A War . . . Thus Far – Without Bullets


While Everyone in the Media is Sweating the “Entertainment” Factor of Politics & Political Debates, the Entire World is on the Precipice of ALL-OUT HOSTILITIES. And when I use the Term All-Out-Hostilities . . . IT MEANS WAR!

I Would Be Willing To Bet Dollars To Doughnuts . . . That 99% of the Population, unless you’re Perhaps Older than 70 would not know what I would be Talking About, If I Asked Them About The Phony War.

In September Of 1939, the Germans Invaded Poland, in what was Referred to as a Blitzkrieg, which became Synonymous with an All-Out Lightning-Fast Military Attack, which was a Term Later Used in the Relentless Air-Assault on Britain by the German Luftwaffe. And then in a Much more Modern Context, about what the Israelis did in the 1967 6-Day War, and more Recently known as Shock & Awe in the Second US (Lead) Iraq War.

BUT . . . Even though the Allies Declared War on the Germans, Immediately Following Germany’s Blitzkrieg on Poland (September 1, 1939) . . . and even though England Declared War (2-Days Later) on Germany (September 3, 1939) – The Period Between the Declaration of War Between Germany with Germany’s Axis Partners AGAINST England & England’s Allied Partners, Didn’t Become Hostile for Nearly 9-Months (April 1940), with the German Invasion of France and the Later 10-Day Evacuation of British & French Troops from Dunkirk, Between May 26 & June 4, 1940.


DURING THE PHONY WAR . . . all Sides were busy Organizing. Getting their Strategies Together. Building their Armaments, Recruiting & Training their Troops, and Whipping-Up Sentiment from their Respective Populaces. And when the Germans Were the First to Feel they were Ready to “Go” . . . THE REAL WAR WAS ON.

If you look at the History of the American Civil War, more than at the Revolution, we Saw the same Occurrence. The South, led by South Carolina, Seceded from the Union on December 20, 1860 . . . followed by Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Alabama & Louisiana – The First Shot was Fired 4-Months later on April 12, 1861 (Fort Sumter).

The First Real Battle was Engaged between the Armies of the North & the South at Manassas Junction in Virginia, on July 21, 1861.

So What Happened In The 8-Month Period Between The First Secession & The Battle Of Manassas Junction?

Just As In WWII . . . Both Sides Knew they were Going to Go to War, but Before the Real Action Began, the South and the North Both Needed Major Preparations, as did the WWII Allies & Axis Members to the Lead-Up to All-Out War . . . Following Their 9-Month PHONY WAR.


There’s Not Enough For Everyone. And the Main Players in the Following Order of Importance, being the United States of America, the Chinese, Russians, Europe & Sharia Prone Islamic States . . . are all Vying for whatever Power they can Get or Hold.

And To A Lessor Degree . . . India & Pakistan, Which Might Be The Catalyst.

What’s Happening Now . . . In my Opinion – Is that all the Prominent Sides, are Preparing for War, with the Greatest Threat Coming from China, which is being Pushed (Deservedly) into a Corner, now that America has a President who is not a Self-Hating Appeasing President . . . In The Political Likeness Of Barack Hussein Obama Who Couldn’t Wait To Pander To America’s Enemies.

It’s A Fact . . . The Chinese, the Russians, the Europeans and the Islamists want what America Has, Especially in the Context of Global Dominion, which America has, but not Because the United States Wants to Dominate any other Country, as much as, America Doesn’t Want To Be Dominated By Any Other Country. And that’s the Rub.

There’s Only Room For One Country To Rule The World . . . And It Has Always Been This Way. And will always Remain this Way. The Question we have to Deal with, Is Which Country Are We Prepared To Have Dominate All Countries?


Americans . . . Since America is the Dominant Player – Who Can’t See All The Jockeying Amongst International Power-Wanabees, are Missing the Big Picture, while the American LEFT is Making a Joke out of American Freedoms, as the Chinese, Russians & Islamists Scheme & Plan to make this Phony War into the Real Thing, when they Think they can Win It.

There Are Several Reasons Why We’re Not Fighting Yet:

1 – President Donald Trump Shocked the World, which was Caught-Off-Guard with his Victory in November 2016.

2 – President Trump also Surprised the World by Rebuilding the American Military into the World’s Most Formidable Fighting Force the Planet has ever Seen in Record Peace Time.

“Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum . . . If You Want Peace Prepare For War”

3 – President Trump Put NATO’S Feet-To-The-Fire.

4 – President Trump has the Middle East Covered with Israel at the Helm & Gulf-State Arabs Ready To Go if Called Upon. Asia is Protected by Japan, South Korea & Taiwan.

So . . . Instead Of A Bloodless-Commercial (Monetary) War, which the Chinese were Winning at . . . Against Hapless & Incompetent US Presidents . . . China is now Dealing with a President who is a Hard-Core, No Nonsense, Capitalist, America Loving President, Who Will Neither Give Nor Ask For Quarter . . . & Will Take No Prisoners.

Essentially . . . The Chinese – Russians & Islamists have a Great Deal to Consider, when Conspiring to Take on Donald Trump’s United States of America.

As For Israel . . . If the Persians (Iranians), Hezbollah, Hamas & other Assorted Arab Jew-Haters (Islamists ) Thought they could Take-Down Israel, they Wouldn’t Just be Talking About it. But They know they Can’t, so they Won’t Try.

China Dearly Wants To Take-Down Taiwan and would Probably want much more Influence in South Korea, Vietnam & the Philippines . . . But they know that Can’t – So they Won’t.

Russia Desperately Wants to Re-Establish the Soviet Union, and have some Real Power over all of Europe . . . But they Know they Can’t – So They Won’t.


The Bottom-Line – is that these Bad Actors are thus Far Held to Planning & Chest-Beating for just One Reason . . . And This Reason Is America’s President Donald Trump.

In 1914 . . . A Relatively Obscure & Totally Unimportant Global Player, the Archduke Ferdinand & his Wife Sophie, were Assassinated in Sarajevo – Which became the Catalyst (Excuse) for World War One.

And the only Reason Why the World Went to War Because of this Obscure Shooting, was Because the World was already Primed for War . . . and this Assassination was the Excuse.

Some Day . . . And not too Far into the Future, one of these Bad Actors (China, Russia, Islamists) is going to make a Miscalculation and do Something Stupid, which will Immediately Escalate into a War the American LEFT are themselves too Stupid to see Coming, as the LEFT Continues on their March towards a One World Government, Socialism, Marshmallows, a Campfire and a Folksy Singalong.

My Money’s On President Trump, The New Military & The American Dream.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. We need this war sooner than later because the more wait the bigger the powder geg gets. The world is a mess right now and makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like law-abiding peaceful cities. The powder geg right now is about 100 times bigger than the one that started World War 1. The planet is slowly being taken over by a multitude of radical groups that call for 1 world government, no borders and free stuff for all, They are the fabian society also known as the left.

  2. Howard this is a great editorial, I hope the people will wake up and stop voting for the socialist and get good government so that the bad guys (countries) will be too scared to go to war against us. I agree that President Trump is the only reason that we are not being attacked by the bad guys. I want to let you know I am enjoying the Podcasts it brings me back to when I always listed to you on radio. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great piece, Howard. I’m under 70 by quite a margin, but I’m a student of history so know well the conflicts you mention. As for what’s going on in America during the current Phony War, I would add that subversives (the Left) are doing all they can to undermine America’s societal and political strength. And that is very dangerous.

  4. 1939 Germany was marching on Poland and I was going into the first grade in Phoenix. Grew up during WW2 too young, Korea JUST right Joined 1953 to 1956. Now 86 and seeing all of this forming up again. China too big for their britches , Russia always wants power. Visiting Russia it was the only country that I could not inter act with people. Feel sorry for the people.

  5. I read the other day that this election (2020) will be 1st that millennials out-number rest of voters & they’ve been indoctrinated by teachers/professors that social justice is answer to all ails. They are also multiple trillions $$ in student debt & jobs for graduates in fields of choice are scarce or nonexistent; so no $ to pay those debts. Also highest national debt (non-fed) in history w/default on auto loans skyrocketing. So all looking for way out by taking from rich for handouts.

  6. You are exactly right Howard. I was just talking with my investment guy about a month ago and told him to pull any of my investments out of Europe. He thought I was crazy, but he is young, smart, but too naive to think they could be on the brink. I think they are and explained why. Trump is a hedge for us right now.

  7. Howard sorry but some of your dates are wrong. April 1939 should be 1940 & Dunkirk May 27 to June 4, 1940. The Timeline of WW II is so complicated & has so many dates, it is just to easy to type the wrong year or date. Excellent Editorial & so SPOT ON with what is going on in today’s world!!! The war is coming & most of the players do not even know it. Too many sheeples sticking their heads in the sand … Just like they did in the 1930s!!! I think Israel will be the reason for the war, IMHO.

  8. You are so right, Howard, in that EXCUSES are mostly always used for those ACTIVITIES which have already been PRIMED for ACTION! This is a great description for what the LEFT has accomplished with their COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS! They form groups, brainwash them, and then move forward with their Agenda! Let’s face it, it was a very wise move on their part. Maybe Conservatives should follow a SIMILAR PLAN to DEFEND themselves against the SOCIALISTS??? It could be done by SPREADING the TRUTH! AMEN!

  9. You know, Howard, I’d be OK with America, under President Trump, ruling this God forsaken world….which reminds me of a statement (in 1973) made by Montreal’s legendary poet & songwriter, Leonard Cohen: “They locked up a man because he wanted to rule the world. The fools ~ They locked up the wrong man.” :>( Brucester

  10. GO TRUMP ! From my personal style. I don’t fit with some of his methods, but his overall concepts and approach are in line for me. History as you have laid out does repeat itself. LORD be with us, and TRUMP. that some sort of piece may prevail for us all.

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