When Winning Means More Than Country


Let Me Start With This Premise . . . Adam Schiff, along with Democrats, Never Trumpers and the Media – State that the “Whistle Blower” Is A Brave (Courageous) Individual who must be Protected from the Potential of Violent Recriminations – ETC. Therefore, it is Essential that his/her Identity be Kept Secret at All Costs.

Why Should the “Whistle Blower” Be More Frightened About Telling The Truth Than Anyone Else?

Even Though it seems to be Common Knowledge who the Whistle Blower Is, HE is a Man with Close Ties to Obama’s Former White House & Obama’s White House Staff, and is Partisan in Every Way Towards the LEFT . . . HE IS NO HERO – He Is Anything But Brave – Hiding like a Coward Behind a Wall of Anonymity.

Further To The Point . . . The “Whistle Blower” Is Not A “Whistle Blower” In The Defined Sense, who at Best can be Described as a Leaker, an Agent Provocateur, a Plant, a Liar . . . or a Compilation of the Mind of Adam Schiff & Others like Schiff, MEANING – that the so-called “Whistle Blower” . . . Might Not Even Really Exist.


And If I’m Right In My Thinking . . . That there Isn’t Really a “Whistle Blower” – This Could be the Only Reason why Adam Schiff & Nancy Pelosi are Turning Cartwheels to Protect “His” Identity, which Really Isn’t the Identity of One Person.

And If It Is Ever Disclosed . . . that the Democrats INVENTED a Person (“Whistle Blower”) to Destroy the Duly Elected President of the United States of America, Based upon Nothing but Lies & Contrived Anonymous Accusations – The Ramifications Will Be Beyond Belief & Description.


In America . . . it is Tantamount to the American Judicial System and the Freedoms of all People, Unless it Encompasses REAL National Security, that the Accused Be Given Every Means Possible of a Rigorous Self-Defense, Starting Directly from the Time of Arrest or Indictment – That . . .

The Indicted Or Arrested Person has the Right Not To Speak, and Anything he or she says could be Self-Incriminating.

That he or she has a Right to a Lawyer. And if the Person Cannot Afford a Lawyer, a Lawyer Would be Appointed by the State to Defend the Accused at no Charge.

The Preceding is Just a Smattering of the Fifth-Amendment . . . But That’s Just the Beginning of American Constitutional Rights, WHICH GUARANTEES:

1 – The Right to Know the Charges Against the Accused.

2 – The Right to Know the Identity of the Accuser.

3 – The Right to Question the Accuser.

4 – The Unrestricted Right to Call Witnesses.

5 – The Unrestricted Right to Cross Examine Witnesses.

6 – The Right to Enter Evidence.

7 – The Right to Know all Evidence Favorable to The Accused (Exculpatory).

8 – The Right to have a Public Hearing.

And To All The Preceding . . . All Testimony, Witnesses & Evidence Must Be True & Accurate To The Risk Of Punishment For Lying To The Court If Otherwise.

IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE PROGRESS . . . of the Democrat’s Hail Mary to Discover or Create a Crime Against President Trump, and the “Legal” Proceedings Headed by Adam Schiff To Date . . . You would also Know that the 8-Judicial (Constitutional) Guarantees Listed Above, Have Thus Far Been Non-Existent.

THE ONLY REASON . . . I Can See For This On-Going Judicial Democrat Train-Wreck, which Flies in the Face of EVERYTHING the American Constitution Stands For, Goes Far Beyond the Actual Impeachment of President Trump, in the Wild-Hope that this Disaster Might Damage the President Sufficiently for the LEFT not to Lose Everything in the 2020 Election.

I Also Believe . . . That to the LEFT – they are Praying this Impeachment Drama will become a Distraction from the Forthcoming Inspector General (Michael Horowitz) Report, the Durham Prosecutorial Report, and what Attorney General William Barr will do with all the Information, Probable Criminal Referrals, Suggested Indictments of Incredibly Prominent Democrats . . . And Perhaps some RINOS to Boot.


As I See It . . . These Democrats are Neither Passive Nor Non-Aggressive, and they Never Believed that Donald Trump Would Win in 2016, which would have Guaranteed their Drive to a Socialist One World Order, where the Elites would Rule. So Instead of just Taking their Loss & Riding-Out Donald Trump’s Presidency as Best they Could, they Decided to Declare War on a Man . . . WHO LIVES TO FIGHT & WIN.


In 2020, President Donald J Trump will Re-Win the White House in Far Greater Numbers than he did in 2016.

The Republicans will Re-Take the Senate and could very well Increase the Number of Senators. But Here’s The Worst Case Scenario For The LEFT. . .

A Trump/Republican Victory In The House . . . And a Judicial Nightmare of the LEFT’S Own-Making from Obama Down . . . Or From those who will Most Probably be Prosecuted, who were Part of the Obama Cabal – Up To Obama & The Clintons, would be Politically and Legally Disastrous for the LEFT and the Globalists’ One World Government.

When I Competed In Aggressive Sports . . . Football, Hockey & Karate – There were Rules, which all of us were Expected to Know & Follow. And No Matter how Badly we Might Lose during Competition – We Abided by the Rules, because if we Didn’t, we would be Penalized at Best & Banned at Worst from Competing Again.

I Strongly Suspect the LEFT are so Terrified of the Consequences of their Years of Socio/Political & Financial Abuse, that like a Cornered Beast, there is Nothing they Won’t Try to Do to Survive. Rules Be Damned!

What This Proves To Me . . . Is That the Framers Did Such an Incredible Job Creating the Constitution, that even Well Connected Thugs & Internationalists Can’t Bring it Down.

And Yes . . . Sometimes In The Final Analysis . . . The Good Guys Do Win.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. They ALL know what they did and they all know it’s coming out. They are panicked and will do anything to stop the Barr/Durham investigation. I would not put it past them to try to assassinate our President. I pray for for his safety every day because he is our last hope. If we lose him, we lose America followed by a certain Civil War 2 that will be fought in our yards, streets and homes. i never thought I’d live to see this. God help us and protect President Trump.

  2. I try to be fair, but the ultra left liberal Dems are making absolute fools of themselves. They must think the American public won’t recognize what they are trying to do for what it really is. Get rid of President Trump by any means possible!

  3. I keep saying your latest editorial is your best. But now? I have to say it again! ‘Tis true. You provide us, your readers, editorials that exceed most of those written by pundits that are Americans. Thanks for being there for us.

  4. Not so fast! We tend to overlook the obvious: Too many people are too stupid to vote intelligently. Obama’s and Trudeau’s two terms come to mind. A tsunami of dirty money from the usual suspects – wealthy donors, tech titans, Hollyweird, Wall Street, unions – not to mention the complicit corporate media, can swing enough votes to deny the Trump/GOP landslide so fervently desired. The critical difference between predicting and projecting is wishful thinking. I hope I’m wrong.

  5. Great Editorial. We have to be ‘leary’ of the UNINFORMED voter who listens only to FAKE NEWS. They are being inundated by lies. Such as Schiff doing a PARODY phrasing & it was ALL LIES. Some of us obtain Truth & Facts and WE can make a difference only if Truth & Facts are brought out where UNINFORMED voters can SEE & HEAR them. I will vote TRUMP. God Help Us & POTUS Trump.

  6. Yes, the reports which are soon to be rendered by Barr & Durham, et al, WILL be BEYOND belief & description, along with some CRIMINAL referrals, etc… It certainly WON’T be surprising if some RINOS are also involved! While the LEFT PRETENDS to FOCUS on IMPEACHMENT, the RIGHT is FOCUSED on READYING their TROJAN HORSE with PROOF for their DEFENSE! PRES. TRUMP has WON right along and he WILL WIN AGAIN! Sooner or later, the TRUTH rises just like the SUN rises! GO TRUMP GO! MAGA! AMEN!

  7. And look how they treated Snowden who’s info was correct. He was demonized for trying to protect citizens & had to leave the country before an arrest warrant was issued. This guy/gal is aiding the attempted overthrow of a sitting president – because he doesn’t like him. As for Congressional Dems, Rinos & progressive elitists, Trump halted the rapid slide toward one-world order Obama advanced & they wanted to complete.

  8. When Democrats lament the death of the head of Isis, calling him a great man, turn a blind eye to censorship and attacks on free speech, root for the demise of their leader, value the distorted mindset of a single, destructive person over the advancement of entire communities, and refuse to teach their children fundamental basics of history and living in the west in a cooperative manner, then you know that a short sighted win at all costs is the only thing they value.

  9. I hope you’re right about Trump winning in 2020. I have my reservations. People are swayed by the media and often are misinformed. What’s that old saying….”you don’t know how good you have it until it’s gone”.

  10. Thank you Howard again for reminding us again the “good guys do win”, but only if we stand up and fight for what is right, as hard or harder than the Socialists Democratic Party is fighting to dismantle this great country we love. Enjoy your stay in Texas, glad you are here in God’s Country. Jerry Cowan, San Antonio

  11. Again a great article. I am worried if it looks like Trump will win election, they will try to assassinate him. They will stop at nothing to win. In my 58 years here from Denmark i have never seen anything this bad. We were always a country of laws and order. That is gone now. My pride in the country is waning. Hope to live long enough to see it restored. Keep on fighting for us Howard. We have your back. Trump is our hope.

  12. Your writing is right out of my mind, i think the way you put it whats in my mind especially Financial abuse, Biden set up will prove, Trump has complained about chinas 600 Billion the best is yet to come

  13. Another winning editorial and welcome back to the USA. Like you, I expect Trump will win again thanks to the electoral college that suppresses the liberal big cities from running the country! How could our forefathers be so smart? The LA times and USC (August) who correctly predicted last election that Trump would win, this time predicts no matter who runs against Trump, he wins with 54% margin, they agree with you! Keep an eye on their polling, I do.

  14. I believe the reason the Dems and Rinos are fighting so hard, Our President Donald Trump is showing us the corruption that has existed for years. Why do Lawyers with great income become politians ? Even in a 4 year term they seem to garner millions of dollars is side activity. Long term crooks seem to have unlimited finance and power, also many good friends. They are protected. Schiff has lied and slandered so many people but yet stands at the head of a corrupt table with no sense.

  15. Quote: “I Strongly Suspect the LEFT are so Terrified of the Consequences of their Years of Socio/Political & Financial Abuse, that like a Cornered Beast, there is Nothing they Won’t Try to Do to Survive. Rules Be Damned!” The Democrat Leadership are now like cornered rabid dogs, and they know there is no cure.

  16. Little Adam is full of Schiff He holds secret hearings in a scif With a pencil neck and google eyes When he speaks, it’s nothing but lies

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