Believe It Only When You Really Know It


Just A Reminder . . . I Don’t Have Much Time To Respond. But I Do Read All The Emails & Comments On Editorials & Podcasts.


Right from the Get-Go, I wrote (Repeatedly) that Biden will Not Win the Democrat Primary, not because I’m Smarter than everyone else who thought Biden would Win, but Rather, because with Reason & Common Sense I Wasn’t Hopeful that Biden Would Win, which more Often than Not . . . Hopefulness . . . Clouds One’s Judgment.

The Kind Thing To Do . . . Put Him Out Of His Misery & Throw In The Towel.

If One was being Realistic, Vis-A-Vis why Biden Should or Would Win – There Is No Reason . . . & There Never Was A Reason For Biden To Win.

Biden Is A Political Bloodsucker Who Was Always A Political Bloodsucker From His Political Beginning

Think About It For A Minute . . . What great Legislation did Biden ever Champion that Became Law, or was of Real Benefit to the Electorate?

The Fact that Other Members of Congress, especially in the Senate Liked Biden, is Absolutely No Reason to think Biden was Worthy of Anything other than Getting Himself Re-Elected to Political Privilege over his Political Lifetime.

And that Everyone in the Media & Government called Joe Biden a GAFF MACHINE is no Compliment, should have Rung Every Warning Bell that “Uncle Joe” Biden was a Capital Hill Joke throughout his Entire Stint in Washington.

If there is any Pity in Washington, Which There Is Not, and Amongst the Media, Which There Is Not, or the Democrat Campaigners, Which There Is Not. . . Someone should Put Biden out of his Political Misery, and send him Packing, Out to Pasture with his Personal Allusions of Grandeur & Ill-Begotten Millions of Un-Earned Money.


If Our Politicians & Media Want To Act Like Stupid Children . . . Let Them be Treated like the Stupid Child-Like Adults they Are & Take a Time-Out. We’d all be much Better-Off Without them Screwing-Up our Lives.

These Stupid “White” Men & Woman . . . who Decry White Privilege and the Lie of Endemic Anti-Womanhood, Can’t Seem to Realize that they’re Disparaging Themselves and their Own.

Here Are Various Indisputable Galganov.Com Truths . . .

1 – If you’re Born with a Dick – You’re A Boy.

2 – If you’re Born with a Vagina – You’re A Girl.

3 – If a Boy Goes into a Woman’s Bathroom – Arrest Him.

4 – Boys should Never Compete in a Women’s Sport.

5 – If you Can’t Figure-Out what You are . . . Deal With It Yourself.

6 – If you Sexually like People of your own Gender. Don’t Make It My Concern.

7 – North America – Until the LEFT Started it, had become the Least Racist Place on Earth.

8 – There is No Anti-Women Legislation in Canada or the USA.

9 – Women can do Anything a Man can Do Unless Prevented by Biological Realities.

10 – If You Earned It . . . It’s Yours.

11 – Being Anti-White Is No Different Than Being Anti-Black.


I Never Saw Nor Heard of a Poor Man or Poor Woman who Created a Job, unless that Job was Created for someone on the Public Purse . . . to Work-Out Welfare for the Poor Man or Poor Woman who are Incapable of Creating a Job. And even at that, it Ultimately took a Man or Woman with Wealth to Pay for the Public Sector Worker to Afford to Pay the Welfare.


CORTEZ SAYS WE HAVE 12-YEARS TO LIVE . . . Unless We All Listen To Cortez, who a Year Ago, which now gives us 11-Years to Live – More or Less told us to Return To the Dark Ages, Or Our Time Was Up.

We shouldn’t Drive Cars. We shouldn’t Use Fossil Fuels. We should only Take Public Transportation. We should Reduce how much we Heat. We should Reduce how much we Cool. We should Stop Eating Meat . . . And On & On.

This coming from Someone who is Qualified to be a Bartender. Cortez is also the Member of Congress who is the So-Called Champion of the Working Poor, who Drove-Away as many as 25,000-Potential Amazon Jobs From Greater New York City.


I Don’t Remember Exactly Where . . . But I Think It was over Peru, where “Scientists” & 1980’s Climate Freak-Outs were about Ready to Commit Suicide, over the “Fact” that the Hole in the Ozone Layer was Going to Blind these South Americans and Cause us all to have Cancer.

And Then . . . There was the “Hole” in the Ozone Layer over the South Pole, where as a Result, all Signs of Life were to be Extinguished.

The Problem According To The Hysteria – Was CFC’s (Chlorofluorocarbons), the Propellants used in Hairsprays – Etc. So In 1987, the World came Together & Passed the Montreal Protocol, Globally Banning The Use Of CFC’s.

We were Also Told that High Flying Aircraft (Passenger Jets) & Rockets Fired into the Stratosphere & Beyond, were Contributing Culprits to the Depletion of Ozone.

And 32-Years Later, After Banning CFC’s & Flying Multiple Times More Jet Planes Near The Stratosphere . . . Nothing Has Changed, While NASA Scientists Have Declared The Changing Ozone Layer To Be CYCLICAL.


I’ll Bet the Vast Majority of you who are Reading this Editorial, have been Alive long Enough to Remember the Panic over Climate-Cooling, which was going to Increase the Size of Glaciers, give us Less Warmth, Shorter Days & Less Sunlight, Leading us to Death through Starvation, because we Wouldn’t be able to Generate enough Food.

Remember The Schmucks Standing On Street Corners In Their Long Beards, Ratty Hair & Togas (Rags), Holding Signs That Read – The End Of The Earth Is Coming! . . . Now Think of Ocasio-Cortez and the Rest of the Purveyors of the Green New Deal.

Well . . . The Schmucks Are Back At It – But This Time With Reinforcements.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We’ve let our country be run by idiotic politicians who had no clue what they were doing other than selling their office in pay to play and insider trading schemes. None of the people in government office are particularly qualified for their jobs other than to raise money and get re-elected, a skill–yes; but not one we need. We need people in government that understand MONEY and ECONOMICS. A legislature filled with qualified CPAs would be hugely beneficial to America and America citizens!

  2. The libtards on the loony left are so nutty I doubt that even the most competent shrinks could help them. It has to be a chemical imbalance in their brains. I cannot imagine any other explanation for their aberrant behaviour. As for the nutjobs who support them, their fathomless stupidity must stem from the relentless propaganda fed them by the treasonous media.

  3. Regarding Biden, the only reason Obama had him as his VP is he suffered from guilt complex for being Black and he needed a “token white guy” to ensure his candidacy was successful. Biden was corrupt the day he started in politics. Remember the definition of politics is defined as “poli”=many “tic” =blood suckers = Many bloodsuckers. Webster’s Dict defines it as, ” characterized by shrewdness in managing, contriving, or dealing”

  4. Global freezing: Once upon a time there was the hole in the ozone letting out all the heat. AOC has hole in her head called her big mouth, and another one lower down at the back that aptly describes her. The children worldwide climate change protests are testimony to how young brains can be so influenced to believe a hoax they know nothing about. It’s very serious and very sad.

  5. 40% to 50% of the people that don’t vote seem to get it. What’s the use, they’re all idiots running. About 10% to 20% do their homework and vote for what we think will be better until we get disappointed after the election again and again when we find out that who we voted for is not representing what he truly is. 30% to 40% are low information dumb sheeples that believe in politicians promises time and time again and never learn. We are screwed until we decide enough is enough !!!!

  6. Excellent Editorial. If the ‘uninformed’ voters keep voting, EVERYTHING will CHANGE & NOT for the better. If NASA can prove the CLIMATE is cyclical, then why are WE grasping at straws? Truth & Facts will END this Merry-Go-Round. AOC is good at scaring folks, the UNINFORMED folks! Biden has been at the Political Money Trough too long as well as many others. Term Limits are a MUST. Be what you ARE as you are born, don’t make it MY PROBLEM.

  7. If you have either #2 or #3 and also have a tail you belong in a zoo having overstayed your era. Royce hinson!!!


  9. Howard, we are both Canadian, but I remember America, and I remember the day, November 22nd, 1963, when they blew the dreams away, I remember America.I believe John F. Kennedy was the most beloved American President of all time. With well over 300 million Americans out there, why can’t they find another JFK to run for the Democratic Party ??? ps: meanwhile, our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should step down, sing Calypso songs and live out his dream of being Harry Belafonte !!! :>)) Day-O

  10. Amen!!! Your #7 was so good to read/hear. I’ve felt that way for years but began to wonder if I was ‘making it up’. Your statement corroborated what I remembered. Thank you. I agree on Biden as well. Heck, I agree with everything you wrote. Most politicians in Congress are lawyers or from legal backgrounds; there are a few (GOP’rs) who were from other professions (doctors, teachers, business people), but majority are lawyers. No wonder current laws are thousands of pages long w/loopholes?

  11. Biden is a DISGRACE to America! He DARES to ATTACK Trump when he should be CLEANING OUT HIS OWN CLOSET! Totally agree with your 11 Indisputable Galganov Truths! Being a BARTENDER suits Cortez to a tee because she has proven that a COLLEGE DEGREE does NOT ensure COMMON-SENSE communications! “FREAKING OUT” are excellent words for the RADICALS, as TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is RAMPANT & there is NO CURE for it. Yes, the Schmucks Stand On Street Corners while the SANE people go to WORK! AMEN!

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