It’s Freedom Of Expression . . . Stupid


I Always Thought the Tagline to Bill Clinton’s First Presidential Campaign by James Carville . . . “It’s The Economy Stupid” was Cheesy. But in Retrospect, Carville was one of the Past Few Generations’ Best Propagandists . . . Carville Hit It Out Of The Park – “Indeed It Was The Economy Stupid”.

Now . . . It’s The Real Fear Of Socialism Stupid – And the Life & Death Struggle to Defeat the Big Lie(s). It’s also a Life & Death Struggle Against Academically Induced Ignorance.


George Orwell Said (Wrote) It Best In His Epic Dystopian Novel 1984 – (Published In 1949) . . . Where he Used Phrases Promoted by the Tyranny of the Novel’s Government of the Day, which Disseminated DOUBLE (NEW) SPEAK . . .

“Who Controls The Past Controls The Future . . . Who Controls The Present Controls the Past”.

Where Orwell’s Protagonist – Winston Smith, who Works for the Ministry of Truth, which Spearheads the Thought Police, And Controls The National Surveillance Of All Aspects Of The People, Defies the Odds to Live a Free Life.

“War Is Peace – Freedom Is Slavery – Ignorance Is Strength”.

Orwell Warned In His Book – 1984 . . . Against The Future Tyranny Of Nazis & Communists (Not By Name). Both of Whom he Greatly Feared in what Orwell Saw as a Future Totalitarian World of Personal Restrictions, Ignorance & Uncontained (Uncontainable) Surveillance.

George Orwell . . . 4-Years After The End Of WWII & 71-Years Ago From Today – Worried Mightily About A Society Where People Thought They Were Free – But Were Too Controlled By The State To Know They Weren’t Free.

Orwell was Terrified of Government Imposed ANTI Freedom of Thought, ANTI Freedom of Speech (Expression), ANTI Freedom of Assembly & Mind Control by Education, the Phony Recreation of History, the Eradication of Real History, State Intrusion by Way of Mass Surveillance, all Leading to State Intimidation . . . All Of Which Would Destroy Democracy.

George Orwell Was Right To Be Afraid. In My Last Podcast . . . Broadcasted January 10, 2020 . . .  Stand With Freedom Of Expression (Stand With Free Speech Or Fall With Silence), where I Tell the Story of a Situation where I was Threatened with Arrest for Disobeying a Police Directive, which I Continued to Disobey.

I Had A Simple Choice . . . Obey the Directive of The Police & Surrender my Rights (Freedom). Or Disobey the Directive of the Police & Pay a Consequence from Behind Bars to Defend my Rights. I Chose Freedom.

After the Assassination of Soleimani . . . The Islamist Butcher Of Iran – By The Directive Of President Donald J Trump, Hundreds of Pro-Islamists & Trump-Haters Took to the Streets in Major Canadian Cities to Praise the Iranian Despoiler of Life & Liberty, while Demagoguing the President of the United States of America.

A Journalist From (Canadian) Rebel Media . . . was ORDERED by the Toronto Police to Step Away from the Pro-Terror Demonstrators, that he was NOT Permitted to Interview the Protestors, and if the Rebel Journalist used the Descriptor TERRORIST in his Report or Questioning of any People at the Event, THE JOURNALIST WOULD BE ARRESTED FOR PROVOKING THE CROWD.

The Rebel Journalist Did Mostly The Best He Could Under The Circumstances . . . But he More or Less Complied, even though he Bitterly Complained to the Police, and Asked them on Camera if this was Toronto or Tehran? And if this was Sharia Law or Canadian Law?

In The Aforementioned Podcast . . . I Related to a Story Where I too was Threatened by Several Police Officers to Obey an Order I knew was Contrary to my Rights & Freedoms, or if I decided Not to Obey, I would Face the Seizure of my Motorcycle & Personal Arrest. My Response to the Police was Succinct. Do Whatever You Think You Have To Do . . . But I Am Not Going To Comply.

I Didn’t & They Backed-Off.

Funny Adjunct to this Story . . . As the Police Captain was Telling me That I was Going to Jail if I Didn’t Comply, my Cellphone Rang and it was Anne (Wife) who was at the Hairdresser – who Called just to say Hello and to see What was Happening.

My Response . . . Everything’s Good. It’s Hot Outside & I’m Just About To Get Arrested. Anne’s Response – Are You Okay? My Response – Nothing To Worry About. Anne’s Response – Let Me Know If You’ll Need Anything. Anne then went back to Doing whatever Women do at the Hairdresser. The Cop Was Incredulous At This Cell-Phone Conversation Between Anne & Myself.

I Really Didn’t Want To Get Arrested . . . But I Far More Didn’t Want To Surender My Freedoms. And in Response to the Rebel Media Reporter who Backed Away & Complied with an Unjust Police Demand – He Should Have Done The Same.

Our Freedoms Are So Fragile . . . That Surrendering even an Inch of our Rights, is an Open Invitation – To Surrendering All Of Our Rights.

Think About This . . . More than 70-Years Ago, George Orwell Warned us about Surveillance Cameras Everywhere, Intruding on our Most Private Moments, even though Surveillance Cameras in Orwell’s Day, Didn’t Really Exist.

Orwell Warned Us About Group Think. He Warned Us about Double Speak, where According to the State . . .  Up is Down & Down is Up. Orwell’s Protagonist Railed at the Thought Police’s Propaganda that Stated Peace Is War & War Is Peace.

George Orwell Wrote About Revisionist History. And History Taught By The State That Never Existed.


THINK ABOUT IT . . . President Trump is being Charged for Committing NON-CRIMES. President Trump was Spied Upon by the State, for which the State Chocked-It Up to Sloppy Police Work & Perhaps the Over-Exuberance of One or Two Bad Apples.

Universities Teach “Safe-Places” where Honest Debate is Forbidden. The History of the South is Being Eradicated before our Eyes. To this Generation – the Holocaust Never Happened. And to the Ignorant Amongst us, The Killing of a Mass Murderer (Soleimani) was a Crime, while the Man (President Trump) who Took-Out the Mass Murderer is a War Criminal.

There Are Camera’s Everywhere. Our Cellphones, Computers, Cars & Smart Televisions are Listening & Recording Devices where Every Word we Utter is Stored in Perpetuity for the Purpose of Big Brother.

The NSA (National Surveillance Agency) Listens to and Records Every Telephone Conversation we Make. And our Credit Cards & Debit Cards Track Every Purchase we Make . . . Where we’ve Been, what we Buy, How much we Spend, what kind of Food we Eat, what kind of Medications we Use . . . And On & On – Ad Infinitum.

Even our Auto Insurance Companies, like All-State & Progressive, Put Computer Devices in our Cars, with the Advertised Premise that these Computers will make us Better & Safer Drivers, where in all Reality, these Computers Tell the Insurers Where we Drive, If we Obey the Speed Limits, How Much we Drive, How Fast we Brake – Etc.

Do You Want To Know About George Orwell’s 1984 – Just Think 2020.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Indeed so very true, and most young people do not recognize the fact that their privacy and freedom are essentially gone.

  2. You wrote, THE STATE IS NOT PROSECUTING A CRIME–THE STATE IS LOOKING FOR A CRIME TO PROSECUTE. This is a very interesting statement because as you also wrote, Universities Teach “Safe-Places” where Honest Debate is Forbidden. FREEDOM to debate certain political issues is now often very LIMITED, due to our POLITICALLY CORRECT & RADICAL Society.If it weren’t for Pres. Trump, America would have been DOOMED. This is WHY he has to be RE-ELECTED in November. Pray for him&his family! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  3. After reading 1984, read Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ to learn what comes next. It’s already happening in Alberta, companies are moving out due to government tree huggers climate change hoax, rules and regulations.

  4. I too read 1984, I was ridiculed and mocked because I dared say, this will occur! Not might. I’ve said it countless times, which is a quote from John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton (Lord Acton) “Power Corrupts & Absolute Power Corrupts ABSOLUTELY”! He was addressing a Bishop, Bishop Mandell Creighton to be exact, in 1887. The more Authority / Power man is given, the more susceptible (due to the nature of man) they become for corruption! Our Founding Fathers learned that because the witnessed it!

  5. All those cops do they have any brain at all ??? Whatever happened to ” I will obey an order from my superior as long as it isn’t an unlawful order” !!! The legal system established the concept of a ‘blatantly illegal order’ to explain when an order (or in general, a security-related order) should be followed, and when an order must not be followed. Are these cops so scared and think that they are going to be fired or not get paid to blindly follow stupid orders that go against human rights !!!!

  6. I’m thinking today’s generations 33 & under really do not have a clue what true human rights are, what true freedom & liberty are. So is it any wonder they so easily have given them up for the collective. Thing is, that “collective” is really either a small minority of demanders or majority liberal/progressives for socialism/communism. The brainwashing of now so many is today dictating what our world will be–if those of us previous generations don’t step up en mass to take back our liberties.

  7. I remember reading Atlas Shrugged way back and thinking at the time, it is a picture of our welfare system and what will follow. The world is not anything like it used to be. Keep up the good work of making sure we know what is real and true today.

  8. One of the most important change to our country over a period of time is that our elected legislators do not make the laws and regulations. They have created bureaucrats that change our lives and what we can and can’t do. They have to justify their jobs by making more and more regulations and they are not the elected officials but they control our live more and more every day and that folks is how our elected official over time has replaced the constitution in part. Both Dems and Reps alike.

  9. I applaud our President for the removal of a evil human. I have listened too several Talking Heads on TV that Our President caused Iran to shoot down that plane. I actually had a discussion with two idiots that believed the same. Trump Hate is clear in Washington, where they Lie, Cheat, make up BS news and get away with it. CNN just lost in court and will have to pay the young man from Covington, KY a ton of money for lies they told. This accountability must happen in Washington also.

  10. What can I say. The thought that those of us who are truly aware of what is going on & we need to stand up & fight for our rights/liberty/freedoms is so true. However, most of those who are aware are in our later years of life & it is hard to fight these days. I am 76 & I can write comments/posts but I can’t get out like I use to or want to! Martin L. King did what was needed to be done, for all generations. Today while he is revered, his methods are ignored.

  11. I am 89 years old and only have only two ways of influencing politics in the USA. 1. I vote! 2. I use social media,(which may be totally ineffective.) Younger voters do not listen to us elders, instead, they rely on youthful liberal firebrands who know even less than they do, and who support Democrat candidates because they have been brainwashed and refuse to learn from history.

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