The Selfishness & Greed Of The LEFT


If You Really Want To Know How Bad Things Are In The Democrat Universe . . . Tulsi Gabbard Might Be Their Best Nominee.


The Older Than Methusula Communist (Bernie Sanders), and the Mentally Handicapped Old White Guy Biden, who Doesn’t know where he is Half the Time, are What the Dog Up-Chucks after Eating something on the Street it shouldn’t have, are Thus Far, the Best Bets the Democrats have to Offer as Potential Presidential Candidates.

So . . . When Tulsi Gabbard, who has Minus Zero Chance of Beating “Trump” at Anything, is Looking Better than the Democrat’s Primary Leaders (Biden & Sanders), What Does That Say About Who The Democrats Have To Carry Their Banner?

When We Were Kids . . . We Learned At a Very Young Age – “Money Talks Bullshit Walks”.

Extrapolate That . . . and Exchange the Word Money for the Words Action or Accomplishment – then Apply Action & Accomplishment to the “Trump” White House and the Republican Senate . . . and then Apply Bullshit to the Democrats. And that Sums-Up the Difference between the Two Political Groups (Republicans & Democrats) Going Into The November 3rd Presidential & Congressional Election.

After Giving This A Lot Of Thought . . . And I Really Mean A Lot Of Thought.

I’ve Deduced . . . that People on the LEFT are amongst the Most Definably Selfish & Greedy People on the Planet, Caring Entirely for Only what they Purport to Believe-In, Which Is Simply Their Access To Power To Have Over Others.

When We Speak About Entitlements . . . I also Believe that Amongst the Most Entitled People on Earth, are the Men & Women who Enter the World of Politics & Bureaucracy, who Feed-Off the Public Trough as if it is Not Only Their Due, but Look Down Upon the Masses who Feed The Trough.

Amongst Much Of What I Like Most About Real Conservatives . . . Is that Serving the Public Means Serving the Public, and Not Creating a Life-Long Entitlement to Feed at the Public Trough while using a Position of Public Trust for Personal Enrichment . . . Such As Have (About) All The Millionaire Members Of Congress.

As you Know from Reading this BLOG, I have a Very Negative Opinion of the World of Academia, since Academics from Pre-School to Post University Graduation are Substantially Guilty of Brain-Washing our Future (Children) with a Socialist Fake Communal Doctrine of . . . One For All & All For One.

One For All & All For One . . . was Great a Story-Line in the Three Musketeers. But Life Doesn’t Work that Way in the Real World . . . Nor does it Work that way in Bernie Sander’s Communist World. Nor Does it work that way in the World of the Perhaps Senile Joe Biden, whose World is all About . . . One For Me, My Family & Friends – Screw The Rest, They’re On Their Own.

In My World . . . Conservatives VOLUNTARILY VOLUNTEER to Sacrifice for Others, whether Financially, Physically, Emotionally or Otherwise – with a very Heavy Emphasis on the Word Volunteer.

In The Torah (Five Books Of Moses) . . . It’s Written About The Jewish DUTY Of Charitable Giving (Actions) through a Hebrew Word Called MITZVAH, which to all Jewish People is a Commandment by God . . . To Commit Unsolicited Acts Of Kindness Without Reward Or Public Approbation.

A Mitzvah can be as Simple as Holding a Door Open for another Person, Helping someone Cross the Street . . . To Giving Money To A Charity. Real Conservatives (Jewish Or Not) do Mitzvah’s Daily, thinking about Others Instead of just Always about Themselves, which is one of the Reasons Anne & I Much Prefer to Live Amongst Real Conservatives.

I Suggest These People Wouldn’t Know A Mitzvah If A Mitzvah Knocked Them Out On The Street.

The Politicians, Bureaucrats & Many of the People who Live on the Public Purse, such as Academics (Not – Police, Firefighters & EMS) have Forgotten, or Have Never Learned the Commandment of Mitzvot (Plural For Mitzvah), as they Gorge Themselves on all they Can Get from their Position of Taxpaid “Public Trust”.

We See The Difference Every Day . . . Amongst the Politicians & Bureaucrats who Lie & Cheat Without Conscience or Consequence, as they Con their Way into Power at the Expense of the People they Purport to Want To Serve . . . Giving Little to Nothing to the People In-Need, Unless Their Act Of “Kindness” Is Returned In-Kind, Which Makes What They Do . . . Not A Mitzvah At All – Just The Opposite.

Juxtapose What The LEFT Does To What President Trump Does . . . and Every Day, we See the President of the United States of America Take a Real Beating by Politicians (LEFT & RINOS), Bureaucrats, Academics, Media, Social Media, Global Businesses, the European Union, China, Russia, Climate Freaks, Globalist Mobs -Etc . . .

And Every Day – President Trump Continues to Make America Great for no Personal Financial Gain . . . but Rather for the Sole Purpose of Creating the Conditions Needed for the Massive Benefit of the People in America. If That’s Not A Massive Mitzvah – What Is?


I Keep Hearing & Reading From The Media & LEFTIST Politicians . . . Including this Morning on the Fox Sunday Morning Show, Courtesy of Jedediah Bila, how Dangerous it is to be Suing the Media for Articles the Media Disseminate . . .

So Let Me Set The Issue Straight . . . First-Off – I Really Don’t Like Jedediah Bila and have No Idea why Fox News has Her on the Air. But in Spite of how I Feel about Bila . . . She and all the Media-Types who Suggest the Media Should get a Free Ride Defaming People are the Problem – They Are Not The Solution.

If Anything . . . Because the Media has such an Important Role to Play in our Societal Governance, which is Guaranteed in Constitutional Law (First Amendment), the Media Should be Held to a Much Higher Standard than a Regular Person . . . So – to Suggest that the Media should be Permitted to Ruin Lives, Politics and the Meaning of Freedom of Expression by Disseminating Un-Truths, only because they are the Media, is as Ignorant as it Gets for Media Representatives like Jedidiah Bila and the People who Put her on the Air.


So – When Devin Nunes & The White House Sue CNN . . . NOT FOR AN OPINION – But Rather, for Creating or Disseminating a LIE as Being Truthful – CNN and all other Media who Willfully Promote Lies as Facts, Should Be Punished To The Extreme, since their Reporting Carries Enormous Consequences.

When I Write An Opinion I Say-So . . . When I Write a Fact, I Check It To The Point, That If I‘m Not 100% Sure Of What I Want To Write – I NEITHER Write or Say It.

Please Understand . . . The Most Potent Domestic Weapon Adolf Hitler Had In His Political Arsenal Of Weapons, And Which Other Tyrants Possess . . . Is The Control Of A Crooked Media.

There Is Far More At Stake Than A Simple General Election On November 3, 2020.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Totally agree on all points. Dems are politically worthless except to globalists; the USA is not advocating globalism, quite the opposite thanks to Pres. Trump. As for the MSM, they are bought and paid for by globalist owners. They will smear conservatives and push the globalist agenda. They are no longer presenters of truth/facts NEWS but propaganda.

  2. I wish that every voting people in all Western countries would be able to read this blog. 80% of them are too brainwashed and still too much asleep to realize what’s going on, that we are truly headed towards a George Orwell’s “1984” dystopian society, that most politicians and top bureaucrats run our countries like dictatorship and 80% are just too dumb to realize this still totally brainwashed by the leftist fake news lamestream media that life is still honky dory. What will it take !!!!

  3. The corrupt alphabet networks and social media giants are the Pravda and Izvestia of America. They are making war against an upstart outsider who dared to challenge their malevolent cultural dominance. Pray for Donald Trump that he may vanquish the Enemy Within.

  4. What has always conceded me Howard is that the general public out here is not capable of learning for themselves. They listen, read, and watch all this and never research or let themselves be educated. A real weakness in this country.

  5. I agree, Fox News has hired some disgusting lefties posing as conservatives, like Bila, but she is far from the worst of them! Some of the card carrying liberal/socialists like Donna Brazile, MaryAnn Marsh, Jessica Tarlove & many others constantly spew blatant lies that often go unchallenged by the host in their attempt to appear “fair & balanced”. Thankfully, Tucker, Laura Ingraham, Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Jessie Watters, Greg Gutfeld & a few others DO “correct” their “scripted” talking points!

  6. Yes, the Dems and “Progressives” are selfish and dishonest, but so too are Republican Rhinos. They all need to go. the question asked to all these politicians should be: What specific steps are you going to take to increase our liberties and strengthen our freedom? And how long do intend to take to do these things? Will you quit when finished?

  7. Fox news has morphed into a watered down version of what CNN used to be over the last few years to my great disappointment. They have decided that ratings are more important than real news and entered the “news as entertainment” version of truth in broadcasting. In a business sense they are stronger–but not winning any new friends–corruption is profitable–so be it. I’ll follow my instincts and pursue other sources!—Any suggestions?

  8. The “media bus (or aeroplane)” is the modern equivalent of the “Trojan Horse”. The crew have exited and now populate news conferences and our radio and TV stations. The sheeple lap up their pronouncements…

  9. When a person on NEWS TV continues to make the same statement over and over, True or Not, many people believe it. You can’t do anything about it, except sue because whipping their ass can cause you to be sued. They are not using our right to free expression in the proper way. This has become the way of the world, lie, lie, lie, to get what you want, then lie about why cannot provide what you lied about to get into office. They all are Professional Liars in Politics….

  10. I find myself in complete agreement with all you said here. In my OPINION, the most expedient remedy to address media dishonesty would be to legislatively remove the exemption from the liable and slander laws they currently enjoy. I just don’t know if it can be legally done without a Constitutional amendment. Point being, were Congress really interested in making improvements and eliminating problems, this would be a step in the right direction.

  11. President Trump has made me realize how spineless and useless Republicans are as well. Our Governor, Eric Greitens, was ousted on a lie. The Republicans all stood with the liars and pointed fingers. Now the prosecutor and investigators are under indictments. The public lost their vote, the governor lost his job and reputation, and the Governor we have now is weak. Democrats won. Our President has a spine. That’s what I like the most about him.

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