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Stand With Free Speech Or Fall In Silence
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  1. First time I have listened. It was excellent!! You’re a great storyteller. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Howard. My wife, brother and sister and law were all there that day. Along with a half dozen or more protesters. We were so so proud you stood there with us. There is even a pic of us on the lawn. Yourself in the middle flanked by my brother on one side and myself on the other.

  3. Thanks For Sharing Howard! It is nice to hear your voice and the infections and passion. I praise you for knowing the law and standing firm from COP intimidation. I’m sure you not only blessed the group you showed up to support , on face value…but by showing strong civil rights back bone for their group and that protest. I’m stuck in the trenches working everyday and paying bills ( building the economy as a small business owner! ) Thanks for being front line!

  4. Thank You, You are a great story teller. Your voice brings you closer.

  5. Wonderful video as usual! In fact, I listened to it twice! I’m sure not alone! Always good to have the facts! I’m still with Trump all the way!

  6. A pleasure to have you back over the air! We have the same problem with the so called ” left “. Good on you.

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