Go Back to Work.

Ocasio-Cortez gets paid $174,000 Per Year (Which is over a Truncated Year) plus Perks as a Member of Congress – whether Cortez Works or Not she gets Paid. Who’s Going to Pay for all these People Cortez is Advising Not to Go Back to Work? And Where does Ocasio-Cortez Think all the Money Comes from to Fuel the Government – Including Her Lavish Salary?

Imagine . . . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Paid $174,000 plus Perks for Working only Several Months out of the Year, while her Constituents are Lucky to Earn 10-20% of what Cortez is Paid . . . While Cortez Doesn’t Think $174,000 Is Enough For Herself.


This was Written Way Back when I was much Younger, at about the Time of my Teenage Years, which was Coined by Sir Alec Issigonis, who Developed the Mini-Car . . . “A Camel Is A Horse Designed By Committee”.

I Strongly Share The Philosophy Of Sir Alec Issigonis – Who Detested Committees.

Many Years Ago, I was Hired through my Advertising Agency to Promote Condominium Properties for a very Successful Developer, who Wanted me to become Involved in a Charitable Social Endeavor, which he was Extremely Fond of.

I Said No Thank You, because – as it Already was, I was so Busy with my Agency and other things, that I just Didn’t have the Time to do what he Needed Done. His Response to me was Cogent . . . “If You Want To Get Something Done – Give It To A Busy Man”.

In Other Words . . . Not A Committee.

I Still Didn’t Do It Because I Really Had No Time . . . But I Understood the Meaning of his Statement. Years Later, I was Managing the Marketing & Advertising for Several High Profile Toronto Hotels, when the Vice President of Operations Decided that his Hotels’ Staff should Participate in the Marketing Strategy of his Hotels.

So – The VP Operations Arranged a Lavish Lunch at one of his Hotels, where Anne & I were to Meet with the Management of one Hotel Before Lunch, the Second Afterwards.


We all Sat Down in a Meeting Room – Exchanged Pleasantries . . . And then Anne & I Listened to BS from all the People who HAD to get their Opinions Heard for More than an Hour, on how they Envisioned the Marketing & Advertising their Hotel should be.

I Have To Mention Several Important Facts . . .

1 – These 2-Hotels were our Largest Hotel Clients in Canada, Amongst more than a Dozen other Hospitality Clients we Managed.

2 – I Knew all the People in the Meeting, since Anne & I Handled their Marketing & Advertising at this Point for more than a Year.

3 – Because of our Marketing & Advertising Program, these Two Toronto Hotel Titans were Amongst the Most Successful in all of Toronto.

In Other Words . . . Anne & I Were Already Doing A Fabulous Job For Them At A Fraction The Cost They Would Have Had to Pay Another Agency .

4 – The Hotel Employees at the Meeting and their Assistants were from Sales, Food & Beverage, Catering, Revenue and the Front Desk. Not One Person In The Room With The Exception of Anne & Myself Had Any Marketing Or Advertising Experience. But every Person in the Room knew Better than Anne & Myself . . . How Anne & I Should Be Doing our Job.

It was a very Polite & Cordial Room. Everyone at the Meeting Except for Anne & Myself were thoroughly Enjoying themselves.

5 – The VP Operations Decided that all the Suggestions Made at the Meeting should be Discussed, Debated, Refined and Re-Discussed at our Next Meeting.

6 – The Meeting Concluded . . . We were all about to Adjourn for Lunch before the Second Meeting – The VP Operations was Delighted with the Discussions – And I Quit Right Then & There.

What I told the VP Operations Immediately after the Meeting was Simply This. If all these People are so Good at Promoting your Hotels, Save yourself a Whack of Money by Not Paying us, and Let your Staff Handle your Marketing & Advertising.

Every Part & Department Of Our Governments . . . Canada and the United States are Run by Committees, People who Have to Have their Say whether they Know what they’re Talking about or Not. They have to Discuss Everything Ad Nauseum . . . and Vote – Vote & Re-Vote on How to Create a Horse that comes out Resembling a Camel, when what the People Needed & Wanted Was A Horse.

Our Countries Are in Massive Debt. Whether it was the Virus or Something Else, it was Inevitable that the House of Cards our Governments Created out of Sheer Greed, Incompetence, Complications, Control & Size – Was Going To Collapse. Well, it’s Collapsed.

And Now With The China Virus . . . It’s The Same Old Same Old – The Government Knows Better Than The People.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I WANT the best PERSON for the office of US Vice President … Period, end of quote!!! Pelousi is the first woman to ever be Speaker of the House & look how well that went???!!! I have truly hated her, right from the beginning. She has been the WORSE Speaker … EVER!!! Does that mean I don’t want a woman to run for Vice President? NO! I still WANT the best PERSON for the job!!! I was behind Sarah Palin, right from the beginning & still am, to this day.

  2. Bang You nailed it right on the head Howard , You and Anne keep well and safe Trudeau will take care of us. LOL

  3. The minimum wage in New Mexico is $9.00 /hr. The CARES Act supplements the State unemployment checks with an additional $600 / week. In order to take home $600 a week from your job, you would be grossing between $25-30 per hour. Why go back to work if they can get more money by sitting on their ass?

  4. The problem with most Canadians is that they rely on government to do everything for them but wipe their ass. There are so many so called “experts” with all their qualifications that common sense is gone. We are over regulated and bombarded with laws and rules, do’s and don’ts, rights and wrongs that people are tuning out. Complacency will get us all.

  5. Bravo on your comments about choosing the BEST PERSON for the job of V.P. (or any position one is running for, for that matter), rather than using IDENTITY politics to pick a candidate….. Look what doing that did for the previous President – OBAMA! A more disingenuous, ill suited, incompetent person for the presidency I’ve never seen. Those who encouraged his presidency didn’t care about the health and well being of the citizens of the USA for certain.

  6. Trudeau fashions himself a “feminist.” He’s a liar. He did not appoint women to his cabinet based on the only criterion that matters: merit. He appointed women to achieve a gender-obsessed equality between the sexes. By doing this he declared to the world that he does not believe that women are as able as men. By his own admission he is anti-feminist and ought to be judged accordingly. Liberal women should take note of this hypocrisy.

  7. Two observations: (1) I heard it said once: “If Moses was a committee, we’d all still be back in Egypt”; and (2) FDR was, of course, handicapped. He was neither elected on a platform to be a special representative of the handicapped nor did he GET the job as a token person of handicappedness.

  8. “‘This is a crucial moment in the history of mankind!’ Gerald Starnes yelled through the noise. ‘Remember that none of us may now leave this place, for each of us belongs to all the others by the moral law which we all accept!’ ‘I don’t,’ said one man and stood up…Then he walked out…You see, his name was John Galt.'” -Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. Thanks for standing up, Mr. Galganov, and walking out. May God bless and strengthen all those who also stand for true morality, not socialist policy.

  9. I have nothing against women is any job, as long as they are the best candidate. Some women have been good in Government. Thatcher comes to mind. Some not so good, like Wynne who bankrupted Ontario. And then of course the eco green queen, Elizabeth May. And Pelosi and OAC. As far as Committees go – I worked for a number of large, bureaucratic companies. I had a plaque on my wall that moved with me, “A committee should consist of no more than 3 people, 2 of whom are absent.”

  10. Read last week that Michelle Obama has offered to help on Biden’s campaign, likely w/thought to be picked as his VP. Thus the sudden demands for a woman as VP & better one of color. It’s already been worked out by power that be (try Soros). Betcha it happens; & we’re off again w/people voting FOR HER to be part of history. This the woman who at Obama’s nomination said that was the 1st time she’d been proud of America=she’d never been proud of her country before. An America hater for VP. Doomed.

  11. You can’t beat Trudeau’s 50/50 M/F don’t care about merit and it shows. A Dr.Tam committee is meeting daily trying to figure out how to get people back to work while trying to tell us it must be done carefully. They know they goofed and there will be a huge epidemic soon as fresh clean bodies meet the dirty Corona on the street. It’s inevitable, same goes for the Fauci committee in America. Herd Immunity has been prevented and Corona will strike again. That’s committees at work.

  12. Howard – this is probably a stupid question to ask. But, I’m going to ask anyway. Do you ever tire of being correct in your perspectives and analyses? Thank you for doing what you do, because my head would probably explode if I tried it. Be safe you and your family.

    I Wish I Was Right Half The Time – But I Never Stop Hoping – HG

  13. I’m glad I read the whole article . Based on the Title alone, I suspected you might have been under “lockdown” far too long.

    Now That’s Funny – HG

  14. Why look for another vice president. We have a very good one so now go out and vote Trump back in for four more years and we have the right vice to follow!!! It is that simple!!

  15. I worked 25 years for a major corp. There were many female managers some good some bad. The good ones managed with their head the bad ones with their heart. the ones that used committees where the most inefficient. This held true for male managers also. Seems common sense has been thrown out the window. We are going to have cases of the virus, period, the more you test the more you will find. Amazingly, the death average is going down, Get back to work now, let the chips fall where they may.

  16. Vice President Pence is a great Vice President when Trump is out of office in a few more years I hope they put Pence in there for President. He will make a good one. AS for having a woman Vice President nope not for it. Just not a good thing. Best to you and family :))

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